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i SelangorTimes

r:~::!l" NOVEMBER 26 _ 28, 2010/ ISSUE 1

Batang Kali D-Day

By Gan Pel Ling and Alvin Chin

JoI.nu;U'V 2009. miming there ..... u -buuflidcl'lt C'\,ldl::ntt"'lo leut ftdh inVdtig;l.lionS".

However. the)' backeacked on their deelstce In i,'U 2009 and

~tct=:;'I;::u::::tt1~~:i~ &I~~~;~ :l~~~~lillcd 24 men, :h~():bt~~!::ci:ec:~~:~~:


But Brfra!n hu ytt U)cOttdUCllll


denee th:u the lnddene .... H;i mas-

." re,

Several soldiers have: admlned th.u they had. diOl ehe villagers in cold blood, In 19]0, Brltlsh ItC w ~


tllough thcydid not ;uto'npl roes(;l.pc:.

The ~bhyUl Atto~nc)'·Gcncn! hul ln l~' cedeeed an lnvcstlgauce buc tltC bloodshed but the inV'dtlgation concluded th:..t tll(: 24 men .... 'i)uld luve escaped I( the soldiets twl not opened fire.

Action Commirree Ccedeeeiing the Eb.1U\8 K:tll. ~bS.i:lct't" presldent Chin Fo Sang ~2.id the UK government should reopc'1 thr inquiry SOOrlC:.u 1JOs~ible.

"The willleSk!l ale old, I'Ita.IlY have un:-.wy died, thc-y cannoe walt fo:cvcr; sed Chu\.

The f:;tl'ltWct:ttc sceptkal t!ut an independent utquiry would be- hdd to cbcain the truth.

While the bY/yeN;iJ"C optlfl1iu:lc, the funllict appeared reSigned to Brit2ln's decjsjon.


~:~\ te~~.6;. ~;~I:(C:~~fs:I~~

of the ,·jahns, Chan Ki.

She W:U onl)" one-year-old In 1948 and hu no ItJcmOtict of the tndddll, but Chiltl still w ::uttt her f;l.lhet'S 1\1..'1:'Ie to be cleared,

Till tod.1y, the 24 men :;tt't" still regarded as OOlbnmntst iliSurst:n~ rmhee than innocent clvtllans murdered in cold blood In I ~8.

~My btc mother used to err e ... ·ef)· time ..... e vlshcd my father's gt1ve,~ Chan recalled in 1. phone Intervlew,

Lim !(ok. W'ltose f;,.ther w,u behaded by the B:'itim scldlers, sa.ld tllet't" should 1t least be some form of t'CCogl\!oon for tile suffering thu the victims' fanailic!l have SOlie tluough.

The 71-yc:u-old s:a1d JUs mcehee h.:ad. ro (".lise- fiw; d!.lldI'ClH)11 herowt\ after hit (1.tha's de;"lh.

Chollg Koon Yleg. d.1uglllet of ;iJwthcr victim, CJiOng Boon, eeld Sehogcr Times tllat tile $oldteH bwned down all tllC workcri'llOwes in the rubber eseue.

As a result, ap~t fronllodng the sole breadwinner In their homes. man)" fa.miUes also lose all their p:opertkf_


C~t;:: t~~;C:~~o~~;i~~~

..... ehaJ"to.uA;: fo: :ittfl'Omc-..·eryolle, and ccllececd lefto~·Ct' vegetables from the m:ll'kct; s2id Chong. 72, .... noscf;iJnily bed toSu.yulan1b;tndolled hocse -mer tile lnddc:u.

BATANG KALI: Famllies of those kiJled here by Scoe Guuds 62-)'C'.u-~1S0 wiJllr:now today If the BrtWll govdnment will reopen an inqu!ry lnrc the IW.l.~2ae.

"Oue Btitlsh bw'ycr told lIS Bdtaln is espected to stkk to itt deadline. The), ha,·e .I.1n:-.wy postponed 3. deds!on three umes [slnee April


Firo:t Hu~dn Ah:n:ld jamaluddin. who is U!lO reprc:ktltl.ng the ,·ktillu· f;iJhaid, sald th.e UK 80~" anmentif1.l.soc.xpectcd to respond to Ute (;iJn.ilics' demand for;iJ1 offid.a..l ~gy1l'ld \)IOl\e(;;l.1)" cOfl1pen~t£.on.

Brlt".l.!n rejected thdtdcmUlds in


2 .0."" ••• 26-",2010 SelangorTrnes

Cuti-cuti t ••• apIa D.nee C.rnival

Tourism Ma.aysla Is having a dance cenwar on Dec 5 from Sam!O 12.30 pm. ttw present some ofthecou\try's ~radJllonal dances with a h~hllght of 15,000 part1clpams partICipating In 8 sync:h'on.sed dance event.


Merdeka, Kua a lumpur.

Chad ..... Choir Performance

The KL O\..dren's Choir once ega.n wraps up the year WI~h an excrtlng offerinQ by 1~8 110 strong members. Different perfolmance Will be held by Its aemeMary


7.30pm and 3pm respectNely, pnces are RM<II8 per adu't and AM28 for d"ludren below 12 and sen.or cruzens. Venue: Pentee 1. The Kua.a LuTlptu' PerlOm'liI'lg Ar:sCenue(kpac), Sentul Pari(" off Ja.an lpoh. The box office Is reachab.e at 03 .... 047 9000.

The 1st Ma..ayslan Baby, Children and Parents Expo Will be held from today to &rday w1h vlsftlOQ hcus from IOam:o 9pm. It will be showcasing products and

=:lIf~=~~=':~~~==abr~ =up~~~~m~h~~j~CM~o~t~~

details. please vis t our 'Website at h'!tp:lltce.oom.m),1 babyl.

C_t"W .. k

JOin the AJI Women's ActIOn SoCIety's (AWNIl) 6:h AAf'l.IiII Char ty Wa...< Treasure Hun: to be held on Nov 28 from 8 am to 3pm at the Kua.a Lt.mpur and Salangor ChInese As:serrt:.ly Hal1. The family event Is open to

:'1~(=~~Ofr:u.ars~~I~Th~ ~~ t! RR'!t~8~ ~=~=c:~~~~ik:OO~\=~~:I~

ceeds Will go to AWAM servcee like free counselling, pubUc edUcation and !ega reform work. For de:aJls. "lsi! www.aWBm.org.my or can 03-7877 4221 (Berrue Chow)_

.. ldngCl .....

House of Bread In Puchong Is offenng vocatona uaong _n ba<lng. Casses for youth ln December are held on Saturday. and wlll 0050: RMro per person and wlll run from gam to 12pm. 11 W cover ttene <EI practical training and basic :heory. Fu J-nme bakIng tra.nng ..s also eve abe, Please ca 016-3178718 for lOOn! details.

F,..ca. __

Compassion BuddhlS1 Mediation Society Is offering classes on Buddhism for Modern People on Sundays, Nov 28!h, Dec 12"!h and Dec 26th. c.aeeee are from IO.30am :0 noon. Admission Is tree, VeRJe: JotIney Wrthn Sdn Bhd. 30-2. Block S, Jalen PJU 5121, The

=~, ~aOl~n~, ~ ~~6-~O ~srs

~Sean), or ems at Info.mkmsOm9dlatehkLorg.

;ohcno(60315!>232ZiB '-1600155231188 _lad.totGIoti!l!for'roOItl.tOftl


NUBrOft Chan OO"'~-V')fO'I""':II'1S~Q"

.. ml:'~ lQ~ I-\Ii I:oon,. CJoqn,loo Wdl. Go .. p,,' U"i.

Af,.'n o.i-., Le. "">XI" Fo: WiRom Ion

OO'YE='!~i~;~' ~~loh


'- -_i'IlS/'IiG~..,., .. lqN

Selangor, the place we call horne


shop. converse. meet new people and le;un ;100ut the wceld :uound us with Lhe fllIl'!ple did:: of a MOUSC.

"Ihcre it:lJ\ abundance of newt and inforrn:ttion cceeeeaeg the rek:t~ of M)'~..Ilm:lt'i Au SangSuu Kyi. UIC rescuing of Chilnn m1tlelS ;U'Jd eVCJ' th.e unprovoked anack of the South by North Korea.

Leunulg 2.00uf sud'! dC'\·dopmenli iSun1JOrt:ultbuth.owmuehdo~"'C"inow 2.hout ~ t:lJn:lJ1 and bandar W~ live In?

The Wter the worM gets brcughe to our dOOUfCp~ the less viC blOW about ourselves end (o'n!nun.itlti we' livc in..

Yct.commun!tlcs:uewhacwework. shop. speed our dmc tn and rilie ow d,LlcL-e!'t...

Sdangor Tlmes is:t news project to enphastsc conunwljt)' affaln and the ne~lboorhoods we build our c:uoeers

~~~~;P:~~~J :::U;~gp~I:~=

power Sd1ngordt~ens about de\dopmentJ In :t mte .... e eall heme,

senl~ooh~~~~~~~~:S:;~~~;d~;:e eh~:

tween th.e people and the opel"~ton. AecCisrock.t.n .... '1terifaMs:c rlgtu and Lhrougll ow ~Ulci offcuur'd and t)ew'i:.

:bo~:SI~r~:s~~~ightcn Sel:tllgotians

iU~n~~b~:t~JI:e::;:~t\~nc~l~c ~~::

(letaU1'!8 Jay2. rdidentS fu; today and whethcr the munidpd alloearlcn is elwugh for them.

COlnlllurt.ltr. Vk .... r and Culturt The Community section will also falU~C municipal compla!nu_ 'it'e hope Lhu readers with issueS' in their 10I:;u mwticlpalities in Sel:ltlgor will eMail US

Rukun Tetangga welcomes

MBPJ funds

By Lee Choon Fai

PETAL.HG JAYA: The Rukun Teto\tIgga ()rT.utJ_a.n P:U'1t110Wlt. Pcta.ling J:ty:t. itdclighted whh dIC }I.{8PJ sllceet:ons uICY will receive from Jan I nere y~J.r:.

MI'I~llnppy_ We(:l.."1 use the l:'Ilmeyto buv banerles f()r our fluhliShts :tnd w.Jkle-(;llkic:s.~ RT (n:lirm:lJl C:t£'li:tn B;qttlit said.. They .... ·()ufJ also buy other equlpl~lent Ilke unifrum$. !Urne last wdvcst:S_

MThe :tlloc1l£ons will cemJnty hdp defny the eo!n~; Baptist :ntd.

thelr eOll'lp6.iJtU :a.nd we ..... m forw.;m:l. them to the t'C'Je~'1t'It agc'uetd.

Once UlC n:plics :lft obttulCd, .... "1: will run both compl2Ulli and replies in Lhir Section.

EditOri:Js are the hart end soul or a ne ..... sp:tper and the ecrsctence of community and Selangoe Ti!:'IC:S hopes to

~;lt1u1 ~p~:ii~n~rc~~lbUtty with In-

In Ylews, :tUnc-up ()r ..... rlttl'~ }udl U SWI .... '1y Mon:l.ih Unh·ers.ity lecturer Dr ""ong Chin Huat, eeec--eoseedten PUnC'k Tech. tneue! muet F:tbml F:td.:t.iI and eonsee .... ;ulolli5t stwyn Shufiyt.n wtll ill:ltC: melt uloughli on nuI"nei'OW lssues.

Ar a5tJ'ong bellcver in the s:mctilYo( dle Federal Coosmcdcn. Seb.ngor Tbnes .... lll :1lso Jedleue a rcgulu page to the Bu C()undl's MyColUtltution pcbllc a .... '1rtncsromp:i.!gnolteon:n!tu-

t!o~~:~~~ addhlon eo our paper Is Loy:arBwok.acolketh·e()flaw)'ers. .... iLh :l passion fo: educat!ng~publ!c about their rights... Loy:ttBurok will h::uldle :I. questlon-o\tId-snNC:r page;u'Jd re:lda.f ..... ith qucrieton (onstltutiorullaw or :u,y ether !eg:t! qceatcns an email us 2.t editor@sdmgortlmcr..com

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:;~ r~~t.~~!,t:~::;~~t:·~:.J:t~ of tV~:1~:~I;~ i~I~~~:~i~~~t~iu ~J:~;J~~ ~ne~~l:::I:t~~/::~

secucn to wllid~ budding writcn can ~bmi( theIr wol'i:_

llil~: ~U::l~;!h:~t~l~ :~t;:~;~f

a loeal by-election, Subsequent Issues .... LlI caerv othe: short nodes bo,. other local WC'itcrt. Re:tdel~ itltClested'to COiltribute C'".Ll1 also MitC In to edltor@scl:mgon!mCJ.rom_

Like the COI)Ulll1l'Jt[)· it .... rhes ;100Ut.

Sebllgor Times is an evoh'u'g work';nprogttli. We w elcome readers' v1e ..... $ on w h:lltheywowdli~e to see in ehtspepee bec:luie Selaegce Times j_r dfClltlally moutyou.

& such, the fhit SO eeadcrs ..... ho .... rite and Clnail us a 300-word. C1s:1y on


Refoem: P~:llan RUyJ.t in Sdango:':

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and buifJ UlCU homes in Sc6.ngor_ set .. :mgor Times is just thll - UIC eommuluty_

To place your Advert in


Contact Evelyne at marketin @selan ortimes.com

Tamen Paramount Rukun Tetanga was founded In 2006 to tackle crime In the resldenUaI area ~1l:fD a,Vklor COO'lJ

He uld the), had previousl}· bought equipment Wrlll membeer' moncyor pubUe dOII:ttioM.

The T;!.nw~ p.,uunou!lt Ruhul Tet:i..nga ..... u founded In 2008 to udde ::tl'llp:U'It crime in ule tesident!:tI area,

~~~:::~~~:3;:::~l~~ :~~: ~~I

een ccmmlucd against resldenu YI:llking home from the station.

~Sornetlnler. we can lte:lt .... ·omelt iCl'C::1tninS In the mIdst of robbcries; rd£dcnt Fr~nett RoSC"1'S said..

Accordlng to B:tptlst, crime ::tICS ha\'e been dl".lStle;ill,. ra!u(cd iinec: UIC

RT W'.lS set up rwc year$ 2.g()_

I~S~~:tI~~jIL:~~:~:ut;h~:~~t~ I;~ill


Pollee supP<>ft hu been verye«ecu,'c u ..... ell,

cht:::~t ~~~ .... !ll;]Ia~it~e~~r ~~~

fer, then Wt: ..... iD 2.Ct U thdr eyes and ars," leiidau Vineent Dang itid.

Police M.ve oUsost'eppcd up effortS to cOl"lIb ... t ctullC in the Uea, mobllldng more p1troJ carS 2.nd deploY11lS pbu~clotheso{fl:Cus to p1trol ule surrowldIng:ttcti.


So Noor To Cosmopolitan. So Close To Nature.

1he Real ~_'\ of Green LMng. 1tNII ......... ~ ........ an ..,.,.__..,.......

.... ...ra.1IIII "'u'''n5l,


4 '0."".'.26-",20'0 SelangorTrnes

12 Dec 1048 The 7:h PIa:oon, G Company. 2nd of

~~~~~~:s:=~alay~~~~ ~~~I~~~~:r:YO'and

1 a Dec 1048 The S~ts Times headline POUCE, GUARDS t<lLl.. 28 BANDITS IN DAY, with the SIJb..heed - S_ggesi Success For Faces Since Emetgency Started.

• .Ian 1 NO "TWo wee:.<ssfter ":he firs: pubLshed reports of the Satang Kal ra.d. The Malaya

TrbJne IaIlches a s~ngng artackon the colonal admnst18tlon's handing of:he reldEl'lt 08J:,''WcII'ker's


were shot down n cold b.ood.

1 Nov t NO An otficlallnves:Jga:lon Is camed OU! on:he mttucI!ons of the therJ MaayanAr:omeyGenefBL The /Itt3 .8 sat.sfied w1th the outcome 01 the


Ths ....... est;gat.on was not sent to the \'Ia1 Offlce nor made publIC.

1 Feb ,.70 The People. an Erg!lsh f1ev."SpapEIr. e:w;poses the rddent and condemns the lng with swan statemEl'ltsfrom the BrftlahlVrTry (8I('SCo-.s Gua'd9) at:8' 2 rmn:hs' of 1'8sea-ch and htefVlSWs.

Feb ,.70 Defence Secretary DenIs HeaIe')' appoints De:ec-Jve ChIef SUpefrnEl"ldent Fra'lk WlIL.am9 :0 lead a special teec-eem to InV'8Stgat8!he rTIa'!tef'.

June ,.70 The Inv8!ltgtltion.8 stopped by:he Col'lSEl'\lailve Par.y Gowmment, wh«\ : -eses pc.YNer In 1970. after It felt that thefe was .nsuffiCIEnl evldence:o .ook tt.r.her rna the mere;

10 Jutr ,.70 Frank 'Milam!! s.gned a 9.b9tant.al pc.ce subm.sslon on his Bat81"9 Kalllrrvestgation ShowIng:hi::he kllIh;J a: 8atarig Ka~ n DeCember 1948 had Indeed tal<en place.

e Sept te. ABBC doct.memary.1rI hvestlgmve tepon jnc :he 1d11i'Q entitled "In Cod BIoodM Is aired In the United Kngdom. rt cevea.s fresh eyfdence about 1he massacre. The docurnernarycarr.es eccccees 01 wltnsss. SlJVNor!!.lncWng coofesscn 01 ex-sects Guard and mevews with the Sco;IanjYan:l officEl'S who had nvee.:1gatad :hecase In 1970.

8 ..... 1,. t 08:1 \V!th the help <X the MCAlega Bueau. a pe-:rtlon Is presented to Queen 8lZ8beth II askng the: .ustlce be done.


Compl8Jnts BI.I"eBJ ChIef DatU!!: MIchaeJ Chong.

!IO Dec t e.7 AA n\'86i1g8tJoo repor1.s submlt:ed to Jaba:an Sasatan Jenayah Buki: Aman and It calms that the esse a closed ciJe to Insufficient evoeoce to p-osecute anyone.

211 Mar 2008 The fwnUy members of the massaae vcame IIJ'd several NGOs form a conrranee I<ncmn

as .Action Corrmlttee CondQ'Tlnlng the Ba:sng Kat! massacre and abrrllt a petrt:on to the Bribsh High Comm\ss.oo. The petition seeks an oHldal apology. COI"T"penSil:'OO to the fa-nlty menoea of the 24 massacre v .ctrns and flnancla oontrbu:lon towards.:he educmlonal a'ld cultural deveopmem ct+e Ulu Yam Commln;Y.

2t Jan 200e The UKgoven:mEn: raecte a reqJes: by j}e ActIOn corremree CondQ'Tlnlng the Satang KaJI massacre tor the InqUJI)'.

24 April 200e UK gc::M!mmen: say they 'W111 reconsder:he conmoteea reques: va a ene- Issued on 2<11 AptII2009.

20 April 200e &.v\'Ors condemned the UK gc::M!mmen: tor dragging 'ner fee": ~ an Inqury. The corrmlttee's coordinator Oue.< Ngee Merg sad ear ths had caused more demrreu of the SLn'Nng families.


decision to ~8Cl reopenng j}e case.

3 April 20t 0 Tham Yang, the Isst Ma18)"S1an adu: 'Witness died from tlYoat cancer.

t Nov 20tO Britsh hlstooan of the Maayan ErmtIgE!flC'y. Professor Arrthony Short ad'nits ':he Ba:Ef'g Kail Slaugy:er. The BritlshgovetNTlElf\i:old la~ Froz Husselnht they needed untJ end 01 Nov 2010 to make a decision fa an Inqull)'.

Slaughter and deception

~Sh:t~~~~~Fttt:I~~~: ~~~~

Norma Mk.illor ~OUI die lI"I:l!IS killIngs

~L!!tld~~n~;:~t!;:n ~~~~~:~

Aeecrdleg to Ward and Mlnfior, the book ittnlll u the first attempt LO pu:· SCIU aeohestve itudyofdtc &t" . .ng K;tl] cplsOOclnltic[\tltt"lY·

h scered on Dec 11.1948.whCfl~ group of 14 Bdtidl troops from tilt SeouGua..-d ;U"rivcd az a p6.millon they

~TcJ~;: ;;: ~~l~:~~~l~~~~~

Ioc21 detectives, they moved in to the plMlt,l[.!on and begao iml:l'fog:ui.ng the hdpJe$$vilJ~ttS.

E~uu:Jty 211 Ute men were ktlled tn scp:lr;Ucloc:uionst.hc next cU)":lJ\CI thdr mn8$1 bwncd dowe.Ieaving the wornen 1nd c.hltdte:1I homeless.

h W"".lS ehen assumed UtU 11J them klUcd weee Insurgems and the Scoes Guud (OOK full credit [or UICU hM1d,' work. A vi.U~r servlvcd the shootingS

~~~!~~~.h~ S:c~n:;~~l~~:,f,~::

UK cannot disclaim responsibility

MThcyClrlilOt cover r.hls u? fcrcvcr; this will n:mun athom (inlhc UK8o~'Cm· rnems side]; s:Ud Cbceg,

Loll Ah eh.;!.i. 69. whnessed Ius

:~~~~8b~]'fei"W'~y by the Brlilih

~My uncle: was only 2. 19-ycar-old student 2.t that almc. He C;1.I~le back dlUing his hoUcb.ys to ..... crk part-time in the tubber estate.

~My ("tmily .... ill ncvc:::r(orgivc ..... h:ll: the sold:cr.S"h~·e dorletonilll; stid Lon.

jud~~~~wt11f tI~~; ;.;!~~~:

re[eered theit demands.

~ Wc will ask the eowt to qtWh the Btltuhg<n'Cllurlt!\tsdtcis:kIl\,..ndonJr:t

an ~~~~~ ~~k u~::~pl!(d fee I(got! j~1~~~~~~I'~;!;'!~I~~-t'J:~~

However, shou.ld ehe go\'eInment

~t:!d t~a~~;:~: ~~j:~;~e~~~


~ It C:LtIJ~Ot be one-sided lib: ute one in 1949, where only the scldtees ..... ere int(:tvkwcd whllc tlte fotmiliu' n:Utments were excluded; said ~ek.

The UK SO'·t:rnntent commlsslcned an ilt,·e:stig;t!lon l . .I\ 1970 afiee The Peeplc·s expose, NOneUlCIc:U, tllele ..... ;I.t a clw,&e of soveflU"netlt and the lnvcsdS2l:lon w;uca.ltedo(f due to insuffident evidence,

~ek,.dd.ed tlI2.l!hev:ue pregwed fot :an inquity as cJle), 1m: cnpgcd fOlen!lIe.. il~tcrlt2.tionaJ law. hrno:y 2.nd

d ldillied,.!'ic:r the!hooclngt,qlldooflt arose as to wll.Cther tile sbocdegs were

fil:d~6~c~:~a.~~jl~~~: :;:

1~lOI.de,. name (or hltnsdf(or $OJvlng!hc Grc2t Tr.:Utl Rcbberyease, Howevet.tn 1910. a geneed elecrlcn and new po. hk1..l"ppoinutie:UtJ ln B:tt.un aboned !he New Sccdand y,.ro ilwc~g2.t.1on.

In 1992. usc alred a c!ocumcuuy titled "In Cold Bold" highlighting the nlwde:r 0(24l:nnocellt l"'et UI B:ua.ng, lUlL "Ihls docu:"nenun· re ... -lvcd 1.l1 !he old sUlIpldons tint Brhiun wasconeieuingto hide cJlis 2.pp::Jlingm2.5S;1Cre. The docunle!Hzry d~~o Included the tdtl·


Jard.ot\' in 1948. Thevecefessed Urit the killings Wce indeed a massaere.

'X'ith all cJ)C c ... -ldcnce and cye-wit· ness' tdt1monies, how long, more an the Bdtis.h gO\·cmmctu $lUi negle« the: (,.et tN.t Ule blufal !hylllV W;tS a l~lU· saetd All of the ... ·ktir'l1t· b.Jnilld:ue

:::'!~~:n:~~tl :~fc~;:g~~1~~t;

INs book documents the Satang 1<811 tragedy and was published by Media Masters Pte Ud 1st )Ie •.

dead were not inswgems.

The book w;u publuhcd b)· Med.ia M2.Sl(:lS Pte Ltd. on june 2.009. It tool:

~:1 !h:~ ~h ~~rJ:~ ~~o;

scns an offtdal CO\·ct·up Imposed lmmed.iucly follo ..... ·iJtg Ute: sllOOt!ng.

:Jl the k.icva."ll U:PC!'lf to tddf}· ill tl)e inquu)·.

Hesaid the action eemmlnee wouJd :JsoLwtleh adcnaecedeve nct.t mosuh ill eonjunct.lon with the h:u.llch of Slaughter:tnd Dcccpooll ill Bat:LJlg,1Uli by Ia."t Wud and Noma Mk.illor.

Brl~kr:i~~ ~;~;~~:~lt~t~l'~~:~

featherStone on Dec:: I t05cek Ms suppo ....

Chong Koon Ylng'8 tether Chong Boon grave which now 1Ie.s In Batang Kall,


SelangorTmes 00 .... 8,.,.- ... '010 5

Reprieve for hawkers

8yAivin ChIn

SEROANCi: H:.. .... kcr'i can COJldnuc to Opct:1lC ln T1iI11t1 Chi

~~l: ;~::1~tn~~::~~r~!tbutdc~linCSs1tld nottn»:t

Acccedteg to ihng mc::mbcro(P-,jJ'JjUI1CfiL ChulcsSzm.i::ago ~Id: ~Wc;tre going to postpone: the tdo(:;uio/l On Dec J. 2010 whlle;t meeting it bdl'S planned bel ween the represeneeivesof K1a!'lS Ha .... kee Association and ~b.jli.s Pabam:U .. "'2..m Klang.

"The putpose- of the meeting i:s to find ;l ... ~. to ensure the clc ... .nliJti;S$ Uld COJrtfo:t of Ute pleee and ll~o ease the It'lffie ecegesuce ascend that al't::l .. - he added duringthc press ccnferenee on Tuesday.

The pl:t. ... " to eeloene ihe ha .... kcrswu kl8SdtcJ b,' Kou Abrn

~!~kc~:C:~(~:;d~~ ~~':::=~~;'J~b~~~ ~;;'~~StJ~:

ToI.l!"l.:lJ1 CII! Liung fee 30 recs-

do~;rd~~~~~i~::~::;oT~I;lha ... ~:$.Lhulg anelbueed the

On the ocher hand. one of the h:awka$,. wllo idtndfd himS(:lf:l.S Lee.dlsagreed and sald ttut the Jubbidl pJObl~m wasdue to the ni,glll fnUkcl opa.uou_ ~ Espteb.Urmc~ Wcd.ncs.:b.)· night. tn'dponsible pu:u Jl'la.lun j;~:::~~;'~c their S:l.rb2gC around thc~r'C'.a and we ~t blamed


He said 2Ct10n wOl be uken 00 rJI05C who continue opcr.l.ling wMlout :.. ,'ilid ltcense.

Hcwevee, he fdt rJttt JC!oc2l.!ng the ha ..... k:crs could be dctriment-a.l to their beslncsscs.

.. If the lttwh:rs 21'< to be relccazed to Soulhe:Ml Park. there: might be~dowlLturninrJ~lzbu:s!.ne:$iductoilowcconomyrJut

we ~cc :::l~-r the I'!lecting wlll be mncunced UI the f()Uowb~

weeks. Member 01 Par1lament 10r Klang Santiago (right) discussing the hawker relocation Issue with residents.

Endearingly warm. Elegantly cool. Endlessly exciting.

Exquisite Experiences. Now available at Empire Hotel.





6 '0."".'.26-".20'0 SelangorTmes

Palm residents rap Syabas

By Lee Choon Fai

KLANG: FfU~lt'".ut:d !'dldtitU" of Taman p.;Jtn Greve. whose homes


pon a.g;..lltit S:r-uUc..u fk~::Ut Al~ Sd:tngo: (Sy:tb:a) for n:n<:ging on l~ promise (0 hdp them.

RcprC5cnt:H:vci o( ;tbout 100 affected housdlOld lodged the re· port se the Klwg Di~trkt Police H::~qtW'lC'J~ :uter losing paucnee wilhSyt.b;U.


afier lodging the police rcpo~t Wt week.

in ;1 letter to die Taman Pum Grove Lena Reddens ~rod:won on June 14. S)";lb;u uid the burn

ti;cd ~;t ;lcd~:~~~ ~~:r~;c~~

m:mcr ..... as bdnS Inveselgaecd b)· their insurance comp1.ny.

The-yilio:taM ulCY vI'OUld sue-the



But rciddoll$ now S:11d Ul.l.l SrJ.bu have washed thdt hAnds of the

:~:;I~cr z: :~d~;:~l tt~~~ c~~i~;;


~ We l~ to dean up all the mud um gOt siuck in cuehcuses aodalsc

~~~~~.e:IJ~;i~gc ~~~~ ~l~fU::'~

aece (o!np:tlly came to uupC'Ct the deuege. all the evidence was de!L1'O)'Cd.M S:lid Ee KIm.

Another ill"C'Cl'cd reeldein j.N.

AII2.ndml't'Cllled t1etwd:shipthC)' faced when cJ\e)' h:td to e~·;teu;\lC' thdr famllles uluil the Water rceeded,

Residenti' aseessmem of the damage amce e re d to Over R.\{600.ooo. The worn illC'Cu:d vr.LS former busindsfn;\ll, Daruk SlwlliuddinJ;tllIU. who Son RM3 I 9.800.

SyW:lS Corporate Corntnunladons execuuve dtreceor Abdul H;t.lcll'l Mu Scm s ald tfit:}' only pecedsed to help tcsldcnti d:t.im oompenS1t£on (rom ddt InsurJJ~eC1;t.nd I)()( to p:l)' thOl'l compcll$;ltIoJld.itC'Cuy.

"And e~'CI\ thOI we told. thelTl we


Msown '1ttcicJlis ib!lOlvcd.S)·ib:l.Sof :tI\y rd{lC:tlI.s,bilky.

~Ther should be looking for compells:uion (tom the developers. not SrJ.b;\$,," he ~;;_jd..

HOweVO' Knng Memherof Pultamene Chule.s S'1ttu;t.go, who is hdpbtg the residents. pclmed out that he h:l! ;t. wrlteen letter fronl ~:~::. eonGtming the rcsldcrus'

PR chiefs to meet on Monday

SHAH ALAM: Sd;IJ~got will pb)' host to Ule Second ennual P-ilit:l."I R2k}':lt (VR) Mentcti Bes:Lr and Chief Minister meeting here on Monday.

Sd:ulgor Menter:! BeS1l' Tan Sri iduJld IbrothiiU :Uong with his COUt'llerp:l!LJ (rom ro~ng. Kedah and

Kc!;tlU;L."I ..... Ill holddiso.wiolll at the l1lollC'·thwtg.llo-..,s in Section 7.

Their fim offida.! f)leeti.ng wu held iJlAforSttUonj:U118Iastycu.

The meeting wfll eenue on State a.dm!_n£m~on ..... ith dtCh MenCOI 8du p~entJtt8a po.pcr,

A spokesman from SdU18O~$;lid

the mectirtg wu to :illow C'.Kh adItliflisU".u1on toshatethdrc.s.pcti-



However, rcpcrecrs w 1lI be: allo ..... cd to cover the opening and closing.

SllA!fGOA nMES/NOVEM6ER 26 - 28,201 017

Know your councillors:

Richard Yeoh

By Lee Choon Fai

PETALING JAVA: Bcee and bred in Pttilln&la}':;l.~h.jlis Pcrb:;and;tr.i.n Peu.lil'l8 jar.l (MBPJ) coenclllos Richud Ycob YOIl8 Woi il now servleg tl.c dry he 10l'4:i.

An iJl(erl~;uion3.1 oorpor.lle b~""'ldl 26 }'(:ut' .... -oeth ofop<:ril!ill~e. Ycob has also been act.il~ in cl vU s:ociery-wwk alnce 2003. His noteworthy inl'ohemenu include being on the Heeril~g; eOllldliuce 0(' Elninelll PeriOl'Li to review tile 1988 juclicbl Crtsls in M::aJaysi:t.. du: ASEAN I.nter-Puliament;lry M~·3.nm:lr C;tucus (AIPMC). lite !ltcttlfll; ccmmhree of ehe proposed Intcr-('dlh COUlIilLuion 0(' M;tI;t~·.tia. and the ASEAN InterPuli;llilenurt Caucus en Good Gov~ce.

Yeoli b;l.t also served u Execudve Director of Tr3.n!lpuency Imernuioul Mala,.da.

"Betng :l eccnetlee £ro.l):1 the eoe- 1;0'fnlUlletltal org:a.ruiatlOn seeion I serve

~::~I:uSr:; ~;'~~r~~et~~ c~~~:~~:

1\lrCol'Luitutloli. and the Coilltiol'l Ioe Good GOl~manC'C'. :uuong otbcrs," Yeob sajd in an isuenitw.

Yeob studied ;l( La Sille Seecndarv School. Hi: g;r;tdu;lled itl E.(Mol'Dks &. Publk Adm.1nutr.U:ion froUl dlC University ofMah.~':;l in 1m. and later aueeded the Banking & Finance Man;lgenU!tl! Progrtfiu:nt 0(' lbi: Asian ltluitutc of Managonc:nt is, M:Lnib.

Yecb bu now served three tCt1lli :li:;a

councillor slnee Ms a..p_POlnl:Ulent is, 2008. bavteg been reappolaeed l:lit )~U and tllLs ~_Hel!lincll;U"geofSect:iol~!lll. tz and 13.

W~(,. seevlce ceeue is at Mcnara MBPJ but I usuall~' mttt the ruidenu in their ;irt:;I.t,~beaddcd.

111e ('ather of du't'(: :alio sit!l on iCVCral Ion! council ccrumiuecs • including die Safe City cenueluee eed die COUUllunit-v. Youth &. Cuhoee COIWniUtt. •

A (ouJ~dllor 's job Involves a lot of _P:LJl'Cn"'Orkb~·virtucofbc:ingon cl.e \'Ulollf main and sub-commhrees to oversee local eouncll ..... cek, Thls lacludes budget.i1l8 fenIcedtog ::J.IOC:i.UOlU. pla.nnlng appromi. peojeee and policy propoii::lb.

WWe also need to make .titc Viiii~ to problelil areas, We eueed to rC'Jidc:nt!l' compl:unu. includIng meeting t.bClll ('or diicusiions to find soluLions; cl,c S7 -year old councfllce sajd.

WI ... u;an: some oonullOn COIIlJili,WLS I.e

:;:e~~~:~c:~:~~ ~~~'i::t:::~:~tli~:~~~

trillic. ttimc, illeg:L1h;lwuU. and hygiene. "OC'C':l:iiot&l1.l)·~'(:a.kogctOOlnpLj.n(j;tboul

:!::t:,:~ a;!~J~' to~6:i1~~Pb~~~~~j


Yeola has .urong vic ..... !l 011 COrruptlOI~ and how to comb::tt it.. He ellcourat;u


traittwg progr;Unlnct.

WIt:'wo requires aeiw18c of l'Dincl.kt on the p:1.r! ofrhe giver and the tilir.~

NGOs help to promote state welfare policies

KLANG: Several non-g(I\'(:rl~ma~t:a1 orgaJlintion! (NGO!) held an awuene$S drivt on ",'df'ue pcllcles Wider the MerU)':i.UwI Ekol'lomJ Sd:UIgor prog.r;Un.U:1C isl Jk.,..';UIHaihlt:i.b.K1:.u'g.01lNOl·1'.1ht NGOs Iaeleded the Hindu Youth Org.tJlil:::;tLion, KI:Ulg SalU;lrluJI. thc Klaeg R.c;Ldcrs" Ass:ocl.llioll. and thoC Coilltion.o(' Mal1r;d:Ul Indlan Trusu(Coeuit)5<:b.Il8Of ;tnd Federal Territory (IT).

-The maln purpoJie 0(' this Progt;llil Mdf:l Ra.l,-,·;u ~ 10 [Introduce Pi:o: to

~::~~,:j:!lX~~J~t';';~~~?:ll~~tI.;tT l~C:

peedden, R. Kannaa, ~We want ehe ecmIllwtlty to bctldit (',OIn ihese pol.id~.~

The StbnSen-Chlldrctl.·,S Htrl.tage Fund (Taw:u,. the Sldlli Traislwg lruli:t.ti'f(' Wider Inuilut Kelilahinn Bella Negar.t (IKON) and die Skhll MeJra Uiir. EIlI:l.!l for the elderly. were among; the ptOgrauu'll~ re:ltW'ed isl thcevolt.

These progf:l.1n1lltl are targeted :at tllot lower Income group ned provide bJl;i1lci:L1 ufistancc. skllls tt';tining, aad odler seevittS such :1.. hclp ill obtainwg birth cutiGc:a.tCi and M~·K:ads. 'IlK SdangorSO"enlnle1lt',S ('n:c .,..':;lttt poBcy W';U :L1so OI~C of dlc welfare pollcles promotcd.

Comb Sdangor and FT secrct:try' L.

Vijay sald there 'ot':;lj 1I0t e:nougb a""':Irene~

about dick progr:l..Jnmti.

wTIIC Inaiu K:3S0n ""hyme!ie polideii:t.n': not geutog out to the people is because 0111,. the T:i.tn.u-Iuagu~e t'I.e....'Sp:;tpcrJ OOVtt theeu.M he sald.

Vij;ty's clalm W:;ts cvldene ftoUl the tW110ut that day. where all dlo!lc p~ent weI'(: of Itldian dtuau. C'Ve:n dlough dli: .,..'(:!fUt pol.ide.tart for all Malaydans born In Selangoe .


('Or her ehildrctl. UttrUl)$UCCdsfulatttmpu 3.tjir.bata..n PeJld.:a.('t;lr"..I.n Negat';t_

WI this~k these progrUl1eueut'('good for the people, it helps lIlotiV':lte people:lJ1d it is.wo i.nformatl\'C.R thc mOdlCf oftwowd.

Chl.h~ SUbranl:lJli:un, who W:U' :UlIong;


Ia the pase,

WI was sick and couldn't ",'Ork. I could not~oO·the)lOU$illgloan.:;ltId:l!liltlunt:m t';tl(::t_ These progr;uns g;i,\'(: me llle UlOI~Cy to So to a doctOf and I have slnce reC'OVi:red,Rdlcs:tid.

SWC'C' dlCll. Ciallve has been isuroduci.ag othc:ril in .ti!nlbr situations to die state's pollelee. At the event in Klsag, die had brought four senior dLiUll friCfldJ to apply Ice die Skim Meu-..1. U!la Em;Lj.


_ . .,..._.._ --_ ... _-

,. 1l1li_ ... ...- ... .....--

-.- -.- ---- ....

... _ .,.._.-s .... --

........... ~ .. ~, .. ~-.

_.--..... ............ -

~_ .. _I ·M"..~

......_ I .... ,,_~ ... 11-

-·-11 -1....-- ... -

..__. - -~

.... _ ... - .... -: .,- _.'. - ._. :.. .-:- .... , ...; '-',,:'--

,,:::". t. _ .:_': ,_ :' _,



8 .0."" ••• 26-",2010 SelangorTrnes

112-year-old school expanded

SHAH ALAM: A(t.cr )'c;tr:s of dcb.y, the eClitu.ry-ufd MJ.dl~fldj

~~~~~h\~~ s:~:~:~~:.

A modern school buElding oosting R..M4 millloo ..... UI be bulhon a(outhcct:lK Site ln Section 7. here, to

rcp~; ~;~::~Ia~~~cw~

Mldlalld:s ;"·HJ also be a n,odc' school (or ill T:unll schccls in the


bhot'"ollOdd", a Ilb~ry. a COin010t'1


It will be bcfh on thCOJI'CliSp;ift

:~ll!lc~:~~t~d::::.o~~::! ~f~~

old sehocl will be demolished U1d the S'p11!C turned Iruc the school ftctJ. The school hti 165sludolli.

111(" school'5 P-,ucnt-Te1cher Allsoc:i;llion ehaleeun M.Kwu:t.I'".Isci sed Un: loc;Wotl w.lJ sui able sinee ffi()jt sll,ldclltj lived nr:a.rhy itt the IOW-COSl flau.

Kunu1OI."d sald the Selangce ilf"'ctnmclH had gh'cl'\ ;l gtUll of RM3 lniJlloll fer the new school betldlng, ",hilc the balance was to

be eajsed by the school.

He added thott It had ttkcl\ 20 }'c::us for Ute school to Set a new buiJding.

Earhcr this month. Ute foUJ\d:.t.dcnsecne for me new rehccl buildinswa31:udltla(rn:mony~tte:ltdcd by n:u.c execeuve COU!lcUO~~ Dr X::tV£cr Jcy;t.kunu.r. Ronnie Llu Ute! ¥1ah!b S:1pari.

Kutll:tn\·d said the school W::LS moved to its CUJI't'lU location by the pre .... lous U:HC government as Its origin;L! she nut' the Unlvct'sid 'Icknolegl Mara (UiTM) had been dcvclo~ed into 2. commercial :UC:l...

ro:;~~~ ~:~;C:HJ;o~iZ:~~

qu:lttcn in the former eacnc but th2.1 never Iappeaed,

Dr}1Y;U::W}I;t.rsaJdulccuH'Cll( stUe govttnment subsequent])· proposed that die current she be expended Imo :I. new and biggee sehcel

Alief h:!.,·Utgil pubUe hc-~ting ott tbcissuc.itw.LS:a.SJccdbyallputics :lS the ben :solution. He Hid the public I'Ccteulon U(:;l beside the sch,o::'! ..... culdalscbc upgrulcd with f;ldlt~.

Midlands the first rubber estate

Selangor executive councilor Dr Xavier Jeyekurnar nett) at the laying 0' the foundation stone ceremony.

SHAH ALAM: Midlands Estlte wu the fust rubber pbnution in ~bnsor and Utt: ~tldJ::Utds Tamil pricnuYiChoolw:l$bullt ln 1908 to glY!: Ute ..... odt:w· chlldu:n ;l. pl'Opt:r cducadou.

Locned near the Federal High. .... '1y hct&.ng tJ:J .... -eds :lng. it careed to alm.ost 10 .. ·I16.gd sed estate! tn Ute: vicinity.

In the 1960's, due to developmcue of ute esvnc. it wU me-ed to 1 loC;:LUOil cppcetrc the eneance of

lJniw;rs:lclTcknotogll\ot:..ra(U(TM.) ln Seetlon 7.

The school's problems seeeed in the 1980's .... -hen the dt;llC' was sold to the SULe gm'el'l'unoU through the Sclangor Devdopment Corpcradon (PKNS):t.nd Selsngce Agrlecltute Development Corporadcu (PKPS).

Rapid dC'\·elopmcnt lOOIr:: pbce on Utc formee esrare. V:l$t U"tCtJ of land were: cleared and leveled for propcrtycleY!:Jop:nent bcgulnllig tn

1990. Soon the school was sur-

:~t~~~b~~""~~co:~~g odr:el:~~

banle for;l new pleee ofb.nd.

The sdlOOI t:1per:lcnced frcquelu Aooringand wu ilioa.lfC'Ctcd by the continuous plllng worksof the 5urrowtdu:g develope-ene, Puplh being made to ddn up thdr ll'lLiddy school utcr floods was a common s:lght beck then.

The pre"'ious state ;).dnunlnuOOn eted to eclocnc the ~hool but

no otgieCU10tt could be eesebed ;l$ toapropcrslte,

In 2004. the school W;lS promised ;). four-acre plot of12ll.d:le ""Ittt is nOW'the !-Cit\'. Nothlns ll'iaterWIsed as the ];tr'td wU lte't'C'l gttctted. and the plan to selocae the school eheee ~~ovcrtmn by Ute devclop!'!'IentofI-CAtv.

The ;).uthoritlC:ll rhrearened to demolsh the school, wd ihe sehoo! C\·c!llu.uly agreed to rcloe;lte 10 ;1 teJ~(por.u}· tit<: iiI SC'Cuon 7, ""here:

Mixed feelings greet MBP] grant

PETALING JAVA: 11IC C:lyCoundl's (~tBPJ)



~ ~~)~~~~~;~d1;~~e::~r:u!~~;

0(RJo,15,OOO but resident :mod:lrlolU eRA) ny the money if hardly Clough.

Atl'lol~g those wcleomulg tlle plan Is C~t:lt( BoI.Ftisl..

·We appreclarc the funds because w<: .:wremly rdyon dotutions~ sald the SeeOOn 20 lIT dtlirm:lJ1..

Ibemo\'C'~got;1 thumbs up fmm Section 21

RT·~~fuJ~il!a~<;!!3~~~to~~:~c,· sald Y&1.

lJlcdty is :lr()(;llingR.\t I millioo for eommunlclct to en!uliCt: 5eewhy itt their ndghbou1hoods.

-All rt:g.istered assccladons can apply for funds pecvtdcd they have ::a cone ere plan on how UIC), lmend touse the money,· ~tBPJ oowltU!orCynthb. Gabriel told Seb.ngor Times,

Howcvo the fwuH(':tnnOt be used toMre: pdv:l.te security gcaeds. eeece perm:lJ1Cm ~truClun::!l Ulat OMttUCl L'01ru or boom 8;1td.

-WeW"., . .Iltt'dldentstotueaJu:tlc!ton::approwl and develop a SO'l5e of conUltWllty: s:tld G:tbdd.

Howe .. 'Cr All Pc-t1iingj;).r.l R.es!Jents As:!IOCi..:uio!l

CoJitiol' (APAC), wltieh repreSents 22 RAs, sa.!d the R.M),OOO gr'allt is lwdly enough_

"Ihls amount:'! to JUSt ever R.M400 ;). month~

s~~~;::;t~~:lt~:!:: ;r .. ~:t2Vt: hued pn~MC

sccutlt)· ::and::a."e SPCt1dUlS up to Rl\o113.000:l. I'nonth.


ea.nbe used.


bood paecls,

Hit peedeeessce. Ljew We! Beng also S;t.td MBPJ should not re:~trlct assodulons from using the monc}' to J~iIe guards.

~If thcyw;tl\t to impose conditions ltke Utll,lhe}, can Ir::ccp the nIOne)': he setd.

He added that ~iBprs Inltia.tl~'('. was "roe little tooh.rc"


1u.xillu}' police fotCc by MBPJ to curb crltne in the dlY'

fo:~~:~ t~O""W~~~.:;:l~~~~~~~e~

be ~hc""ed :tfter the- Heme Mini.1try rejectcd the

Section 20 Resident Association chairman Baptist Is happy with the allocation as they used to rei), solely on donations.

it IClt been waf! now.

When the state admlnutndotl

~:~~I~~ s~!:hi~~=~~rt~

Joi..ltd. be de .. ·cloped into a blgger scbcol.

Irtsnoweonslderedabeuerfoeadcu compeed to I-City, which is new a commeJc!ol1 :lJld emertalnmcnt hub. TIle school beard ac~ thc de;).) thi..! ),o.r, br!nglngto

~~fi th~~~~~Ol::~: ~Oe~:~

Grant Conditons

- Each Resident Asso.ciatlon or Rekcn Tct:t.ngsa mun rcg.ista their oommwlily polidJlS progr::unme wlththcpollec.

- Each application 11'1USt be supported bj-a lccal councUlow.

- A p~t report must be seru to MBPJ C'\'cry three 1~lontkt.

~~r;~~~,~~df,;i~;~e:Jt t:;;:e;


MBPJ has proposed thH R.\U,OOO be ellceaed as Iinanclal aid and a fu1ther R.M2,OOO for cquipn(ClIt.

RM I mUllon hu been 2I.l0C1ted for the prog.'''1.1ll1lle wJlich is scbeduled to u:trt nc:t ,·CU.

The City C()~ncll't pllot progr:tlnme is aimed at nun ering ::a sense of oonlltlwtity In uelghbcueheeds, ,.1Ie move: Is :tho geeed :It fostering close tid between residents and MBPJ U ",'CII as ule police.


SelangorTmes 00 ..... "',.- ... '0'0 9

By Tang Hul Junn

Sl4AH ALAN: Local councils arc no 101180- obliged to rcnun eonflscaed propen), or cnu:ruln ~ppcili from u~~ J~~~~~c °PCF.l.tOfS (ollowing ;I. recent nt2glsu:ttC"

Sh2h Alun cccnclllcr TlI\ Sk \Val deserlbed the No v 8 deelslonas a ·brcll::throush~ th:l1 .... 'Outd help loc:al govan-

mc~~~~~;~ ~b~~w6~~:~~~ ~~~::id p;i.y "

ma.d.mwn fmc ofR.l\of 1,000 and localcoufleiHJt:a.d eo rewm the confisolcd itcllu; sa.id Tan.

The opl:l':;I.ton wac Judy eke» to roL11'1 and could shllply open 'LIlOr.hct UI~ opcl'".rtiolt dkVIlu;!'(" wIth the Sl11U: compulCn.

Ho .... ever the Sh;t.h A.I::un Cit)' Council (~tBSA) dea ~~a.ll~!~~:Os:t6t~jj by rtjccring;uj ~Ucg:tl oJX!'Uor's The opcr.l.lor In Buklt lUI\1l\2n Putr.L, Sung:!l Buloh, aJlo .... ed onllne SOlJnbling :llld MBSA rafded its pu:mi:sel..

The chy eecncll else filed a suit in October to prc\'Clu the opc.rawtS from recovering the ronli9C:llCdcotnputC't.t.

Tan sald tl~c court', declalon sce 2 precedent and empowered 10C1l counclls to u:jcet jl:milu 3.ppeW in the fu· eure.

Foilowitl8 the: cow($decision.sule c.ltCutlve cccndllcr for local so~'ernmtJIt Rcnnle Liu h:u Inscuceed other

ro~~~~d :~~~J; .~~~~~~~~~c~~c ~.Ioc!~ cowtdls

was tOO Icnkl)t and the state was p6.Mlng to amend aist· ins Jegub.tionr to Impose he1vkr pereldes on illcga.l eyber ctltoperato~.

mu~fi~~~~:~ ,~~!~u:~~l:~:;~t;~:~·~~

month alone.

Azllnda (right) receiving the best bungalow cate-gory first prize trom Manlza ('2nd latt) and Mohamad Roslan.

PJ residents rewarded

By Lee Choon Fai & William Tan

a ..... eds e(temony on \'I:'tdnesd:ty night.

She also llkened the progrtmrne to 'urban tegcm:t:atlon' for Ute city. and praised ute ncweffortt to rcpunt o;o,·c:l.t1l· eed k>oki.ng low-ron houses throughout

Pc~:~~~(~~ eeelplems of the ;l.W'".lJ'ds.

~k~~~b!;j~:;'1=~~~li~t; ~:~

money he .... on.

MI'I~t pbscd ro [th'e bC:Cl1:lwa..*dthli RM2.ooo saM Steto w hlle br:ltlduhittg his mock cite-que and the fr;\lued ccrtifi·

cae. futo wu pbccd second in the tel" race house c:ucgory.

fro~ R.\;~lt~~ t~O~~~S,~~:t:p::!t~\:

on the diOercm house euegcdes.

wi~~ ;h,~ ~:I:'~ bu~' ~~~ ~o~ill :~:

it wiUI the :..m'PJ officcrs w)tO caue to

:hJ~:a.4.~ ~~~~:I;::!j:,~n~:~


She- wu the: winner of UtC bu.ngtJOW' cacgoeyaed eecetvcd RM4.500.

PETALING JAYA: Flftten rctldrllls of Pet:lllns J:r.y;t w efe :r.w:lrdtd prl~e mone), fOf lmpeevlng the- b.ndsnpc of their ndghbourhoods.

Al1\!rb;\ p:itt ofa ..... Iderdfott foe the j\.f:r.JlisPe't:,g.ltd:lr.u~Pcu1ins.Jly;\(MBPJ)


~etnbly Deputy Speaker H;1JtlU T21h:l dUriftS tht Prosramtne to Increase the Q!:.;tlityofLifeofPct~h:&J~y:t RcsiOOlts

Tracking the pulse of Penang

PellangEconomLc Mandlly Is a monthly magalille dedkated to sccte-eceecretctssues In Pellan,g.. offering rettabte scctc-eccncmk data as weU as Informat(ve erttctes on the arts,.the lfIdustry. ceuure and scdat Issues that are relevant to today's generation of MalaysLaM.

Available nor/anWldeot book5hops: clldnewssrands. www.penanpconomicmanthly.con\


10 '0."".'.26-".20'0 SelangorTmes

Syabas set to continue Tabung

By Gan Pei ling

KUALA LUMPUR: Sy1tlb.t Bd:;akn A£r Sd",.ngor (Sy;lb:u) ytitc.rd:..y s1id it will ignore':a db<:ctlVC' to CC1Sc its Tabung Budl


ccnscmcrs, CO/lt:!nUI; to COllttibutc to the fund.- i2.~ S\'ID:U chief

ateuth-c officer O;\lul: RusJ::t.n H:ti!I:u-t. •

lh:der Ta.bw:g Budl, consumers can cheese to pi)' R.!\olIIAo for the firse 20m3 of .... -nee ;t.lrc;wy subndlsed by the stare go\'Cmment,

Rwb.n said (wlds colleceed would be used to help the needy settle thdr overdue bllls and thc:k .... ater bills for the ne.n d:r nlonthi.

Ho .... ever, on Nov 23. the Slate had riuC;ilCl\cd to wiUldt1Y1 S)'1hu'U«ltCC If tltcoomptny did not stOp u,cpro&ru'Uwhhln 14 .h)'-

Mental BcsuT1..n Sri KM.!:d Ibrahtm said S\'ID;titud breached terms in the OO/ICtSs!Oll :a.gtcCUlClU bycoUcctlnSP:l}'mClU (or .... -ncr

w~tirdal~t~:a~;.r~c:.:\l~~~ :lulhorbed to eoU~ct publi~

dcu\:...cloru vla ToiliwIg Bud! to pol), for Its oVC'1due d\USei.


to pay the:k .... -nee bilk," Kha.lid sdd ln ~ R2ternelH.


~goinsOUI ofEu ..... a{ to hdp poorf2mUles whose w:ttetsupply l~f

bce~\:t~~~d:;d~~!~ ;~;~.It~~e;~d S)';tb~ has collected ever R.\U:~d~~ ~7 ~o~~et.;~~~~ i!~:t:~:~t~m Tabcog

Budiso f1..t.

He ~Id 5,'1b1$ would rop(md acrordlngl}· to the narc goyc:m.mem'fJ\OttCe tceeee T:iliuttgBudi :UtCl its tOp m~~gement I'Iteet and ddlberue on llle Issue.

Rats wanted - dead or alive

for chewing fud llnes and wiring of cars bestdes digging holes cYC:r,. ..... heee.

He saM the $:ltld.t(on h~ U~IP(O..-cJ follOWing the tWO ..... eek ami-nl C;b_\~· polisn wh.ich ended )'<itO'd:ly.

cil I~tP;:Jr~:~~~~~lf~~~~~~

caught whllc Cel\lpm 'Us:ell'lblyula.n hbncl1r Abdul.ntn2d added R.\U.

Alnotl,S the Co1tchetf"..1$ 13-yc:uold Moh;ttnfnad lsb..\du . who u&l nets ;tndU'lel~ fod~ ..... ere the preferred way (0 get tid of the creatures.

"We'te doing Ie for ihe environm(:nt,.~ he lmpishly sheered,

[;u=h of ht. friends brought in bet ..... cen 12 and 15 rwduly.

On h:mdtodo!eout the lewWsat the collececn coumer Jle:t1' the: J1,uuun Marut \·titl:t'da\· ..... 1$ ZulkHh Y;UIY;t.

from lskandu's: ·office. .

"W~ have kiUed ~bout 1,000 I"2.li since the nol.rt of the C;U)'Pa!81t ..... hich Is P;Ut of;l wider inltl:Llh'C to get ehlldren and teetl.'lgcl$ UI\'ol"l:& in t.hdr <:ommun!t!cs," he nld.


PANDAN JAVA:. ChlMrt:n 1fyOW)g

~~~~~~=,.ao~!~1fo~~~5~~\~ a c~::e~;\ !r\!l ~:-~ch;~~- nl2.ny

have turned to k.illi"g rars both as

=!~t!~~tr::d~~~ ~~~dt~~~~;


Hefa!drwhwMw:l.)1bcenaproblem in the :uta and we:'C respcestblc




PrMecrM r.m air> "9" """"" 15 Y'" n

I<II~ of <Ompul" dJoto onuy ."d ffWv.1 M~ i<I1o...tedge. bonus

Abl.lo.p ... k E1Yji1h. BM ond Mond .... A blo 10 'Mlrk in cI~l>CM'"ntIy

Able lolal~wilhO'lInq:MIIl COfr'lP8l_S for dl!ltH!tY ond "C"ptel good,

Possess t;ffll) transponadon


Or .. rtquili!tfltJIlI,

MotMMed !elf-st ..... ' .nd able 1<1 wOfk independeftcl! Able to""",k undo. pte<su", !WI """,1 11911. d ... dlln"" EfIe<tM> oraI.nd wntten <ollvnonlcaDCH1 sUI> Willing '0""",,, irrogul ... hours

Compu 1 .... ,~3nd mu ............... y


dld.,e ,nun j)O''''''. Diplomar Degree In ec",hlc o...lgn

Posse:! good Intl!fJlE,sonal .• nd cO<m1unlcildon,!.-s Pro.<'i~ Ilo,w.ortdng. ,,,If-m<>t~ .",1 pos >s good I~.m ,pi,.

f«111 !J0J0d1Nl1 I' t11«l~rl!l~ (0 ply


BlKu'@ mado!l ... g riM d romp.oy_

Ma~ phMt caisM'ochn ng~ ppolnUnenlw.1h OfQ ... lzallons p"'"""nel

o...ignm.rteling ,ool.,uch .. bann.r. il)'ef.slr ... mer ..dlOon.

t:r..llplll Ilt!,al~.

Ollrfrir.qr! P4'TM'''rs Jnr~ll1r:

• S d~y 'Nork 'W1l'.k • Mll'd[(:ttl, dll'ntdl CIHIt • HO"Plto!'JhZ.i!I1:ICI n end penon!'! I H.lCcidl!l1t In s ueen c .. cou(;!ro!l91:!10 EII~JlI U~YOlJf full resuroe phuro erul cent .. c.t JdJI':' to ~d.i'or~)eldn90"'lmc),(~


5elangorTmes • NOYEMa,.,.-",'OIO 11

Of lies and Goodies

2010iif;l$tdrtWingtO:l.dOse. And i~ hu re;lny been a tough, haed-ro-sromaeh. rOlleN:o:c>lct r~ truldof ytoU' ~tt it! From :Jmost e~'cry sundpctm. Economic. poIit!e~, social

raJ~~~::lf;~~~~:t~(:: ~cl::

Jot of mingf not rdly l~Wdngmueh sense,

For me and I 1Jl't SU1C ;t. lot of ether M:J"'ysiaru ;u ..... ell. the teat suered oil' Witll the Fens Shu) mu(eN predlcdeg )n 1Jl the !In.jor


sorts of al:unitb ..

And for once I must $;I.)' t1u.t the Feag Shuillct1 told jOl~IC truth, and 11(n sUr'e'did:l fo;uil'lgbusindf selling amu!clf:t.nd wner fOIUU3.im:and


the dc:nclU:I ofbadndf.

h1.f~:'°r:~~~~ ;;~~;fcU~; ~:

... FcngShu£ protectOr agolinst some tMngt typicall)' }l.h.b.ys£Ml. 1 mean don', )'00 wis:h ehere ..... as an amulee to wearwhleh would SlOp you from

;:t~!~ ~,h;!rr~}~,~rcscm )~Ur

Or some magic dust thn )~U could sprinkle on )'Oursclf:iJld nWccyou more voc~ Uld upset ..... hen your

Sav that you need a blgger car to 1erryyourconst1tuent's children to school Instead of the cost savings.

VB deeldes to S'YIitc.h pol1tle~ pMUeS because he didn't get a Toyou ~~~ ci~s~tc:u1 of:l Proton as hls

Or some secret pcdcn U~t yOu eln swallc ..... whkh ..... iU mm vee Ulro w up and vcre them out whenC''Ct')~u hearoue politici'llu putt£ng thdr feet In thdr mOUth50r ~ngtng bad karackc SOItg$ on YouTube.

Or a inC:l.llt:Won )'ou can recite wnkh ..... iII make you have f2ith enough in our edueulon ~ystem to

:~:J:c~o~~~;~~;'~~~~~~ ~

I sald. it has been a iCUy year_ And itloobllkclta . .b't8olnStou~'ptove :l1l)'time9C>01I,

WheJl the 2008 'uwund' Gencr;a.1 Eleclion happened and the luling gO~'crnnlelu lou tes t .... ·o

thirds m2jorit)' U~ Puhtnent a lot of eseheered and hoped th.u thlngs

:;~~ ~:t~P~~;~=~~r~;~


Then It ;til bc~n to (all :lpUt dldn'e It ~ I :un sure th:Lt we have ill heed enough $tories ::r.nd [ekes about Jumping. hopp 19 YB'!: ..... be


h:lppy ..... iUlUI;\l pillt')''lIld deelde to hop b~lc to the one Ul;\t the~ deceoree voted them rc ftg1lt ag1in$l.

And their reasons (or t1\e ch::u:ge Qfhcut were quite laughable sometime$.

"I wanreda Guru)' but the), g;\vC mea Proton!" Ho ..... can m:iJl?

"I have Ion eonfldenee in ehe le;\dC1.dup of the puty ar~d sa l am

gctng to be lIidependenL"

"Err .. .l reilly don't know wIlY I :un hopping. Mlybe the p:ltty colours ncr nice b. ...

Of coutsc these lien never e~'er stepped to:uk t1te ~'n)' people U)1t voted utent into office ..... hat t1tdt ...icws .... 'Crc.

W'lilch br!ngf me to :Lnothcr point abcoe us i\ohiaysl:aru. We 2.re :1..11 Silo gullib!e: and trusting people, :UCli'tWe~

T!:~~~~g ::e:;:~~t t:pul~~ ;~I~ ~~:i~~~ ~~;:~~.h~lr r:;\~O~U


Andwc!C'ttltemkn()w''looutour disudsfaction by voting them out

of ;:1:;:;: ;'~tr:;~tt!o(t$rom. t:~:i:;~f:;I~~S~=~d csanu-

About he ..... nl1fly bill!ons are


hov.· \\o'C:lfe: ill] ~i:th.)'S£2. -IDol!! JIOW QW eeononlY Is golng to PQ .... · by so m;l.!l), digl'lS ... ;l.!td we begin to beHeve ehem.

TQlheextentu~1 iheyeven ..... on the last rwo by-clcedcns by a b1g m:ljorit\·.

j\.uybe their rtvals can alsc le::un mlsstrattgy.

LIe, He 2 .. nd Be llirough yout teeth. The loudcl'}'Ou shout your lies me: ~lcr ~bb)'ii:Ltl.S wiD believe.

In my opinion these new neli don'tUe good cnough. Forua.n'pk

u- you. w2.ntab!ggc::reudOittsayth;u

b~!~:'d~~I~~~ f: ::~t[;~ !W~:~.~~r:~~'I~IC:~d~o ferty

mere of )'our constituents' chlldrcn to school, or the: nak elk to market.

When you de your eeeamah don't jcse !::l)' 12 hQW bJ.d the ether p:myl:t,

Lie and tell the people wh.::r.t you

~:~~~c~!y;:egbl~~o th~i~JTc

more \\0'(: wm believe. Really cne.

Tellw2.bout 100 norev iowees, Tdl ui:iliout thebillio!tl o(devdoprncnt th:i.t will be COining. Tdl us abcur IQ ..... e:ringtnCOlne r:u,incteU' ing scbsldles. Tell u.s about an autol~nlOlrl2.nti-gr-;a[t body.

Teilld ::U1)'u1inSh. But make sure utey au: su,g:a.rr~wect Ik$.

It .... £11 hdp if some of you slng SOppy sonp and pun UICI~I on YOuTube. I tMnk we've hold enough Qf ~'Ou relllng us how bad. ule other gu)'ia..~ We wane tohc-.u how good b:i~:~$. ::uLt.\\o·h;\l good.Jei you will

Because 'lfter illI. we ~iaJa~wu :uready dQn't think you're so hOl ;U!\·l~IQrc..

'We'fe JUSt (ed.u~ Wlt11 t1le other


kee .... iHldl?

Then maybe we !:lIQuid just vcre

~~~~t .... ~t~t!r;~I:

VOleN. Noth.lng..

Two-party system and one Newspaper

They $:l)' dectloni :lre jU$l around t1)e comer; 1],e)' s:l.y Ma.!aysu tw:l


second sencmene,

Mala)·2./M2h.yd;\ lsnot a denoe-

~:~~ er;~I:trU~~lif::i~~~t~:I:~

since 1955. It b ~·irtua.Jly 2. one-


allo ..... ed, ate suppre:Hed; deet!olli ate m;l.!l!pubtcd: and ~'enu~tCl\t :lPP:lr"J.IUS - from bureaucracy, po·

!~~'~~~~~\~~:.J.ud!ci'1ry - ii

We: ue only d.Jfl'el'Cut (rom Qut·

~t~~::~~:~ ;;;~=!i ~'1:;~~

Olte m:ljorsenx: u~yal't: 1IIOl'e hon· est. The), doo't pl'ctcnd to be dCluocr3ctCS by l~ ... tng manipubted dectiOM.

The 1o.1:..rclt 8 dect.1Oi1iha.,·e IlQt d)Ulged th.is ("ct. .'\11 the federal dt".ll:oni'lll bws 'lre inl2Ct. With the


in Sdo\flS0t 'lnd PClliltlS. the SUteS fun by P",xatln R:l.k).:i.t (PR) haVl:' MIte 1'I0thl.r~Slo chnge thepol.idc:tl Sy$lell~.

Laco\l eoundllor~ ;\fe Hill ap' polmed. Connitueney de ... clQP-

menr fUltd~ are :!IiII udu$lvcl,. a ...... U:ilik tooruy ekered repl'CiI;:nta· elves (rom the rulingcoalitlotl (PR),

The PR'~C1(:useClu""t it wlllfose out if!t unih.lerilly lncoduees rc(ornl ..... hile B:lt!~n N:i:jiollil (B1\")


po5ltio!l. representuivc:s In other it:.lle~.

The buddi.ng two·pmy s)'stem If therefore a myu). Wlut we h2Vl:' :l.etu'll~' ii only t ..... 'o coalicloll$ blt~

~1:~0:3~~~.~:~ :~;~Ql of thc

Once U)e: cQmpetition pmduCC1

dl~~l~cg:%~~t~~o: w7~1~:~l

..... i.th olle CQalition. ifPR is tQ (0:-1:'1 the ne.ltt feder-J.I Jovernmem by

~t~~{~~th~C;Utknd~ ~~~~~t ~

no BN but a sm2.llcr but nastier

UnI~l:!~2a~ ~~u~~e ..... ~!:~~~N

..... 111$ 'l two-thirds majority by w-in· nlngtKa.clc: U~ tnuedeon!ltltuendu. PKR m2y soon be Ul dtdule due to

dcfeeuoes ::utd infighting while DAPandPul)uy be tetnpted tQg<> back to u~d.r ethnic fb.nk..

Would It be better If t1te Br..- and PR split pa.di'lolent right ae t.he cemee. or e~'(:n resulting in a hcog pu!i:unenl with ,he: tllhd force holding Ute balance! No. It (auld olilybe ..... ONe.

ma~~~:l~~I:~gr;!t;:!~I~e'l~~I;~~ ~~dl!'~8C~1 l;;~n!J~~~:;.lt:~~~~,~~

mCllt lor twO \\o'(:e:b? \'('e a.."C likely toctd up more li1:c n~i.I::u:.d whtl'C

~~Il:~I~:~~}~:~:I~~ b~idi~s th~~~

sd\'cs, th:m UK or Au.nral.l:l. wlttl'C the cQunldes c::r.n run unooully ..... hi.le pol!ticl:uu I\c:got£ue IInensh'C!)"

the~~~~~~:O~~:: !!f:~;

politlea.l S~te1ri_ Pol!t.1cal St:iliilllY e:IJl only bcatullted ..... hc·u PQlitiCl! po ..... er is more dispersed. Wh(:n w£nnC1i CllmOl ..... in (oreY'er. when ule toiCrte'ln ha'W'C 2.cha.. .... cc toeOll'le bold:. politicS will beeOOle llke spon.t.

YQU figtlt ... igorQutly but you

~;I:~~ ~:~ ~:~tOlrb;J::' ~~ ;;~~

bee2WC' the cle:cto(;lte ..... iJJ pw!ish

yo u,

HQw do .... ·e bring 2.00ut level pl;\yUlg6dd. 2.nd uhi:m::r.tcly &£r;\l1d pscdcenve eQmpelitlon?


and prottSs,. p.J..dI:uneJtt;\l1d legida.


eons. \'C'e need to lmprcve nor only me scp'lt'1tion of power - between me leg!s6.th'(:, Ulecxt:OIth'(: aed the judld:u)'~but ::r.1sodh·i:slon of PQwer - bet\\o'(:en the (n:!er-.J. st:ltc'llid to· c;u governments.

Ult!J~nld\· ..... '(:::Jsofleed to butld a strongsl()cl~tr i(tdcpefldent of the

~~dia ~ewlt:~~ ~~ ~~:k;;: ~:d

(orr~1 publk op{n!on - :utd dvil~· clety - tlU'ougll ;l.!,d In ..... hJdl we en~ge in colb::th'e: actioni. n~t:s i$ where PRSt2lego'o'Ctnn~mj should flo Uteit ftIlticles aga1liu ;l.!t au-


founding f;;r.tha Th01n:U Jefl'eNOn (;J,.moud}'~ld: MW'el't: l.tlefi to l:'IC to dedde whether we should ha ... e a SO'·tmrnctt w'!thout ne~pa.pc::ri,.ot

~~h~~r~~;~~~~ea a~~;:~;l~


If a gO\'erIUl\ClU C2tlJtOl co-c.lti:st

w ith 'l flee Pl'dt, then we JUSt h2.lIe to throw 01.11 ute go-.·enuuem_

AJi medla-hoedle L.Wi. especl.illy t.he Pdnting Presses ::utd Publlc;\ecus Act (PPPA). must ulercfore be repealed and all their loopholes !:'IU$!. be: esplohed even before uldr repeal

SCCtiOl1 25 (I) ofule PPPA sa~:


doeunlelil.i or pedodleJ by o~ for t.he Federal Qt allY State Go~·crn·


t.he opp&.lit!on st:lte SC)":ernnlel'lt!: s1ttCC 2007 to USc thls tbusc to 0' empt publ!c;\t!on permits (or' Lndepcldent llcw:spapeIi.


mte government pf'O\·tdetonh the legal exemption 2.nd promuCf 10 tdpect edltor..2.l1ndcpa~en«_ And il.Ssut"";v:a.ldcpends On how it SCf\·tl ule pub!!e wd nrttkcL I( u~b model worb:, we dlOU!d c.xpcet mote rndcpendcm ne ..... Sp:lpeN from PR· (onlroJkd !:t~teS.

Qf 'ili:'sell~Jfo~):I~S~:O~~~~,I~I~

whidl lu cleetor-.J one·patty $lOUe uulve$. TIltn. we ma)' h;\ve :I. two' partyS)'$lCln.


12 '0."'.'.26-28,20'0 5elangorDn


By Gan Pei Ling

DCSP1U: 1Irc:wy p);yingom: of th~ h!g!u:u W'".l1Cf


lcb.tc thcwua lndustJ)" uu:natc govcrntncm warns.

~n~~rtr:li:~)~jL~~~d~r t1~~P~~n:g ~:~~r~:I~g


20 40 60 80 100

£Icn:IJt8{Rt\>I) 4AD





Sd::Uigctr(R.,\1) °





If a ('lmily USd 40m3 of water, U1CJ would be chcgcd RM25.45 in Sekngor but only R~i 14.00 in

PCI~ltt. ~n;u has the lowen warcr t;U'iJf in Ule OOUI\uy while Sc1M1sor'$ Is the fOUnJl Mghc.u based on she Energy. Grecn Tedmology end W.ller Mlnlstry'~st1Li..nXt.


Ian Air (£lBA) made a. profit bcfoJ(: tn ofRM2Smi in 2008 and R...\{ l6!nilln1009_

By comp:uf.soll. ill four ~'1lct oonccss£ona.l!'d In Sd:~Jlgor arc dcbt·riddm.

The Kuala Scbngor Member of P:u[i:unc'JU n!d


5ut<:f f::agnu:rncd ..... arer ll~ustry.

5ut~°lr.~~~t=0~~~ ~~ ~:~ c:~~~~:v~: ~:~ 5ut~:~e~;;Jnl~fdi~~~~), ~;~;l~~enge. ~~~~l:~J{~~:)~~s~:~~::~;~:;:~ ~:=~~~,e:r~~1 Bhd (Sy;ilias)dl1ltlhuttilt

·A11 foureoll'll~.n£c::s from diese two l:ly<~n wam to nl<lkc r~lone)',- satd ihe Pet:lllngJ:ty;l Ut~ MP.

In ccrurast. PBA huu'uti both UI.C ptofit.rna..ld1'l8 W'J.ter ue:tuntnt and I~r-ma.kins dtnnbutlon seevices in Pen:utg.. Pta. added.

C(JI~$Olld;ltl.n.g du: St;ltC1 Water lndu~rr


DJ.Jul EhS1n BI~ (KDEB), to eonsohdne the W';ltC' IndLtltt)' in Sebegce.

SubS«Jucnuy, P<tta.t:ul R:tk)~t gWled ecneol of Sd:LJlgo: before U,e cOlUoli<btion could begfu.

But tlte nue cceualned itsdf to the restl'Ucturing c.zerdsc in I\u" 2008 ;utdoffered to t<lkeO\'erthc fow w-.ua companies for RM;.7 biUior~ In Feb~u:tty2009.

Ho ..... c\'Cr, :ill four comp:Ulkt JtjCCtro tltt mte', offer ;lS It ..... as insuffICient to cover tll.CU combined RM6.4 bl.Uioli debt, whlch is tnOle th1il. th tOta.! wortllofthdrusets.

Combined dcbu RM 2.9b~ L,b~ L6b~ 0.6b~ 6.4b~

Pu:r. s;lld UIC eomp:Ullc$' comblncd dcbt w:u highcr th:tn !.heir ;USClS tot~l won.h. pa;~:~:t;ntJt~c s;lld thc mte V/".l;S not obllgcd to ·lhe shatcho!dct'S should bar !.he debt chclll!ld\"a ~ !.hey're !.heonCi :tspoll.!l!blc (or uJdngon lo:tns :r. .... ld

issuing bond.t.- I\u secsscd.

Pua said the R.l\15.7 billion olTer had aJ!'C1dy lueluded the companitl' ~ts a..'1d !thatchotders' 12% return in lrwesmtcm per ye:r.t.

NeVttthdcss,ulest:tlcgO'oo'Crrltncntl'C i.Scd1tsoffcr to R.\t9.3 billion tn June 2009. This time, Spwlt and Alws aceepeed I.heolfcrbut Syabu2nd PNSBtwntd Itdo .... ·n.

~Wc bcllr:vc thc n:j«tioll ..... u untt:lSOn:thlc bce1uSC \\'C had aJre-J.dy agrttd to cov<:r thdr bonw and yCt ~, .... :lntc:d mote'- Ja.ld Pua..

Fcdcr:a.1 governlloU bac.bSr.i.bu

Pua s:tid me fetknl gOVttl\tnent tdcd to renegoti· alC nc-J.J the end 0(2009 for Sy:tb:r.s to Wee: OVtt the ((lurc.:ontt:5s£on:l.ll'CS.

1hit itckspltc S}"~bu' <::a.dt (10 ..... p:ob!cnLt. In Dc·

~:C:~:d,;~e~~t~~~!:~I:~r;:; !~~t! :~U~~~

PNSB, Spb.sh 2nd Abas.s.

Ul ufdldor\. SyablJ b 0rctcd to r:USC "":itcr t::lJ'llT

by ~~~l~~j:: l;J u~d ~~::l:!~&ltrg}~ G!ttn

TcchJlology 2nd W;ucr Mininer D;ltuk Sen Petcr Chin on wh.y Putnj:l,·a ..... as bttl1ng Syab:lJ En thtt I'Citructuril~ excrcisc bu.t hc did not I'C:!Ipot,d.

l\ t'l:luct:lnt Sda..'1gor "dminiuncion a.id it would

~~;~1~~t t~;u~~a~~C%~~:d ~:~:~J ~:r.s tl~~


hi view of Ute :ilalenUl.c. the fedc:t:l.l gOV<:JI'i:1ti.em, via Pcngurusa.tl Asct Air Blld (PAAB), cflcred RM I 0.3 billion to buy ever the four w :tleI' plates' u~LSin Mud1201O.

Pua S1£d PAAB C"o'en slHhed me ptke offc:r for Spl:r.sh :tnd Ab;us to inCfc;Ue UtC offer for Pi'\SB :Uld S)"~bai.

But PNSB:u:dSrili:u ,cjtttcd!.hc:o(fcr"pln. niis dJ[lC: Spl:i..ih :utd Abu.st turJl.Cd dow-n thc o(ler aJ .... eU hc~e uu: offcr W.IJ lo\\'Cr than tllC state" go\·em· ment'J.

FruSLl':;I.tro by the bnpwe. Spl.uh rnajor s~re· hoMer Ga.."'nud:t. offcr.::d RM I 0.8 billion. onc :l:Ii.d a hill" a biUjon more U)1iI. thc fcden.J gO'oo'Cmlnent, but nobody (ook th(: o(ler.

P~ ':lyS GW1U.:b. promised to ftcc:'.tC water tul!T for UI.C first yC:l.t":truI. only Incre-.ue It by 2%-3% f!<:r ye:Lt5ub.sc:quently.

G:u~~t~~~~:JJi~::~:\~~n~:;s:~:Id~tllr ~2~

to tnUt ;lleturn of 12%-1)% per)·eU.

W'J.:~~~~,*!:.~::j~~~ that it is pOs.1tble to kcep

Puncsk Nll!Iga:

One 01 me p]l!I~ers In a trl!lgmentel:l


He s~id th:lt th: would be able W feeeee :1 waree ltih: (or :r.t 1ft ')'t:l.:i'S If k could tah .;Yo.t~ thc (ourW'J.tcroort~;1ll't:!1 fM RM9J.:t.mloo.

~:trS;I~: i~i~;r:~ dse foot ~O["L«~~iO~L'

:t.lrc:s :ti le Is unJikc~' 'A'OLl!d be :11.11:' to p;l~' L];d~ bcedhcldes W'htoonw maecred en Dec 3], 2010.

Chi.n 2I\tlou"(Q.;:~ I.];i~ 1)..o1~15h u]~r ffi.:. ftd· er:t.l governtnwt rm..;p Uit bQodi ffid'L t~II:'.1\ g()'\'cnuuem ru.clc:t'~ PU;l S1ld Putl'".lj:Io·uld sro;p ib~ttli(l8 OLlr II.htk (Omp:r..nid with U~' ft'lQoJLq Hc said m(: COI:i; l:Huo:J ~ucl.":l.rh·~ dh·id.tl~d.s when tht')' mm pn:mad ofu\1I\S It up ro ftp;l~' dew.

Pu:l dted :tll itlSli"h~1."t' Spl:til"t i~Ll~d RM)7.8 mution in dMdcnlOOS w]1;tlt PN1:iB paid Jl ... i.· dends ofRM:.214:1 :frOfr:'l 2006 tl!! 2010 ..

-\'('1lcn therc'st, tM pti1":H1:' ~h:l.:i'·di.l)!d_o::['s kc:cp: wltcn thCt'l:s}; Uit' _gm":ffI . .I-fltfLt iP:l.~.~. llis b where you p:h·:oftt :i(ld f'l:~rl-O(l::J1:!;t kid,r S;l)·fPU:L

Hc s:tid Putnja.uJd bt' r;;:'rdns Lh~t ~Ofr:'lp::..· nics, espccially SY:id PNS_B, to "dJ L];d~ ~m

to tJle :!oUtc: go ... cr~ Jl:!lcl'l3.fg.: dtci~ .dtbt. iNo to water hilt:e8: F.'I.~klElnt8 al!lJl'Ilng up

Syabas's contract breaches

litJ:U1.2009, The Sun ['(:k~t-tduraJ:


coneacr reems elgoed ib~rwot,~ U~t' Fedceal and .s.d:l.i~~ Sm..:i't1..:f:'lo:JHi !(IDo::o;:2.00<S.

S).~~ '~-:ti !upp~td W ;lW:l.l'd

~f~~~~i;~fJ;~~ :t~=~~~ ~:~:~~;:~~)~~~:~:Xd

based ee op(:~ eendee

l\udi.WI:':! else found O'oo'(:f R...'-iJ:25 fr:'Ii.lli.;)[L 'A'Qo~d:i of enaccoumed eeosieeees fi."Ofr:'I eoruraces ~-i'L-:uJfd f1-01)ll005 t-o 1007.

L1:i&dMoo,1:i~W:l.SW~fd W seueee P~.Pti r'rofr.'l !.;:,c::d rol)IP;l· nles undee r;lt~ ecnceesloo :is['(:t· meru. B'ul ln 200'S. (o~IYl.a E.f.~L"8)'. Wa«:r and CQofflmu~Li~.r.tlr;r.m Min· !s:r!::f Tun Dr Lim !Ktf.S Y~_il:: ecsealed LMr s-,.;l'b~S M_d lIYLP01t-ttl pipti fl:'OJ-fll,~~.~!it(l OOIYf:~1 r-r

~;ia!~::~~~; id~"l~~S,~~

5c.l;li~~ W.r.ta Iki'k;;. [l::u~d~!~ TM)' Pua elalmed d'tat me 1~(It· i.i:l.it CQof[)f'2:I~1 W'".L:!llll~~~d to :!:i;phlLi r::xccud'l1t' chalrman 'Ian Scl Ro~a.!l ls:1YI .. all.

Bcsldes tMl, S).:thti d:!lo :!lpt'.i\~ RM'S L2: fr:'IilJ1ol~ t-o :i'i:(I0'00-:trt i~ (Jf· flee wtlCI~ .;)[\1;,0 RM2.J.! mlllicn o;i,';:ti ;lPPfO~'fJ by' t~l:I:: .>tl:liLSOf \V;H(:~ RCSLl!:itOr), DO:PUtJYi.CIR

As a ftsultofuif breaches, u~t' SdH • .s.I)~ 8Qo\·o::L"Jtfr:'lC'.,~~ fefustd LQo :i.WfO¥c m.:. toU':l!ndC::f !:tIt ''ff:l.:i'.

~'\.;:.oc.fd.in8roffi.:.30.t="".d6;)'~Ctii.iOfL:l8.i."I:>tiYi.Ciirib~rwtC"it1:if:l.'b.tio\r.ltl bQoLh goVW:II)I.~I~II.:!l, Sd::Ul8P~. K.u.:i.1a l-uiYL'pu~ and PiJl.~~J;l)';l eeetdcrus 'A·t['(: expeesed tu bear e ~7% htKe:ln o;i,':ill:j' r::ari:!T~I~ 1009'. 2'S% ll~ 10l2. 20% l:n 1015, lO% Ut2018, and )'% t'IT~)' ebree )·t;U~ f:rQoIYL 202 L l~U 2(IJll.

[l~ s:fI.M the. eraee 8P~·~~I\fr:'lC"J·~r M_d reqceseed LliJr;:r:l}~-)':l. to tCI."!lt'li· neze SpbH" ~Oitrra~t oe rake dre cQof:lf'2:l11l1)oCourr.

"'1:id:l.fL~(Iof C:l.it"f takt S),ah:l.:!l ro


fr:'Idtr bee me fo:Jtt"::l:l g.;:,i'd'(Imt'.I~~

'A':l.S LlfLii'"i(JjfL:g,r Pea, rolel ,5.d.1:l~S-O~ TIIYr.(~.

H~ added Lhat dt;: federal sP ..... eene.cncclaimed le ...... eued ro com-

pltH else ftin"uc~LtI1(18 t!«l."Cis.; Sd~:LB,.:r~ firse,

s,a'bu hili deehned rocoeen,

·--"·'----"'·-·~-1 KuItaWITJILI.

1 HOII- JBAS profit I:::Ertw&En IRMSCI·FlMOO nullim.

1 VOl' - Water traatmartt was pri'II-Btlsad:o- PNSB, Sp:a9hi and Aba !:v~~~ ccnuruec to rnareqe ;ha 1crg.g....m8king water i:l1!ltr.bution

200.2 - Water dlstributloo was prll-B1lged and handled by sta..tEo-Cl"IM\.o3 PllAS. t; teeeo anruaJ ct:rflcil::!! of around Rt.t:350 mlilon vmle 1M ;h~ water- tl'€lEltl'rlEni corrcanee pmfrt&l:l by E.EIIIl'Q trsa:Bd w.a.:~ to Pt;rAS1 under 20-25 yaer cceceeelcne,

Dec .2004 - Syabag. took iJ'iIaf F'UAS:and; van ro.y&I!If conc:easlol :0- d:a1ribute water In Selangor, Kuala WITJILI I!II'd F\tJ~aya. Syabag. allowed :0- II'ICJ'13B!1e tariff fN~ :3 years. Fedall!ll gov~ pa!d SyabB!!. ftM2JI bJllon for :E: caplt.aJ EI:opel'lI:lit'l.I€l arc :0 eeete PUA.S oecce,

Jan 2DOi!Ii - r€deral Gllrls:Jtu:lm was I!fr1S"ded to transfer ''watK


and ee-eoee. tOth SchecIule:amended 80 thai I'B\'£C'tl€I from w.a.:~ ~llI!E:I!I1.d8€j\lk:ElE:t:3 dnecrectome f.eden3l~ernll'\E,:Ell!dO! ;ha etete povamrnanta. How13\113r, 0'WT1£I1'Jh:p End «nir:ol of r".'eI'E: water- cecctment araaa I'€Imarn under th.a state.

2006 - Part ament peeeed the Sf¥!lo.I h:; arc WSlA to E.8't up SF'AN and legal fnRlework to regulate the ware- and aeY.Ii!I'IJI!' !I1due.iry nst.Dl'1.wk:la Ind1vid'uaI.g.;ate water En3I::ImEn:E: ware repeeleo ;3!1. a reeun,



Jan - So3IMgOl" offered RM:S..? Wlon to take over 1M foLI water corrcanlee en WI!J!I rascteo.

Feb - SPAN Interfered n the f1E9D1!a1l1lrl9.. It at\E01p:Bd to r1£IIIPilB'ta d rBC'l1y wttn the kv cornpeeas ID acqure their a93e1:&

.kine - Selanglll" r.B\'~ lte off~ to R~·.3 blhon :0 covar 1M ,jJ cooceeaeealree' datx. sosan BOO.AbBss ar::~:8d but SyEiIB:!I BOO PNSB re;.actad r,

Dec - Syl!Ibaa eeceeo a ftM3.21 millO'll ban from the fedEf'aJ gO'.'effllTll!ll to pay the oetrt It owed PNSB, AbaE.s and Spia3'I.


Mar-lhefecIEf'aJ gO\l13mrTll3ntoff.erBd to buyCl1f~th.a kuconc:ea· a;OO;3.]l'€IB' 8!1E.E1t:!1 for RMtO:30bl 00. All 41 ca-rrpaniBg r~v3ctad In.. Mar- Sp:aEh'.g.mapshl!fiihdderGi!D1uc18 ofl£atcl ftM1119 blUO'lIto buy o\l13r the -II ccmPEI'1J3S but 'WEI!!. rejected. It proouaed

:0- 1'I1I!I.l'ItI!IIn watar ratas fill" the flr:g.i year End If"ICI'&iIBE1 th&l'l1 by ~% m :3.%aJlooally.

Nov - raderaJ gO'.'effllTll!ll arnJUnoed Ita plana to ban out the !bur watar c:ompanlea B!I acme 01 tb3lr booi:IB I!tB due ~ of 201 0 and ;;hi clllTpafli~areU'lBblatopay;;hedEbt..



J:lb."II:.;]n Bdr.oJIo:n Ai- Scl:lIlgor. J3AS ~\Jne;d;: NioJg;!: Sdn ~d .1P.'fSe

Sy;uir..;J1 Prrgclu;u Ai- Si.-rg;ti Sal.':r.i~r Sdn Efld. SpI.:J~:~ E<or.~l:mA..l:i.=Sd'n 3nd.AJ:=,

Pa!gLn~"V1 Ai- ScI;lJIgor 3nd • PU,6S Sy;uir..;J1Bclr..;ianAi-Scl::lIlgor.Sy.:b1.!:o

Suur.m J;r,:p.t PakliIIr~1l::rn Air N~:;r, E S?AN

WoJioI Sa~ Indur;tJy Act. WSIA

E<oJrrpU;u'1 O;u1'J1 9-=ri BIrl. 1ID83


14 '0."".'.26-",20'0 SelangorTrnes

Farez explalnlng the workings behind Radio Oemokratlka.

A day to remember for KDU students

PETALINO JAYA:Novcmbc:r 16w:LSindccd:atnuch " ...... ahed day for the KDU Un!verslt\, CoU~c students In the Stt(£OI\ 13 CUllpui. The lbrClt'lb;t.g;;u.nXu/M}~

COI~~~~~:s c:f~~r~ ~~~~~uto:(~~:~ru1 Law

Commluee c:amcprcp:ucdtocnlightcl\ the siudems

:lbo~~cLhd~;'be~~'1::i~::~ :t~::;:t}~d~:;;iva.

tiOl!~ speech by KDU Univm!t)' College V ice-Chancellor. ProfC:S5clr Khoo K.:ly Kim.

He urged ut!dcflU to I'Od ctitk:Jly if! order (0 lmprcvc dsemselves. He expressed concern tru.t (nul), ~)'s:iall:S did nO( undersrand the tntlnins of"Kc-lulu1f;lnPct]cmb:tg:u.n~ ftom the JCClt:U o( the Rukun Ncg;l. .. ·:l.

tIm ~~~~~r%~~~~l~:=~~:;~c~~~t~~

don, WI: must fim wldasttnd i\ohb.yn1fi hlitol)'-

Khoo also 112.d;IJ1 £ntcH.Ctl'ol: sesslon vAth the Root wh.c.rcbyhc posedquesdcns LO uu: Studellt$. 1ullOl\gthe questions W'"J.JI -how nuny lndlan eeeples ee there in Mtb.ysb?-

He thCl~ officl:JJy IaWtched the Perletnb a gunku!

M)~I~;:~ui~~ ~~~:~~el';uy W'"J.JI :L b:kf speech by

the Ch1Krpeno!lof the Ba.r Council Co!tStitution11 UW Ccmmluee. Edmund Bon, foUo .... ed by Lhe lmroduedon by commlnce l:iClnbe:r Y ~p Xti(lheng..

~h~\b;~~~:~~t3~s~:~\:ro:ni~\~ l~;l~t

ness School rockpee in Il~e Reconnhuting~rth v2.0 workshop.

"TItCywoedivi&du'l[ofi'O'e8l'oUpsilndthdrfLfsttaslc W:1S (0 choose the people to be brought lntc the nc w world,

Interestlng det».t'd Look place ;lInons the group lnClnbCl'twith some deb:ltingYlhythe rece of the ptt.son w:u not il t"xtor to be t2ken into UCOWIt.

bc~:~~~:~~~ ~~S!;a:::~ .... !M~lfthateou1d

Afterthe "new people" were tU:en to the ne ......... -orld, the groups had Lodeeillconthe baste fundunenttl rWus thit .... ,ouM be aeecrded to the "new people" and J~ey Wer<: uh:d to dt11t the pre:unhle of Ute corut1tutlon of thc "new world-,

Monof thcgroUpspb.ccdulm05t fmponanee on UtC

t~~~ll:L~ s:r~~lj~~1f ~~~c=~~~o:p ~~: d:y t;

thmlc:ing thc seudems for btil~S the: COrultituuon closer to thdr heill'ts..

By Alvin Chin

For most )'out:h$, fo:wnt on tights. democrtcy :Lnd elecelons are not c:uct.ly;t rcgulu S;tlutcliy nighl 2.('th'it,y_

Desplte ehe manv forums and workshopsorgwlscd'by Bar Coundrs ~iyColl:nilulion or Pcrfembi-


to }'Oung people ..... ho are more interested in IlLU!k 1tld moves,

lI:L;:~~ O:)I:~C i~lr:~~:-':~~~

oDemokr3.tilca. toa.pture the auenIlorl of )'outru....1th ttI;)ltel'$ rettdng to corut£tution:J issutf.

R2dioDcmokrtdb is a muale projeci between MyConsli end \'uious local ;trt!su to 1n(0::n lu audience aboue aspects of the: themes of dgttti. democracy and eleedcns.

Aeccedlng to MyConstl proj<:Ct cc-ordlnazcr for the :utMu~I, F:ue::t jinn2h. the ldea W'"J.JI conceleed Ine lastyc-J.I:.

"The MyCocu:tl C;tl~lp:L.Igl~ is expeeeed to Cltd itl ~brch 2011 uter twO )'ON and t.I~e M)'<:onstl commluee ..... anted :Lsl."OlIgf~ni:sh forthe eu~Lpdsn: uld F;ucz on Ko-.· 18.

AccoMin,S to F~, Usi1l.f;tnUSle to promotc tmeeese in "hard" icptcs llkc rights. democracy and elections 1I'L:i.kd sense 1$ l~IUi:le is ;t (01111 of -or-.tIhistory-,

·PeopJe who do not rettte to ittending forums 01 work.dtop!! or even read orotULhutOUi: boob. nu.y see tMs album as ;til ahernadve lnC-.lJ\!Iof 2Fproodlul.f;theConst:ltuIlon."

s~~~'~:t~~~~ ~~~tJ~~~:~~

thins in them 10:LSlc que~lor\!l. We also hope I.hoU people, espedllly


On the ::UbL1lll. F2.t(:~ sald UL2t tWO of the bauds recorded ;tnti funded thclr ('('COrding themselves while: the rest too1:: tWO d:t.ys to re-

co~~~: :~\~~=~~t\~~b;::r~

b;iJ~ds themscl'<'C:S."

du~~\~ ~;b~r:~~;~u:;s ~;:i

s:i!lfje~ Joe Kidd and drummer Bel-

~~~I ~~l~~~.c~~J:sb~~'~~~:

as Carbereeoe Dung:tttd An Houesr ~ilst;tkc. P-J.nda. HC1d CUN)'. bucode, Lord Bcbcs Minions and

TCl~~~~'~18 to F:ucx. t.I)e $()I\gs ln tltC album :2. ... \ge from mld-eempc to &.it end (ro:n ",(t to loud.

F.u'e'.t ~!d that the alborn ..... lll be


1oc1lnotcS. tlK pnce m;tybe ~iglltlyhlghe:r.

rL1~;;;C:~!f ro:,S~ ~O~r~~~\~t;( ~~~~::J~r~()~fi~:'c~er~

11,e palm istlot to milimoncybut to get people imCJC)~ in the ldc2 Ofl.he Fcdel"J.i Const1tut!0I\_"

Thes()(~£nthc::ubwn:tlc::tbout tlle comtitution and moet of U\elll tooch on tlte rtnouS ;1.Specu of tlte tltcnlcS (If Rlghu. DC1I'Locl",i.ey :utd Election$..

Besides the different gClIr'CS of mwic. bends wee efscglven ;tlot of room 1.0 be creath'C.

-R;u{ioDcmokr:uih is not like: one of those 'Cilla. IT' C'J.lIlpotigru you used to Sec in n:Ltioru.1 telev!sicn,

-"''hac some bands s::utg:mout tltC brelevmee of the Fcder:tl Constitution., OtheN stnSiOOut the 2.p;ttlwto....';1.41t_

'-The whole point of die cxerclse ..... as to show ;t dlversity of ".!cws ~theconitltution. So long:u t.ltc ecsueue had SIOlI'Lahu),S lmeresrleg to ny. it W'2.S :Lceepted,- said FaJ'C1:.


in Pcnang.. At presene.ehe M)'Con-


Bc.sltidt.lle ccucert. ntc:'.t; sald

~~tg tl~i!b1t;i~~ol~t~lt::taS~~

pml\lol.e the son~.

01-.art* MJf~~Cbnf!:llihf Ill,11I1.1uJ S.'x'ntAUgbt 0],"11"'111. !cwd1blflW

M.T'mpClllIll Sittn;!f,(l'tAl'3uM os.ltNlBDII.'1M1nlenl B«I'f(ITIL1't~ 16. n. Socmd.n

Up''''''' G1.AI Haun MJmu 1tr)&m,~""AtrMl1'l ~1'oII.!sJ7\tfIWl ~ •• (Sti"

."""(It. CJirhllrctlWI •• !I

Dr""'gfr,ftlJl1&IJ¢J,ItiINIJI1:r.~h1mr11nl5J 10.t.eruhilrljlllCl1lmlln1811 W.~w" "· .. 1 .......

-- 12.Theh ••• II.dhIrf1



Sk Lord. 8ooo ...... lllbea tcgulu roluirul by Lo-

yarBurok (hnp:/I www.loy;uburok.com).whue2.11 your qcesuces ibou( c""Cr'yl~U\g (roU'! la .... to 6.wbSJld:l;, poUt:les to SCl1'l1l1tics. rdulonsh~s to ever-


l1.;l£r. and other profound. ~ttusC". erudhe, hc:rmc::tk. rccondke, 5~' clow, ~\doot(:rthd:w~-dC5c:ribcd qucrics'1rcamwtrcd!

And .... h~t bcucr way ce kk-lc off this sedes rJ\:1n by ~ns .... edng Lord Bobos own qcestlcns about outSd~·cf~


WIw. is LoyarBW'Okl


noun. eolloqu.b.1u"n: someone who is full of hat 'lir; one who enjoys to a.lk aloe ::about things lh31 SCf'\'C no usc:fu1pur~c.

But TODAY, LopfBurok is more UI1I\ lh:tl • .( Yari. > 800 Poses, > 7500 Comments. > 4000 Tags. > 34 Catcgotict. > 1000s of 5pz.1~1. > 180 Lor.l.rBumkkcN (and ecunetog). I Lord Bobo. I Cause,

b,,~r~!~8:lU;Ck3l ~i~l~::gp~~~c:

(olum for everyone w hh 2tI into-tit in :l!'\ything:t.nd ..... hodo not wish to

Uk(S~~I5~::ifl:::r(w~;~ ilidt

tongues hrml)' lodged in their chedc:) on f:h'olou! tssces such u thruc coaceming the st;U'e of the

~;:~~fc:~~1~cu~bfs;~~:::~ :~~:::~i~t~~~es~~:::ti~~

trol~'c1, boob. mw and ;iJlymi.ng e.kewhid\come! ro tickle thcir2.y,.~ some minds in :l manner tnn is proYOClti ,'C, :lfllu:5U\g, cntou..inlttg. insulting(wll.Cn the)' fed Il.kt It) 2.nd

,.er~)nt~e:j::;2."'':lt'ttl.esund:l.Cti'"'' is:ttl on - issuC1 of concan i.Ud\ 1$

1Wm. & Condition.

S';' wr:tnglnwm 'fOJ"JEtsdon, )'OIJ 19" to complywtch the follO'w1ng terms and conditions.. If you do not agree. or find none of ":he terms EJ'd 00f'd ~Ions ":he east bit funny, then you snould


to !he terms and conditions. LoyarSuro< wecomes you W81m~.

_1aIm ...

No1h.ng In th.s cok.mn Is ega. ad\'ce. And and pay for yotS 0\\" 8W"/f!I 1 you have a egaJ problem.

to help i'e'dtdt viobt£oJl$ ofhutnltl and 2.nimal rlg,hli. and eo seek Improvo!'le:nts in UtC W2.y they order :lJtd SUuClurt: t1tdrllvCj(ycs.gte;i.l :lJl'lbltiotU lnd«d); and

lI'IO~~llo:rJ:~~~~~~~o~~ t~~

provided it 1:5 done ..... lth su«kkm poJ·npruir-y. verboSity and gcoeral lI'I:I.bpropi1m to ensure :n I~.ut one:

k~d~l\ rd~~~t~~~~:, ~~!!~~

lI'Ient, 2.WC orhnd bewilderment (hopcfully,1t:illh:tppol:5:llulcs.une: time).

Who is Lord 8obol FUr\OAMENTAl MISTAKE. Rule I: Nevee ;:Uk W'ho Lord Bobo it_ E,·tn iflo~ 8000 Is putponcdly mlns the qUCjt!on. Lord Bcbc i$ nor us, We Ut!lOt Lord. 8000. And wareh your Jangl..tl.gt" whot you do spca.X of Lord Bebo. Address the Loed as "Hls SUp:<:I'M EtninelU~c· lIess':

Ern .. , ok. ~o W'hr should Hlt Supttmt Emi.nc:nC'mtlt ~ obtytd!

Let us ~t:lJ"lltct'e_ Lo\'uButok is led in 1($ quCSt for gl~ domi.n2.tion

~h::f ili~~~o~:,~~di~~r~e~~~

8.;un;llus.. lJ~c WOlu:tcrTypcwrlrlng Monkey, who el1S:U)1()lefy In eybcr. spKe.

lord Bobo W:&'s lddn:..ppcd in inf~\cy fo~ 2. bruu.i :lJld ~ctct e::t·

We bear no 18spons!bllty

to you wha':soever at all (that metm nada, zip. lilctl for any lOss you suff8' because you rely on anythlrg at all In th.s collrm.. We're umellable -look at the nane of '"LoyarSurok" for heaven's sake.

Your lFreedom

Lay8l'8uro< encourages.. pn:mo:es ir'Id suppons freedom 01 roormBflon. apeech. expR!IBSlm. opn on and thwght n accordance \\I";h ntemat.<:nal tunan nghts nom,.

11 LoyarBl6Ok feets "JlBl 'jOJI

petlm.cIll hdd in Slbeti:.. SOl!lcthne Imhe 199mtorcprodu()cu~'ilo'{)rks ofSIW:CjpeUt"wldot ~~~ hundred ol.hcri:irnw\s(rorn v;ulotl:5ddC'OlLS

w!~Ct~~'s~::r~YJtl;~~~I~N~em of

prodU!:lng origuw e!rJits of :I. pb.y th:l.l. c:l.tne o:ucme ... · ctcse In ;u-ti$tle intcgrll)' and "ision' to S1ul:dpeut's Hamlet, lord 8000'$ wno5t compleeed fin:t.l drlli .... u deaecyed in a ... Iolene not caused by the other tltniltlS durlrtg:Ui dCLpc b:d.

With nothing lefi (0 hoM Lord 8000 back 2.ftcr the: destruction of Hls mutctpiece. He l)l:l. ... 'I.1ged to esc#f'c [rem ule simw\ gubg.

AflO agrendeal of trouble, Lord 8000 fow .. d hlmself in :I. sm.:t.ll cornerof cybajp:l.O: whue sho~t1y ;a(ttr His arelval, He W1.$ sblc to mlnd

~~~e:~:U ~~~~ :2.f:~lesp;~~

t.h2.t He 1~I;tr'tascd to develop in the gub.g. lnec ",·tit:ing:lJtd contributing to thit god-forsaken bl:Jwg..

Typlc::aJ of the Hi_s Supreme Etnfncnccl\df'S tllUlii6CC1~ce. Lord Bobo nu noW' :l.gre:cd to :lruwcr questions for this blessed nCW!p:l.pc~ For FREE!

Who is a LoylltBUf()kku. and how do I ~OOlHt on~~

Ever i:in« Lord Bobo BU'lt:l.bus cSub!.is:h.cd Loy;:arButOk- 2.nd tnol'e' so tlnce the rclea.sc of dotc ONLY Lo· y:a.rBurok Te:e. the: impot(-.l.nce: of this que$lJol~ hu gtO""1l 111 shc.

questions are !n~ratea' offensNe or mallcous or):Jst plan Inadequate, we rave ":he absolute rightra.:oreplyorp!.bshthe same.. We arB lrIder no obl.gat.on toa!lSgnarry~s}forour decslcr(s).

You agree"JlBl any ald all questions. COITmEW'lts. messages. posIIngs.. data, suggestions. creat~ deas, designs.


d,sdosed. subm!ted or offered t'Conubu:lons') to L...oyarBtwk ttvough "tits coknJn shall be treated as non-confldEJn!1a

and not prnprSIW)' EJ'd

beoome. and ramah, prop8rt)' 01 Loyarll_.

Such dlsd06\l'e, submission or offer' of:he Contributions shall

Impcrrauce and eelevance to the clilicl\$ ofnoe JUSt M:t.4}':Ia. but the .... -oeld,

One docs nO( need to be leg:t.1ly qu:t.lifled to be ;t Loy:..rBl.lrokker. T1t:!s is bec:..use Loy:t.tBurokneu draws its legitln~cy and n.rcngth flom Lord Hobo 8arnahus and thc ru.tur:t.l :I. ..... csomeness of fdlow 1.0. y-uBurokkot.


me Leg::a.1 Profds::iO!\ Act. Lo),uBu· rolckcts N .. ngc froat. It\:long othctJ'. academics. accoumeus. :a.ctivisu, actors. 1Ct:l'C~, b:lJ1Kers, ecnservatiol\ins.doetOl'J',e!i,·crs..Jt:l.llt:l kings and queens. cnginecrt, htheu.


plojed and writers.

How dOH oce become a LoyuBwoldcttl SiJuple. ft;tUy, It b :I. suue of mind. It Is your u· mour, shJdd and swcrd.

Thc moment you tpc:tk: up and be: eoumed. you arc :l Lor.u:Burok. hr.

The moment )·oud).:t.Ikll!,;e ..... 2.Il. ton pewee, you area LoyuButokket.

The moment )''IlU find thc cour-

:~~. ;:~~ ~70;ol;:::t::t and

The moment you become tmpervious to fcar or fa\·our. you 2.1'C' :I. LoyuBurokkcr_

The momcne yOu coneibuee to the LoyJ.rBurol:: c1use{:lJld h2.VC fun doittgit!). whether in the banlefield of coceerocms. thc corridors of powa or on t.he relneiiclds of thc tnlC'1nct, you :ltC 2. Loy:uBurollit'.

The moment you feel 'ilo'lth :I.

USht.l~~ of hcut ::t..,'Id q_ulcblts:i of mlnd, yoo 1.t'e:l LoyuBurotder.

The momem \-ouAslc Lord Bobc something.. you':uc :I. Lor.uBurok. kcr.

And once yoo slide thu lo)':lr· Burok T« (the ONLY Tee: you W'at eves need. and wMcll we: .,.·m be gh'ut~ :.. ..... 2.y vi:.. ulis rolunul in the ne:u" lutu.rc) on. you 1.te once :a.nd fOJevo 2. LorJ.lBurollir (don't live torcgmit!?l_

What do LoyarBuroldceu do

fot LoyarBurok? Loy-zrBurolrdr:ers love the 'ilo·orld. C:1.t'UI :r.nd thel)l.ScI"cs. ltId some. God tOO. LBUct'f :t.1'C' open. pur· posc.dr!,·en. org:lJ'lk. coll:t.bor2.th·e, enlpoW'eted. cofu\ected, dl ... etsc.

oonsmu:e a fullll5s1grmEn. :0 Layar8uro< of a nghts. :n:e EJ'd n:El'8Stsln auCXlP')t".ghts and other r.ghts In:he sane. If any.

l...oyarfUok..s. and shall be..

I.J"der no ~Igauon to marr.an 8IYj Contnbutons n confidence (EJ'd may reproduce the same 1IJ'tfWh8'9). to pay to anyone 8IYj oomparsa:1m for r:x In cl:IYl8C1lon w";h the use ~ 8IYj Contnbutons or to respond to any CaT.rb..rtIons.

LoyarBl.i'Ok may ed t 1he Contr~lofl!l fa' 8IYj reason :ha!. we see fit w:hotJI8S!llgnng Wly ree.son(s.) IN8f'I f requested :0 do so.

lhe~ ofLO)'B'&ro!t n these manem Is final and WI be 8XEl'Cisedw-:houica.&ge. notoe, apoogy. Etlq:)analJon or oomparsa:lcn.

rcs~:~~~v:$~~dJ::~\:' dOI}llnue

C"olrth, :I. new M:t.4)':Ibn Ccnec for Constitut!onlism & Human RlghtJ (1.L:l. the Loy:l.tBulOk lukY:l.l Centre) Is In tlJ.e prows ofbc:ittg emb· Ilshcd as:.. t'escucn and tninl'nghub toeducae ~\dempowcr UII(: people.

Legal support i!l. maneescf public lntc!'dt Is bd.l~g plo"lded by the lo)':lrBurok Defence Te2.nl. A publiC2.t£on and mc::ch:lJldhing :lm"l is opening anoehee frontier. If )·ou wlih to kno ..... roorc. support w or have 1. rcIationsJd~ w i.th us, cmall

~lt~:~:~;.~~~u :~~.~om. We:

I want in! How do I make Lord Bobo :nutt of my qU~idonsr Obvfouily you have not been Iollo""iJtg ptopaly. Lord Hobo is omniselem, omotpreseoe. omnipOtent. ar .. d cmnlcmnl, Hii Supreme Emlmnce:JtdtalreadykIlOYlS)'ourqucsden before you CVm knc ..... you had :I. question.

But, :I.S;l pr;'lctie:i..l dbpb.yof your truC'dcs::irc: to h.:n·c your que!')' U\swcrcd. and 2. pcncod fol' things eo coree. Lord Bobc h~ graciOUsly opened tWO ehannels of eeuununleu:iOll through whkh yOU C;iJl comJnunbte your <l_l..ldtl{)ns:

You can e:maiJ your quescloru 00 2.Sklo(dbobo@!oy~rbuJOle.com. st:l.ting your full name, and :I. pscu-

~~I:~~J:d :~~I~~I~~~~(:~

giving 2. good l'tlSon ..... hy you are usIng u pscudonpn}.

YOu C:lJ1 tweet your questiont by

~~;~Ih~~~~:~~~b:d us-

The:fu5t lOOqudt:io'lipuhlishcd will rccelve LO)':lrBurok't ONLY

~~k;:~:t~~ &~~~~I~d)~:~~~

of Sclotgot nnlct.

Lord Hobo wckomcs bdekl».lf, gifu. Ro ..... ees. cbccclares, Govanmcnt conuaees. beer. money. book ,'Ouchels.. your 2.ttldcs2.nd the Ith_ If you would !.ikc 10 writc fOJ lo)':u"Dwole the: bb.......-g.cn:Ullordoobo@ 10}':lrburobcom. We: wm ItOt re-

spo~~~ ~~:I~JI~~~r:~ y:O~i~'

ing for~ Hd.r This And Tremblulg. ly Obey (:t..lthough Tre:l}lbl1ng is option:t.l if you arc ~mc.,..hctc: very w:t!m)J

Ubcf';).v:i AI\£llIa.1lI ~ie:lJrl! I Have FtcedMySp~r!t!


_pert" Right. AlllrrteUec:tualpropert'j~iSn the logo. deY.ce Loyar9uok EJ'd :s deflvatrves or!n tlle inlmated car.carura 01 Lad Bobo Barnabus, The \Vondef TypeWf'ltrg Monl<e'i.


all otherma:eral rrnry be copied, dstnbuted, dspayed and _"-""'foJowng condrt.ons:

(a) Yw mus: attribute:he worI< b')' dent fy\ng It B9 origlna:ng from "Loya<8_".

~} You may not use the work for corrmerdal purposes.

Ijc) If you aJter. transfotm, r:x bUld t.pOf\ the wor<. you may dlS:r.buta the reaJ:lng worI< only under e C£IJ"88 dentlcal to lhs one..


16 '0."".'.26-".20'0 SelangorTmes

Khalid briefed by MACC

By Oan Pei Ung ever the R.\i300.000 allccncd to cdcl»;u.c Daauk Stri Noh Gmar h.;ul alleged lhll the Dcvdopmott Corpcraucu (rKKS) folt.ow.

Y:Ly:w.n Scl~sor's40th a.nniV'eJ!I;l.f'),. even's 2Clli'1l COst W';U R.\i800,OOO but ,he iJ~8 compb.!:ms of lIS mEsmuugonem 2t W

SHAH ALAM: Officers fronl the 1hl:iysiUl OI~NO'1/ 23. MACC rcm::ulidcdthc Y:t.)~;lt\ fcdcnl minister .... 'is unable to subsunti;11c seate ~mbty.

Altll-Corrupdon Conurtiu!oll (~lACC) ..... ere Scb.ngorkl'dor olfllCW for seven cb.)"! lOoUilst ldJ d:Wii. widl evidence. Hull! Kchl'lg ;1SSctnblynu.n S~rl S~Ulg:lb

2.t Tan Sri Abdul KlJalld lbt1him's offi« on In (hdr 1nVdtit:t.bon lnto the foundation's However, Y;1r~\SdUlsor hl$ been mlrcd had 2:CcuscdPKl\'S of mism~ugj.ng:fut'ld$ and

:r~d=~~c~~~.:J;:no~1~~r~~~~t ~;:~7:rl~~I;~~!~1uddlJ:~~~o~:!h !~s~l~:~~d~~~~~~~~~~;~hW;~:~~~ ;:~i!j~h~1C ~:~~t:~~P(~~~h~~s

AI\ OlflCbt (roOI til.<" ~tc tssced tit(: d1rl- refused (0 ;ttto,d the cY'cluduc to UIC<:xilth!- lkm, RM310,OOO Oil :. Hul R:t.y.:a evene and suM!db.rkt_

f~dol'l :Jta newsp2pcr.s reported ycster<f2y t;lJlt COSts. RM200,OOO on clothes. Othet :..Ucg.atiol\$ S:w!;tOO quesetoned Ul.C large dlffercnct$

~~~t~l~::~~:c~~:.:;/ill~~:~t:d~~ ill~U~~d~~~~::t~~I'f!:~d:;~~~U;: ~~Iducle ~t purc~lt ~r I~xu~y dU and o~bClb:etn RMIO,OOO l.r:: R:\124~OO in IOund:..tioll, cover tllC RM 142.500 Unt It tud p:ud to the a:;:;-O".l;l:\o bd: ~r(;ch_i OSUf'C in s~; id1:~C;;, C;~.~~~ ~;~~:d t~~~vc

torK~~ j~~~~~~a'h>~d~~ ~!~;~!i:l~~ e~~~;r~~~'::~~~~;U deputy chlef ;lJ\:J~~::~ci~~~~~(i:~ J~~;~~~~ :~k~~(~~':'~~pt:~~~~~:~':u~~;

Highway loopholes

KLANG: Srtuated r~ besIde me f\iau lndah Hghway, burglars have bean using a "loophole" 10 wreak havoc In Taman Teluk Gedung Indah,

As the housing ee-ete Is JUSt next to the highway, burgliIJS have been usmg an openmg to get to me resroenar area theta.

"The burglars would lust have a getaway vetucle parl<ed on :he sde of 'ne highWay, and the burgliIJS

=~p~,n~n~::i~~~'!di~': ~~kt:;:;:

ea had been very frequen:.

"When :hey are done they will jus; drllfe off from ihe hpay and we cannot cetcn them," he eoded.

'We w propose to the MPK that they Clear the

~s~~ ~uc~ ~~of0~~~~~.~~ ~~~

can teport to au:homles If there are III'YY suspicIOus ec- 1Ivltes: said Klang COUlejllor Yf1W Boon lye.

Illegal factory an amoyance to re8ident8

=~~ ~gfa:~~==rt~~=:~f~~=::

Teil< GecUlg fndah.

"They have been PIling up il'8sh here and rt stinks!"

Samad M~mad se.c While gestunng :o:he garbage dump beeoe the house. St:ua:ed atJalan SamaGagah 18, the factory has been an eyesore 10 resoems.

The house .s a packaging tac:ory and malnty employs fora.gn labcu. Ram.an also claimed tha: dozens of the wOf1(ets w lot:er In :he empty ~ opposite me factory and there are even cases of them taking melr bath out 1'1 the open.

'We have tried calhng the reglsteted owner of me house foe' a mee'!!ng but so far he _s a no-show." MPK COUlCIlior Yew Boon lye saJd. "Now we Will :ry :0 tese action agalns: the house 0WfW!.(" "a legal means by revoking ns housing rceese."

The MPK councillor has visited :he s te 10 address various complaints by 'ne residents and to discuss possible ecnrtcne :0 the.r pradicamenL

International Motor Show

"The Kua.a Lumpur fnternatlonal Mo:or Show w be held from Dec 3-12 and showcasB!l some of the wa1d's ec-cmctlve wonders, as we as sought after car accessories with good.es, AcinlsSlon prces ate AM 15 per adu':t on weel(days and AM20 on weekends. Special re-es for fam .89, studen1s and children are evanenre

~he:e f~sl~el ~~~~~~~o~raV~~

Trade Centre (PWTC),

Youth Leadership Program

Extol Toas:mas:ers Club will be cx:nductng Its annual


~onOP~":a:~~~~~~w~ ~~~=~=

O'IJer others ,n :h8lr fu':u~, Course Y1iIf"A.II!C No. 2-6, Ja-an SS IWIG. Sub811g Jaya. For mora detens, please

~~~r K~b~~~a~~~~~I~b~~~mi~OI~~


Southern Park residents staging a peaceful pretest.

Residents protest against relocation of hawker stalls

KLANG: RC'IEdcnuo(SOutheMl P..uk yeit-c!'<by lashed out :u :I; plan (0 eeloC2tcJ h:..whN ftoot nC"",uby T"1l~l1l~ Chr. Liun!!,to theit Ildghbou!hood,

Dudngehe protest. rcsidcntsuid the tdoc:u:ion would ;l.(h·eNtlydiuupt their



Kou Al;lJn Shi.h MscmblYln;lJl M M1!1oh:l.r:L:'l hu been pwhillg for the relccaucn due to the tr1fIic ccngesuce

Clued b)' the jults and t.he unnn!t:uy eoedidons 1t the (Wl'Cll sue,

Ho ..... c'l'O thch....whr.sth(1nsc:h'dUC" rducutlt to ruove as JOInt have been opel'J.li:tg in t.he area for more rn:Ln 30 ),eU'S.

Gassy problem causing protrusions

Residents spccu12te th2t Ule butnpi ;t!'c C1WcJ by peesscrleed gu produced in decomposition. "l think tll:..( this place used tobc;l.dumptnggroU11d,1.M.

~~h:O:':;~ ;;b~\~tlt on It,· S:unad

&Wh;1tC\'ct Is e1.uslng thde bumps hou else d;lJtJ:tScd Out d.ra.iw.gc syStcrn; S2nl1.d Mu.hunm2d added. A number o( <IN.ins in the rcsidelll!:i.lue111:tvt bcen dogged due to unhto ..... n reasons

and 2.rC bccotning :in Ac-dcs breedlog sro~~d.

·lMs Is .... orrying. but ~'CC;I . n onl)' do il)t:ne short rcrm fu:u on (hcdr.lllii and


Boon LyeiiKl.

Ycw ilio nated th;ll. :l. (utI in"C:Sl~ucn wUl ruse to be conducted to pinpoint the cause. or these problems will surf1lCc ag3.ll\:ln the future..

By Lee Choon Fai

KLANG: i\hstcr!ous bwnps fortn.ing on thc grow~thofT;u~I;I,n Tcluk Gedung ltlckh U<: QUjing eocble for midelltj of me ~n:2..

As:lelc from c~uslng minor eoad abSUUetlOll$, these hut~IPt h;i.YC :aha bccn ~ppcatlng in IloUJo. duI\2.glng (fOOl lila and ill kriOWCtitS e\·en.c:b'1tingp1.n of 3.11Oi1Se and et;leklng the c!t!Y'CW;iYS.

SE1AH60R TiMES/NOVEMBER 26,2010/17


SElANGOft TlMES/NOVEr..tBER26- 28, 20iOf18



Committed to CSR


No racial element

SHAH ALAN: Yay:mn Se6,I1.sor'$6n:u~clal ~!d Is given based on 2pplian~' Iinan-



da:~;~~~~~~ ~i~~~~~~~!i:~~~

Ins SCh:fi and erose of Utel:n ce Ma1~ys

:~~;~~:J:~~r,~u;/~~:~~ ~f=~~li-

She ... ~rCl.1Io01\ding to aqcesnon nUed


from Y1)'HtO ScJ;l.,\sor's llna.nd:ti1!d.

In 2008, onlv t .... c It\dw\ srcdeus and om ChinCk n~dCl\l,ccch-cd me fUUlldi1l eld provided by the (oWldu!on compared to 804 ~b.by secdeoes. In 2009, 762 ~iahi.rs, one ChUle:k:ll:J om L:dl1f't student goe the geaus,

Y~yanlt Sehngor giYcs RM400 to R.,\1700 per )"Clr to its seecodev school b02rdIJtg nudent:S .... he scoled 8As In PMR, or .... hose nl'llliy income is lo w er ihan RM2,OOO.

scare goYcrnmcllt ;tUO pro-lded higher edue:ttiona.llo:L'U for nC(:dy ncdeus,

Another eseo member Teresa Kol: added th,u JiO Ch!Jlex srcdeas have 1ppiled for Ya}·:u:tn ScJangor's 10:&.n du.ti.ng the p~st deee )"rJ.rs .... hile only a hwdf ul of Lldi1!l stude!n~ apphed for :1.

ln St;lrl: ccneasi. the fOL!ncb.tlorl and Ule Sc.Ia..'\sor govcnunent received appllcadOJIS f:om ~f lean a few hundred ~i:lby students C:1ch leu.

ltO!~~~~~~~~~:'~'~!:: t:Z~f;:~~:


"Ihe state If ft.ir to ill N.ed and Ylill pro\·tde a IoU! iU long as Ute applk1itts fulfill all the rtq!J_ircmen~: ssrd Kok,

Lean applkams OJ utdr p:llelll! nllut be born In Selaegce, Other ..... Ise. they muse have resided in Sewlgor (or ntOI'C' thln Jive }'Cm ((Of Ule nate sO\'Crrunem's loan) or 10 yean «(or Yar.lS;l.,\ Sc!2Ilgor'f aid).

The applk1!tt:S must also nee h;i.YC recclved scholaNhip ce fUl:lllclaJ atd elsewhere. For more in(omuf!on, see www. Kia.ngoI:.SO'·.my and lmp:II"'W ... ~yarJ.S1!liCb..tlgooorg.rnypln_pcbJ:u::t..'Lhun

Good money in old clothes

PETALING JAVA: ~iu~d:lbrnU! Su- 1}11f't lr;ajC::;U'\'cdout~e;it'(:crseUingiCeol1dhand clothes from J:tptll to workers :at conneucdou shesall over Sd~gor.

-Wel~'ebcendoingu\isformewt 10 ye'J.u and vIC ottke eflouglt to Sct by; $3!d thc61-yc-.U'-old.

The IndoJ:es!~n immig:-.;uu and hls wife, SumiaLi Surparllo, 48, oper~te (rom the ba.el: of u~clr bartered van and ~ IWc:stufl ,..u_

They WC1-C spotted sdling thdr ~s to My:tJl.mU and L:dofldra.m-.-orh:u CMiu!de

~ eOJlStruet10n s:te in SS2 01\ Su:'\(by. )C-.lns, p;ifluand shirt '1tC priced u R..\013 C'~cll or RMS (or rwc pleees.

"Ihese ale Utirdgr.u!e bundle whichno one W-J.Jtts..~ S;1id Musda.i:ll:'J:ll1 yestc!'d.t.y t.ftentoon.

).iusdt.1:ama((, whogetshisdothtlfrom middle!t'l:tn whoimpon the IOO}cg bundlefroJnj:1p1!l.

-I SCt tle clothct in bclk but h;i.v(' to

:Zt~;~dL·~\~e~~~p~~o:~~ ~~I~



SelangorTmes -;~~~~~~~~- 00,.,..",,.-,.,20,0 19

Inexpensive with "Swiss style

By lee Choon Fai

Hidden in tl~~ b:l.dc of several high rise apuunCtt buildingi', Euro DeJioff'cu dcliclcus Swiss-Gcrt)Ia.1l

rui~~~ ~~oJ~~I~~~~ the cit)'

eemee andour o("lcw,!he POPL16::~ it)'of this n:stlur.Ui.t cae be vouched (Of by the high nwnbcr of customCTS. AI)()UICr ICStolW'-J.!H under this f~chrn: lIeu [};ull1lU;U';i Kim has even better busU:leu bccausccf good Jocadon,

While Gcwun food might sound ;t.d,'ClUuJOLlf to scme as thac a rc not (nany lcSt-aUrattlt offcnil8 Gc:rnu.n cuisine UI Mmysia, Euro Ddi is to be «ted :i.l le;1lS1 once. wh.u you YAIl find in (.herr !n:g.JII ju.st please you.

de ~t:~;~:~'t)~'::f::':~~: :~~

budget YlhiJc nulnt:Uftlnsthc UUI:C course llne-up of cb.ssic W'dtcm!

~~~~ d~~n,~~ :l;~~~c:~~:~


Instead, we ordered potato smd

(otStUtCN. S ..... ~burgc:r fot Inc, and i'SUlter' slzed .'\dpJcr M~:trOni for

~~~I;l(~~ j~!etr:~o:~~;re:u~: ~~ 3'C.~~(:!~:;t. we OI\)Y ordered

teed water, Drinks in western resr.:aUU.Jlts ~e getl.l::oi.Uy e:r:uemdy overpriced: OIlC vo7.y to 52"e a few bucks Is to h~~ some good old sky juice with your me~.

Ow nidi $t11'led olT wiUI COInplime:llt11'y b:'Cld. as mOjl woteM ruuut:tnu have. Baked with a

~~I~~~f~r~: h~!:r~C::i~

and is good wll Of without buncr .

A few miw.Hei larer; ~ medium steed bowl of pota.to abc! l.nh .. ed, \Vlltn I said medium, l mean It ccruafned enough poeaoes to £ill the stom2.ch of ~n a,·tugt aduh. WhHe!Wt looking p:uticululy 21'pet:ldng. it is in f.l.Cl the best pot;W) saladweever had,

Thc P0t2W salad gives off a unique taste. \l'iul 3. mutUft of 01- lve oll, butttt. piddel':. cnlcn ...nd herbs, it bontb:..ros )'our tongue

..... !th deUght.

The 1)litin di.shes :urid before wecould even finlsh :r.quartetof the POt,UO salad. so we ;tle:l otlong wittl the main dls.hes.

The Aelpfer nncaroni is a dish ehee rakes getting used to. It ls cocked vo'lth :I ctum cheese b;LSCd :tLtllCc th bece. haI~l, ll'luslu'o«l\:!l. guile. and onions, It t:utc.s Hke :r. ChCdia VCl's:ono£cuho!Wt but the distlnCl feature: of this dl.Sh If the sweet :l.l'pte sacce th:r.t cernes tIong ..... ithk.

It might UstC llke a sU"J.nge com-

~~:~.~~; ~h:e~~:f;~::~.,~~~

:r.ppJr sauce :tCtu:JJy helps you ccuntcnet the cffects you have (rom ea.t:lJ:.g roo i)1I!ch cle;l.."n 0: cheese.

The Swiss beeger Is also rather unique:: Ute l'C:Suuum UiU peek Instead of the t!"2d!tional beef for the mc;).l IO::aL Coming ;tl.ong .th

~;; ;~tt~~~~k~tt'h:1~tl$l:k~


The hlghJl£,ln of this dish ts definltd)· the pork p;i.tty. MitcU)' spicy

Euro Oell's yummy Swiss burger.

..... lth l. t:lSte of pepper and g:ulle.lt is unlilct any pmy that r have ever had and it is surprisingly ple:lS:tnt. 11Ie patty it all» tender :l.nd Juky. mUlI'gc .... ct)· bIte ~\·Outy.

Fln:r.ity. it ..... culd be U,e tWO

~~ks ~~ !~Ilb~: ~::;,c::~

s;!ightly dull. the berry S:l.UCe and whipped ceeam lh:u comes dcog w£th It ecmplemene the t-ute ,'(:ry wdL

A I'nututc' o( all three is :l fine balance of sweet and sour with :I hinto(,·;I.."l.illi..llltcett:i..lnIY;l:tLtisfying Ineal thitt eeds es WtU as It srancd,

11\e :U~lbtcllce and doig., of the

:~~~~;~'~ ~~~~r~~~bth~~J~~;;

seuulg.. On the other hand, it all» gives you a ftdi.nsofbeitt8old. ~nd

nO~~e2e1:::t~ middle of the rdt1.uttnt It the MgMldlt of the lnterlce ddi&I,. Bc:lutlruJly deeerated with ligJus 2nd banners.scene written III Gcrm:tn.it ttt[a.iniygt,·tl the (eSUut'J.m a lively ;w~II~phere.

And here comes the blll. with :t tot:r.lofRM72.2S. it is :r.ctu::a.llyquite cheap considering the qu;;,]it)' of food tha.t Ii served. Eceo DcU If a nO~I·hithl rcstitUI".UlL



.,..w ~ .. ~_ .....

~ o..._ ~ ....

........ '5Aa.. .,JM.~_T6~

0IIr. ,.- _ _.... .

........... IIWIt".u- .. ~ .. ~ ....


,... ..

.,.. .. Em.t-.,.,.....~ "" .,

..... __ ~ __ TIo .. _~

...... ~ .. tt.. ~ ..... ~ .... awa.

ac. ......... I1111 ... ...,. • .,,..

__ .. _twl .............. __

:=::.:-.!:-=::r::=: .. -:..":.-.:=

~ ~ ~"'- ....

- _ ., ...

......... ~ ~It ...

........ ._....~~ -

...... ""'_J • ..,._~_--. .. _ ...

... J...-. .,__ Ii&~~ ....

.... ..- '!r.JII_ • ..-..,...

_ .. _-

w.w ~ ........... _ _. ...... _


r..._ ......... ~ .... _ ........... ---.-.....


20 '0."".'.26-",20'0 SelangorTmes

Samsung Galaxy Tab specs sheet os: Android 2..2 (Froyo)

Proce •• or: 1.00Hz Samsung Hummingbird Cortex A8 Mth PowerVR SGXS40

RAM: 512MB

510r898: 2GB. 16G9. or 32GB .. MiaoSD &tot (up to 32GB) Dlaplay: 1-lndl WSVGA TFT, 1S9ppl, 1024J11'6oo resolution 1Iatto<y,400QmAh

POtts: Headphone Jack, MicroSO

Weight: 13.6 ounces (385g) Dlmenalona: 7 .48(h} x 4.74(w) x O.4l7(d) lncees Keyboard: On-screen keyboard; Swype INlre'- •• : Wi-Fi (802.'1 albIgln): Bluetooch 3.0, DlNA Tethering: USB and mobile hotspo1

Enter the Galaxy Tab

the GTab with die Fro)'O sofiware is how :t.mni.ngiye:lSy it ""U to iCt up tl..: de-tee. All I eeeded to do

=:: s~t ~:r~~ ~~~:;,t:;:~

within m lnure s , mv Wl-Fi C0I111eCtlOl'l ,,';lS up. my tilenl:!..1 BLu(:looth kcyOOa.rd. w.as(Oi~C'Ctcd 211d access to my e-mall - both

;~~ ::~r.:o~~~ ~~:c~~l~~~

advatlugt for GOGgle user'" :til Froyo aulom:l.tlc:&JI,· s)'ndU'OoiKfI vour comacts. calendar and e-mall :lerou.n[J;lJ)doolll.t:lll.. TI".ui$fcniJ~g 0.11:£ was out, and that arc rwc ~ys you can do so,

Tht:fiht is to tr.lrufttliles omc ;a Micro SO t:-.I.rd whlle thi: other is to download )'Ow fUd v~ c-uiall or tbrougb an onllae stonge aeecum sud, u Oropbox. whicb cue be achieved witiiout much fust.

ThisiJwbere theGT:iliilun~.

With the lDicro SD uparuion cud. in place you C:iJ, ha,'C up to 32,GB of on board UleJnoryforyoUf fiJ~. Also guu is the :lbility to connect the GT;ab to }'aUf PC aud :l«~S rne intCTIi:l...l uac:Mor)';iS F.6..d1 drive. and mru(cr Illes u you would ;a rnwDlkirh'<:, ThiJI silllplYlll.Ucs file tr2ruft:r a joy .

Anothcr uUlo,';lth~ fe:31UU is tbat you c;aJt ;actually make the GTab :l Wi-Fi houpot de-tee $0 tllat more tll:iJ1 one person can share your 3G cool'le:ctlvlty. Ahhocgh doing so will u,p tbe: banet)' life, thil future (";In be quite uJeful during mt:etings or gro.up dlsccssloes.

So(~':U't wlse, tbe GTabCOlll<:s bundled with;a r<:t:pc:cubk number of softwau ;l.pps. Bt:ddcs ihe itandlLrd ... idi:o, li1US'k. browser ;and ll1:lpping apps. tbe GTab COtDeS with a nlLtive ThinkOfl'ite producti'l'ity suite, wllidl illo",'s vou to "lc:w :iJld edit \'Ourstlnd:iJ'd Microsoft d()cuuK:n~s.

A ft:31ure tlut's nude ubleu populu IJ thc applic:l.tiotl dowul();;td stem:, ",hleh in tltt$et.Se bcal.led the: AlldroidM.uke:tpbce. 1110ugh not as: compuhc:njive ;all the Applt: App Store, Atld.roid·!l

By Edwin Yapp

Tablet eomputlng h;u beecose somcwh:u or a buk~W'ord rhese chy~. Tablets fllld thdr biS-tot\' in the t:-.I.rl)' 2OOOs, when PC tuabs sccb as Compaq (",'hieh la;as steee Il~erg<:d whh HP) C:iJIlC Out widl devlces tlut sport touch screen input inj(t:-J.d of uiulg :llu:yboud.

Powered pril'll;l.rlly by tht:

:!7!O~~,:j~::~~ s~~i~~:;'

because touch screen input w-.u eumbeescrne to use, wt: devlees W'tte hC:l.Y)' <Utd had poor battery lffe, aud die: C~t "''U prohlbitive.

BUI rUt Ioewaed tM;ay, t::ablt:u

~;r~l:r~t :d:::b1;\;~~:I~~

iP::u.I lmeoduced in jUl'le dlis yeae, the l:Ibkt eomputtt!tu once::ag;UfI beece,e :a !leJ:V aed desteable consumer device. A uble:t is: eqctpped ""itb all the known functionalitit:i scch ;aJ wirdt:u e ap a b l Ht Ie s , Blueloolb. multil:askilll; aad a SCreen that

:~:=~~~~~~li:':~~~~; ~!:l ~:}~~~:'~~~nl~~;~:.i:~

sure be3.tf ha'l'ing to e:l.rty a fuUsteed laptop UOWld.

Tht Samiul'lg G;i.I;t.1Y T;i.b (GTab) is one such rablcr other wn the iPad rJa;a1 hit the n:wkt:t rtCemly. Tht: GTab.spo~ua 7-Ulclt sereen :u,d W'clgll$ 0.4kg, and ij pcwceed by Googte's laUst


The first thing tll:l.t uruck me about the: GT:lb is iti solld build

1~~:~~~~ !7~ql:i~~:~ :~:~~

TFT LCD ""hit :l. 1024 .. 600 rellolution scree:n, the: GTlLb displays im;agt:s with enough bdghtneitosh;uptlt:ij ;i.ndcXn'llT.i.SL

Hardware- wise:, the Sarllsw'g p:lcb quite: a pUlleh. with ;a 1.0 GHI. ptOl:~sor. SI2.\{B of RAM.

:~, i~;d~:t:i:~i~c;~. c~

np;tlilioll dot. :LCedttolnttcr. :u,d :U:listed-GPS.


l'Iut itcr.:a.uon of AlldMid. dubbed Gingerbre:ad. due to be Out by '"'t;lf-end.

FiJUlly. the biggest drawbaek is iu prjce llLl;. COStltlg RM2.699 ""WIOul accsuracr, the pdee might make olht:n think or gcrdeg the i.Pa.d i.nstt:W since you St:l more screen she for about the same price. l'Ou<:ould ccnslder bundled pl:uuwith;\faris ihecgh, and dle:y HUt uR...\[1,849 wi.lha 12-li1otlrn conreact and R~f1.149 whh u 24-month eoeesce.

Othtt:lpp:tyouc:n'l do",·olo:id art g:uue.t, tntert:Ullllltnt apps, and e-bcoks. Bestdes the: Android ~farlct:tpi:lce,theGT;abdO(:soolhC


!ie:l.Khing for ether app$.

TIlC GT;ab ror the n:lon put does :l.dettnt job at btu~S:l. tlblet COtllpute:r. TI':l.tll:Ud, ihese weee timt:s I fOW1d e:erllLm applie:l.tiorul


klnd of itiUell to be solved ill the

lnulu:tpl:ltt jj &r0wing;and the:re au :llo( of uj(:ful :1ppsyou C2n find tbt:re.


Dolphin b:o",'Stt, For productivity, try Dceceseees-te-gc, and for a nift)' musle 3pp. try Tunclc radio. :l!ivcJue:uui.ng Internet r.Ldio:lpp.

Land where my blood spills

Fidion by Amlr Muhammad

Tht: Lut: ~fr:mbtt of PuliazM:o.t Iwt Type A blood.;and thr:« wu

~?o:~ ~'::~~~!dmo~

robbc:ry :lS .a motivt:; ill bJi C:ln and all hh pluma TVll wcre: intut. 1ht:brtndofthe: knife:. stW embedded in his eben. w.as Su£imOto.

But th.iJ is: aot an. obituary. A polldclan mlly dJe. but democracy mwt llee on.

The bv-elecetoa w.as keenly aAtldpuc:d because thill waj a mlud oolUtituenc:y. S9% of the


were Type B. Thcrc was: C"VtA, :it S!I:i. a bigstt·tha.n·wual p«:kl'I.C'c ofABvotc:ts.

res~:m::~:;:~~~ ,:~ui~' =~~s~,:~r:~r;u~

coauuee that wantc:d to malntaitt powuGdclcd;a TypeAt::an.didut. Tbe: Jt:lted motivr:: "We: ;are a ce».lltion that dtfcn.cb mittority rigbu. Tbere art:n't m;atly puliamenw,. iCU!l held by Typt:

A t)'pt:s. Thctcfou. we att doi.ng our bit to maIu: tht Houl(: morc: ittdus:lvt. This: 1J itt li.ne with ow slagan.1Atutomy:

AfW'50lDC'irlu:nuJbic::kc:ring. thr: ooalition Wt WU\tc:d tosciu po,.uGddcd a Typt:OClOdidate. Yet. someone: from the majority. The: itiUed motivc: "Blood type ~ totallv not a faetor. We


coalition rc:pre"Kl'lu, u ii's unfair

~ ::~d:::t:c:i~:u~n:

blood typt:,"

ThiJ $u,teme:nt was col'ldemnc:d by tIw:: org-anisiUion tbu uphdd tIw:: rights ofT)pe 0 pwpk, G<nbn Du.h 0 Ihkikl (GADOH}. The motivt: for thli objt:ttion: "To $ay th:it ill blood t)'PC!l are equal ill kditiOu1 :Ll'ld une:onstlcutiol'l21. Dotm'c the: e:oilltion tbu dr~nu of Ki2.i.ng

One: of tIw:: cops monitoring tIw::«r;am;iliIt:t ell tb.Is fly. He: wu aetu.ally seconded frum the Violent Crime ualt, dae tu lade:


kn.ife they had found .at the murde:r scene. It had been a month and no atn::itS ba.d beee .,o.k.

Alier mldn.1gbt, mOjt of the ofWtON who'd eeee fromouuide the: distrle:t wr:l'lt baek to the: hote:l Thc:;t«a WU.iU ~ou: thtt it beaned only oee big bOld. It ...u built bade itt the: boom chys

~:;: ~~:;:r~'=~:y~~~:

f«Ullion.and"QM: otIbctt&c:mc:nt


w;u a whitt tlt:pbant that was p:Unted golden ye:Uow. But thi1 wedc: wudiJkrcnti:ill the- rooms W'lttfullevc:nafitttbc:propric:tor r:bilCd the pr1tt.i to bJoo.d-curlittg k..u.

lhr: proprie:(or iIDiled. Two

=~;~~~~~:. ~~~~::.

dH: could not only scttk hudtbu but make a o.ice: profit, He:r business $1cl1l$ didn't el'ld at


rooms of «ruin pollticiuu. The roouge could pt'o~ wd"uI itt tht: b)·-c:kttiol'l, or maybe:- no.t _. she didn't putkubtly e;t«, u the c:uh wu now with ht:r. And the i.nVt:il.lDt:nt me: ba.d m:Wc ror th~ ,.·il'ldfall WUtl't 0'Cl'l that bls.

~~:;!::.~~~ra:~ :::: ~;g~~:~~~eo~!~~s;

llCeded to rtpbee- i.n tIw:: kitchen

~~=~=~~ O!:fl!:

couutry ~ We inhtrit~Ot only the antl.gc:JU of our red blood cells rromoUf«nSOu.butthc: right to rukthe: n.adon."

1hc: GADOH StltnDt:nt was 11'1 turn ce ndemne d b)' a


tho:;tt of a catchy acron)'m, Thc:ywould nOt'D'Ullybe:-ignon:d but the S% dotlognpbJe: nwk tht:m nt:Wft'Ortby. The itUt:meAt rc:ad: "Type: 0 rop'c have 1'10

~~;: ~~ T~~;':!;:e~

baw beee around much loager."

1ht: roadiwcrt fdtoonc:d ""i.th the- expected lUgs and ban.ners, ;;and the 6dcb tame ill~ with the: sound of ceumah. So p.arty wanted to be seen u openly ·bloodisc'. but uo.(orlunuc:!y theft: wr:f(: bloody demc:o.u in somt Ipet:c:he1. For es::tmplt:, in an aN:a Wt wa.t dommattd by Type: 0 inhabitan.u, a spe:a.kc:r


uni,.etlaJ donotl and c-an gi'l'e blood to any other blood group, But look ;U. the Typt: A pc:ople, thr:y t:atl only give to otlw::r A or AB t)'pet. Same: thing with Type

:J:::&I~ ~t~~~t~::

bow sdfis:h an.d u.Ag:IOUtfui they reaUyatt:

1hcrc: were also Ul'lbc:coming dUN on tht: pr1v;U.t: li~s of!ht: <:and.icbtt.!l- Such u the rutD()utI th2t a blood t~t on one of theundid:l.tes would re'l'ul high le'l't:h of alcohol, Tht otht:r candidatr:, meanwhile. had to dUpcl-r_ti ..... o((o.sN blood-donor e:rc:t:kntlw.


SelangorTmes 00_.",,.-,.,20,0 21

Slow start but strong finish

Gcttutg:lhctdit:ut Iseruci:u In Uly spotts. Mere so [fit's motor r.l:.dng.

After:ill, fotmer world dW'npr. ens Mib H2llitcn and Midl2cl Schemaehee begao ulcir bning CUtenl ;ll the :lgc of nY'c '1l1d (out fdpcCtivdy.

But nma.llor thcwodd'sSI'QIC~ drivers bcg;u~ their C;l(CCN before t.I~C). hid even cnrercd school.


ingN.cc;l( 13.. It took the three-time wceld dl2t:nplon UloLhct four raN before lie \Io'On the SOUtll Aillerle::Ut IUn Ch:unpioltShip.

At home. Wdron Tan hopei to ('1IIW;l:(C hb (;h'Ountt dr~·tt. Souta...

Although the 1 )'Yeu'-old OtJy suncd kU'ti.l\gt w oyc~ ago, he has :tI!'C~y gOt one tide IU~dC1 lIt! beh :ute! 1$ ..... ir.hln sltiklngdist:ulcc orb.!s

second In two ~cb' time.

Born in tltc same year SOLl~;l died in the- J994San i\-b.t£no Gr:t.nd Prix. Weiron has 2.lrc2.dy bagged the Y;tfl~;lSLCup:scni01eltcgorytiue in lUi first Utot'lpt while his tC1nl, AtIC' BHPetrol R~Culg.~tUl'ed the

te~ d~)fil:.~~I~h~tiilh~ Sl rom-

~t:lbofi, Welt'OJ! finhhed tMrd in the first ewe r.lJCct before tn engine setsuec dire .... ~ sp2.nner into hls progr'C':!5. But in the b,n two races. the Furvlcw Lnaw.tlon;ti Sd~ol student cane in first to w In his (trst senloe c.ha.'l'lpioruhip clue.

~I cnlyseened n,cUlg when I W".u thirteen ..... hen Iny fuller tOok me and my bIothers to the Shah Ab.m hrt!ng eaek rwo ~N ago," sdd Welton_

~After Uut ttint, m)' dad (ell th:Lt

llu.d pcrenual in this tpOtt and be 111$ been ,'ety suppartl:ve_'

VI.'ith Ute Y~nl1.haSLtllk En ht. big. Welton Is nc ..... scttinghiuighu on ehe As.i:l.'l. Keeung Open chunpiol'lthlp (AKOq. T railiftS <:hunploeshlp leadce SC2J1 G,jeal fro:n lndoneala by 20 pctne. the 0- Levels student hopes to m:i1Jc his 16th bkthday with the rcgioJuJ title.

"Ihe bsl race lsin ~bca.uonDec: 12 whlle my brt'thcU,. is OJ~ Dec 3. A1tlwugh bdncJ, It ..... m be :I. Sr'(';tt btrthcby pment," sud thC' Pw!OdowlCC'.n~et.

In AKOC, Wdron finisltro ehlrd In the Ph.l1ippineskg,sceoltd in tbe foUowulg round in Ma.a.u :i1te! sec-

~~~;t::~,~~ili~ ~~:1:gl:,~

~::1~k, Wc:iton could od)' finl!l~

"But I'm confident or C1tehutg up wlth thC' k1der ln U~e Wt round.~ sa3d the snawbo::udl.ng f1.O_

"There 2« 40 poinu lC'ft to be won in mC' but race and I'm only behlnd by 20; he added.

Although it's only a region:t.l compeddcn. Wdron hOjes U~t by

::~u~nl~~: ~~!:en:e ~~I:~::'

"Motor n.dl'l8 is an espcuslve sport and [f I'm to progrus. I need

to ~~:dr:~~:~::~~OC O~ ncr. t: ~~n;c~~fk~flt:~!r~~r:~

beckens nat }'C<lr'. From J3.l\u::u}' to April, 'J:'dton w'lU ItJO\'e to Dcsenuno, Delgwda. It:t.l)', (0 lest hlt meule in Europe,

"\'(le chose: It:lly :lS It his nlce tcr},pe(':l.kwetther and tselose totne

Hanging loose in Subang Jaya

By lee lIsn Kong

POSSIBLY nc orher toWn in ~1a-

~~X~~:r:I~~C'~sa~I~~b;1~O~I;!;:- ~~~

":ltne institutloni like- Tayloe's Sunw"J.)~ MOJ~ih and Inti (o~n the hC:3.f't of this suburb. Thdr studem:!l nm up ~ fignil'l:c;i,fH pordon af U1C'

Ct~:~~~ and are the pulse o(

Wh1t do mC'y do w hen thC'y're I~Ot hltt!ng u~e booh~ Wkre Call


tOP five youtll h2n£ouu.;t!Id Wht'S $0 appcallngabout tltel}l.

#S: lIthlnm

From tlte mah:sh;(t onCi by tlte


Spurs (:md nkkn:i1ncd White H1t't l:tlte), you'" ne\'e,r h:l,'C' tl'OublC' findlug ~ 1l'I1t'lIU sllOP to 1.O~ ..... er those: ~uddetl hte-nlght t!t"J.\'bt8S(oc i\hggi sorlng ar rod c~w.L TIlese

dt:l.blis.lit'lICl'lLS:ltt' venuJe.c~tctins to ule football crowd. p:..st-tnidnight clubbcss lceklng (or d\Ow, ce laungas sccldng:l rouad a( frUit)' shlsb ..

#-4: SIl~1 and qu:lint

TIIC:SC pb.ce, are wtWly reeked lmonooksand eeccksaeccnd SS1 5 wei Sunw~y Ul'tiversltr Collcse_ With thdtsteuly 00 ..... 01 customers


glob.a.1 pb,\'eu like StubuC'n and Mc.DonaJeh 1 ru.n for Ul.CU money.

Favoured by seudenrs (or their

f;ld~'~~~~\~i:S~~7f:; I~~! ~~~, ~if::t~tr:~:i::~~~~~~

of tllCSe C',ucrlct SC1\'C st~l\da.rd noodle ;1nd onc-JIiC'.J :Icc cllilld. Sanle popular Ol\.CSinclude FBI C:&.fel :l!ld Snow Fl:tke far !li Ttiw:l.nc:sc JesscrlS_


J2.1:i11 5S [S/8A

Sta!'buek, bo,uu some 200 eus-

~~~I~:f~ t:~:;;S~ ~,~~~m~~t!~~~ ~~:~:ltu~ ~~

studenli Bock to this ntC'ct fot ecffee at t bite to eae,

Studcnt-vnldtinS3.( McDoJwd's can m:u'::C' an interest1ftg pasdrue,


between 7~l-8:l.'l'l. students wting

t.'l.~::,~~i~~e~i~reol~~~ h:j1~d

ln groups with tC1tboob 11\d laptopS tiling edveneege of the cheap lunch time deels ~'I~ib.blC'. From IOpt'l1 ceweeds they OOI~IC' ln for;1 re ..... uJb'g treat :&ftcr a hectic da)' of d:l!lSes ~nd ~etMoo_

Stubueki offen ;I. nlore lowtgc-illcc .tJlern:u.i'lC to SttdSlC'd-OUl. ~ signtl\eln-bdcn students in bct'W'Cett cl:l.3Ses.. s.cva:l.SC p1ltansst3.f't witll ~ W:l.1m, !tC'".;uubgc2t;iJ~ld much.l:l-


nos in tnC' evenings,

#2: Shopp!1\8 :\fa.l.ls

O( course. tl)e qUUttCSSel\tiaJ atIt:K1.iOn far modern )'Ouths C'VCf)'where is the slLopping m:..!l. For me

;;~;: ~~~~, ~~~!fbr:u~~,~:

add!t!onslih: the Empire S(\OppinS GliIay, 1.S well as The Summle 1J'Id Subz.ngPa."'1de_

The clnema is rhelr break from the monotany o( classes, asstg». J:lCH.i, heme. p1l'entt, and peers.. At the end of mC' ~'Cek. it 1:5 also thC' snclltC'W"J.rdu,eySl\'e themselves,


wd;1spolofwlndowsl~pprn.ghe!'C wd there deX'tibeS2. tJp,C1l Frida)' after-cl1ss outins to the mli.l.

,.1; OpC) ~r Food Courts

A Me-SlOp CCitttC' fot food, t.I (,dCO dining. ,S'11'1\ins c:a.fti, pool and snooker, C"\'en iiVI:' b:l.'\dt, open a.iJ foodrourt:S aut".l.Ct:1..l1 :i1!d ~ccept ;.,.11. And (or:l. pretty :l.JTo~b!epti«

~it~:!~e~~/~1:O~~~~c~ %~

kut m:l.t\uf~tUl'eN,~ sa3d AtiC' BHPctl'Ol R:l.dnS teehnk:t.l dlrccror

~~t~t~;;d [fWc:iron docs

~'eU there. it's more import:L!H th3.t he mUtt, lcams eed H.eeS ..... ith Europan drfvers. He's :Urea.dy vcry good but togct ro the next 1C'\'d, he needs thttaposure," :\i:l.g.. .. 'lCisex:pb.!,ned.

Before beading for the last

~~~~ !li~ ~~~~ ~~12:~li~~

SpecJ~'1\'Plui k;util'lS uaek tOIiJ.Ot'rc ..... in ilie Y;un1h1 Intcnttdoll:U

KJ~~':S~ru!;l., Wd.lonh;1;d~13.1e ultrodc.c::tlollloh.ist'J.clttgeU"cerbul with :I. ru.5.h (or speed and ~t'CI.dy

~\~~ifo~l~ ~!,~efi~rto~~

YC'.I,r 11'1 AKOC.

Sub;a,IlS J;l.p }-outh. Asi:l u(t IlL SSI5 tnd Rock Ctf~ (more tffc:('tionueh known as Mc:cb.n) nat SWI"""J.)' Unlvcrsity Colkgecuer to thdr respective ullhtf.S:tlcJ and collegctsun'Ound.inS them,

At Rod:: Caft, uy their W.ult:l.'l.

Mec. WhUe the wtnu.ns and d~u slew arc average. thC' noodle tt cop notch, ~'lth just U)e right amount of bhck secee,

At£~ c2f~ has :i11 even hrget 'l'J.rict},oflu.wketr<lr'C:.Afcwltotables stand cct, There 1:5 a (dcu!!y mother-and-son team ..... ho serve an Emprcss.ive 'Ut':l)' of\"C8et;UWI cOOll,omy rice d.iJJ.ct that eouM tu.rn 1 flle:l.t lOVC'l' into b.c:eoming "tget::uiw,

Comc e\'(:ning, u:y Suslti Hc!g..

ThC' d~ubb)' ~nd jO'lI3.l uacle there will C'nte~t:tin yOu with 2.niltl:..ted reeOWtl$ o(ltis tn:l!l)' W\,entulCS 1$ :l.su~.hichef_

teeUan is a tlwwdM'iWIo Ms AUKUtstfres~stp.'ecedlegis.tan'cn evsJaB31ef1,

An elder1y man gettlng his btood and chole_steroJ checked during the Program Warga Emas organ· Ised by MBPJ recently.


The Ruler


The Ac:ors StudIO

The Ac:ors Stucho e Lot 10 25 November·

5 December 2010


03·21422009 wWH.1heac:otSStudlo.com. my

Those creos at 1he Actors Sn.d_oputonalo101S'1o'ws. den'; mey? This pantomime square~ to ows me falryta1e :ropes: a pence n seardl ofhls.truelo\·e{abelt re'Uctant.y); an evil cousin wf1h des.gns on succession; 'ne obligatory grand vizier. Featumg famJy fun with sorq r.-td ce-ce. o..rec:ed by comedian Sham Sunder Snwanl with choreogri¥lh)' by Farah SulaJman and vocal <f~.'m by Ho Soon 'foon.

Serang.an Zombi Pertama dl Malayaia The .. ire

The Ac:0fS Studio

KL Performing Arts cewe 24 -28 Novembef"2Ql0 "-'A3S

03-4047901X) 'IM"N_theac:ossnrlo.can.1n)'

In sleeP'! ~ O:cksoo, aocme- Malays.an reccrc

Is bom: :he nalJon's

first ZOfTtl.B O,JjJreak! A ksraoke-lng woman starts 9'Tlo!<'ng frtm her peroxldeGt'enched bon and begIns Chomp.ng co me brans of her ecaerce TI\a1.'s:he pn:!mS8 of th s cheek-filled romp of genre hoo'or. Y8IIcn

FORUM \'_Series Faller! teeves Theatre

MAP Kl@ So'aris D.J:IWI'I8:!I 14 No\oember - 12


03-6207 9732 'lMw.mapkl.org

Ale you 81 !K:tlvl!lt, teacne- or Ius'! an aJl-&ound concerned c'llzoo? How about "f0fUn 1hea:re"; a partclpE!tJon-heavy type

of s:9IJeCraft \\hem actors


audiences to speak out and

Editor's Pick



2~ - 28 November 2010 Rt.155

(03) 7960 0439 WW>N.ns:8I'tC8fatt1eatre.corR

The hnant Cafe Thsa:re COfTll8'lY wneo 21 :hls year.

To~~ ~~:~~::~sIFI~~~~~~ra:ory

p:aywritJng p-ogramme prod.ced Shanorl Shli\'s awerd4 wlnnrg SChXlI-doml oame, I<Jr Con. But leT made their name n fine poljtlcal s8llre - d~ng ~he Tun Dr Mahathr

MohlRad era, ~ :ha! son 01 :hi"g was llSldest.

These days. WIth cartoonsts, stand·up comedans. and the Mtlre blogospher"e laughing at the gOfEmment 2447, ICT-brand humour Is no ~erthe novel trB\Sgresslon

! used to be, But they are st the best In the bU!ilness: spend 9l'fj amount of time W!th VB - Deputy M.nstar

of PinC; prev.ously Deputy M.nls:er of scece and

Tou1sm - and you"61 see wtI~ \lefsatlE! veceen ecueee Jo K1.Ikathas plays the VB at'd many other mane {bu'! oh-


ear er we year. Watch OU! fa" "missing Jen engines, mlssng meeeeeee. missing evideree and msslng memories"!

Devised by Jo Ktf<athas. Zalfll!l"l Fuzl, Kern Rasan and Na'a MU"8d. AJso fea:urrg ears Ike Shamnl VeflU,'jopaJ, P81Jlck Tech. JunJl De:.f1no, Edwn Sumun. Maya Tan .Abd.J1Eil,andTnaAzorz..


Ayam Fired Intend as In examnatlon of OU" modern,


O'YEW".e8'Jng, or from cancer caused by mob e-cocoe


Serangan Zombi Petene dl M.aJays.a Is presented Ulder Tea:er Ral<yat.

The Actors 5:0010'3 ron-


Redza Mlnhai, AdJwf,aya, and Aram Fared. AJso



Interactw1ththeactioo? Created by Influental Btazlilan creecr Augusto Boal, fonm meatre IS

~~~~=01 ~~~UJ~~~1es

10 rnl"Odu:e people to the form. The SUnday: ge; :0 know "newsp~ thea:re". a COrTl)rehensIVB group

of stTategles on hOw to examr.e :he media forces


culmoate ln an exhibition performance on 12 December.


End Came

In the most recent 1b&e Voong comerrceeree exhbitloo S! valenI:lne W1Ue Fne An, v.sual artist Sha.fuddln MInl81

~=~ed~~~~~(e~n:a":'~~:~~~~ a

forth from a monolithic. sky-scaTtng taHef. n's a pregnam Image.

"PIg MOflB!lU!ty" WB!I ,he reason Poodlen was one of the rec~kio:s of the Mala)'S1a-l Emergng AIt:st {M~ Award. H.s cumw MEA ShOwcase Show. End eene. opened at GaJ~ ChBrdan on Nov 22 and Is naw ageing. The exHbltJon's pan~ are styl.stica1y slrnlar ._ broodl"g mooochome drawIngs paired \\\th OD age-Llo:a sp:ashes of red oo'ourbut exsmlne the broadef'. mote personal theme 01 oeem.

Poodlw.'s career Is a mlWt1age otne peaorer and

1::~:n~=::a=~P5~~ ~~K'ti ttlS! ~~=-~~~~'\;:~':~~ ~~~~'senl

Paden says. "I'd rBthar r.de on a s:,-nthes.s 0 both.. ..

End Game 119 pan 01 "he MEA A'IIIII'dWiw'ers Showcase


November _ 6 OecembEl" 2010. Free adrrus:slon.


Pesta Chow Kit Kit a!

Last Sum:b.y. tW'O daten cuneus peNOr'lS found themkh'd ~.,JJdng through the TlollS Nam ttdghbout'J\.OOd o(Chow Kit, ~ sleepy d~inesc(o:nr'nun.it)' full ofll)(cstl'";utcmplcs.

Our geldes, vistW ;U't.iSL Wong T::t.y Sy and the;wc perforuter Rentt::t. Che Wi!\. tOM us tb.t the area's frcquelitly J1ooding-floodw2tC:rt'Jl the 1970sroS:C-8fectMgh .• kcpt property pelees low and forced L'C!tdents to rc~rt to novel

t:~:~~Uh ::d~~;~~~~~:(:: :;~lh~U:~

warer out.

We h.ulju:n met 13·~'O.r-old Rubb!,pb.yingbadminton wlth ahomemade, wooden nequct on ;iSltCCtc=oma. "Rc.tl


Slr1i1c:, a. bearded gt:nt1cm2J~ .... ith an SlR, W;iS s[;U\ding ncarbv,

Th~ W".U ·I(;unp~ i(;i.mpungmu-. agelded W".Jklng tour and UIC~tric:J pencrmeoce b)" Cho .... Kit reees-. who, for the pm fcw months.. had been s-pc.lwddng uldr neiSh. bourhood for UHC1C~ m!gr;tnt Horfes. 01\ the tour. we

~~~~~~~~C1Ct~~~y:as ~o~~~t:J:~:I~i~~~C~

AlIi (OS)"). an Indonc:d::U\ wo!ll;tn who met hC1 liiI.nce ln a



The young actors .... crc p;t.rtidp2JHSofcJW)~· Kit Kit;t..::r.

COl:'Uhuttity I),~pplng helmed hy "otw1t«1i: frOth the ;t.tu :UII~ local ccmmcnhles, in conjunetiotl with Kl Krash P~d. a tcen eentre oujalan TuUtXu Abdul Ralull.:lJI. The projetls eulmlnarlon, P~t;t. Chow Kie Kit;t.!. on No v 21 ..... ;lj a diOw(HC of the proj<:(t's ..... ork: photog!'1ph$, nnps, bro. ehUle~, 1 doeutnentu)· fUm .. even ;I. mw1c ... ideo (of Sudimun's hit "CJ..ow Kit R.o~d").

chow Kit Kiudnwsron'p;tr".sonswith the Pudu Com· J:iunity Art Project. a. dmll;u erewvc m~pi~ auel"pr:.te

~~ :~~~\~~:l~:Ji~ct~:rt~:::~l~;;::~~~;~,~

othetronununitics. cJICYI Ki~ Kha was more sueeessful in dr.:r. ..... l.ltg Out the ece "tbr-,I.nc)· of an lMet·dty-KL ndgh. bccrhood. lh:u it was deb-en bylceal teens nude it:lll the mOlcV'iw.


._ ._

............. .-~~

:::::::::::::::~ .~~


~ ..... _---


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