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lishments more exclusive and suppressive in nature. And appear to be in competitive mode rather than creative mode. This stance often denies different art genres and interested parties find their works scrutinized by the “Whats in and whats out” attitudes of establishments. In 2010 proves to be the start of a critical period for Cracko. His most controversial debut is to head the project to spruce up the abandoned former Welfare Building located across near to Sabah Ports. The artworks on the remnants of WWII did gained public interest. And since than it has become a place of interest for amateur phtotoshoots and other painters to show their works. Exposes were written on Daily Express and interest gained momentum. From there what may become the Cracko Art Group meets on a regular invitation basis and there was the formation of Cracko was mooted. Cracko Art Society consists of 10 talented young artistes, who introduces their repertoires on blogs, hobbycon and leisure expos and private exhibitions. Its members are are Retrobeautiful, KKluv, Ironworks Gravefix, Aksfile, 5mk, Adam, Yak Yak, Rock Graphic, ND Angelus, Lybby and Cracko himself. Each of them has their own distinctive styles ranging from pop art, medieval, comics, naive art, doodling, stencil, fine art, commercial art, toy maker, product designer, street fashion, abstract and others. Proffesionally all of them are they are scholars, designers and art lovers. Some of them has already created a small wave in the international art scene in Europe, Taiwan, the HK and SE Asia. Including contributions has made in the international comics and music album covers. In the years to come, Cracko Art Society plans to build and maintain its own art gallery, continues to promoting creative works, merchandising, trend setting, building a chain of lifestyle venues and introduce a new local identity, adopting an open door concept and internationally competitive.


hat started out as a zine about nine years ago has now evolved into an art group. The Cracko Art Society has 12 unified artists who share the same common goal calling for change or acceptance into the mainstream art establishment in Sabah. Cracko Art Society aims to promote realstreet sense, pop, creative freedom and urban art. Progressivesly accepting international art styles directly and incorporate them into their works. In 2001, founder of the group,Crig Royno Francis a.k.a Cracko were circulating zines mainly to create awareness of the different genres and topics in art. It was done below the superfluous of the Sabah mainstream establishments; or underground. His move backfired as critics labelled his ideas for being too obscene and vocal. But among peers Cracko was just way ahead of ‘time’. He never swayed from his ideals and over the period he met more who shared his objectives. And the sense of unification was needed. But before all that, since the beginning of art establishments in Sabah the gallery is filled with seasoned painters and the budding competitive sorts. In retrospect, this ideals has made estab-



Founder of Cracko Art Group/ Artist / Painter / Designer
Crig Royno Francis a.k.a Cracko, 32, is a freelance designer and artist in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. The former art student of the Kinabalu Commercial College, Cracko formed the Cracko Art Group in aim to promote creative freedom and find alternative means to showcase local art talents. Cracko’s notable works are the two-year publication of Crackozine in 2001 - an underground zine aimed at promoting different art genres and also the project leader of the second controversial mural works at the ruins of the former Land and Survey building near to Sabah Ports. It is a self-funded project aimed at to commemorate the remnants of WWII. Cracko is also one of the main figure calling for ‘change’ of mindsets of the local art scene. To view Cracko’s work, visit:


Graphic Designer/ Artist/ Cartoonist / Lomography

Aks Kwan, 40, is an experienced cartoonist, graphic designer and a key member of the Cracko Art Group. The former graduate of Malaysia Saito Academy of Art is the runner-up winner for the New Comic Talent Search in 2002. Kwan currently works as a designer and a part time comic artist for the bi-monthly national comic publication-Elemen. Kwan’s recent achievement is his contribution to Liquid City (Volume II)-an international hard cover comic compilation featuring cartoonists from the South East Asia. Liquid City is published by Image Comics Pte Ltd from Singapore. Kwan is also into Lomo photography and one of the founder member of LOMO Sabah. To view more of Aks Kwan work, visit:


co-founder of Cracko Art / Surrealism / Painter
Anddy Romeo Dulait a.k.a ND Angelus, 30, is a surrealism artist hails from Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. The former student at the Kinabalu Commercial College is on a long holiday from work at the Green Connection to focus more on his art works. ND’s notable works are the ‘Bobohizan’- the local version of a witch doctor-often featured in magazines and expoes and also a large piece with ‘A local did this’ text imprinted next to a Mona lisalike portrait at the ruins of the former Land Former Land and Survey Building. The striking piece at the Land and Survey Building is the object focus of media and public. Anddy is currently on a long-term project of building his own private art collection of eighteen angels.


Graphic student / comic artist / Lomography
Kazat Keong, 20, is a student at the Sabah Institute of Arts aspires. He aspires to become a comic artist. Kazat’s involvment with the Cracko’s project has brought him the opportunity to stage his works-mostly comics with developed characters and style. Kazat loves graffiti, fine arts and street art. He himself is a well-round artist and prides on his Japanese influenced ‘Manga’-like works. To view more of Kazat’s work, visit:

Artist / designer
Adam Jamal, 20, a young artist hails from Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. Adam’s early exposure to art was at age seven upon family encouragements. Since then, his determination has brought maturity into most of his work. Emo-style and things of sentimental in value could be seen poured into every of his work. The fan of Dato’ Lat, Carravagio and Simon Birch Adam uses ‘push to the limits’ has brought him feature his works at many exhibitions such as; Karya Undangan BSLS 2007, Kartun & Komik BSLS 2007, Bakat-Bakat Baru BSLS 2007, Karya Undangan BSLS 2008. Adam also loves photography and pyschedelic art. To view more of Adam’s work, visit:


Student / artist / Vintage art collector
Lydianna Iliyas a.k.a Lybby, 24, hails from Kota Kinabalu and currently an undergraduate at the Curtin University in Western Australia. Where she is doing her BA studies and majoring in graphic designs. Apart from painting, Lybby’s placed interest is in print making, stencil, collage and screen printing techniques. Lybby is among first group who painted the mural at the former Land and Survey building in Kota Kinabalu in 2008. As an artist, she has contributed her works at the 22nd Malaysia Film Festival 2009 held at Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.

DONALD ABRAHAM: Artist / Skater / Graffiti
Donald Abraham, 29, is an established Malaysian artist and goes by the name Donald Dog, Donald’s artistic career is ‘a dream come true’ story for painters in Malaysia. By luck, Donald came under the wings of Yusof Gajah, groomed and trained, and has given him the opportunity to showcase his talent at Gajah’s gallery. Hails from Kuala Penyu, Donald is commonly known for his graffiti work in Kuala Lumpur and Kota Kinabalu. To view more on Donald’s work, visit:


Lecturer / Papercraft
Creator of Gubi Gubi
Harlod Peter Ringgingon, 24, is an English lecturer at Yayasan Sabah Kolej, a paper craft enthusiast. Harlod paper craft inspirations are mostly from Kenny Chuah, Michael Chuah, Pete Fowler of Monsterism, and Simone Legno of Tokidoki. And being a pioneer in Sabah it has earned him the niche in the leisure art scene. His works are featured in The Star, Breeze Magazine and also debuted at the Malaysian International Toys Fair in 2010. The Sandakan born aims to produce his own toys in vinyl and collaborate with major industry players. To view more and free downloads of Harlod’s work, visit:

Designer / Artist
Irwan Awang, 29, is a designer at an architectural firm in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. His artworks consists of intricate hairlines and graphics details mostly influence of medieval and gothic art albeit; his love for underground music. Irwan also does illustrations for album covers for SE Asian bands, and other parts of the world and even for magazines. Irwan paints to the likes of Russ Nicholson, Martin McKenna,Hr.Giger Ujang and Rob Smits.


Designer / fashion label owner / graffiti
Phey, real name Suparno Sapar hails from Labuan and moved to the Kota Kinabalu at the age of 16. A true graffiti artist, Phey uses spray cans and airbrush on most of his artworks. Phey also is also the creator of KK Luv and the co-founder of LSW|KKLUV. His company Lytle Street Wear Enterprise is one of the state capital’s urban-hip clothing line producer. Being in a group, it took Phey and his friends 10 years build his brand. Phey currently does freelance graphic designing. He has also debuted at the Labuan’s Art Festival in 2010. To view more of Phey’s work, visit:

JASON A. EDGAR: Former Editor / Waterproofing Specialist / Branding
Jason A. Edgar is a former editor for a local newspaper in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. His primary focus now is pushing and developing local brands. He co-owns a designing firm in Kota Kinabalu. The Tawau born 32 year old used to paint murals in high school and create backdrops for school concerts-mainly-textile manipulation. Jason’s network ranges from music, media and construction-civil engineering. He has no particular liking in any particular genres but is fond of satirical images and poetry. Jason also writes part-time for corporate individuals.

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