My name is Stephen White, a graphic design student from Sunderland University. I’m currently doing a project entitle Space and Exploration. I was wondering if you could answer the following questions? What does space mean to you? Whether that means time away from education/family/work, or an area away from the world. A Place that is your own. How does space make you feel and what emotion does it provoke within you? Thanks For Reading the Book.

Space is a very curious thing to me, it is: real, imaginary and somehow paradoxical. It is the domain, realm and reality in which I exist; though I’m not sure space has any physical form or presence. Places cannot exist without space, yet a space is not always a place, but places need space within them. A place is never in the same space for more than a moment, yet the place can maintain the same characteristics and seemingly the same spaces within them. Space on my own, means time on my own in my own places: I can be on my own without being in an empty space. Everyday I Long for more order within my places: I love the places I am in, but the spaces within them seem small and crowded. I feel the space is mine, yet other people with no consideration get in my way, steal my space and take-over my places (Thinking of how I feel every day with dozy tourists not being aware of the space around them and the presence and intentions of other people). I like the fact that in the everyday world only one ‘Thing’ can occupy a space, somehow giving it importance regardless of the everyday value of a thing. It could be a plant pot, person, flower or a pebble: yet the fact it exists at all and takes up space in reality is somehow amazing. I’m not sure what a space is and I can’t define any one meaning for it.

Space to me is time away from everything, chilling on my own and having a good think about everything thats been going on recently, no distractions , no interruptions. Reflection on life and what its been doing. Or just laying back or sitting somewhere quiet watching the world go past and letting my mind wander from thing to thing.

Simon London Operations Manager

Max Eldridge Student

A word beloved of Boutique Hotels. Boutique Hotels are cliched, Pretentious and uncomfortable.

My own space makes me feel secure. Knowing theres somewhere I can retreat to when I just need five minutes to myself just makes me feel better.

Philippa Perry Author

James Finbow Project Manager

Space to me means time on my own to think, or not think, depending on the situation. Preferably this is time spent alone, in comfort. I consider my home my personal sanctuary away from the world and this is mostly where I give myself the space I need. I like curl up on my sofa, watch some easy going television and cuddle up with my cats. Cat are a brilliant influence when it comes to relaxation. Yet, sometimes I need a complete change, usually during periods of high stress. This is when I escape to the sea, usually Scarborough, or Robin Hood’s Bayon the East Coast of England. I have no shame in booking a B&B by myself and going to a restaurant for dinner alone. Not only does it give me the space I need, but itgives me a sence of self-sufficiency and confidence. Those people who look at someone who is alone with pity should be pitied themselves, for not having the confidence to dine/ holiday alone. But I digress. I flee to the coast when I need space because the sea evokes a real sence of perspective within me. It makes me feel small and re-evokes that sence of the wonder of nature. It reminds me that I only have one life and I have to live it, make the most of my opportunities. It makes me feel that life is too short to be miserable and that I should turn every negative situation into a positive one. I have such an affinity with water and will go paddling in the early hours of the morning when is no one else around but me and mother nature. It’s good for me soul.

Space is where I am at any given moment. It places me as being here at this time and not there at that time. It embeds andstructures each of us, as we inhabit and stucture it. Having a ‘space away’ from the regularities of life is nothing without time. Put the two together and it can bring any number of emotions for any number of purposes, usually to counteract and balance life’s little going-ons.

But generally, as a complete claustrophobe, I enjoy Space.

Victoria Dawson Administration Assistant

Gavin Mackie Creative Director

Living in an overcrowded part of an overcrowed country, the greatest luxury is knowing I’m the only human for at least a mile and a half in any direction. I find it on the bare limestone mountains of County Clare. That’s Space.

Space is the clean white page in your head, the absence of stuff - thoughts, regrets, memories, hopes, aspirations. Elbow room for wandering thoughts to pop in uninvited where they’ll always find a chair, time for a chat, a window to look out of into nothing. The satisfying absence of everything that crowds you, the real ‘you’ into smaller ‘space’ where there is no space. Space ... not a race, not a place, a state of grace. Personal Space, for some people it’s a few inches, for others only the universe is big enough.

Andy Riley Cartoonist and Scriptwriter

Clare Kirwan Poet

I use space to distance myself from the tedious norms of society. Once I’m immersed in my own space, I’m no longer one of the crowed, but a true individual. And no one will see me. Then I step out and it’s back to fitting in nicely.

To me is the stuff between objects: Without space, no object could exist

Anthony McGinley Unemployed

Erik Spiekermann Professor of Design

Space is Possibility. It is the inperative to eplore and discover. Whether it is outer space or the inner space of atoms or of our brains, it leads to fundamental questions. Those questions are the beginning of a journey of understanding and enlightenment. Who are we? Where are we? What are we doing here? Why are we here? Where do “I” begin? When did this begin? When does it end? Space means there is something rather than nothing, and that means everything.

Right now, I’m looking for a new flat in London, so I’m currently acutely aware of ‘space’ as a valuable and saleable commodity how just a few extra square feet of personal space carved out of the city is a jealously guarded and highly priced asset. I’ve spend days going into rooms and scanning them for precious bits of space like a prospector panning for gold - storage space under the bed, drying space in the bathroom, cupboard space in the kitchen. It makes space seem like a very scarce thing, until you happen to be walking home at night, and you look up.

Dr. Kiki Sanford Science Communicator

John Finnemore Comedy Writer

Space is the thing which allows us to see everything else, Space is the place that has room for us and allows us to take stock of everything around it. Without space, we would suffocate.

Space conjures to my mind the stars and the void they occupy, it is an infinite horizon to be explored and filled with whatever man can imagine. Areas which we keep trying to define but which will constantly defy us even our best science. It is THE ultimate challenge for any species the ultimate “land” to conquer it may not be possible to do but inevitably we will stray out and see what else the infinites of maths can create other than our own life. It provides mankind a sandbox of opportunity both to create but it may also be our undoing. Space is infinite not just in size but in its potential to affect us, or not to.

Kyle Van Blerk Creative

Edward Caswell Archaeologist

To me space is freedom from deadlines, freedom from responsibility and freedom from other people. Space for me isn’t a long empty beach or a vast, green golf course. Space for me is either my own bedroom or a nice, quiet Starbucks. Space makes me feel content, it makes me feel comfortable. It frees me from the shackles of myself.

To me Space means tension or the lack there of. As examples, space used in design can either create or release tensions pending on how you articulate the “space” you are working in. Often a space is a confined area which something is created. Many people will find confined areas as a limitation or some approach it as a breath of refresh air (as limitations often help to think “inside the box”). Used in a personal instance, many people need “space” to free themselves, while other times space can be viewed as daunting and lonely. Either way used both, create a sense of tension (or freeing something from tension)

Colin Adam Student

Brian Hoff Creative Director

My own? I couldn’t own space. It’s not owned, that’s why it’s valuable. Space is nothing and everything, so it makes me feel nothing and everything. Space is too much the product of my own feelings to condtraint feelings.

Space has various meanings to me. Space to me can mean the vast matter outside planet Earth, the Solar System, the Universe. In another term, space can signify a break from my profession, my friends and family, when life can be too much and you need time to gather your thoughts or just some quality time to yourself, I tend to think of this as “space”. Another meaning to me for space is gap, there’s a space between something. Lastly meaning of space to me is when you see a gallery or a museum and you use the word space to describe the whole entity, “it’s a great space” appreciating the architecture/ and the vast area of the building.

Dan Rebellato Professor of Contemporary Theatre

Michael Pestana Trademark Assistant

Sometimes one becomes so imbued with the philosphy and ideas of others that one can no longer distinguish between their thoughts and your own.

Space to me is a trail along the San Francisco bay where I go running. There are always other people around, but I can put on my headphones and tune out the rest of the world. It’s where I go when I need to think through a project. For me, it’s the space where I go to rejuvenate my creativity. Running next to the lights of San Francisco as the sun sets over the ocean. It’s my meditation.

There is no Space, We are as one.

Peter Stanbury Facilitator

Jeff Williams Senior Designer

Space is somewhere I will never go to in my lifetime. It’s a far away place with no living thing on it.

Since I work in a crowded city, space in the roomy sense is a luxury. Space is time away from San Francisco, or at least in a room with no crowds or loud noises. Space gives me room to breathe, Space is pleasant. It makes me feel calm and comfortable.

Roberta Stewart Legal secretary

Anita Hart Graphic Designer

Space is the most important thing in typography as well as life. It aids contemplation, understanding and Relative Value.

Johnatan Barnbrook Designer

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