Each student is matched with a faculty member who guides the student’s research in an area of specialization based on their shared interests. 12-month program for those with undergraduate degrees in areas other than business. and real-world experience. professionals and emerging business leaders. PHD The PhD is designed for those who want to develop strong research skills. . move forward in their careers and perhaps take the next step into an SFU MBA program. GRADUATE DIPLOMA IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Online delivery of graduate-level course work lets people fit a study program into busy lives.GRADUATE PROGRAMS OUR PROGRAMS MBA The MBA is a full-time. MASTER OF FINANCIAL RISK MANAGEMENT The Financial Risk Management program provides rigorous training in all aspects of financial risk management. as managers. This is a part-time program with classes held Monday and Wednesday evenings for 24 months. students may enter a three. EXECUTIVE MBA For experienced managers. Upon completion of the program. the Executive MBA is designed to develop leadership skills and core capabilities in strategic analysis and change management. MANAGEMENT OF TECHNOLOGY MBA An MBA designed for those in the technology sector. the MOT MBA enables engineers and scientists to transition into management roles or. enhance their understanding of the unique demands of those sectors. and less than five years of professional work experience. The Graduate Diploma is earned in 12 months of part-time study.to eight-month internship to gain essential work experience. Classes for this 19-month program are held Friday and Saturday on alternate weekends. Students gain hands-on experience by managing an investment portfolio with a market value in excess of $10 million. The program meets the increasing global demand for skilled riskmanagement professionals. publish and instruct at leading academic institutions.

ca business.ca business.782.5 years of work experience GMAT (minimum 550.5013 emba_program@sfu.senior level management • Undergraduate degree or Engineer/scientists transitioning to management roles • Undergraduate degree • Cumulative grade point General business exposure.sfu.sfu.ca/mfrm 778. with possibility to transfer to MBA or MOT • Non-business • Non-business • • • • undergraduate degree Cumulative grade point average of 3.000* Plus ~$2. AWA 5. meals on class days. Friday & Saturday.782. mathematics.5013 gdba@sfu.sfu.0 (a 75% or “B” average) GMAT (minimum 550.0 (a 75% or “B” average) 2 .5013 mfrm@sfu.ca/mba 778.ca/gdba * Subject to approval by SFU’s Board of Governors.0) English proficiency • • • • Tuition degree in business.0 preferred) • Undergrad course in math or statistics with "B" minimum • English proficiency $27.0) Preference is given to candidates with two or more years of related work experience English proficiency • • • • professional designation (CA.mid career Early-mid career individuals with a facility for quantitative finance • Undergraduate Mid .ca business.5 (3.782. AWA 5.ca business. alternate weekends September April 1 for September start MANAGEMENT OF TECHNOLOGY MBA 24 months part-time. . and off-site orientation and workshops 778. AWA 5. commerce.0 (a 75% or “B” average) • At least 2 years of related work experience • GMAT (minimum 550. AWA 5. Friday night accommodation downtown.0) Current employment in a management position English proficiency average of 3.sfu. economics. physics or other suitable programs Cumulative grade point average of 3.000* Text books are included Contact 778.AT A GLANCE MBA Format/ Length Start Date Application Deadlines Ideally Suited For Qualification Requirements MASTER OF FINANCIAL RISK MANAGEMENT 12 months full-time EXECUTIVE MBA 19 months part-time.782.0) • English proficiency • Cumulative grade point undergraduate degree average of 2. PEng) 10 years of work experience with 4 years of management experience GMAT (minimum 550.5013 motmba@sfu.ca/mot 778.782.000 textbooks Optional international trip ~$3. Monday & Wednesday evenings September April 1 for September start GRADUATE DIPLOMA IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION 12 – 24 months online 12 months full-time & 3 .000 textbooks $14. May or September • November 1 (January start) • March 1 (May start) • July 1 (September start) Early .ca business.sfu.8 month internship September April 1 for September start September April 1 for September start January.600* Plus ~$2.500 $26.000* Plus ~$2.500* Tuition includes books.5013 mba@sfu.000 textbooks $47.ca/emba $31.

Only 50 business schools worldwide carry both EQUIS and AACSB accreditation.5013 grad-business@sfu. BC. .ca business.782.ca/segal SFU Business is accredited by both AACSB (Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business) and EQUIS (European Quality Improvement System). please check our website.SEGAL GRADUATE SCHOOL OF BUSINESS Simon Fraser University 500 Granville Street Vancouver. SFU Business is signatory to the Principles for Responsible Management Education (PRME). Canada V6C 1W6 GRADUATE PROGRAMS 778.sfu. For the most current program information. Printed November 2010.