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Andres A. Folleco, PhD.

1059 S.E. 6th Avenue

Dania Beach, FL 33004
Phone: 954-925-0603


Doctor of Philosophy: 1997, Nova Southeastern University, Computer Science

Master of Science: 1988, New Jersey Institute of Technology, Computer Science
Bachelor of Science: 1984, New Jersey Institute of Technology, Civil Engineering
Certifications: 1995-98. Solaris OS Internals, Writing Device Drivers, Advanced Device Drivers, Network
StorageSDF. Solaris StorEdge Fast Write Cache


• Research Faculty-Assistant Professor: 08/03 - Pres, FAU, College of Engineering & Computer Science
• Visiting Assistant Professor: 01/02-08/03, FAU, Ocean Engineering – SeaTech campus
• Research Scientist: 9/99-12/01, FAU, Ocean Engineering – SeaTech campus
• Adjunct Professor: 1/92-12/02, Nova Southeastern University, Computer and Information Science
• Technical Staff Member: 12/97-9/99, Network Storage Processors, Sun Microsystems, Inc.
• Software Engineer: 12/93-12/97, Massively Parallel Storage Processors, Encore Computer Corp.
• Senior Staff Engineer: 7/91-12/93, Electronic Access Control Systems, Casi-Rusco, Inc.
• Senior Programmer: 9/88-7/91, Investment and Analysis, First Boston Corp.
• Technical Staff Member: 9/86–9/88, Investment and Analysis, Dillon Read Inc.
• Programmer Analyst: 5/86-9/86, Investment and Analysis, Salomon Brothers Inc.
• Civil Engineer: 04/82-5/86, Consulting Engineers, Goodkind & O’Dea, Inc.


RESEARCH FOCUS: Data Mining, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence

• Noise detection, filtering, and correction

• Effects of noise and incomplete (missing values) data on software quality studies
• Classification performance from extremely rare events
• Concurrent Cross-Validation for Data Mining & Machine Learning (NSF PIRE grant)
• Classification performance with dependent and independent variable noise
• Software Testing and Software Agents (Secure Telecomm grant)


• Systems design, development and management with up to four developers

• Problem solving, support of systems engineering, technology, data analysis, and troubleshooting
• Hardware, software, and components acquisitions as well as man-power requirements
• Responsible for system integration, testing, quality control, and customer product releases
• Graduate and undergraduate student supervision

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• Cluster manager for Ultra-Sparc/PCI bus based dual nose storage controller
• Kernel RPCs for communication protocol to NVRAM write cache and Veritas volume manager and File
• Video drivers for XFree86 windows server, replaced costly SCO Unix X server
• Dual node shared memory driver for PCI/VME buses on a Quad Intel architecture
• Driver for Universal Bridge chip connecting PCI and VME data buses


• Driver stream for RAID recovery, X.25, serial, and PCMCIA-II modem/LAN enablers
• Socket, TLI, RPC, and NFS client/server multi-threaded services
• Thread synchronization using semaphores, shared memory, stream pipes, msg. queues, spin/sleep locks,
mutex locks, and conditional variables
• Protocol for serial connections to console ports and video cameras feeds for restricted access control


Programming Languages and Applications:

• WEKA Data Mining and Machine Learning
• C/C++ from MS Windows Visual .NET, GNU Unix/Linux, Solaris, QNX, and PowerMax compilers
• NetBeans and JAVA’s JDK
• IBM CICS Fortran, AbSoft Pro Fortran, C, and C++ for MS/Windows
• Shell scripting and interpreters: awk, sed, perl, python, Edline Here documents. Debuggers include gdb,
adb, kadb, dbx, and Solaris crash (panic) analysis tool
• MS/Windows based TI CodeComposer Studio 1.2/2.0
• MATLAB’s wavelet, signal processing, statistical, filter design, Neural Nets, and Video/Image toolboxes
• X11/R6 Windows, Xfree86 Windows, Widget Creation Library
• Veritas volume manager and file system, Solaris disk suite, Informix, Sybase, MidasPlus,
embedded SQL/C and Fortran
• OO Tools include UML Real Time & Embedded Design, ProCase, and Software thru
Pictures. Neural Network toolsets include JOONE and MATLAB
• Echelon Inc. Neuron-C and LonMaker M/S windows and Linux cross-compiler

Operating Systems:
• Real-time embeddable QNX 4.25, and Neutrino 6.1
• Devian Linux, Red-Hat Linux, Mandrake Linux, uCLinux for Motorola Dragon-Ball embeddable processors,
Solaris 2.6 – 2.8 (32/64-Bit Symmetric Multi-Processor), Unix AT&T System V, Release 3 and 4 (Symmetric
Multi-Processor), SCO, and UnixWare
• MS/Windows XP, Vista, and NT 4.0, AIX 3.2 for RS/600 IBM Workstations
PowerMax OS 4.9 for Power Hawk Servers. (based on Symmetric Multi-Processors using PowerPC )

Networking Toolsets and Protocols:

• Hadoop Map/Reduce GByte data handler across heterogeneous networks and GreenTea Java Clustering
• RPCs (Remote Procedure Calls)

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• NFS, Samba, and NetServer Berkeley/TLI Sockets
• RF Socket master/slave system that uses FreeWave 940MHz RF modems
• Kernel Level Socket and Streams drivers for Fault Resilient Solaris Cluster System – 64bit SMP
• SLIP and PPP serial drivers
• Fibre Channel (FC-AL, SCSI-3) kernel level driver and Solaris interface for the A-5000 SANs product
• PowerMax OS SNMP

Ocean Engineering Sensors and Systems:

• FAU Coastline Security Technology Grant
o Video stabilization from vibration noise
o Classification of ships in surveillance video
• FAU Autonomous Navigation/Communication, Ambient Noise, Side-Scan, and Forward Looking Sonars
• FAU Acoustic Underwater Modems
• FAU Autonomous Underwater Vehicles

Hardware and other systems:

• PC104-Plus Host Embedded Stacks
• Motorola Dragon Ball VZ6328 embedded microprocessor.
• Texas Instruments DSP TMS320C5416 Fixed Point Processor
• Spectrum Digital JTAG-XDS510Plus
• PCMCIA Type II Modem/Ethernet Lan, Modem/Serial Port(2), and Serial/Ultra SCSI combo
• SPARC, Ultra-Sparc, E250, E450, ES3000-6000, and ES10000 Workstations and
Enterprise Servers from Sun Microsystems
• Qlogic QLA2100 Fibre Channel Host Bus Adapter and Sun’s StorEdge PCI and SPARC
Bus FC-100 Host Adapters
• PowerPC Symmetric Processors for Concurrent PowerHawk Servers.
• Encore (formerly Gould Systems Inc.) Infinity SP 30/40 Multi-Processors (64 Motorola
• Video Chip Sets include Chips & Technologies 65545/50 and Cirrus Logic GL-7442/43.
• IBM AIX RS/6000 Workstations
• HP, Wavetek, Tektronix, and National Instruments logic analyzers, oscilloscopes, and
random function generators
• FAU’s High-Performance-Standard-Node Type II based on Echelon Inc. LonTalk Neuron
3120 processors for serial networks


• National Science Foundation (NSF):$2,300,000. Collaborative project between FIU, FAU,
IBM, Mexico, Argentina, Spain, China, and India. May, 2008 – April, 2012
• Secure Telecommunication Networks. $150,000 September, 2007 – August, 2008.
• Center of Coastline Security Technology $3,000 July, 2006

TEACHING (at FAU, NSU, Unix/Linux User Group, and Sun Microsystems Inc.)
• Introduction to Neural Networks (JOONE–Java based and MATLAB toolsets)
• Evolutionary Computing (Proposed & developed New course)

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• Stochastic Models for Computer Scientists
• Data Structures and Algorithm Analysis
• Structured Computer Architecture
• Introduction to Logic Design
• Engineering Data Analysis
• Advanced Engineering Analysis I
• Real Time Ocean Systems (Proposed & developed New course)
• Ocean Eng. Senior Design Project
• Advanced Unix and Kernel Internals
• Kernel Device Driver Development for Solaris OS
• Data Communications and Networks
• Introduction to Artificial Intelligence (Proposed & developed New course)
• C/C++ Introduction and Advanced Programming Applications
• Discrete Event System Simulation (Proposed & developed New course)
• Computer Access Control and Security Systems


• TAU BETA PI (National Engineering Honor Society)


• Member, IEEE Computer Society
• SBIR Geosciences and Instrumentation Program Review Committee Panel (2003, 2005)
• FAU University Faculty Senate, elected member (2004-2008)
• FAU Undergraduate Programs Committee, elected member (2004-2009)
• FAU Undergraduate Computer Engineering Committee, elected member (2003-2009)
• FAU Departmental Research Laboratory Committee, elected member, (2003-2009)
• Program Committee member of various IEEE Technical Conferences, IRI, ICTAI, ICMLA, SEKE, ICDM

Journal Articles
1. Currently there are four journal articles under review
2. A. Folleco and T.M. Khoshgoftaar, International Journal of Reliability, Quality and Safety Engineering, June, 2006
3. F. Song, E. An, A. Folleco, IEEE Journal of Oceanic Engineering, April, 2003
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2. A. Folleco, T.M. Khoshgoftaar, L. Bullard, 20th International Conference on Software Engineering and Knowledge
Engineering, Redwood City, CA, July, 2008. (invited to extend into Journal article)
3. A. Folleco, T.M. Khoshgoftaar, J. Van Hulse, L. Bullard, IEEE International Conference on Information Reuse and
Integration, Las Vegas, NV, July, 2008.
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6. C. Seiffert, T.M. Khoshgoftaar, J. Van Hulse, A. Folleco, , IEEE International Conference on Reusability of Information,

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Las Vegas, NV, August, 2007
7. A. Folleco, T.M. Khoshgoftaar, J. Van Hulse, Proceedings of the 13th ISSAT International Society of Scientific and
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Book Chapter
1. A. Folleco, T.M. Khoshgoftaar, J. Van Hulse, Recent Advances in Reliability and Quality in Design, Springer Series in
Reliability Engineering, April, 2007

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