Bradford Conservation Commission Meeting November 10, 2010 Minutes

Members Present: Ed Wendell, Gary Tillotson, Sandy Price, Barbara Kulzyck, Nancy Jones, Tom Gray, Dick Bolander Guests Present: Ben Rubenfeld, Ben Machin Meeting called to order at 18:35 by Nancy Jones Minutes of October 20 meeting: approved Financials The following bills were presented by Treasurer, Ed Wendell, for payment:
Payable to
Nancy Jones Nancy Jones John Loschiavo It's Classified Bridge Weekly Journal Opinion Nancy Jones Jim McCracken



Payable from
BCC Budget ( Supplies) FOWM Fund FOWM Fund Green-Up Funds Green-Up Funds Green-Up Funds BCC Budget (Seminars) BCC Budget (Seminars)

Approved Approved Approved Approved Approved Approved Approved Approved

$15.99 Reimbursement for purchase of adhesive labels $55.80 Reimbursement for purchase of binders for Trailhead guest books $400.00 Mileage and Wellborn Ecology Conference Registration $21.60 Tire Drop Ad on 10/28/10 $33.00 Tire Drop Ad on 10/28/10 $31.75 Tire Drop Ad on 10/27/10 $80.00 Partial Stipend for Registration at NEEEA Conference 10/21-23/10 $80.00 Partial Stipend for Registration at NEEEA Conference 10/21-23/10


• Accounting from LEAF was provided by Ed Wendell. (See attached) Update was provided on the status of the BA energy upgrades. Need to ensure that Bob Wing is in contact with Jon Haehnel and they will periodically interact. Need to get a copy of the Energy Audit to Bob Wing.


Menu for the Future - Discussion Course: proposed to conduct this course using readings compiled by the Northwest Earth Institute. Discussion guide books will be available from Catamount Earth Institute at $11. MOTION: allocate up to $220 from the LEAF account to purchase 20 copies of the "Menu for the Future" Guidebooks. Passed. Guidebooks will be sold to participants at $11 each. Upcoming Conferences: o Nov. 13 - Environmental Action Conference at VTC o Dec. 4 - VCANS at Lake Morey Inn o Dec. 10 - Future of the Vermont Landscape MOTION: allocate up to $200 for reimbursement of registration(s) at conferences listed above. Passed. • Movie Series: First Monday Movies Upstairs at the Colatina will be continued into 2011 with six movies. Two of the movies ("Big River" and "Fresh") have associated leasing costs totaling $500. Movies would be placed in the Bradford Public Library repository. MOTION:

Allocate $500 from LEAF funds to lease the two movies. Passed. [ Page 1 of 4 ]

Land Conservation

Update of 2010 Income was presented by Nancy Jones: Activity
Cargill Donation Calendar Supper / Auction Bulk Mail Appeal 2010 Calendars Yard & Estate Sale Race to the Top Concert Whole Hog Booth LEAF Booth Water Bottles / Hats Clemence Donation Burgess Donation 2011 Calendars

Amount Raised
$80.00 $6480.00 $2172.00 $455.00 $3646.15 $299.00 $105.00 $709.00 $521.00 $228.00 $1000.00 $1500.00 $410.00



• Conservation Fund Allocation - Appropriation request for $5000 has been submitted for consideration in 2011 Budget. Review of Conservation Commission budget request will occur on Dec. 2 • Thomas Property – Closing scheduled for Dec. 2 • Bradford Municipal Forest - At the October 28th meeting of the Selectboard, a motion was passed (3 - 2) to sell the property to the TPL contingent upon approval by the Town at the March, 2011 Town Meeting. • Lyons Property – issues will be presented to the Selectboard at the Dec. 9 meeting. • Waits River Landowners - Ben Manchin from Redstart showed maps of the Waits River and floodplain. He expressed a need for a joint meeting with the Planning Board, BCC and Redstart to discuss some of the options for floodplain management: property re-zoning, easements for purposes of management and riparian easements. He would further like to meet with landowners, preferably with introductions through BCC members.

Stewardship • Tom and Gary were asked to fact-find as to whether BCC should join VT Trails and Greenways Council (annual fee $30) and should we put our trail info on the Trail Finder web site. Solid Waste • Tire Drop – Barbara reported on the successful tire drop held on Saturday, October 30. A total of 89 passenger tires and 29 SUV/light truck tires (125 tires total). Barbara needs a check from
the Town Treasurer for $256 payable to KNS from Green-up Fund for removal of Tire-Drop tires.

Meeting Closed at 20:45 Respectfully submitted, Richard Bolander, Secretary Attachments:

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