Bradford Conservation Commission

Meeting Minutes: May 19, 2010
Members Present: Ed Wendell, Gary Tillotson, Sandy Price, Barbara Kulzyck, Tom Gray, Nancy Jones, Dick Bolander Guest: Peg Coutemarsh Meeting called to order at 18:35 by Nancy Jones Minutes of May 5, 2010 meeting: Approved with deletion of CVSWMD as funding source for Green-Up monies and correction of number of tires collected from 175 to 268. Financials: Bills were presented by Treasurer, Ed Wendell, for payment: Payable to
Amalgamated Culture Works Richard Evans Valley News Assoc. of VT Conservation Commissions Steve Whitman Emily Williams

Amount For
$234.96 36 printed T-shirts for Run to the Top of Bradford $55.90 Materials for Run to the Top of Bradford $115.34 Permaculture ad 5/16/10 $20.00 Registration fee (Nancy Jones) for AVCC Annual Mtg. $200.00 Honorarium for Permaculture Presentation

Payable from
FOWM Fund FOWM Fund BCC Budget

Approved Approved Approved

LEAF/Energy Account Approved

LEAF/Energy Account Approved Approved

$500.00 FOWM College Scholarship for OHS graduating FOWM Fund Senior



Recap of Permaculture

A discussion of the presentation and public awareness occurred. Sandy will prepare a "Reading List" for those hoping to become aware or those who saw the presentation and wish for more. Action: Dick to send a letter of thanks to the OESC for allowing BCC to use the facility. Passed.


BA Energy Audit – Presentation developed by Brent, to be given to the Selectboard, is scheduled for June 11. A discussion on funding approaches ensued. The funding issue was tabled until the BCC meeting on June 2

Conservation Fund Committee

Thomas Property Acquisition – The Selectboard, at the May 13th meeting, was requested to sign the Purchase & Sale papers for the conservation of the property. Selectboard responded that the BCC should have the P&S reviewed by an attorney at the BCC's expense. MOTION: to authorize up to $500 for legal fees to review the Thomas property P&S. Passed. VHCB is expected to vote on conserving the Thomas property on June 18. Fund Raisers ◦ May 25th UVLT Hikes ▪ Two hikes or planned for May 25. Hike #1 will begin at 2:30 and will go from Wright's Mountain trail head to Chase Hollow trailhead (Nancy as Leader). Hike #2 will begin at 4:30 and will go from Wright's Mountain trail head to the cabin returning to Wright Mountain trailhead (Gary and Tom as Leaders). Cost for each hike will be $12.00 and will include a brown bag lunch and a beverage. Volunteers for packing lunches are needed. UVLT Annual meeting will be held at the BA at 7:00 PM.
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Bradford Conservation Commission
◦ Annual Conservation Commission Yard Sale will be held on May 29 at Boch Park. Tent & tables
will be set up Friday at 4 pm. Transfer of items from Chipman's house to tent will begin at 4:00 PM Friday. Need volunteers with trucks. We will need coffee, ice, coolers, etc. at the tent. Some contents of Inez's house may be available at the yard sale. Estate Sale at Inez's house scheduled for June 12th and completed before mid-June. Race to the Top of Bradford ▪ Setup of tent at Chase Hollow Rd. Trailhead will occur at 7:30 AM June 5th. ▪ Race starts June 5th at 9:00 AM at Chase Hollow Rd trailhead. Need help. St. J auto is the primary sponsor. Rick Evans is the contact person. There will be an adult's course (approx. 3.5 miles) and a kid's course (approx. 1.5 miles). Kids will receive certificates for pizza and ice cream provided for by Bradford Pizza, the Bliss Village Store. Hills and Upper Valley Pediatric will provide other awards for the kids. "Junkyard Jackie" will perform at the Start/Finish. Coffee will be provided by The Local Buzz. Members & Friends asked to provide baked goods; juice spritzers will be provided by South End Market. ▪ Barbara has arranged with Bradford FAST Squad to provide EMT coverage. Motion: to provide $50 contribution to the FAST Squad Scholarship fund. Passed. ▪ Needs: • Rick to layout and flag both courses • Assistance at start and at finish • 4-wheeler(s) for First Aid • Need sliced oranges and water at the finish line ▪ Entry fees are $15 for adults; $5 for kids; T-shirts for adults. Benefit Concert - still in planning.

Education Committee
Update on Film Series: Our very successful film series continues as described below:

06/07/10 07/05/10 08/02/10 “Food, Inc.” "Blue Gold"


"Who Killed the Electric Car ?"

Update on Speakers: Below is a listing of upcoming Speakers in our Series:


? Woman Speaking from Randolph

Dick contacted Senior Center Executive Director, Vicky Chaffee who approved our use of the venue for Permaculture presentation. Venue was very satisfactory. Dick was asked to write a letter of thanks to OESC. Field Trips / Workshops: June 19 hike on Emerald Ash Borer must be rescheduled • Paul Hunt is still planning to give a training in July on Geocaching •

Stewardship Committee

MOTION to fund the College Scholarship for $500 from the FOWM monies. Passed. The recipient will be Emily Williams, graduating Senior from Oxbow HS, majoring in Wildlife Management.
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Bradford Conservation Commission

Wright's Mtn. Trail Head Parking perimeter - Gary to meet Jason Fornwalt. Tom will cement in a post to help control the perimeter. There is a lot of trail work to be done before National Trails Day, June 5, and more hands are needed. Trees are down and Ernie's Trail is wet. Needs shavings and raking especially before Race to the Top of Bradford. Trail Work Schedule May 22 - 08:00 Meet at Wrights Mtn trail head May 23 - Best Way In / Best Way Out May 27 - 08:00 Join Oxbow HS National Honor Society to work on Rube's Route

New Business

• Guest Peg Coutemarsh spoke on the topic of residential Wildlife Habitat Certification and suggested
the BCC might recommend and support the program locally. Meeting closed at 20:55 Respectfully submitted, Richard Bolander, Secretary

Action Item Summary
# 8 15 42 43 45 47 48 49 50 54 59 64 65 67 68 72 74 77 78 79 80 81 82 Description Fact find “Beaver “Baffles Contact railroad about Sweet property access Possible trip follow-up: Cookeville Compost Possible trip follow-up: Materials Recovery Facility Possible trip follow-up: Vernal Pool Field Trip Possible trip follow-up: Wind Farm Possible trip follow-up: Canoe/Kayak at confluence of Waits & Conn. Rivers Possible trip follow-up: Natural History Tour of 45acre Thomas land Possible trip follow-up: “Cow Power” Facility Possible trip follow-up: Coventry Landfill - WEC Provide letter on brush pile to papers & list-serve Print and distribute posters for film series Post film series info on list-serve Provide trail info to Trail Finder Collaborate with Tom Gray about boulders to Wrights Mtn. trailhead truckload Assignee Nancy Jones Nancy Jones Nancy Barbara Nancy Ed Nancy Nancy Tom Ed Dick Nancy Barbara Monique of Gary Sandy Nancy Rick Barbara 04/29/10 04/01/10 04/01/10 04/21/10 04/21/10 05/05/10 05/05/10 06/01/10 05/19/10 05/19/10 05/17/10 5/19/10 5/19/10 Planned Completion 02/04/10 02/04/10 Status Open Open Open Open Open Ongoing Ongoing Ongoing Ongoing Ongoing Open Ongoing Ongoing Open Open Closed Open Open Closed Closed Closed New New Actual Completion

Create a press release for Permaculture presentation Contact Oxbow School Board re: composting Obtain flagging and flag courses for Run to the Top Seek EMTs to support Race to the Top

Obtain costs for T-Shirts (incl. printing) for Run to the Ed Top Obtain OESC key for Permaculture presentation Update minutes from May 5, 2010 BCC meeting Write "Thank You" letter to OESC Dick Dick Dick

Minutes of May 19, 2010 Meeting

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Bradford Conservation Commission
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Minutes of May 19, 2010 Meeting

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