Bradford Conservation Commission

Meeting Minutes: July 07, 2010
Members Present: Ed Wendell, Dick Bolander, Gary Tillotson, Sandy Price, Nancy Jones, Monique Priestley, Barbara Kulzyck Guest: Nikki Darling Meeting called to order at 18:40 by Nancy Jones Minutes of June 16, 2010 meeting: Approved with addition of "and hosting" to Monique Priestley invoice. Financials: Bills were presented by Treasurer, Ed Wendell, for payment: Payable to
Martin's Quarry Journal Opinion Monique Priestley

Amount For
$151.55 Delivery of rocks for perimeter of parking area $60.80 Color Concert Ad 6/23/10 edition $190.00 Web hosting, Domain Registration for 1 yr., Web design & development for 2010 LEAF $45,000.00 Local matching share toward acquisition and conservation of 64 ac. of forest land abutting Wright's Mtn. / Devil's Den lands

Payable from
FOWM Fund BCC Budget LEAF Account

Approved Approved Approved

Upper Valley Land Trust

$25,000 from WRSB account; $20,000 from most suitable Bradford Conservation Fund account


Total $45,402.35

Energy Committee • Update and Action Plan
o • •

o Some portion of the Emergency Bond issue will be discussed at the July 8 Selectboard
meeting. Quote for foam installation as part of waterproofing roof is pending There is need for storm windows on some of the older windows in the BA

Land Conservation
Closing on Thomas land is scheduled for sometime in August UVLT monitoring will be made on the week of July 7 - 9. Gary Tillotson will probably accompany on visit. Guy Demers, a consultant from VT Agency of Transportation is expected to visit the Sweet property to evaluate the RR crossing and consider options.

Stewardship Committee • No inputs Education Committee • 30 - 35 people attended showing of "Blue Gold" on July 5 • Geocaching Workshop will occur later than currently planned • A grant of $1000 was received from the Byrne Foundation to support LEAF through Nancy's efforts. • Motion: Set aside $250 from Byrne grant to fund purchase of rights to show the movie "Fresh". Conservation Fund Committee • Photos are needed by July 15th for the 2011 Bradford Conservation Fund calendar.
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Bradford Conservation Commission
• Help is needed for the Whole Hog festival scheduled for August 8th at the Haverhill Fair Grounds

Other • Barbara presented the letter to accompany a $50 check to the Bradford FAST Squad Scholarship fund in thanks for their help at the Race to the Top of Bradford. Money was previously authorized. • Jay Lackey will make a presentation on the Emerald Ash Borer on August 14th in the BA Room 10A followed by a field trip. Limited to 20 people.

Information and update was provided by Nancy re status of Bradford Municipal Forest and Trust For Public Land offer.

Meeting closed at 19:45 Respectfully submitted, Richard Bolander

Action Item Summary
# 8 15 42 43 45 47 48 49 50 54 59 64 65 67 74 77 81 82 83 84 85 Description Fact find “Beaver “Baffles Contact railroad about Sweet property access Possible trip follow-up: Cookeville Compost Possible trip follow-up: Materials Recovery Facility Possible trip follow-up: Vernal Pool Field Trip Possible trip follow-up: Wind Farm Possible trip follow-up: Canoe/Kayak at confluence of Waits & Conn. Rivers Possible trip follow-up: Natural History Tour of 45acre Thomas land Possible trip follow-up: “Cow Power” Facility Possible trip follow-up: Coventry Landfill - WEC Provide letter on brush pile to papers & list-serve Print and distribute posters for film series Post film series info on list-serve Provide trail info to Trail Finder Contact Oxbow School Board re: composting Obtain flagging and flag courses for Run to the Top Update minutes from May 5, 2010 BCC meeting Write "Thank You" letter to OESC Help with upcoming concert Assignee Nancy Jones Nancy Jones Nancy Barbara Nancy Ed Nancy Nancy Tom Ed Dick Nancy Barbara Monique Nancy Rick Dick Dick All available 04/29/10 04/01/10 04/01/10 04/21/10 05/05/10 06/01/10 05/19/10 05/19/10 06/18/10 07/07/10 07/07/10 Planned Completion 02/04/10 02/04/10 Status Closed Pending Open Open Open Ongoing Ongoing Ongoing Ongoing Ongoing Suspend Ongoing Ongoing Closed Open Open Closed Closed Closed New New Actual Completion

Meet with Phil Page to schedule positioning of Gary boulders at trailhead Link BCC web site with LEAF web site ============================= Monique

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Bradford Conservation Commission

Minutes of May 19, 2010 Meeting

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