Bradford Conservation Commission

Meeting Minutes August 04, 2010
Members Present: Ed Wendell, Dick Bolander, Sandy Price, Nancy Jones, Monique Priestley, Barbara Kulzyck, Tom Gray (7:20) Guest: Nikki Darling Meeting called to order at 18:50 by Nancy Jones Minutes of July 21, 2010 meeting: Approved as written. Financials: Following bills were presented by Treasurer, Ed Wendell, for payment: Payable to
Law offices of Richard Cawley Nancy Jones Nancy Jones Nancy Jones Nancy Jones

Amount For
$50.00 Review of Purchase & Sale Contract

Payable from
WSRB Conservation Fund Acct.

Approved Approved Approved Approved Approved

$43.56 Hot dogs & paper supplies for Whole Hog WSRB Conservation Fund Acct. $30.43 2 Coffee Pumps $86.52 Banners for booth at Whole Hog $56.00 Hamburger patties for Whole Hog WSRB Conservation Fund Acct. WSRB Conservation Fund Acct. WSRB Conservation Fund Acct.



Energy Committee • Info Meeting re: Bond vote for Sewer Extension and BA Repairs o Sessions Thurs. Aug 5 at 7 PM and Mon. Aug 16 at 7 PM o Energy improvements included as part of proposed NTE $150K BA Repairs bond o Bond votes are by Australian Ballot on Aug 24 • LEAF o 13 Spaces sold for vendors o Ad sales going well
o o o o • Perry Oil will provide flyers and has donated a $100 gift certificate Paul Hunt will donate space in Old Church Community Theater in exchange for ad Nichols will bring trailer with wood pellet stoves display. Will need to park across street, possibly adjacent to Reed's Next meeting on LEAF Comm. On Aug. 9th

Conservation Fund Committee
Whole Hog Festival Aug. 8 ◦ Tent setup 3 PM Friday Aug. 6 to include deep fryer and Perry LP gas hook-up. Grills to be provided by Nancy and Tom Gray. Will need all 9 tables. ◦ Volunteers to contact Mary Ellen Gray for shift commitments ◦ Breakdown on Sunday evening Aug. 8 starting at 7 PM 2011 Calendars ◦ Need to decide on photos for calendar. Selection Comm. (Nancy, Barbara, Nikki and Monique) to meet Tues Aug 10 at 2 PM at BA

Minutes of July 07, 2010 Meeting

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Bradford Conservation Commission
Land Conservation
• • • • Burgess Property - closing expected any day Thomas Property - closing delayed due to deed issue. Closing expected within 2 weeks Lyons Property - Nancy contacted 8 landowners got 1 callback to date Municipal Forest - Logging agreement between Sewer & Water Board and logging company has been rescinded and S&WB instructed to enter no further such agreements without Selectboard approval. Issues derive from unclear authorization, empowerment and communication.

Stewardship • Signs made for cabin. Need firewood near cabin and tarp to cover firewood. • Footbridge near Chase Hollow Trail has damaged plank. Tom or Gary to check it out. • Tentative Volunteer Day for trail work is August 21 • Trail work on Cindy's Trail might be discussed with Sean Tillotson as a possible Eagle Scout Project • Wording for Cindy's Bench decided. Education Committee • Motion: Ask Colatina Exit if Monday Night Movie program can start again on the first Monday night in October and continue. Passed. • Insect Workshop: Aug. 14th 9 AM - 1 PM Need minimum of 8 people. Monique to work with Tom to identify maple and ash trees as part of walk on public lands. • Geocaching Workshop: to occur in September. Solid Waste • Recycling Depot: 3 proposals received. Recommendation to Selectboard planned for Aug 12 meeting. • Fall Tire Drop: Barbara would like to conduct this, but is concerned that there isn't enough money. She is also concerned that it not conflict with Source to Sea or with new Depot contractor. Issue tabled. • Possible Field Trip - Discussion postponed until after Aug. 12 SB meeting.
Meeting closed at 20:25 Respectfully submitted, Richard Bolander

Minutes of August 4, 2010 Meeting

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Bradford Conservation Commission
Action Item Summary
# 15 42 43 45 47 48 49 50 54 59 64 65 74 77 84 85 86 87 88 89 90 91 Description Contact railroad about Sweet property access Possible trip follow-up: Cookeville Compost Possible trip follow-up: Materials Recovery Facility Possible trip follow-up: Vernal Pool Field Trip Possible trip follow-up: Wind Farm Possible trip follow-up: Canoe/Kayak at confluence of Waits & Conn. Rivers Possible trip follow-up: Natural History Tour of 45acre Thomas land Possible trip follow-up: “Cow Power” Facility Possible trip follow-up: Coventry Landfill - WEC Provide letter on brush pile to papers & list-serve Print and distribute posters for film series Post film series info on list-serve Contact Oxbow School Board re: composting Obtain flagging and flag courses for Run to the Top Assignee Nancy Jones Nancy Barbara Nancy Ed Nancy Nancy Tom Ed Dick Nancy Barbara Nancy Rick 04/29/10 04/01/10 04/01/10 05/05/10 06/01/10 07/07/10 07/07/10 7/21/10 7/21/10 7/21/10 7/21/10 7/21/10 Gary, Dick, 7/21/10 Planned Completion 02/04/10 Status Pending Open Open Open Ongoing Ongoing Ongoing Ongoing Ongoing Suspend Ongoing Ongoing Open Open Closed Closed Closed Open Closed Closed Closed Open Actual Completion

Meet with Phil Page to schedule positioning of Gary boulders at trailhead Link BCC web site with LEAF web site Monique

Correspond with 8 landowners abutting WM re Nancy donation Discuss Dutton tax sale w. SB members Nancy

Contact P. Hunt re postponement of workshop & Nancy details Contact Perry’s re donation for LEAF raffle Contact R. Moore re construction of bench for Cindy Contact M. Gray re volunteering in Whole Hog Booth Barbara Nancy Ed, Brent, Sandy

92 93

Assess damage to footbridge at Chase Hollow Trail

Tom, Gary

8/4/10 8/4/10

New New

Ask Colatina if Monday Night Movie program can be Sandy extended

Attested by:

Minutes of August 4, 2010 Meeting

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