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Conference Organisation When Where

The Animal Gaze Constructed: The Aesthetics of The Animal Gaze Constructed: Art, Architecture and Human-Animal March 6-7 London
Animal politics. Studies
International Conference on Human-Wildlife Conflict Oxford WildCru 1st – 3rd April Oxford
and Coexistence
The National Animal Welfare Conference (NAWC) Humane Canada March 28-30 Victoria, Canada

The Animal Gaze Constructed (2020) London Metropolitan University 6-7 March London

Reading Zoos in the Age of the Anthropocene: Utrecht University 1-3 April Utrecht, NL
"Extinction, Conservation, Resurrection"
Animal Rights: Advocacy and Academia National University of Ireland Galway 15-16 May Galway, Ireland

3rd International Equine Welfare & Well-Being 29-31 May Barcelona

Conference: a dimension to discover
Pollen 2020: Contested Natures Institute of Development Studies 24-26 June Brighton

Anthropology and Geography: Dialogues Past, Present British Museum/SOAS/RGS 4-7 June London
and Future Conference
Equine Cultures in Transition Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences and Equestrian Centre of 16-18 June Uppsala/Strömsholm
Excellence Strömsholm
Thinking and enacting justice in a multispecies world Sydney Social Sciences and Humanities Advanced Research Centre 12-20 June Sidney

EASA 2020: New anthropological horizons in and European Association of Social Anthropologists 21-24 July Lisbon
beyond Europé
UFAW Animal Welfare Conference University of Birmingham 1 July Birmingham, UK.
UFAW Animal
Welfare Conference
The Animal Advocacy Conference: Insights from Social The Animal Advocacy Conference / Kent University 24-26 june Canterbury
One Health, One Welfare: Wellbeing for all in human- International Society for Anthrozoology Annual Conference 29 Jun - 03 Jul Liverpool
animal interactions
Diverse Voices: Promises and Perils of Social Media For 11th International Conference on Social Media & Society July 22-24 Chicago
Re-creating Landscape and Culture in a Time of Global The International Symposium for Society & Resource Management June 22-26 Cairns, Australia
Change’ (ISSRM)
Approaching the Digital Anthropocene European Association for the Study of Science and Technology 18-21 August Prague

Pathways Europe 2020 - Sharing Landscapes Human Dimensions of Wildlife Conference Sept. 20th-23rd Wageningen