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“No one goes to bat harder for your many of them, “if it bleeds it leads” is
community and small business king and brevity is the standard.
like the local free press.” Even with the few community
One of my writers newspapers who exist in this,
said that to me recently – often ignored, and underap-
Dave, actually, it was Dave. preciated industry, with us
He said it with a conviction – there aren’t enough pages
that hit home and verbalized and writers to keep up with
what I haven’t been able to ar- it all. But we’re doing what we
ticulate for myself, only feel. can, and I’m confident that they
These last few years have would agree with me when I say
been a wild ride, one that changed how that we’ll keep doing it or die trying.
I viewed the Flyer and its role in the commu- The  Flyer  is for you, for the com-
nity. For a while there, it was merely about the munity. It isn’t for me or any selfish motives
art and entertainment culture of the Valley - to strike it rich because, let’s face it, a local
putting a spotlight on all the cool shit no one free press isn’t where people come to do that.
wanted to admit was here. And that’s still part In fact, our writers are primarily a volunteer
of the big picture, don’t get me wrong, it plays force. They write because they want to, be-
a significant role in what motivates us to keep cause they feel passionate about the issues in
printing. But the deeper I’ve gone down the their neighborhoods and because they believe
rabbit hole of the local culture here, the more in the Flyer’s potential of what it could be for
I uncover that is the underbelly to that culture. the community. And honestly, I couldn’t do
The Central Valley has layers and any of this without them.
layers of battles waging all at the same time – You know, I never have to convince
it’s food deserts, economic disparity, poverty, readers why this magazine is worth its salt – it’s
homelessness, air pollution, education dispari- only the advertisers I have to do that with. The
ty, urban sprawl, and preferential treatment to ones who think no one reads this, or print, or
megacorps over small business. There’s a few in anything anymore.
there I missed, but you get the point, the list All of this is to say that this local free
goes on. Yet, who’s talking about it and talking press, the Flyer, can’t go to bat for its commu-
about it in depth at the underdog’s defense? nity without its writers. If you feel any appre-
News stations (even the locals) and ciation for what they’re doing – reach out to
prominent newspapers spend a bulk of their them, their emails are listed alongside their
time, energy, and space talking about national names – and let them know you’re willing to
and regional issues. Not to mention that for bat for them.

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the Fog
By Will Freeney

T wo years ago, we were contemplat-

ing the implementation of Prop 64
– legalizing personal possession of mar-
ijuana in limited quantities and cultiva-
tion for personal use – also in limited
quantities. As the specifics of Prop 64
were put to work (allowing individual
municipalities to determine the degree
to which commercial cultivation and
sales would be permitted in their spe-

cific district), Fresno County dealt itself
out of the commercial opportunities al-
together, and Fresno city followed suit –
leaving Coalinga as the only legal retail
By I. smiley G. Calderón | source for recreational cannabis prod-
ucts in Fresno County.
Then, one year ago, the Fres-
H appy New Year! They say hindsight is
2020, but so is our new year. As we
usher in the “Roaring Twenties” of our 21st
sion as a felony is staggering. And egregious.
This whole mess is nationally confusing and
unfair. But, Matt reminded me: the key is
ly those strains with increased CBD content
or higher percentages of THC - are called
“medical” - but that’s just marketing tactics).
no City Council voted to add Article 33
to Chapter 9 of the Fresno Municipal
Code – the code relating to “Adult Use
century, what can we say we have learned to keep fighting, to continue lobbying and Really, the only difference between “medical”
and Medicinal Cannabis Retail Business
about the cannabis condition in our Central pushing for progressive cannabis legislation. and “nonmedical” is found in the status of
and Commercial Cannabis Business.”
Valley communities? And he’s right. After all, MPP’s motto is, “We the user. So, if a user has a “Medical Marijua-
That landmark amendment weighs in at
change laws.” Focusing on sensible cannabis na License” - a physician’s recommendation
53 pages – many of which are dedicat-
THE NATION laws is critical. for cannabis - this user is legally considered
ed to the over-reaching and redundant
And, thanks to our nation’s confus- a patient. On the other hand, up until the
language of legal definitions. The most
Well, yes, we still know that cannabis (often ing hierarchy and structure of laws, individ- recent passage of Proposition 64 in 2016,
essential salient fact of the legislation is
called “marijuana”) remains federally illegal - ual progressive states have legally been able “The Adult Use of Marijuana Act,” (AUMA),
that it opens the door to potential retail-
that hasn’t changed any, unfortunately. It was to circumvent them and slip through the if a user was caught with cannabis without
ers. Those potential retailers have to ap-
branded a “Schedule I” drug a few decades cracks by enacting their  own  pro-cannabis a physician’s recommendation, he or she
ply to the state and to the city and then
ago “with no currently accepted medical use laws and ordinances, in direct opposition to would just be another drug-using criminal in
be selected by the city, deemed worthy
and a high potential for abuse” by the Con- the Feds. This has been great news for pro- California.
of an M-business license. The hoops are
trolled Substances Act of 1970. And it has cannabis Californians benefitting from some With the contentious U.S. history
numerous, and the profit margin is im-
been held hostage there ever since. 50 dark of the most progressive cannabis laws in the of cannabis legislation in mind, it’s nice for
pacted by the fees and taxes associated
years and counting. country and the world. nonmedical cannabis users to finally be treat-
with those many hoops.
Many organizations are currently ed like adults in the golden state. But are they
And here’s the reality – while
lobbying to change our federal prohibition THE STATE really? 
Fresno’s city councilmembers tiptoe, in
of cannabis, but it’s an uphill battle. When
their flame-retardant onesies, into the
I spoke with Matt Simon, Legislative Analyst It all started with California’s 1996 “Com- THE REGION AND COUNTY
realm of Commercial Cannabis, com-
at Marijuana Policy Project (MPP) about this passionate Use Act,” Proposition 215. And,
mercial cannabis in California (a de-
struggle, he put it in a national context. He although this is old news in light of more re- With the passage of Prop 64, it became le-
cades-old primary industry up north in
reminded me that in some parts of the coun- cent legal developments, this “Medical Mar- gal for Californians over 21 anywhere in the
Humboldt and Mendocino Counties)
try, possession of cannabis is still a felony. ijuana” law is still active. It provides some state to possess, process, transport, and even
marches on. An August 19th article for
“The struggle is real,” Matt told me. Accord- essential legal protections for medical canna- give away for free (to other adults over 21)
the LA Times posited a growth rate for
ing to MPP, someone is arrested for a “mari- bis users that nonmedical users can’t benefit up to an ounce of cannabis. And now, adults
statewide legal cannabis business from
juana offense” in the U.S. every 48 seconds. from.  can cultivate up to six cannabis plants at their
$2.5 billion in 2018 to $3.1 billion in
To think in our modern era - within the But, let’s be clear here: cannabis is residence for personal use, too. 
2019. The article goes on to share the
same “united” nation - that one state offers cannabis - whether we call it “medical” or
“bad news” from this good news/bad
a safe haven for something that another state “recreational” does not make it any less of a Continues on pg 4...
finds so offensive that it criminalizes posses- medicine. It’s the same stuff. (Okay, typical-
Continues on pg 4...
some light: “Personal cultivation of marijua- private residences even within Fresno Coun-
...‘Into the Fog’ cont’d from pg 3 ...‘2020’ cont’d from pg 3 na under paragraph (3) of subdivision (a) of ty.
Section 11362.1 is subject to the following Not only that, but this same sec-
news split on Cali Canna. Although le- But, Central Valley county gov- restrictions: (1) A person shall plant, culti- tion of the Act’s text also clarifies that local
galized commerce experienced a 23% ernment officials have also taken clever ad- vate, harvest, dry, or process plants in accor- governments must equally allow cannabis
upturn in its second year, the numbers vantage of the loopholes within this Act. It dance with local ordinances…” cultivation inside “an accessory structure to a
for the residual illegal sector of the in- affords local governments the freedom to “en- “In accordance with local ordinanc- private residence…that is fully enclosed and
dustry are estimated to be $8.7 billion act and enforce reasonable regulations to rea- es...” How convenient. secure.” Greenhouse, anyone? As long as it’s
– more than double, almost triple, the sonably  regulate” how and even  if  residents But the next part of the section, out of public view, it’s legal.
legal market numbers. can grow their voter-approved, California- paragraph (2), provides some guidelines: Unfortunately, however, this antag-
And that shouldn’t be a sur- sanctioned six cannabis plants.  “The living plants and any marijuana pro- onistic, backward-thinking Central Valley
prise, considering the leverage Prop 64 And Fresno County is not inno- duced by the plants in excess of 28.5 county still bullheadedly at war with
gave local municipalities to discourage cent of these governmental games, either. It grams are kept  within the per- cannabis on some fabricated
“marijuana in their community.” The reminds residents on its website that AUMA son’s private residence,  or justification of “health and
pushback to the status quo is not just affirms “that cities and counties may com- upon the grounds of safety concerns for their
from licensed cannabis businesses suffer- pletely prohibit outdoor planting and cul- that private residence
“Prop 64 gives residents” do have the
ing under aggressive taxes for their enter- tivation of marijuana” and that “cities and
prises – unlicensed (aka “illegal”) distrib- counties may completely prohibit the estab-
(e.g., in an outdoor Central Valley adults law behind them
garden area), are when it comes to
utors take a larger share of the market. lishment or operation of businesses engaged in a locked space, over 21 the right to ... prohibiting canna-
Their lower prices reflect the lack of in commercial nonmedical marijuana activ- and  are not visible bis cultivation  out-
taxation and with more ready access ity.” And with this notice, Fresno County by normal unaided cultivate their personal doors  - even at a
(consumer-to-product) in the absence of declares: “The establishment or operation of
regulatory restrictions. a business engaged in commercial marijua-
vision from a public
Cannabis inside their private private residence
on private grounds.
No, the Legislative Analyst’s Office na activity is prohibited in all Zone Districts So, this is residences, even within Their justification is
(a non-partisan resource) just released its of the unincorporated territory of Fresno one of the sections of found in paragraph 3
report on the state of the industry. Their County.” They make it clear: “Possession, the Adult Use of Mar- Fresno County.” of the same 11362.2(b)
conclusion? “Even if the state eliminat- planting, cultivation, harvesting, drying, ijuana Act that Fresno section: “Notwithstanding
ed its cannabis taxes entirely, other costs or processing outdoors on the grounds of a County is using to justify its paragraph (3) of subdivision
– such as regulatory compliance costs private residence is prohibited in all Zone prohibition of cannabis cultiva- (a) of Section11362.1 [the right
and local taxes – likely would keep legal Districts of the unincorporated territory of tion. When certain counties declare that can- to possess, plant, cultivate, harvest, dry, or
cannabis prices higher than illicit mar- Fresno County.” According to Fresno Coun- nabis “possession, planting, cultivation, har- process not more than six living marijuana
ket prices.” The LAO report goes on to ty, medical marijuana dispensaries are also vesting, drying, or processing outdoors on the plants and possess the marijuana produced
recommend changing the cannabis tax illegal, and medical marijuana users are not grounds of a private residence is prohibited by the plants], a city, county, or city and
structure from weight-based to poten- permitted to cultivate their own cannabis in all Zone Districts,” they cleverly forget county may completely prohibit persons from
cy-based (around a half-cent per mil- within the county, either. to mention that the critical word justifying engaging in actions and conduct under
ligram of THC). That may, indeed, be It’s confusing to be sure, as the dis- their prohibition is “outdoors.” That is, some paragraph (3) of subdivision (a) of Section
more equitable. Still, I’m not sure how or tinction between commercial, personal, and counties want cannabis users to believe that 11362.1 [the right to possess, plant, cultivate,
if that could increase the share of canna- medicinal is unclear. So, what does the state any cannabis activity on the grounds of a harvest, dry, or process not more than six liv-
bis sales registered by “legal” operations. law really say? private residence within their jurisdiction is ing marijuana plants and possess the mari-
It seems like local governments As mentioned above, Prop 64 made illegal. But, this is simply not true. Lawful juana produced by the plants] outdoors upon
should be working to make entry into possession of up to an ounce of cannabis le- cannabis activity under Proposition 64 is the grounds of a private residence.” There it
legal cannabis commerce as easy as pos- gal for adults over 21 anywhere in California. entirely legal inside a private home. Outside is, another loophole.
sible, as it cuts into the entirely untaxed Specifically, section 11362.1(a) of the Health is a different matter. But, keep in mind, this prohibi-
and unregulated operations that contin- and Safety Code reads: “It shall be lawful Let’s go back to the text of AUMA tion is only for outdoor cannabis cultivation
ue (and will continue) unabated. under state and local law, and shall not be for clarification. Section 11362.2(b), para- that is not “inside an accessory structure to a
a violation of state or local law, for persons graph 2, states: “Notwithstanding paragraph private residence.” Once again, as long as it’s
21 years of age or older to possess, process, (1) [A city, county, or city and county may inside something, it’s legal.
transport, purchase, obtain, or give away
PERSONAL USE to persons 21 years of age or older without
enact and enforce  reasonable  regulations
to  reasonably  regulate]…no city, county, or
It’s sad to know that when our
Central Valley county officials are given the
CHEAT SHEET any compensation whatsoever not
more than 28.5 grams [one
city and county may completely
prohibit persons engaging
right and duty to “enact and enforce reason-
able  regulations to  reasonably  regulate” law-
ounce] of marijuana…and in the actions and con- ful outdoor personal cannabis cultivation
• Carry up to 1 ounce
not more than 8 grams “[fresno county] duct of subdivision (a) at a private residence, they choose the most
of marijuana in the of Section 11362.1 extreme option of prohibition. And, they
form of concentrat- prohibition is only for  [possess, plant, culti- make it appear that their local prohibition
• Carry up to 8 grams of ed cannabis…” It
concentrate also states that it is outdoor cannabis cultivation vate, harvest, dry, or
process not more
ordinances trump state law. They cleverly cite
state law to justify and defend their limited
lawful to “possess,
plant, cultivate,
that is not  than six living mar- right to prohibition and to make their resi-
• Grow up to six plants ijuana plants and dents believe that California state law doesn’t
per household
harvest, dry, or “inside an accessory possess the mari- matter in the Central Valley when it comes to
process not more
than six living mari- structure to a private juana produced by
the plants]  inside a
cannabis. How shamefully shady.
Which is why I love the next para-
• Indoor growing or
within a secured area
juana plants and pos-
sess the marijuana pro-
residence.” private residence or in- graph of section 11362.2(b). Article 4 states:
side an accessory structure “Paragraph (3) of this subdivision shall be-
permitted. (restric- duced by the plants.” to a private residence located come inoperative upon a determination by
So, how can Fres- upon the grounds of a private the California Attorney General that non-
tions apply)
no County apparently prohibit the residence that is fully enclosed and se- medical use of marijuana is lawful in the
state-sanctioned cultivation of cannabis for cure.” State of California under federal law, and an
• No public smoking its residents over 21? Clearly, Prop 64 gives Central Val- act taken by a city, county, or city and county
Well, the next section of the Health ley adults over 21 the right to possess and
• 21 & over only and Safety Code, section 11362.2(a), sheds cultivate their personal cannabis inside their Continues on pg 7...

Answers to last issue’s puzzles

Fun Facts
For the Love of Cannabis 5. Vanity Fair used to adver-
tise hashish candies as harmless
1. If you have been a regular mar- remedies. The 1862 commercial
ijuana user for decades, you have said it was a pleasurable remedy
probably wondered if it’s just you, against anxiety and melancholy.
or marijuana strains have become For a long time, marijuana was 9. The most expensive joint was
stronger. The truth is, they have. considered legal medicine in the shaped like an elephant tusk and
Back in the day marijuana would US and was even added to the US cost $24,000. Perfectly appropriate
far less get you “high” as it con- Pharmacopeia. It was only at the for the occasion (collecting funds
tained less than 5% THC. Now- beginning of the 20th century that for the African Wildlife Foun-
adays, however, you can find sam- states started to ban it.  dation), the joint was shaped by
ples with over 25% THC. Weavers, a rolling expert. Rolling
6. In The Evil Dead, the original a 1.5 pounds and 30 inches long
2. Cannabis seeds are a source of script called for all the characters joint took two weeks and the paper
all amino acids. They are one of to be smoking marijuana when used was made of 24-karat gold.
only a handful of substances that they are first listening to the tape.
man can sustain off indefinitely The actors decided to try this for 10. Research has found that
with no other food and provide all real, and the entire scene had to be Δ(9)-tetrahydrocannabinol, also
known amino acids. later re-shot due to their uncon- known as THC (the main active
trollable behavior. component of cannabis), has a
3. You can’t die from a weed over- growth-inhibiting effect on the
dose back in 1988 a DEA Judge 7. Pot is short for potagaya. It’s not cancer cells in liver.
named Francis Young argued in a dish, but a type of wine or bran-
favor of taking weed off Schedule dy. Americans started using the 11. The marijuana industry has
I because of its ‘low harm profile’. term in the late 1930s when they opened new, original jobs and
According to Young, a user would learned about potagaya or poti- is increasing employment rate
need to “consume around 1,500 guaya, i.e., potación de guaya (“the rapidly. Marijuana facts and
pounds of weed within about drink of grief ”). It is basically an statistics  for 2020 predict the
15 minutes to induce a lethal re- alcoholic drink in which marijuana marijuana industry will have
sponse”. This equates to some- buds were steeped. created 250,000 new jobs. The
where between 20,000 and 40,000 number of jobs increased by 445%
joints — in 15 minutes! 8. Historical  facts about canna- in 2017, which is much larger
bis  tell us the story of a Chinese than the tech or health care sector.
4. Cannabis seeds are a source of surgeon who used a marijuana Some of them may be vacancies
all amino acids. They are one of mixture to relieve the pain during for budtenders, budtrimmers,
only a handful of substances that surgery. As a matter of fact, the master extractors, etc. Budtenders
man can sustain off indefinitely Chinese word for anesthesia is are shop assistants selling you the
with no other food and provide all mazui, which means “marijuana desired dose, while budtrimmers
known amino acids. intoxication.” cut off the undesired leaves from
a marijuana plant. 
FREE AT LAST? By Dave Fountinelle |

I n 2016, California voters passed propo-

sition 64, the Control, Regulate, and Tax
Adult Use of Marijuana Act. In the near four
of work to change attitudes and sway pub-
lic opinion. However, for the ones working
on behalf of the hundreds of thousands of
es. In fact, blacks are the only racial group in
LA county with a higher percentage of the
prison population than their overall popula-
ment. In April, prosecutors in LA and San
Joaquin county took a significant step to ex-
pedite the process when they partnered with
years since then, legal recreational cannabis inmates still sitting behind bars for non-vio- tion in the county. Whites make up 27% of Code for America, a nonprofit tech company
has become one of the fastest-growing and lent, marijuana-only offenses, the breakneck the total population for LA county, and only that developed an algorithm able to scan sen-
most lucrative new businesses in the state, growth of the recreational cannabis industry 20% of those incarcerated for marijuana-on- tencing data and identify every eligible case
attracting big money, corporate interest, throws a glaring spotlight on just how much ly crimes. Latinos, who comprise 49% of the in seconds. While this technology will po-
and investors from all over the globe. Even slower and more complicated the changes LA county population, account for about tentially save these counties millions in time
former Republican Speaker of the House, have been coming for their clients. And, as 42% of those convicted of marijuana-only and resources used to identify eligible cases,
John Boehner, has reversed the staunch an- black males make up a disproportionately offenses. Blacks also received disproportion- it doesn’t mean an instant dismissal for those
ti-pot position he held during his 12 terms convicted. Inmates must still go through
in congress to become a pitchman for cor- the court system to have their convictions
porate cannabis. He’s currently lobbying his cleared.
former colleagues in Washington to legalize CaNorml and the ACLU have been
recreational cannabis at the federal level. two of the loudest voices critical of the lack of
Boehner’s sudden ideological 180 is moti- progress on the side of the courts in getting
vated far less by an altruistic change of heart these convictions cleared. They argue that it
than it is by the fortune he stands to make is unacceptable for inmates to still be behind
if he can get the legislation passed. The im- bars for marijuana-only offenses almost four
petus behind Boehner’s push for legalization years after prop 64 passed. The role race plays
is a proposed merger between Acreage Hold- in the process continues to be heavily scruti-
ings – a marijuana investment firm – and nized as well. With critics pointing out that
Canopy Growth, a Canadian company that blacks and Latinos are lagging significantly
is the largest cannabis holding in the world. behind white inmates when it comes to the
Boehner sits on the board of Acreage Hold- rate their convictions are cleared.
ings and owns 625,000 shares of the com- Before leaving office, Gov. Jerry Brown
pany. The deal would be worth an estimated signed a measure aimed at having all eligible
$3 billion. It would net Boehner a cool $20 marijuana convictions expunged by 2020.
million payday if he can convince Washing- As we enter into the new year, that goal is
ton to legalize it. still a work in progress. While the efforts of
Indeed, there is no more significant higher percentage of inmates incarcerated for ately longer sentences than whites and Lati- LA and San Joaquin county prosecutors to
example than the Acreage Holdings/Canopy marijuana-only offenses, in addition to serv- nos. In many cases, from 25-40% more time clear approximately 54,000 convictions is a
Growth merger of how much the climate ing statistically harsher sentences than whites for the same offenses. positive step, there are still over 250,000 peo-
surrounding cannabis has changed over the and Latinos convicted of the same crimes, Since the passage of prop 64 in ple behind bars for marijuana-only crimes in
last decade. As more and more states approve there is growing criticism of a racial double 2016, progress for inmates trying to get their the rest of the state. As John Boehner lobbies
cannabis legalization, investors are getting a standard that sees white men making mil- marijuana convictions cleared has been both Washington to help him make a fortune off
big hit of the billions that previously were lions off the same industry used to demonize slow and complicated. Advocacy groups long the industry he once fought to keep illegal,
flowing to the black market and loving the black men. complained of the unnecessary redundancies cannabis reform advocates are questioning
high. For those who have been fighting In Los Angeles County, 8% of the and bureaucratic red tape that slogged the the lack of similar enthusiasm for expunging
the good fight for legalization, all of this is residents are black, yet they make up 30% of process. Many inmates weren’t even aware the records of those imprisoned by that ille-
both vindication and validation for decades the people jailed for marijuana-only offens- their conviction was eligible for expunge- gality.

time to meet a city deadline. In any matter, businesses who are fighting for a big piece of dinances. How Fresno County appears to
...‘2020’ cont’d from pg 4
Mayor Brand made a symbolic point against the lucrative pie. This market share - the con- have successfully outlawed all nonmedical
under paragraph (3) shall be deemed repealed the City of Fresno’s new green era. Unfortu- sumers of cannabis in Fresno - remain pro- cannabis despite state law. So, Mr. Wasser-
upon the date of such determination by the nately, now, it’s back to the drawing board tected by Props 215 and 64, despite Mayor man went over state law with me. He told me
California Attorney General.” Which is to for the council on this ordinance. But, with Brand’s veto. that it wasn’t uncommon for rural counties
say, if the federal government were to make a few adjustments and compromises with the to continue to oppose cannabis legalization
cannabis legal, Prop 64 ensures that Fres- mayor, hopefully, it will get back on track. THE FINAL WORD despite the passage of Props 215 and 64. He
no County’s prohibition on lawful outdoor Mayor Brand objected to four items in the said certain counties and cities employ scare
cannabis cultivation at private residences (as ordinance, one simply being the number of This whole marijuana marketplace and can- tactics to keep their residents in the dark
allowed for in paragraph 3) would become days that cannabis shops should keep their nabis condition here in the Fresno area can about their cannabis rights and freedoms.
inoperative and repealed. How about that for security video footage on file. Hopefully, get pretty damn complicated. I wanted to His remedy: “Initiate a recall on those num-
progressive, forward-thinking! that’s an easy fix.  make sense of all of this so, I turned to the skulls!” And Mr. Wasserman is right - “You
And forward-thinking is what is But, another objection that the best: The Pot Brothers at Law - California’s have to push back!” - if local elected officials
needed in these backward times. mayor had was with one of the new social eq- award-winning marijuana business and got enough heat from their constituents and
Prop 64 is a step forward for Cal- uity components of the ordinance. The pro- criminal defense lawyers - brothers Craig and received enough letters and phone calls in
ifornia, but more steps are needed. Change posed law would’ve mandated social policy Marc Wasserman. I had seen their popular opposition to their frivolous cannabis prohi-
happens at the grueling grassroots level. For employee criteria for cannabis businesses that social media posts online (www.potbrothers- bition ordinances, they would certainly get
example, California’s branch of the National would require hiring former foster youths, They are something of celebrities with the program and adhere to the spirit of
Organization for the Reform of Marijuana veterans, or those convicted of a cannabis-re- in the cannabis community and known for Props 215 and 64 - or get replaced by some-
Laws (NORML), a non-profit member- lated crime. The mayor felt that social equity their “no bullshit” approach to giving crucial one who will.
ship organization dedicated to reforming cannabis business applicants would not be legal advice. And, the brothers are the only We also discussed the practical
cannabis laws, has been working to change able to run their businesses as well as non-so- marijuana attorneys that will publicly smoke differences between both Propositions. For
cannabis laws since the 1970s when it suc- cial equity applicants, citing the ordinance’s cannabis and medicate. So, in addition to example, Prop 64 users - nonmedical con-
cessfully lobbied the state legis- sumers - can only consume their
lature to pass the Moscone Act, cannabis at a private residence,
a landmark law that essentially whereas Prop 215 users - med-
decriminalized cannabis posses- ical consumers (with a valid
sion (of less than an ounce) from physician’s recommendation)
a felony to a misdemeanor, with can consume their cannabis vir-
a maximum fine of $100. Some tually anywhere tobacco smoke
20 years later, NORML spear- is permitted. Mr. Wasserman
headed California’s first real suc- explained that, t Me d i -
cessful cannabis reform with the cal cannabis users do not need to
passage of Prop 215 for medical be trapped at home to medicate
users. And, some 20 years after like nonmedical users. It is legal-
that, in 2016, NORML worked ly okay for medical users to light
to help advance California can- up practically anywhere. Medical
nabis freedom for all (adults over users can even legally smoke in
21) with the passage of AUMA. their car if it is not being oper-
The fine folks at NORML have ated, and when on a boat, they
been putting in the work - and can also consume their medi-
reaping positive change. Despite cine so long as they are not the
the successes, however, NORML ones running it. Cannabis is not
understands that more is need- something to be ashamed of, and
ed: “Prop 64 will not be the last Mr. Wasserman is convinced
word on marijuana reform; fur- that there is no such thing as a
ther changes in state and federal “lazy stoner” - just lazy people
law will be needed to guarantee who make cannabis look unpro-
affordable medical access, pro- ductive, harmful, or immoral.
tect employment and housing Over the years, it’s been his per-
rights, facilitate banking and allow interstate employee mandates as too demanding. being legal sharpshooters, they’re intimately sonal mission to destigmatize cannabis and
commerce.” One step at a time. There is plenty of time for city connected to the fight as well. According to prove wrong the stereotypes of its users.
officials to hammer out the details and fix their website, they “are on a journey to end Another big difference between
THE CITY whatever is necessary to get the mayor on Cannabis Prohibition and educate all U.S. Props 215 and 64 is the amount of canna-
board if, in fact, his objections are ones that Citizens about their constitutional rights bis that medical and nonmedical users can
The big news at the end of 2019 was the he’s looking to compromise on. The city is when dealing with law enforcement.” So, I possess or cultivate. As already mentioned
surprise veto on Monday, December 23rd, still in the process of its mandatory environ- thought, what the hell, let me reach out to above, Prop 64 allows for possession of up to
by City of Fresno’s lame-duck, Mayor Lee mental review before the ordinance would be them and see if they even respond. one ounce of cannabis and cultivation of up
Brand. He vetoed the Cannabis Retail Busi- put into effect, and the first legal cannabis And Marc did. I was shocked.  to six plants. Prop 215, on the other hand,
ness and Commercial Cannabis Business dispensary storefront is opened. That’s likely With over a half a million social provides for whatever the prescribing phy-
City Ordinance that had passed over a year many months away anyway. media followers (and counting), a thriving sician recommends for treatment, typically
ago as Bill No. B-66, but which, among oth- But the vital part in knowing about law firm to manage, podcasts, and an ex- no more than eight ounces of cannabis and
er changes, has undergone a few critical so- this veto is that it doesn’t veto the right of any citing upcoming cannabis radio talk show, cultivation of six mature or twelve immature
cial equity reforms, some of which the mayor adult over 21 to possess or consume up to among many other ventures, I was fortunate plants at any given time.
apparently did not agree with. one ounce of cannabis in the city of Fresno. to secure a telephone interview with the very Clearly, as Mr. Wasserman hinted,
I talked with a city council mem- Although that might have been the intended busy renaissance man himself, Mr. Marc becoming a medical cannabis user is still the
ber about this stunt. What a weird time to perception, or message - to scare or fool res- Wasserman. best option for maximum protection and
veto such a controversial and much-antici- idents into believing their right to cannabis Our interview went great. freedom in these crazy, contradictory Can-
pated city ordinance, I mentioned. Holiday has somehow been revoked - the truth is that I explained to him the frustration nafornication times. Cannabis, both simul-
season veto? Or maybe it was done just in the veto is only a speed bump for cannabis and confusion with the Fresno County or- taneously forbidden and much desired, must
stand the test of time into a new era.

Council. The MCCAPC strives to build Knockout’s MOVIE NIGHT-The if bought in advance! The price will
January 8-15 a statewide network of individuals, Mandalorian Marathon Jan 14 at 2 Community jump to $7 at the door. Cameras are
public policymakers and collabora- PM Knockout Esports Arena 2150 ok. Free parking!
tive agencies dedicated to prevent- Minnewawa Ave Suite B, Clovis, Bitwise Blood Drive Thursday, Jan-
Art ing child abuse and neglect in all its 93612 At Knockout, we are avid uary 9 at 10:30 AM – 1:30 PM 700
forms. ​ gamers but we also LOVE movies! Van Ness Ave, Fresno, 93721 We’re
partnering with Central California
Loud Mouth 2020 Grand Slam! And by popular demand, we are mak-
feat. MC Wil Gibson! Saturday, Jan- ELF the Musical January 9-12. ing this a Mandalorian Marathon! All Blood Center for the first Bitwise Train Brain at 10:30 am and then
uary 11 at 7 PM – 10 PM Howie & Thursday at 7pm, Fri & Sat at 7:30om, episodes will be shown in order for Blood Drive of 2020! The event will CANASTA at 1-3 pm Wednesday, Jan-
Son’s Pizza Parlor 2430 S Mooney Sunday at 1pm. Good Company Play- fans of the series and those who take place in the parking lot of Bit- uary 8. Palm Village Senior Network
Blvd, Visalia, 93277 After a hard ers 1105 N Wishon Ave, Fresno, might not have gotten to watch the wise South Stadium. Donors, please 7638 N Ingram Ave #111a, Fresno,
fought Slam season, our first show 93728 Based on the beloved holi- series yet. Come by and enjoy a new use street parking or park in the Spi- 93711. Contact Barbara at barbara@
of 2020 leads up to our biggest line- day film, this hysterical family treat chapter in the Star Wars Universe! ral Garage and remember … Bitwise or (559) 346-7662.
up of finalists from 2019! 12 Poets follows Buddy the Elf as he searches First episode starts at 4pm. $5 ven- validates! Walkups are welcome, or
come together bringing forth their for his true identity. Rated PG ue for this event. sign up early and beat the rush. To Exercise at 10:30 am followed by
best poems to battle it out one more reserve a time slot, shoot Talisha 3/13 cards from 1-3 pm Thursday,
time to become our 2020 Venue Jay & Silent Bob Reboot Roadshow Finding Neverlan Wednesday, Jan- Brantley an email at tbrantley@bit- January 9. Palm Village Senior Net-
Rep! Saturday, January 11 at 8 PM Histor- uary 15 at 7:30 PM Saroyan Theatre work 7638 N Ingram Ave #111a,
ic Crest Theatre 1170 Broadway Pla- 700 M St, Fresno. Finding Neverland Fresno. Contact Barbara at barba-
za, Fresno. tells the incredible story behind one Lgbtq&a Support Group Friday, or (559) 346-7662.
Theater of the world’s most beloved char- January 10 at 5:30 PM – 7 PM 4867
E Kings Canyon Rd, Fresno, 93727 Monthly luncheon, Hunan, from
Gunsmoke Episode 1 ‘Start of a Len- acters: Peter Pan. Playwright J.M.
Fresno Premiere of California’s gend’ Sunday, January 12 at 2 PM Barrie struggles to find inspiration The second Friday of every month 12-2 pm Friday, January 10. Palm Vil-
Forgotten Children documentary Hanford Multicultural Theater Com- until he meets four young brothers from 5:30PM - 7PM at Holistic Well- lage Senior Network 7638 N Ingram
Thursday, January 9 at 6:30 PM Ed- pany 14060 Hackett St., Hanford, and their beautiful widowed mother. ness Center, we hold a support group Ave #111a, Fresno, 93711. Contact
wards Fresno Stadium 22 & IMAX 93230 re-enactment of radio show Spellbound by the boys’ enchanting for Queer, Questioning, Undecided, Barbara at or
California’s Forgotten Children will on a stage. Projected dates are Sat- make-believe adventures, he sets Intersex, Lesbian, Trans, Bisexual, (559) 346-7662.
be having it’s Fresno premiere in urday, January 11 at 7pm, and Sun- out to write a play that will astound Asexual, Gay, Genderqueer, pansexu-
January 2020 hosted by the Made- day, Jaunary 12, at 2pm. This radio London theatergoers. al individuals, and everyone else ac- Bridge from 1-3 pm on Monday, Jan-
ra County Child Abuse Prevention similitude is directed by Don Brake- cross the gender and sexuality spec- uary 13. Palm Village Senior Network
man. (559) 997-3838 trum! Meet us at the Holistic Cultural 7638 N Ingram Ave #111a, Fresno..
and Education Wellness Center of Contact Barbara at barbara@pvsn.
Fresno at 4867 E. Kings Canyon org or (559) 346-7662.
(Northwest corner of Kings Canyon/
Winery, next to Big Lots). transemo- Exercise at 10:30 am followed by UNO at 1pm Tuesday, January 14.
Palm Village Senior Network 7638
Emergency Blood Drive at KGC N Ingram Ave #111a, Fresno.. Con-
Wednesday, January 15, 2020 at 10 tact Barbara at or
AM – 2 PM Kings Gun Center - Indoor (559) 346-7662.
Range 426 N Park Ave, Hanford.
Train Brain at 10:30 am and then
Rummikub at 1-3 pm Wednesday,
Family January 15. Palm Village Senior
Network 7638 N Ingram Ave #111a,
Strawberry Illa Can Release Party Fresno. Contact Barbara at barba-
Saturday, January 11 at 4 PM – 11 or (559) 346-7662.
PM Full Circle Brewing Co. 620 F
St, Fresno, 93706 The Strawberry
Illa Milkshake is finally here! Join us
as we celebrate our newest release
with an old fashioned Burgers, Old- Harlem Globetrotters World Tour
ies, and Milkshake themed party. Friday, January 10 at 7 PM Save
We are excited to announce that we Mart Center 2650 E Shaw Ave,
teamed up with Burgers & More co. Fresno, 93710 Tickets are available
for the food! Music, contests/games, at
merch booths, and of course the all
new can release. This event is FREE Milk and Cookies 5K Run Saturday,
ENTRY and ALL AGES so bring the January 11 at 10 AM – 1 PM West
family and enjoy a blast to the past! Hills College 555 College Avenue,
Weekdays at maya Dressing up is encourage, but not re- Lemoore, 93245 Join the West Hills
quired. Student Nurses’ Association for a
MONDAY-THURSDAY: $6.50 Admission*Shows before 11:00 AM fundraiser 5k. Register at https://
Fresno Toy-Anime-Comic Con
TUESDAY FAMILY DAY: All Tickets $5.50 - Family Day Combo only $25 Sunday, January 12 at 11 AM – 4 PM MilkandCookies5k. For more infor-
SENIOR WEDNESDAY: $5.50 all movies for seniors ages 60+ American Legion Riders Chapter 509 mation contact hopewilliams2@

Free Popcorn!
at 3509 N First St, Fresno, 93726 or 574-870-6177 The
Maya Cares: Free Admissionto all of our guests with special needs; only $6 Kids 12 and under are free! Dress to event will be held in front of the Gold-
Present this AD with your paid movie ticket at
concessions and recieve a free 46oz bag of popcorn. for family, friends, and guardians. Every Saturday of each month at 10:30AM impress! The Cosplay (Costume) Con- en Eagle Arena
46 oz popcorn is a measure or volume, not weight.
Valid through January 31, 2020 For full details, call the theatre at 559-325-5510 or visit our website at test is promptly at 2:30pm Please
*Restrictions apply, for full details contact theatre directly.* see our Featured Cosplayers at the
3090 E. Campus Pointe Drive Fresno, CA 93710 Con for the sign up sheet. All ages
**Surcharges apply for MPX and 3D FORMATS; Restrictions apply. Offers subject to change without notice. are welcome! Tickets are only $5
Must present coupon at time of purchase.
Fresno Monsters Saturday, January Geeks Who Drink Wednesday, Jan- them panics the following day when Not valid with any other offers.
Cannot be combined with any other coupons,
11 at 7:30 PM Selland Arena 700 M uary 15 at 7 PM – 9 PM Tioga Se- she suspects she really has poi- deals, etc. Exp 1/31/2020
St, Fresno. quoia Brewing Company 745 Fulton soned the tyrant. (559) 800-0811
St, Fresno, “Geeks Who Drink is a 5179 N. Blackstone Ave. WWW.GHOST.GOLF
2020 State Indoor Championship homegrown Pub Quiz modeled af- Beauty & the Beast Junior Saturday,
Sunday at 9 AM – 12 PM Impact ter those in Ireland and the UK. Our January 18, 2020 at 1 PM – 2:30
Archery Clovis 1631 Railroad Ave quizzes cover everything from celeb- PM California Arts Academy 4750 N
#101, Clovis. rities in trouble to wordplay to bad Blackstone Ave, Fresno. The classic
television. Winning teams gets street story tells of Belle, a young woman
Fresno State Bulldogs Mens Bas- cred and Tioga-Sequoia gift cards.
ketball vs. San Diego State Aztecs Bonus Questions for free swag are
in a provincial town, and the Beast,
who is really a young prince trapped New Year Savings!
Mens Basketball Tuesday, January also sprinkled throughout the quiz. under the spell of an enchantress. If
14 at 8 PM Save Mart Center 2650 E You don’t have to be a trivia God to the Beast can learn to love and be
Shaw Ave, Fresno. enjoy the quiz. Since you’re playing loved, the curse will end and he will
on a team, the collective knowledge be transformed into his former self.
base makes for more fun, less pres- But time is running out. If the Beast
Music sure. does not learn his lesson soon, he
and his household will be doomed
Dog Party Friday, January 10 at 7 for all eternity.
PM Tower Disctrict Records 1930 N
Echo Ave, Fresno. Dog Party plays
January 16-22
acoustic. FREE. Community Discount is taken off the subtotal, before taxes. One time use only, must surrender at the
time of purchase. Cannot be combined with any other transaction discounts. No photo-
Art copies accepted. Valid only at Clovis location. Expires 1/31/2020. CASHIER USE: S20G10


DISOWNED (TX) W/ Celebrity Fresno Census 2020 Town Hall
OPEN 10 AM - 7 PM
Stalker And More! Sunday, January Sally the Beautiful Friday, January Thursday, January 16, 2020 at 6
Monday - Satruday
12 at 6:30 PM – 11 PM Full Circle 17, 2020 at 6:15 PM Beautifully PM – 8 PM 1343 E Barstow Ave,
Olympic 1426 N Van Ness Ave, Fres- Damaged, LLC 219 N. Irwin St., Han- Fresno. Claim YOUR power! Find out We are looking for Volunteers! INTERESTED?
no, DISOWNED (Austin TX), w/ Ce- ford Come and enjoy our first Sally how YOUR count matters in the 2020 Call Volunteer Services at (559) 317-6016
lebrity Stalker (LA) , Abbalemon (LA) paint night! She is the most beau- Census and about how $20,000 Looking to give back to your community? Wanting to keep busy and
plus special guest. All ages. tiful character in Nightmare Before can help our neighborhood build make some new friends? Need job experience? If you said YES to any
Christmas and defiantly my favorite schools, health centers, and hous- of these questions, then we are looking for you! Call us today!
Portrayal of Guilt / Nuvolascura / character! We are painting her in ing! Childcare, Food & Translation
Elder Devil / Chain / AIMR Tuesday, this beautiful style! Come and enjoy will be provided. Everyone COUNTS!
January 14 at 8 PM – 11 PM La our Sally class. $35 each adult. All Everyone of us must ensure we get
Maison Kabob 1243 Fulton Street, supplies are provided, must prepay counted. The Census counts each
Fresno, Portrayal of Guilt (Texas to hold your seat. You can pay in- living person. Your “count” helps
Screamo/Hardcore), Nuvolascura side Beautifully Damaged, LLC 219 schools, housing and healthcare
(LA Screamo), Elder Devil (Fresno N Irwin St Hanford or call (559)772- over 10 years! Fair representation.
Grind), Chain (Fresno Hardcore), 7293 for an online link (all sales fi- By participating, our data will repre-
aloneinmyroom (Fresno Darkwave). nal) sent our political power in Congress
$10 Tickets available on Eventbrite. and State Legislature. Confidentiali-
com Hand Lettering Workshop! clock ty. You are protected. Your responses
Monday, January 20, 2020 at 6 PM cannot be used against you or any-
Tool Wednesday, January 15 at 7:30 – 9 PM AR Workshop Fresno 1134 one in your household. It is against
PM Save Mart Center 2650 E Shaw E. Champlain, Fresno. Tickets www. the law! How It BENEFITS our com-
Ave, Fresno. Learn the art of munity. Build Schools, Health Cen-
modern calligraphy with an expe- ters & Hospitals. Funds Housing,
rienced hand letterer! Workshop Roads & Community Programs.
21 & Over includes modern calligraphy work- Creates JOBS! For more information:
book and practice pages, calligraphy Dayana Lopez: (559) 328-9635
Open Mic Night Monday, January 13 pen and pencil, large, double-sided
at 6 PM – 9 PM Tioga Sequoia Brew- chalkboard (17”x20”), chalk marker Low-Cost Clinic Open Saturday,
ing Company 745 Fulton St, Fresno. and eraser, and small tool bag. You January 18 at 10 AM – 3 PM Valley
It’s open Mic Night at the Beer Gar- will leave with a beautiful chalkboard Animal Center 3934 N Hayston Ave,
den! Come join us for a night that project that is ready for display! Fresno, 93726 Walk-In Services:
showcases local talent from singers General Vaccines $15 each, Nail
and guitar players to comics and po- Trims $10-$15, Microchips $25, Top-
ets. Signups for the event will take
place day of at 6:00pm with your
Theater ical Flea/Tick Treatments and more!
For more on our clinic services, visit
host Jeremiah. 9 to 5 (1980) Thursday, January 16,
2020 at 6:30 PM – 8:30 PM Visalia
Gaymer Night - Featuring Pokemon Fox Theatre 308 W Main St, Visalia. MLK 2020 Community March Mon-
Tuesday, January 14 at 9 PM, Alibi lo- $5 per person Office satire about day, January 20 at 9 AM 2600 Fres-
cated at 4538 E. Belmont Ave, Fres- three female secretaries who decide no St, Fresno, 93721 Marchers as-
no, The New Year comes to us soon to get revenge on their tyrannical, semble at 9:30 A.M. March begins at
bringing forth a new decade. Alibi sexist boss by abducting him and run- 10 A.M., stops at City Hall then pro-
is bringing a childhood favorite to ning the business themselves. The ceeds to the Veterans Memorial Au-
Gaymer Night. Pokémon will be the trio, one of whom has been passed ditorium (2425 Fresno Street) where
highlight of the night. So come out over for promotion because she is a the program will conclude.
Trainers and get your teams ready woman, spend a night together hav-
for battle. ing drug-induced fantasies of killing
the slave-driving chauvinist. One of

BBQ ShowDown in LumberTown face time with actual real judges. All ImagineU Interactive Children’s Mu- show (cash only please), solo perfor-
Family 2020 Jan 17 at 11 AM – Jan 18 at 4 of which learn something over the seum 210 N Tipton St, Visalia. May mances by each princess, singing,
PM Madera District Fairgrounds This course of the event. This can be dis- the force be with you. Come learn dancing, storytelling, games and a
TB&J: Tacos, Brews & Jams Thurs- is a semi-private practice cook with tilled down to the basics – Fun, prac- from a Jedi how to battle the dark fun sing a long at the end of the show
day, January 16, 2020 at 5 PM – 10 OPEN judging. There will NOT be food tice, comradery and learning about forces of evil. Free with Paid admis- https://www.somethingenchanted.
PM Tioga Sequoia Brewing Company available to the public for sale or competition BBQ. https://fireitupe- sion com/sparkle-tickets
745 Fulton St, Fresno. So far on the otherwise. BBQ ShowDown in Lum-
lineup: 559 Street Tacos, The Rolling
Donut - Fresno, Rethreaded Vintage,
berTown is an informal spring train- bertown-2020/ Calling All Promotors We can Senior
ing (backyard BBQ contest) to allow help get you out there. Let us take
Fresloca + more to be added! free to for new and old teams to get some Meet a Jedi Monday, January 20, care of the print and distribution. Bunco from 1-3:30 pm Thursday,
attend and open to all ages! 2020 at 10:30 AM – 12:30 PM Need a design? We can do that, too. January 16. Palm Village Senior
559-472-7182 Network 7638 N Ingram Ave #111a,
Fresno. Contact Barbara at barba-
Golden Girls Night at Me-n-Ed’s or (559) 346-7662.
Tower On Tap Monday, January 20 at
6 PM – 10 PM at 1247 N. Wishon, Adult coloring and potluck from
Fresno, 93728 Join us for an eve- 12-2 pm Friday, January 17. Palm Vil-
ning of Golden Girls: Season 3 and lage Senior Network 7638 N Ingram
coloring GG coloring books. Dress as Ave #111a, Fresno. Contact Barbara
your favorite GG and you could win a at or (559) 346-
prize. 7662.

“The Fresno Fisherman’s Feast” Bridge from 1-3 pm on Monday, Jan-
Festival Tuesday, January 21, 2020 uary 20. Palm Village Senior Network
at 4 PM – 9 PM River Park Farm- 7638 N Ingram Ave #111a, Fresno.
er’s Market 220 E Paseo del Cen- Contact Barbara at barbara@pvsn.
tro, Fresno. DELICIOUS celebration org or (559) 346-7662.
of the bountiful treasures of the
sea! Enjoy seafood creations from Exercise at 10:30 am followed by
some of Fresno’s Finest Artisan Food Bingo at 2-3pm Tuesday, January 21.
Creators - more than 150 different Palm Village Senior Network 7638
things to indulge in !!! There will be N Ingram Ave #111a, Fresno. Con-
delicious Scampi’s, Fried Calamari, tact Barbara at or
Fresh Shrimp and Clam Linguine, (559) 346-7662.
Beer Battered Fish and Chips, Fish
Tacos, Bacon Wrapped Shrimp Skew- Train Brain at 10:30 am and then
ers, Drunken Shrimp Tacos, Spicy CANASTA at 1-3 pm Wednesday,
Shrimp Quesadillas, Fried Catfish January 22. Palm Village Senior
and Garlic Potatoes, Crab Cakes, Network 7638 N Ingram Ave #111a,
Smoked Salmon, Shrimp Cocktails Fresno, 93711. Contact Barbara at
AND SO MUCH MORE!!! This is one or (559) 346-
event YOU DONT WANT TO MISS!!! 7662.
(Beef and chicken items will also be
available as well as some of great- Calling All Promotors We can help
est desserts and bakery items any- get you out there. Let us take care of
where!!) ADMISSION AND PARKING the print and distribution. Need a de-
ARE FREE. FREE CONCERT. FREE sign? We can do that, too. 559-472-

Fresno Monsters vs Valencia
Enchanted Princess Gala Sunday, Thursday, January 16, 2020 at 7:15
January 19, 2020 at 4 PM – 5 PM PM – 10:15 PM Gateway Ice Center
Lemoore Armed Forces Veterans 2473 N Marks Ave, Fresno. Everyone
Memorial 373 W Bush St, Lemoore. needs a ticket for entry, except chil-
omething Enchanted Princess Par- dren 3 & under do not require a tick-
ties is proud to present to you and et. Tickets are sold at the door only
your family, the Central Valley’s 5th on day of game. General Admission
Annual Enchanted Princess Gala! ticket: $10 *seating is first come,
She won’t just sit and watch this first serve
show... She’ll be a part of it! WHAT
TO EXPECT? Our Enchanted Princess Fresno State Bulldogs Women’s
Gala is a unique interactive princess Basketball vs. Wyoming Cowgirls
show with 3 princesses, and was Womens Basketball Saturday, Jan-
created exclusively by Something uary 18, 2020 at 2 PM Save Mart
Enchanted 5 years ago, for Central Center 2650 E Shaw Ave, Fres-
Valley Families. This princess show no.
is one hour long (with a royal greet-
ing afterwards) and contains: Our Calling All Promotors We can
Enchanted Princess Boutique before help get you out there. Let us take
care of the print and distribution.
Need a design? We can do that, too. 559-472-7182
Calling All Promotors We can help a triple threat program. Beethoven
get you out there. Let us take care of was both a political and aesthetic Art
the print and distribution. Need a de- revolutionary. These two aspects of The Fresno Arts Council is now accepting submissions to the OPEN
sign? We can do that, too. 559-472- the composer are captured in the Make your own Heart Wednes- CALL FOR ENTRIES for the 7th Annual Arts Alive In Agriculture
7182 overture to his only opera Fidelio and day, January 29, 2020 at 4 PM – 6 Juried Art Show to be held on Thursday, April 2 at Fresno City Hall
his monumental Eroica Symphony, PM Ballis Glass 2888 N Sunnyside from 5:00 PM - 8:00 PM to kick off ArtHop for April 2020. One (1)
WHCC Basketball vs Merced Sat- which was originally dedicated to #104, Fresno. Guest Artists Wanted. “Best In Show” winner will be selected by a panel of judges for the
urday, January 18, 2020 at 6 PM – 9 Napoleon. Music Director Rei Hoto- With Valentines Day ahead, it’s time
cash prize, in addition to one (1) First Place and one (1) Second Place
PM West Hills College Coalinga. da and Concertmaster Stephanie to create a beautiful Glass Heart.
Make it for yourself or give as that Winner from each category. Cash prizes will be awarded to each winner
Sant’Ambrogio are joined by Julie
perfect one of a kind gift. This class during the event. One (1) non-cash award Honorable Mention Winner
Fresno State Bulldogs Women’s Albers (Principal Cellist, Saint Paul
Basketball vs. Colorado State Rams Chamber Orchestra) for Beethoven’s includes everything you’ll need to de- will also be announced in each category. Last year’s “Best In Show”
Womens Basketball Wednesday, delightful Triple Concerto. sign that one of a kind glass heart. winner was “Harvest, Summer 2018” by Dixie Salazar (attached image
January 22, 2020 at 6 PM Save You get to choose your own colors, courtesy of the artist).
Mart Center 2650 E Shaw Ave, Fres- TLC Tuesday, January 21 at 7 PM add them to molten glass and then The open call for entries period runs January 2, 2020 until
no. – 8:30 PM Table Mountain Casino sculpt it into a heart. Made right be- March 1, 2020. All Central Valley-based visual artists are eligible to
8184 Table Mountain Rd, Friant, fore your eyes in a matter of minutes! submit artwork for consideration in the following six (6) categories:
93626 Must be 18 years or older to Great for ages 6+. Each class is 2
Music attend. No refunds, cameras or vid- hours long and has seats for 12 peo-
ple so make it a family event. Closed Agricultural Landscapes
toe shoes REQUIRED, light cotton People & Agriculture
RASTA PARTY Thursday, January 16, clothing preferred. All glass items Machines & Technology in Agriculture
2020 at 8:30 PM – 12 AM Fulton 55 21 & Over that we make have to cool over night
so they will need to be picked up at a
Documentary Photography
Manipulated Photography
875 Divisadero, Fresno.
Fulton 55 9th Anniversary Party later time. Sculpture, Assemblage & Found Objects
Amber Liu at Strummer’s Friday, with 40 Watt Hype Friday, January
January 17, 2020 at 8 PM – 11 PM 17 at 9 PM 875 Divisadero, Fresno, Applicants working with drawing, illustration, and painting (watercol-
Strummer’s 833 E Fern Ave, Fresno. 93721 40 Watt Hype and special Theater or, acrylic, oil, mixed media, etc.) will also be accepted. For more infor-
guests King Sugar and Boom Boom mation about the 7th Annual Arts Alive in Agriculture Juried Art Show
The Reunion Beatles - Fantasy Trib- Brady Visalia Players presents “Beehive”
Friday, January 24, 2020 at 7:30 PM on April 2, 2020, and to submit your application to the open call for
ute Friday, January 17, 2020 at 7
PM – 9 PM Visalia Fox Theatre 308 Grand Opening Impersonators – 9:45 PM Visalia Players at the Ice
entries, please visit
W Main St, Visalia. The Beatles are Show Sunday, January 19, 2020 at House Theatre 410 E Race Ave, Visa- For sponsorship inquiries, please contact Lisa Herrick, Media
back together. Never mind that two 9 PM – 2 AM Mezcal Lounge 1310 lia. Beehive is the ultimate celebra- Specialist, at or call (559) 237-9734.
of their members are no longer alive. Van Ness Ave, Fresno. www.mezcal- tion of the 1960’s. It nostalgically re-
The Reunion Beatles - Fantasy Trib- Noche De Reinas calls the days of miniskirts, transistor
ute is the rock and roll reunion of all Trasvesti Show comes to Mezcal for radios, and flower power. Told from
time: the concert that never was. In the FIRST TIME. Supporting our LGBT the perspective of six young women
this show, John, Paul, George & Rin- Community. Jackie Cruz presents Pa- who came of age in this enigmatic
go are back together and celebrating tricia de Leon, Ariel Cavalli Cavalli, Di- decade, the show reflects on a host
with a concert that features their valicious, Kimberly & Special Guest of issues ranging from the women’s
most memorable songs and solo “ LA REINA DE LA BAHIA” Violeta. first Beehive Dance to the challeng-
hits. Also for the first time SEXXY MALE es we faced as a nation - all accom-
GOGO DANCERS + Dj Cesar Munoz plished by a vast array of the most
Beethoven The Revolutionary Sun- with the best in Latin Music. Get Your celebrated and memorable songs of
day, January 19 at 3 PM – 5 PM Tickets Now! the era. January 24, 25, 31, February
Saroyan Theatre 700 M St, Fresno, 1, 7, 8, 14 & 15 at 7:30 pm January
93721 We commence the world- 26, February 2, 9 & 16 at 2:00 pm
wide celebration of the 250th an-
niversary of Beethoven’s birth with
January 23-31

Labyrinth (1986) Saturday, January 12:00am) SURVEY DAY 2 | Thurs- Where’s The Food? CASA de TAMA- Book Club at 10:30 am with special
25, 2020 at 7 PM – 9 PM Fox Han- day: January 30th (7:00am-4:00pm) LES Taste Kitchen Meltdown Bistro Kids guest author, Anne Biggs on Wednes-
ford 326 N Irwin St, Hanford. This VFW Post 8900, 3585 N. Bly- Sweetandspicyfresno day, January 29. Palm Village Senior
film is rated PG. The running time is the Ave., Fresno, CA 93722 For and more! It’s free to get in and open Disney On Ice presents Mickey’s Network 7638 N Ingram Ave #111a,
1 hour and 41 minutes. Sixteen-year- questions regarding volunteer- to all ages. We’ll see ya there! Search Party Thursday, January 30, Fresno, 93711. Contact Barbara at
old Sarah (Jennifer Connelly) is given ing in Fresno, please contact: 2020 at 7 PM, Friday, January 31, or (559) 346-
thirteen hours to solve a labyrinth Gabriela McNiel WestCare Califor- Golden Dragon Acrobats Wednes- 2020 at 7 PM Selland Arena 700 7662.
and rescue her baby brother Toby nia, Inc. 1900 N. Gateway Blvd., day, January 29, 2020 at 7 PM – 9 M St, Fresno. Disney On Ice Brings
(Toby Froud) when her wish for him Suite 100, Fresno, CA 93727 PM Visalia Fox Theatre 308 W Main the Magic Closer to You Than Ever Exercise at 10:30 am Thursday, Jan-
to be taken away is granted by the Office: (559) 251-4800 Ext. 20917 | St, Visalia. The Golden Dragon Ac- Before! Join Mickey Mouse and his uary 30. Palm Village Senior Network
Goblin King Jareth (David Bowie). Cell: (559) 970-8477 robats represent the best of a time friends at Disney On Ice presents 7638 N Ingram Ave #111a, Fresno,
honored tradition that began more Mickey’s Search Party, a brand-new 93711. Contact Barbara at barbara@
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A Handy Guide for
Personal Use Cultivation

By Lisa Talley

T he first question you must ask yourself

is,  can  you? Most, if not all, cities and
counties have strict regulations on who can
“These limits don’t apply to medical
users, who may, in principle, grow whatever
is necessary for their medical use under Prop.
that gives nutrients in the proper proportions. advocate and leading cannabis horticulture
It could be argued that the mandat- authority – has authored several texts on the
ed indoor growing by cities and counties is a topic. The most notable,  Marijuana Grow-
grow and how. For example, Lemoore pro- 215.” As stated by California NORML, a subtle move to discourage individuals and cir- er’s Handbook, originally published in 1985,
hibits any lighting configuration that uses non-profit that advocates for sensible canna- cumvent their rights by putting up a financial is considered a staple in any grower’s library.
more than 1,200 watts, and Madera County bis laws and regulations. blockade. Quality lights are considered the Rosenthal spends some pages talking about
requires posting physician recommendations most significant investment made by a grower, more than a few affordable, DIY methods
or landlord permission where easily visible in followed by the energy bill to run said lights. for building the right environment for your
the cultivation area.  The Basics There is also more time required in general plants. His books and many others, thanks to
Once Prop 64 (the Adult Use of maintenance of an indoor garden, something the increasing legalization in the country, are
Marijuana Act) went into effect, municipali- Alright, you’ve got all your ducks in a row and not everyone can afford to give. However, all available online through stores like Amazon
ties throughout the state quickly established a are ready to grow. Now what? If you already is not lost, there are many experienced and Barnes and Noble.
set of requirements its residents could follow have some gardening experience with the oc- cannabis home/hobbyist growers It’s no secret that cannabis
for home-growing. Many of the regulations casional house plant, you’ve got a great head out there that can help get you is expensive – wherever or how-
were similar to other cities, whereas some were start. But if you’re concerned that you haven’t started with minimal hits to “It’s a plant ever you buy (no judgment
unique to only that particular area. These pa- yet mastered keeping a succulent alive, don’t your bank account. here). However, utilizing
rameters are typically available online, usually worry, it’s not as complicated as it seems. The Internet with a powerful the state’s law that grants
through a quick Google search of “[name of Truth be told, cannabis earned the could be considered, in ability to survive and each household up to six
city or county] cannabis regulations.” Other- nickname ‘weed’ for a reason – it’s a plant the right light, a cornu- plants may be cheaper for
wise, you’ll need to contact your city for more with a powerful ability to survive and a single copia of information. a single purpose the long haul, even with
purpose to grow. We just have to let it. Its re-
siliency is such that you could very well dig up
Websites like ilovegrow- to grow, we just have the initial investment into
It is essential to research the reg- host your grow equipment. Not
ulations specific to your area before you be- a spot in your backyard with uninterrupted pages upon pages of in- to let it” to mention, you are what
gin setting up your garden. But as a general sunlight, plant a seed, feed it tap water, and structions, frequently asked you eat – or smoke. Without a
rule, here are some basics nearly all cities have you’ll harvest with minimal complaint. Grow- questions, troubleshooting, and universal standard for quality or
worked into their municipal codes. ing and maintaining a cannabis garden gets general biology lessons of the plant its enforcement yet in place, there’s no
If you don’t own the residence, you complicated when municipalities enact legis- that are free. What’s more, they’ve collected guarantee that you’ll always know how your
must have the landlord’s written permission to lation that forces growers to go indoors. The that information into a manual-type docu- buds were fed, treated, harvested, and stored.
grow cannabis on the property. You may not average person is then faced with the monu- ment, available as a downloadable PDF that But when you grow your own, you will.
grow outside where the plants would be visi- mental task of recreating what mother nature is also free. Other sites like And if growing indoors still proves
ble to any person passing by. The garden must is can with millions of years of evolution, with allow you to follow other home-growers who too big a financial burden, call your city
be secured, i.e., locked, and fully enclosed. It only a couple decades worth of research and journal their experience and post pictures of council member or county representative.
must also not create a “nuisance” – this mainly technology. Within a room, closet, or tent, their plant’s progress. It lets folks compare Write letters to those officials whose job it is
refers to any noticeable odors from your gar- the grower must mimic the wind for proper notes, learn from one another, and share any to represent the people – to represent you.
den that can be detected from outside. And, air circulation using fans, emulate the sun’s notable results from products. Fight back and fight hard. Politicians are like
most importantly, each household may only color spectrum and intensity with artificial For those interested in a physical a house of cards, they always fold under pres-
grow up to six plants for non-medical users. light, and provide a soil base or liquid solution book, Ed Rosenthal – the famous cannabis sure.



By I. smiley G. Calderón |

S o, as I said I would in last month’s final

Fresno Flyer edition of the year, I attend-
ed the American Geophysical Union (AGU)
ing of this very critical Central Valley issue. I
went to their early morning Wednesday lec-
ture given by lead scientist Dr. Deepchandra
with 2.1 mg/m3 of more polluted air for its
residents than what the international com-
munity deems acceptable).
One thing that Dr. Srivastava didn’t
know about Fresno (since she’s never been)
- and something that every Fresnan, unfor-
Meeting in San Francisco this past Decem- Srivastava and, after the Air Pollution session But, I did anyway. tunately, knows for a fact - is that we have a
ber. And boy, was it depressing. was over, I introduced myself to her as we And, I was surprised when Dr. Sri- vast ever-increasing population of homeless
It wasn’t supposed to be. After all, it walked to the long coffee line. I told Dr. Sri- vastava validated my concerns for Fresno. and homeless encampments within the city.
was the AGU’s 100th anniversary, an extraor- vastava that I was from Fresno. Her eyes lit “You must continue to try to lower your My hypothesis is that the increased RWB
dinary centennial time for the most extensive up. Not too many Fresnans in attendance, I PM2.5 levels,” she told me. “The lower, the emissions that are blamed on typical Fresnan
international Earth science meeting in the suppose. Or, maybe she was just excited to better - for everyone.” Of course, she’s right - residents who abide by Valley Air’s no burn-
world. Don’t get me wrong, it was exciting meet someone actually from Fresno finally. higher PM2.5 levels are associated with high- ing declarations are not being done by them
to be surrounded by tens of thousands of the Believe it or not, she had never been. er morbidity and mortality rates. A recent - they are using their home heaters. Instead,
world’s most elite Earth scientists. But it was Now, you may wonder how some- study by Harvard scientists of the association I believe that the increased RWB emissions
also very depressing. one could do research on the air quality of between mortality in older adults and the observed by Dr. Srivastava and her team are
The reason? Because it was omi- a place that they’ve never visited. But, with short-term exposure to polluted air showed being done by our homeless populations
nous. today’s remote sensing technology, it’s totally that every 1 mg/m3 increase of PM2.5 par- who are trying to stay warm during our bru-
Almost everyone at the meeting was possible. And in fact, it’s ubiquitous. Har- ticles translated into hundreds of premature tal Central Valley winters and who barbeque
already convinced of the somber data-driven nessing the power of satellites and related deaths. But our government says we’re safe during summer months.
reality of anthropogenic (human-caused) cli- products, atmospheric scientists can remote- with levels up to 12.1 mg/m3. Hmm. Well, I’m pretty sure the homeless don’t
mate change and global warming. In a sea of ly collect pertinent data and, through sophis- lead researcher, Dr. Francesca Dominici, dis- “Check Before They Burn” - and I’m pretty
some 30 thousand like-minded scientists, the ticated methods, conduct crucial scientific agrees: “We found that the mortality rate sure that if I were freezing on the cold streets
consensus was sure: we humans have dam- research with practical implications. increases almost linearly as air pollution in- of Fresno with no place to find shelter or
aged our Earth and have exacerbated its rapid And that’s precisely what Dr. Sri- creases…Any level of air pollution, no matter warmth, I’d do the same damn thing.
devolution. This is indisputable and incon- vastava did. (Plus, did you really expect her how low, is harmful to human health.” Peo- The importance of affordable
trovertible. The data speaks for itself. to put her life at risk and breathe our dirty ple with respiratory illnesses know this all too housing and providing this housing to the
In Fresno, we don’t necessarily feel air! She’s too smart for that!) well. homeless cannot be overstated - especially in
there’s impending doom lurking around the Dr. Srivastava, a bright young As Dr. Srivastava and I continued response to anthropogenic climate change.
corner when it comes to the environment. woman amongst a sea of dull old scientists, chatting while waiting in the coffee line, I Not only is affordable housing a public
We don’t have iconic climate-induced year- explained to me how she’s only been in the became curious about her results that RWB health emergency that would help clean
long wildfires raging all around us or their United States for about a year after having emissions by everyday, typical Fresnans sig- up our streets, but it is also a public health
corresponding mudslides as warning signs recently completed her Ph.D. at the Univer- nificantly contributed to peak PM2.5 levels. emergency that would help clean up our air -
that anthropogenic climate change is active. sity of Bordeaux in France. Originally from It just didn’t make sense to me. Why would something that affects us all.
But, as many residents are learning more and India, she graduated from the exclusive In- Fresnans burn wood to keep warm when This is all a lot to think about. To
more, what we do have here in the Central stitute of Technology (IIT) before moving they could use their home gas heaters? It’s clear my mind, I went for a quick drive to
Valley is air problems. And, they’re danger- to France. In India, the air is much worse not like we’re living in the 19th Century buy some holiday snacks at my local grocery
ous. So severe that the Valley Air District than even Fresno! For example, Fresno’s air before the advent of heating and ventilation store in Southeast Fresno a couple of nights
has to issue residential No Burning notices is moderately bad, with average 24-hour systems. So, I objected to her conclusions ago. Suddenly, I saw smoke billowing from
when Particular Matter, PM2.5, air levels are PM2.5 levels above 12.1 mg/m3 but below and questioned her results. She looked at me, a dumpster in the empty parking lot right
deemed too unsafe to breathe. So severe that 35.4 mg/m3 (The American Lung Associa- perplexed. next to a McDonald’s. I immediately parked
the American Lung Association has given tion’s “State of the Air 2019” report found 54 You see, because of her satellite and jumped out of my car and called 911. I
Fresno failing grades for both 24-hour and days of “Unhealthy for Sensitive Groups” 24- data, Dr. Srivastava absolutely knew that thought I saw movement within the dump-
annual average Particle Pollution levels, with hour PM2.5 levels over 35.5 mg/m3, and 22 wood-burning has and is happening in Fres- ster, but I wasn’t sure. The smoke was getting
levels over 12.1 mg/m3. Look up your own days of “Unhealthy” 24-hour PM2.5 levels no - especially during the cold season and to me - it was hard to breathe, and I was some
zip code for yourself on their website’s State over 55.5 mg/m3). Annual average PM2.5 on hot summer days. But what she did not 25 feet away from dumpster. Within a few
of the Air report (, and levels in Fresno were found to be 14 mg/m3. know is exactly who is doing the burning. minutes, after the smoke all dissipated and
you’ll see the following warning: “If you live But, when you compare this to Delhi’s yearly Based on her data, it is a fact that these RWB everything looked clear, the fire truck came,
in Fresno County, the air you breathe may average of 143 mg/m3 or Kanpur’s 173 mg/ emissions are anthropogenic in nature. So, and I pointed to the once burning dumpster.
put your health at risk.” m3, where people literally feel like they’re logically, she presumed that the culprits were “I thought I saw some movement, but I guess
And that’s no joke. choking to death in a gas chamber, I strange- typical Fresnans just trying to stay warm not,” I said. “A few minutes ago there was a
As I mentioned last time, research- ly felt proud of Fresno’s air. during the winter season or barbequing a lot lot of smoke coming from there, something
ers at UC Davis have recently studied the Honestly, I felt a little too privileged during the summer. This kind of data and was on fire.” The firemen quickly opened the
Residential Wood Burning (RWB) effects and embarrassed to complain to Dr. Srivas- conclusion are what Valley Air uses as a basis metal enclosure that had been charred and
on all PM levels here in the Central Valley. tava about our “horrible” air in Fresno when for its “Check Before You Burn” program. lifted the top of the dumpster. “Hey! You
And they’ve concluded that RWB greatly the air back in her native country is ghastly Where wood burning is permitted only when can’t be in here starting fires! What the hell
contributes to aerosol pollution of our air, - some 20 times more polluted than what the ambient air conditions are considered safe, are you doing!” exclaimed one of the firemen
significantly affecting our health. So, since World Health Organization (WHO) consid- and prohibited when they are deemed un- to a homeless man who apparently had tried
they were presenting their research live at ers safe. (Incidentally, whereas the WHO’s safe, typically when PM2.5 levels are elevat- to make that dumpster his personal bedtime
the AGU meeting, I wanted to meet these guideline for safe air is at 10 mg/m3, the US ed. But the focus is on Fresno residents (mis) heater.
researchers face-to-face, hoping I could gain EPA’s lowest safe PM2.5 guideline is at 12.1 using their fireplaces and firepits. I think this I couldn’t believe it - but then I
some more in-depth insight or understand- mg/m3 - which means that the U.S. is fine is misguided. could - I’ve seen the data: we are (still) barely

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More Numbers: 1-800-926-6000 ARE YOU SELLING ARE YOU SELLING IPHONE & PC Re- Call 559-472-7182
something? List it here something? List it here 18+ SUPPORT LOCAL SUPPORT LOCAL
Call 559-472-7182 Call 559-472-7182

ing on right now on all less Excellent condi- R105EX 5-String Bass by Whirlpool. Apt.size
the TV’s we current- tions $180 cash you In great shape, plays (559) 250-3033
ly have in stock. We can test them out no great as well. No issues
have 3 50” TV’s and a problem practical- with this bass. Comes
24”. the 24”, and two ly new only used a as shown does include FARM &
of 50” TV’s are Vizio few times cuz being a soft case which is GARDEN
and the other 50” is an in schoolI don’t have not pictured. 5 string.
Insignia. They all have time so my loss is ur Come check it out HONDA/Craftsman
remotes with them and gain they still under 4 and many other mu- mower CCV 160. - low
work properly. The year warranty plz only sical instruments and hours runs great- $125.
Fresno Hock Shoppe serious comes with equipment The Fresno Edger. Yardman Briggs
questions at 559-264- everything in picture Hock Shoppe Mon-Fri and Stratton 158 $100.
5856 Beats solo wireless from 10am to 530pm Both excellent running
color rose gold 40 and Sat from 10am to condition. Reason-
DELL LATITUDE hour battery You can 2pm or call us with any able offers considered.
E7470 Laptop - $199 contact me at 559-320- questions at 559-264- 8000 pound 12 volt
with charger. It is run- 7949 5856 winch attached to old
ning Windows 10, has train station baggage
8GB of RAM an Intel YAMAHA MG06X cart - $100. Runs off
i5 and a 500GB HD. MUSIC Mixing Console $109 12 volt car battery.
Clean unit has some original box and pow- Very large road closed
very light wear and HARBINGER APS15 er adapter. In great ahead sign $75. Please
tear from use nothing Powered Speaker (Sin- working and cosmetic text only for appt. to
major. It is missing thegle) $109 Pre-owned shape. I will provide see. Ken 559-593-1059
piece between the G H Harbinger in good more information on
and B keys for scroll- shape. Works great no this unit below for CHEAP COOPS
ing. Come check this issues. Powered speak- those who are inter- ..light weight and earth
out and other electron- er. Shows some normal ested. And if you are friendly..made from
ics at The Fresno Hock wear from use. Come interested come on untreat fence pickets
Shoppe Mon-Fri from check it out and other down to at The Fresno use/new ...smaller coop
10am to 530pm and PA speakers at 3235 Hock Shoppe Mon-Fri /cages is $30 ..great
Saturdays from 10am E Belmont Ave Fres- 10am to 5:30pm and for small birds/Quils /
to 2pm or call us with no CA 93702 at The Saturdays from 10am chickens/chicks .l arge
any questions at 559- Fresno Hock Shoppe to 2pm or call us with ones are $50 to $60
264-5856 Mon-Fri from 10am to any questions at 559- .size 5x4x5 will
530pm and Sat from 264-5856 need a pick up truck

ARE YOU SELLING 10am to 2pm or call us or I can drop them off

something? List it here with any questions at for $10 gas fee within
for only $20/ issue. 559-264-5856. APPLIANCES 20 miles in Fresno call
Call 559-472-7182 643-7156
Squier strat. Priced to $70 The TV Shop I SELL dog houses
sell $75.00 w/padded Clovis 50 W. Bullard to be ready for win-
gig bag Ibanez Electric #104, Clovis. Mon-Sat ter time. X-small
$60.00 559-246-4922 10-6 Sunday 11-5 559- -12x12x16-$10/$30
299-6100 with paint roof Small-
USED YAMAHA 18x18x24-$20/$50
S12E Unpowered TV’S!! 24” LED TV’s with paint roof Medi-
Speaker. $30 If interest starting at $69!! 32” um-24x24x32-$30/$70
please text or call 559- LED TV’s starting at have two different
903-6477 $85!! 40” LED TV’s size door with paint
starting at $139!! 50” roof carpet Large-
LED TV’s starting at 36x36x48-$100/$150
$175!! The TV Shop with paint and X-large-
Clovis 50 W. Bullard 42x42x60-$150/$200
#104, Clovis. Mon-Sat with paint Huge-
10-6 Sunday 11-5 559- 48x48x72-$200/$250
299-6100 with paint and roof I
have 12 different col-
KENMORE wash- ors. Questions please
er dryer $225 Works text 559-475-2803
great. Delivery avail-
able. 559-394-3369 2017 CRAFTSMAN
riding mower $800
WINDOW AIR Con- new starter, it runs Lift Kits . Lowering Kits . Brakes
ditioner by Frigidaire
good but sometimes
$325 (559) 250-3033 it doesn’t start. Not Shocks . Wheels
sure feels like battery
NEW BELLA 2 Slice doesn’t have enough
Toaster Extra-Wide juice to turn over
Slots $15 559-246- sometimes 708-2064
New & Used

(559) 374-5333
2008 Polaris Ranger 2005 YAMAHA 2014 KIA Optima -
YARD WORK 700 XP 4X4 Seats 6 Midnight Star 1700 $8800 (559) 999-2480
Low miles Second cc excellent Bike no
JW CLEAN-UP SER- owner, always adult problems runs perfect 1997 CADILLAC
VICES. Estate Sale owned Well main- 14000 miles clean title Deville excellent con-
Cleanups. Yard, Trash, tained Great for trail Text 559.260.5449 dition low miles clean
Construction cleanup, rides and around the leather interior no tears
rubbish, trees & demo, yard Includes rear stor- 2007 ZX-10R $5300 good paint no scratch-
rentals, lots, apart- age rack $6000 (559) (559) 473-9302 es $4000 obo cash call
ments & foreclosures. 287-0719 or text 559-519-0365
We do it all Just Call!
(559)307-4304 ask for 2015 CAN-Am Mav- BOATS VOLKSWAGEN Jet-
James erick 1000R XDS Ex- ta 2009 2.5L in per-
cellent condition with HUNTER 170 Sail- fect conditions. It only
LAWN SERVICE. low mileage and hours! boat $4995 (559) 299- has 67k miles, tires in
Cleanups, Fertiliz- Hours 35.6 $12800 3422 good condition and
er, New Saw, Lawn Please call or text new brake pads! All
Spraying, Sprinkler (559) 353-0882 MARLIN Bayliner the windows works
Repair & Lawn Re- Ski Boat $8500 (Sel- perfectly fine. Excelent
seeding. 559-696-5149 HONDA 200-x three ma) 708-6996 and reliable car. I am
or 559-275-7630 wheeler. Don’t ride the second owner of
anymore. Frame is the car! Selling it be-
slightly bent but very RVS cause I’m moving out
HAULING rideable and fixable of California. $4690
comes with extras. 97 AIRBUS Motor- 559-612-5828
JW CLEAN-UP SER- Asking $1100.00 Very home 32 foot $12,000
VICES. Estate Sale firm in price .No trades OBO (559) 291-9864 1981 CORVETTE
Cleanups. Yard, Trash, or low ballers if intrest- or (559) 298-4725 I’m asking 13,000 or
Construction cleanup, ed call 559 696-7746 best offer. Please only
rubbish, trees & demo, FOOD Concession serious Offers only. No
rentals, lots, apart- 2004 YAMAHA blast- Trailer 16 Foot Equip- low balling, no trade,
ments & foreclosures. er, newer rear tires, ment Included $18,00 no checks, not ship-
We do it all Just Call! fresh big bore kit low OBO (559) 291-9864 ping out of state. Cash
(559)307-4304 hours, new bosysen or (559) 298-4725 only. If you’re serious
reeds, pro circuit ex- and want more infor-
haust and pipe, new TRAVEL Trailer 2008 mation you can contact
PAINTING chain, good brakes, 26ft long $11800 (559) me at(559) 906-4195
fresh carb build. Extras 412-0629
PAINTING Services included. $2350obo
with Asante Paint & Clean title and current 2004 WILDWOOD TRUCKS
Décor. Residential / registration in hand. 5th wheel 30ft, 3 slide
Commercial Interior & 559-698-4566 outs, excellent condi- 1996 SILVERADO
Exterior, Repaints / Pa- tion. Asking $10,000 z71 4wd $6300 (Ker-
per Hanging, Commer- 2006 YAMAHA raptor OBO (559) 673-7185 man) (559) 728-6262
cial Power Washing 700r. Great condition or (559) 975-9835
and More. Call (661) 2005 Yamaha raptor 1989 JEEP Wrangler
492-2310 (Fresno) 80cc great condition HUNTERS Spe- lifted, gears, lock-
Lic#1051349 And a Honda 250 ex cial-1995 Salem Trav- ers,winch,fuel injec-
2004 Includes trailer el Trailer, 17 ft Long, tion! $7000 (Visalia)
as well 5x14 very nice extra clean, everything (559) 300-7700
CLEANING trailer. Very easy to works, $4,800. 559-
load quad. $8000 (559) 412-0629 03 TAHOE z71 4x4
MODERN MAIDS 708-1721 with smog n tags 190.
Residential and Com- 2007 PIONEER Spir- miles clean title exel-
mercial Cleaning. it - $6900 19 ft box, 18 lent $3600 644-5434
Serving Clovis and MOTORCYCLES CK- Center Kitchen.
Surrounding Areas. Great floor plan, lots of 2004 TOYOTA Ta-
$50 off first service. 2008 KAWASAKI storage, fully self-con- coma double cab.
Call today (559) 495- vulcan classic 8,900 tained. Comfortably Runs great, automatic

Advertising 8299

miles $5,000 or trade sleeps 7. Everything transmission, air con-
for registered tagged works well- AC, elec- ditioner is cold, has
small truck or SUV tric hitch, new brakes, new tires. V6 motor,
ATVS with trailor hitch. Ga- new 12 ft awning, all it’s not a 4x4. In Span-
raged 95% of life. new LED lighting. ish call 559-346-9194

Buy One 2002 Banshee $3300

All stock. fresh top end
less than 1 hour on it.
(559) 903-8283 Very well maintained- for English 346-9195
clean, non-smoker. $10,500
2010 KTM 530 EXC Call/text Will @ (559)

Buy One Month
New tires. Paddles on
rims along with dirt
tires. Not abused super
clean. (559) 375-2838
Dual sport, limited edi- 360-0953
tion Kini-Red Bull. I
am the original owner
of the bike. I purchased CARS
2012 JEEP Liberty -
$7700 Second owner.
Clean title. Remote
start, leather seats, sat-
Get One Free it new from Wilsons ellite radio. (559) 367-
ARE YOU SELLING motorcycle. The bike 1969 PONTIAC 4904
something? List it here is in excellent shape Grand Prix $8000
INFO@FRESNOFLYER.COM Call 559-472-7182 (559) 474-1318 (559) 978-2710 SUPPORT LOCAL

Residential and Commercial
Cleaning. Window and Carpet
Cleaning. Model Homes & Real-
tors. Clovis and Surrounding
Cities. Call Modern Maids
Today (559) 495-8299
Marijuana Recommendations
Lowest Price Guaranteed
$55 Card & Rec at Green Doctor
Evaluations 295 W. Cromwell
Pool Tables R Us Coin Operated Pool Tables
Custom Pool Tables for Home
Ave. 101 (559) 440-0420 or online
1445 Shaw Ave. Suite 130, Clovis at
Touch Tunes Internet Juke Boxes
New Year Savings! Quality Service
Rentals helps with all your housing

$200 OFF Cloth Repairs

needs. Please contact Destinee or
visit or website to help find the right
AnY NEW POOL TABLE apartment home for you. Call 559-
255-8370 or visit our website www. $20 USED TIRES

New & Used Tires. Huge Savings
$10 OFF $20 PURCHASE on all tires. See our ad on page 17

Discount is taken off the subtotal, before taxes. One time use only, must surrender at the
time of purchase. Cannot be combined with any other transaction discounts. No photo-
copies accepted. Valid only at Clovis location. Expires 1/31/2020. CASHIER USE: S20G10 Call The Fresno Hock Shoppe

115 SHAW AVE. IN CLOVIS! OPEN 10 AM - 7 PM (559) 264-5856 or come in. 3235
Monday - Satruday E. Belmont Ave. Fresno. We have
electronics, jewelry, and more! You
We are looking for Volunteers! INTERESTED? can also check us out online
Call Volunteer Services at (559) 317-6016
Looking to give back to your community? Wanting to keep busy and
make some new friends? Need job experience? If you said YES to any JW CLEANUP
of these questions, then we are looking for you! Call us today!
Services. Estate sale cleanups.
Yard, trash, construction cleanup,
Sam's Burger rubbish, trees & demo, rentals,
lots, apartments and foreclosures.
New Owner - Grand Opening! We it all, just call! (559) 307-4304
ask for James

Free Small Ice

Cream Cone
w/ purchase of combo order #1-14 only
Fresno Flyer puts your message
in front of thousands of local
Cannot be combined with any other offers.
residents every month. We can help
your business, event or organiza-
4483 N. Cedar 559-375-1810 tion.

8:00 AM - 6:30 PM on all tires!

$60 Alignments
Lift Kits | Lowering Kits | Brakes | Shocks | Wheels | Alignments
NO CREDIT NEEDED Financing Available

6053 N. BLACKSTONE AVE, FRESNO, 93710 (559) 374-5333