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INFORMATION STATE oF comecrcur a Dow hit ‘SUPERIOR COURT {€8P-19-00250670 / NCPD-18.6190 |CSP Western District Major Crime Squad N630 Title, Allegation and Counts a ee Ta Fae oe bmi The undersi | Prosecuting conereer [8 ns — Sanat aa Stamford awit charges that: — me Sane ice case anes ean ercoeae New Catan _, [nano FELONY moe Ec = ie Seca [ese Seastieesir ona Ee Somers wns aT Daren ferro sree a opel locas ese Osetwaeatraisintons [Tyros Cour Action =; = “Bales oe a = res ee “ mm 1 ram , 7 ena = [ie cer Eserers jr _(jromn entire meee Sis er, iret — c= wie foo ira fee wre SRT a ane “asses a {ts nea tn ce ed = At wran SEEP™ oy [stat of Commerc ve. DULOS, Fats To: Any Proper Ofer of the Stato of Connection By Authoriy ofthe State of Connecteut, you ae hereby commanded to arrest the body of the withi-named accused. al that oppy) CA Accused is ordered tobe brought before a lek or aeistantcek ofthe Superior Cou. DB. Accused is nt entitle ob, WA, or both ar chockec above, you shal without undue dey bring the arrested person before the clark ‘or asian clerk ofthe Swperor Court for he geographical area where the offen salleged to have been commited or the crs ofce is nat ope, toa cormmunty corecona center whi sid geographical ‘area, othe nearest community correctional contor na such enter exit nthe geographical area, fo the Correctional nstuton as the cae may be. (rE vacant 6,000, 000~ (©. Nontinancacondton ot relase: [1_E. Conditions of lease nt dstermined by cour. By the Cour | PPZEn I 5 Hon. John F, Stee Return On Arrog/ Warrant ey | ponfeer (CLC te |B ot Connect ‘a 8 te hs na Waa T RIT Da oI Lad cacao ene mad cekigsoes mine eae a aise i Man Koso 9877 Coyysbeat Sake flew, Wetter Datuact Meege- Cain ae ‘tier Gort ection sacs ager smson ae aes ea ae Fre Soc aes.s8a. 263 onde CO vee _[] No ore none sn Oi com Ea sabes oar [ome [Sew Application For Arrest Warrant To: A Judge ofthe Superior Court “The undersigned herby applies fr € warrant forthe area fhe above-named accuse on the basis fhe facts etforn inthe: D2 Afidave Below. Afdavie) tached bao rw Affidavit ‘The undersigned alan, being duly sworn, doposes and says 4. AFRANT: That your affint, Detective John Kimball Isa member ofthe Connecticut State Police with twenty-six years flaw enforcement experience. Your affant has been assgned asa detective with the Western Dist Major rime Squad (WOMES) Troop 6 office for nore than ten yeats and has, a al pertinent times mentioned herein, been acting in Ii official capacty ata member of ald department. The following fects and crcumstances are stated from personal knowledge, dservation, and investzetion, aswell as from information receWved from brother and sister officers acting in ‘thee offal pact. 2. PRESENTATION: Due tothe complex interwoven, nonlinear nature ofthe facts and circumstances of ths case this affidavit inckdes Paragraph Headings in BOLD text] and some facts Include source tations [in bracket. 3, INITIAL MISSING PERSON REPORT: That on Friday May 24,2019, at 6:59PM, the New Canaan Police Department {ticPo) received the inal report ofa Missing Person Kent as Jennifer Farber Dulos of 68 Welles Lane, New Canaan, (CT -refered ton ths affidavit as “Tennfer” or 25 "Vctim.") NCPD officers responded tothe 69 Wells Lane residence ‘where they located suspected blood evidence ona Range Rover parked in the center garage bay. Jennifer was not located inside the residence. NCPD Investigation Dhision Ofe. Thamas Patten responded tothe scene and located ational tedence Indkative ofa crime scene. NCPD contacted th Connecticut State Police fr assistance, and detectives from the \WDMCS Te0p G office and the Cre Van responded tothe scene, {4 INITIAL MISSING PERSON CASE: The New Canaan Palce Department initiated a Missing Person Investigation which determined the folowing: “+ Theresidence at 69 Welles Lane included a three-bay garage, the center bay of which contained a2014 Range Rover (NY Plate: EMME323} the lft north) and right cout) bays were empty. While searching and processing ‘the garage, members ofthe WOMCS Crime Van dentifid multiple areas within the garage which presumptively ‘ested postive or lood. Inestgaorsobmerved spate sta un the dive’ se ofthe Renge Rover and on the Crna page te 392g tin) Yoyo tell #377, = ee ag FE Finding “The oegeing Appt for an ares avant. ad five atiaced os pletion, having bee sbi to and neota 9 GePincerlgns ihe ndesgne as women ada) Bt area bw case elev hl settee rs boon coi anh hesecusad commas an, retest proba case excl ore Eiiahtstfe waran rhe aren the sboveraredorced Bel Mia ged eal” Gla Dl SE eres STATE OF ConNecTiCUT aarp ‘SUPERIOR COURT BES oases nee TTT ULES, Fotis Famingon Stamford a ‘Affidavit - Continued goo north (eft) ofthe Range Rover. Spatter tans are bloodstals resulting fom alrborne blood drops Created when an external frei applied to iui blood. Detectives ao noted indeatons tha the scene had been atered by an attempt to clean = Detectives determined 22317 Chevrolet Suburbin {CT late AJ6S055) registered to Jenifer Duos was missing from the residential garage This vehicle was found by NCPO abandoned at approximately 700 PM on Lapham Road adjacent to the southwest portion of Waveny Parkin New Canaan. The vide was unoccupied, sunning lights were o, 2nd transmission was lft in reverse. Jennifer was nt found side te vile rin the Ssurounding area. tnvestistors found stain spatter onthe passenger side ofthe vehi. ‘5, FORENSIC RESULTS FROM CRINE SCENE EVIDENCE: Evidence recovered from the crime scene (68 Welles Lane, New ‘Canaan CT was submited to the Department of Emergency Serves & Publ Protection (DESPP) Division of Siete Serees Forensic Laboratory for arly. The table Below Its a portion ofthe resus leaned from evidence submited. UR Tis ad over od ‘Wa eter ous arg ove Todi sn and Rawr bons TRA Hach fOr ‘isan ee bubs rg over odie and ovr Tee as ars efor ub arg ave lode van om char en auet | Mire fener nos OWA | eos ae, New CCT Sloe fan neat oe oats feb er Duos 62 Wats Lar, Hew Casa Cr ‘Sabin ld ob] pate mura —[ oat Fots Das Bats anew Cason CL boi a rage oot ‘UL rte 1 ates ane, He Cason Cr 6, FOTISDULOS & ASSOCIATES: Cetectves have identified the folowing persons as central otis vestigation: ‘+ Fotis Dus - ots Oulos was the estranged husband of Jennifer Duos (referenced nti afi as “ules ‘ules resided at 4 Jetfersor Crossing in Farmington CT, Duos ved and operated a construction company rnarned "The Fore Group, i" ot ofan office at hs residence. ules and the vii were marie in 2006 and together they hve the cle. + ebtlec. Trocons- Michelle Trocons was the fiend of ules who resided with him on Jefferson Crossing (ference inthis atidavitas "Traconi). + Pawel Gumienny - Pavel umieny was a fultine employe of Fore Group and he worked cosy with Dulos neers ae watt loy Ire ve etm Lincbelt #877 alae Wi Pele ARREST WARRANT APPLICATION Denes eo STATE OF CONNECTICUT Raise ‘SUPERIOR COURT FREESE oases Parmon cou Ta a ETT Fa TTT cs —"] DULOS, Fate Farmington Stamford serene ot ‘Affidavit - Continued daly za Project Manager fr Fore Group. Gumienny regularly operated a Toyota Tacoma + Kent Mawhinney -Kent Mawhiney s practicing attorney and personal iend of Dues. + Andreas Toutzlarids -Chichood frend of Dulos who Ives in Greece, 7. VEMICLES: Detectives checked the COLLECT system to locate vehicles registered tothe Fore Group In. - the company ‘owned and operated by Fotis Dulas - and for other vehicles associated with his employees. The est ofthese searches Included the folowing vehicles: ‘+2015 chevrolet Suburban (CT Plat: 8745CC) - A black Chevrolet Suburban registered to the Fore Group and egularty operated by Dulas. ‘+ 2014 Jeep Cherokee (CT Plate: AK25399) -A white Jeep Cherokee Laredo registered to the Fore Group and ‘operated by Duos, Troconis, and Gumienny. ‘+2014 Ford F-150 SVT Raptor (CF Pate: 910YFC)- high performance pickup truck, lack n color, regstered to Fore Group snd commonly eperated by Dules. ‘2001 Toyota Tacoma (CT Pst: 6E17CN) ~A red Toyota Tacoma pickup truck registered to Gumienny' wile, Barbara Gumienny. According to Gumenny, he wife normaly drove her own vehile and heute the Toyota “Tacoma fo transportation to and fom the Farmington area connection to his employment by Fots Dues’ company. During Gumienn/s work week he indicated he was usualy provided a Fore Group vehicle to operate {8 INITIAL CONTACT WITH FoTIS DULOS: On 05/25/19 at approximately 2:47 PM, Dulos entered the lobby ofthe New ‘Canaan Police Department and was met by Of. Patten and CSP Detective Chvstopher Agro neaty three hours after his Intl expected arial. When asked about his attorney, Dulas indicated the lawyer, Jacob Pytranker, was ouside talking ‘on the phone. Dulos asked investigators if there was any news on his wife's disappearance and was told detectives were "eokng his help finding her. Of. atten told Dols that he would be entering a secure area of the facity and asked the had any weapons or contraband. As Duos began pulling tems from his clothing pockets, almost immediately he began patting his own pockets and muttering, "Where s my phone?” At approximately ths tme, Pyetranker entered the lobby ‘and announced to police that Dulos would be providing no latervew and that he and Dulas would be leaving. Detectives ‘were surpried to hear that Duos wes not gins to hep in the earch for Jenifer, and they began to lok for clafiation feom Dols and Pyetraner. As this ciscussion was taking pce, Pyetranker handed Dulos the cellphone he was carrying. Detective agro spoke upto ask Dos, "is that your phone?” and Duls responded afirmatively, Detective Allegro ‘asked to see the phone, and Dulos handed over the phone wth no apparent hesitation. Observing the phone was locked with afourdigt passcode, Detective lego asked forthe unlock code. Dules provided the code 25 0-0.0.0" and Detective lero unlocked the phons. As he placed the phone into Airplane Mode - 2 setting which emoves the cellphone from the netvork thus preventing the data on the phone fom being remotely erased -Pyetranker asked Detective Allegro what he was doing Detective Allgre responded that he was securing the cellular phon (menage 31939 pagn A) s/o) = Sree er path — Pe leane |e a, [ARREST WARRANT APPLICATION foanen nao STATE OF CONNECTICUT Saye ‘SUPERIOR COURT Siebel eases oe aT a aT 7 DULOS, Fotis Farmington ‘Stamford tecmamaer_O1 ‘Affidavit - Continued ‘Contains because of his bel thatthe phone contained evidence related tothe disappearance of Jenifer Dulos. He further indiated that a Search & Seivre Warrant (SSW) woud be sought to authorize a search ofthe celiphone fr such ‘evidence, Duos responded by saying nating. NCPD survellanc vdeo documented the transaction and showed Dulos “appearing agitated and confured. Pyetranker asserted that polce had no "grounds to seize the cellphone because they had “no warrant” Detectives acknowledged that a SSW would be sought and thatthe cliphone would not be searched Unt awful SSW ha been sued, Tel actions were restricted to the securing ofthe ceiphone andthe prevention of potential destruction of evidence contained within the phone, Pyetranker responded by saying he needed a moment with his lent, and both men walked out ofthe NCPO abby. ‘9, SEARCH WARRANT FOR DULOS' PRIMARY CELLPHONE (860-478-8625): On 05/25/19 -the same day Duos’ cellphone ‘was celaed at approsimately 2:47 PM detectives presented an affidavit n Stamford Superior Court outlining fact known 2 0f2:47 PM tat date. Upon review, the court issued a Search & Seizure Warrant at 8:50 PM for Duos’ handset seized ‘aries that date, [As Investigation progressed, second cellular handset with a separate cellular number was seized from Dulos. For lary, the lst four dts Duos cellphones are referenced inthis ease "8625."] 10. INITIAL HARTFORD INFORMATION: On 05/26/19 a forensic examination of Dulos’ (8625) cllphone provided Information that Duloe’ handset was in the area of Albany Avenue in Hartford during the seven o'clock hour of 05/24/19. 11, ALBANY AVENUE VIDEO CANVASS: Starting on 05/27/19 WDMCS detectives began to canvass the area of Fairmont ‘Stret, Green Street and Albany Avene, in the ety of Hartford which resulted inthe development of fotage showing a large, dark colored pckup truck consstent with the 2018 Ford Raptor reistered to Fore Group traveling the area on (05/24/19 a approximately 740 PM. 132, HARTFORD -C& SURVEILANCE VIDEO: On 05/30/19 WOMCS detectives contacted the Hartford Police Department ‘Special Operations Group, Capital Cy Command Center (CA) and requested their assistance in determining Dulas ‘ete inthe area of Albany Avenve, C8 located @ male wearing alight colored shir, dark pats, and ball cap ths individual wae subsequently identi! a Duos. He was observed operating large, black-olered pickup truck which was Inter idetifed as» 2014 Ford F150 SVT Raptor pickup truck CT Plate: 910VFC registered to The Fore Group nc. A female passenger inthe Ford Raptor was shown on survellance and subsequentyientfed as Dulos'girfrend, Michele Trocons. C4 mapped out Dulos movements ashe deposited mutple black colored plastic garbage bags into several trash receptacles during the evening of 0526/19. The mapping included the fllowing pins: {+ ranzo ven -1 pack Fora naprr eners the area of Albany Avenve covered by Hartford Pole surveil cameras from the west. ‘+ 782:01 PM A Ford Raptors shown traveling eastbound along Albany Avenue ‘+ 73207 PMA Ford Raptortums right rom Albany Avenue onto southbound Milford Street. As the vehicle (anegtts 2p ant a: Ta Te = SEBS re Fee Veta ——— ‘Teleore F-62020 : a [ARREST WARRANT APPLICATION ‘Affidavit - Continued passes through the camera's eld of vew, several plastic bags canbe seen inthe rear bed of the pickup. At thi Point the trick travels through a portion of cy streets not covered by surveilance cameras for approximately Seven minutes, ‘STATE OF CONNECTICUT ‘SUPERIOR COURT cuore Stamford on 7:39:13 PM - A Ford Raptor r-emerges onto Albany Avenue and tus right to travel eastbound asain, At spproxmatey (39 PA, the vile stops at Albany Avenue and Garden Steet snd the male gets ou ofthe ve’ sea, grabs black plstic bag and places Into a trash receptaceon the sidewalk. The camera angle shows the rear bed ofthe trucks now largely empty of bags. 7.40357 PM -A Ford Raptor continues eastbound on Albany Avenue unlit reaches Centr Steet, where the ver conduct a U-Turn to travel westbound again along Albany Avenue. As the truck pesses the camera, the ‘er be ofthe truck's Seen to hold only one black plastic bag. 7:41:24 Pa - A Ford Raptor i shown from behind traveling westbound on Albany Avenue and stopping at Green Street. The male emerges from the driver's seat, retrieves the last garbage bag while standing tothe rear ofthe, ‘ruck, and elscards the bag ino the trashcan, 7.50:05 PM - A Ford Raptor tavels westbound along towards Albany Avenue unt it passes out ofthe area of survellance cverage at appreximately 7:50 PM. 413. ADDITIONAL, C4 VIDEO: CA video showed Dulos remove what appeared to be a age, i objec rom the rear ofthe Ford Raptor and lean up agains a building. The object was consistent with the appearance ofa Weathertech rand ‘ear cargo liner determined tobe missng from Jennifer's 2017 chevolet Suburban. C4 vide also showed an unidentified person removing what appeared to bea light-colored pice of material containing a large blood ike stain, This tem appeared consistent with one of two smal camping plows which Jennifer's nanny, Lauren Aimeida, reported were missing fom the grage storage shelves at the 69 Welles Lane crime scene, Investigators subsequently Mente and Interviewed the homeless male who tod investigators he had seen what he described asa "boody plow” but he had not taken the em, 44, RECOVERY OF EVIDENCE FROM ALBANY AVENUE: Detectives checked trash receptacles shown on suvelance and ‘recovered garbage bags consistent with the black atboge bags shown on CA vi ideo, what appeared tobe ext clothing and Undergarments with a bloodke substance (BL), laste ip es containing BLS, other items and household goods (ee bitchen sponge) with blood stains, nd other household trash tems. Numerous tems recovered fom trash receptacles corresponding to dump lations shown on C8 video were submitted tothe Department of Emergency Series and Puble Protection (OESPP), CC. (Refer to table on next page) Division of Forensic Science Laboratory located at 278 Colony Street Meriden {nog st 3p ty fa rans wt |Gvov-core Me fer [ARREST WARRANT APPLICATION ee aetna ‘SUPERIOR COURT BAER ans no ‘Affidavit - Continued esd tantonpsprel | UAW ayo ET Site ‘i re ar tote abe fee iptarae ns eter set Goiogs a Abe rfc ig ie fe oe apa: en Beet Nts eter] rings gsm Psst ger STATS —— | aan se Oo abt: ny A. eS nas trance a Sune ers oi aoe ha nee a esa bat eer rs ah tic a ‘Seng asa cer ‘nore i ea Do rg aa ar Suna ee band iol — [ore 06 rasa: Aen fer rare enki & [ete ae og age — | O Te [a Peco tos — Rg Papo POET Sno asa as fon Tost cae eT Sete eotononeseowteooan | RetM geet oto Iamrindtachapesteedtonaa | Ciagae agent fo a Soa TH not ‘DNA Match to Jennifer Due ‘Garage Bag Albany Ave, / Green St [aaa Di asst Ba crop escamaras eae See a i Ba ara a Ab ee Sesion tom unit nop — [Bi wa ese Ove Grapes aman ears Saran tos toners sor boas loot oes Serge b Aes Fost nape he eS RTS OAT a i a an Te iad co met as Sena enna | AHRENS er Sa Ae TER 45. RECOVERY OF ALTERED LICENSE PLATES: Cé surveiance video ao showed Oulos pacing large, witecolored tem Into storm rain atthe intersection of Albany Avenue and Adams Street. DetectWes and Metropolitan Dstt Commision personnel responded tthe intersection and accessed the din, lage, whitecoored Fedex envelope was ‘removed from the dan and secure by detectives. The envelope was found to contain two Connect pestenger aes ‘which ntl appeared to read "STWVBU." Upon close Inspection, detectives decovered the ate had been altered ‘tng what appeared tobe ble tape anda dear adnesive. A COLLECT/NCK check of the pat at apered tore ['STEWAL"] yielded no information. When detectives determined the actual lates Were “S16WDL." A COLLECT/NCIC ‘heck ofthe actual alpha-numeri ited the plate 35 CANCELLED ons 2007 Chevrolet Suburban registered to Fotis Duos. ennentces pe ea) to Le ea we OP-2Y- Boo . ae Pero "7-6-2010 [ARREST WARRANT APPLICATION Sones mo STATE OF ConNecTICUT earihe ‘SUPERIOR COURT SOERES season pace con Taal aT = a a = [DULOS, Fotis Farmington Stamford ecmaabet_ Of ‘Affidavit - Continued 16, ARREST #1 OF FOTIS DULOS & NICHELLE TROCONIS: Based onthe above facts and ccumstances, detectives sought {an arrest warrant for Oulos and Trooonison charges stemming from the disposal of evdencein Jennifer's disappearance ‘long Albany Avene in Hartford, On 0/01/19 arrest warrants for Dules and Trocons were authorized and executed ‘charging both individuals with Tampering wth/or Fabricating Physical Evidence (ec. 532-155(a\1) CGS and for indering Prosecution in the First Dgrae (Sec. 533-16520] CGS). 27, INITIAL INTERVIEW WITH MICHELLE TROCOMIS: sof the drafting ofthis afdavit, Dus has provided absolutely no ‘cooperation to law enforcement in their investigation into Jenalfer's disappearance. Investigators have tured to Dulos’ alien Michel Trocons fo assitance. Staring on 05/24/19, NCPD personnel reached out several times to Trocons, Teaving multiple phone messages forher to callback. Trocani failed to respond to any ofthe NCPO messages. On (06/02/13 detectives conducted the Fst Interview with Troconis at NCPD headquarters following er inal acest onthe above charges. Troon attomey, Andrew Bowman, was present inthe room during all questioning. During this inital Interview, Tracons offered he ret version ofthe events ofthe date of lenifr's disappearance (Friday 05/24/19) as well asthe creumstances leading upto tat day. 18, TROCONI' EXPLANATION OF ALIBI SCRIPTS: On 06/03/19 -the day after Troconsfis interview -WOMCS Crime Van detectives were execting a search warrant a 4 eferson Crossing when they located ast of handwritten notes “These documents came tobe refered to by investigator as "The Albi Sri.” The two-page document included two stinct handwriting styles which were later confirmed by Troconi tobe her own handwriting and tat of Duls. The Albi Script was an outie of the acti of Trocons and Duos forthe dates 05/24/19 and 05/25/19 lai out in approximately hourly increments, The original handwritten Alb Script was recovered from a trash bin nthe Fore Group offic and ‘photocopies were ina briefcase. The Alibi Sript included anaratve which was nary identical to the information provided by Troconsn her fst interview and i represented an account of 05/24/29 and 05/25/19 which Duos and ‘roconis together had authored and which narrative Troconis presented neat verbatim inher fst interview. n her second two interviews, Trocan' accunt of thse dates diverged rom the Alb Sep, particularly when confronted with evidence, much of which was unknown to investigators during the first interview. Its therefore important to describe the ‘arious sources of information developed thus far during ths investigation. {interview #2] Starting in her secondinterview,Trocons provided the fllowing reasons fr why she and Dulos had writen out the A ergs + Troconisstated that on either Saturday 05/25/19 or Sunday 05/27/19 che was present fora phone conversation between Dulas and his fami attorney, Jacob Pyetranker, a which Pyetrankr instructed Duos to write out a precise timeline of his actions on Wednesday 05/22/19 ~the date of his last vstaton with his children which had ‘ccured in pat at Jeniters nome (63 Welles Lane). Irocons feportes te ator Raa told Duos to wre down everything he had done during the wt to Jennifer's home.” Pyetranker specially tld Oules to record wivether or not he had entered Jennifer's home. Trocons remembered being surprised tht Duos had been to Jennifer's home that date because Oulos hed told her the vstation occured at Grace Farms in New Canaan, “rocons continued, “Fotis gees, Noid not goin [the house And he [yetranker] sai, 'Make sure. Where dd vou guy ea?" Duloscontinvedt sy," no did't [g inside the house] but yes hugged the ks, we tena 7 039 pgn Aa) rattles spi hiabel Se mae E Pieler [ARREST WARRANT APPLICATION Benen two STATE OF CONNECTICUT sani ‘SUPERIOR COURT BREE soa PaneOm ook DULOS, Fotis, ‘Stamford sce Ot ‘Affidavit - Continued played, Idon't know fa halrwent in” + Following the cl, rocons confronted Duos “I'm ike, Ftis, where were you on Wednesday? Because you told ‘me you went to Grace [Farm,” Dulas admitted he had gone to Jenifer’ house and added they had eaten ‘utede, Troconis reported Duos ha told he, Jacob was saying write down everything as you were bythe time you spent indennifers house Where dd you eat? Did you put any pats isie the house? Did you do you Femember going tothe bathroom?” Dulas repeated to Troconis that he had not entered Jennifer's home. “+ Detecties pointed out that in recording their timelines, both she and Dulos had chosen to omit the rp to dump trash infartfrd, to which Toconis replied, "Tknow:” When Troconls was tld this looked bad,” that she and ‘alos had failed to record potentially incriminating information, Trocons replied, “Ok, I now.” Trconis denied that Duos had told her to leave certain tems out ofthe serpt. She reported Duos had told her to write out the highlights of her day's events “+ When asked if Oulos was cating what story Trocons should tell plc, she responded, “Wel, obviously was for re tay. but he was tryhg to be more accurate with ale. With2 lea le. Thats what m saying. He twas trying tilting that ont remember with things that ca’ it was’ tue” 19, SOURCES OF INFORMATION: Troconis submitted to two subsequent voluntary interviews inthe presence of her attorney in which she presented vasty diferent account ofthe events of 05/24/19. Additional, te later seizure and Search warrant execution on Dulos at Troconis' cellphone provided another source of information. Detectives also Secured various sources of residents and commercial suveilane footage. Thereloe, these sources af information for “Troconis inci: interview #1 (Date: 06/02/15) 2. Alb Scripts (ate: 06/03/19) Interview #2 (Date: 06/06/19) ‘Interview a3 (Oate-08/13/19} 5. Troconis Cellphone Data 65 Dulos ellghone Data 7 Residential Survellance 20, TROCONIS INTERVIEW CLAIMS: n each of her interviews, Tracons offered cms which conflicted with her other interiews, and even, sometines, potions ofthat same interview. When confronted with conflicts in the information she ‘was proving whether they be incorsistencies wth other answers or contradictions to surveiance sourees, Irocons ‘Would only provide "more truthful information, sometimes moslfying oF changing her answer in the midle oft. 21, DULOS' WHEREABOUTS: Dutlngher tree interviews, Teoconi provided a variety of explanations when asked if Duos was home at 4 eters Crossing in Farmington when she awoke the morning of 05/24/18, ee poe Bot 3 psp An) oLfoy fr Pie ee ile trae ne BgrBiadete 0 = “DY- 2OZD. Pr Ceanely aes ire | [ARREST WARRANT APPLICATION ‘anew neon STATE OF CONNECTICUT Pagers ‘SUPERIOR COURT BEET eases aoe aca = onl oa arse DULOS, Fotis Farmington Stamford mer 01 ‘Affidavit - Continued {interview tt} Trocons' statements cluded: ‘+ 0105/24/19 both she and Culos had woke up at ther residence at 6:40 AM, She told investigators that she and ‘ulos had showered and were intimate together before she mad breafastfor her daughter and then drove her toschool, Note: This incoasistent with information from the forensic download of Dut’ [8625] cllphone which indicated on 05/24/1 the alarm activated at 4:20 AM and was shutoff at 4:21 AM. ‘+ when pressed on whether Clos was home that morning, Trocans admitted, "So, maybe he [Dues] wasn't home” the entire morning. But Troconis continued to stl provide Dulos with an all for that moring fom 640 ‘AM unt 8:15AM. She repo'ted last seeing Duos that morning a 8:15 AM in the Fore Group office with Mawhinney. Tracons explahed that she was out of the house from 9:00 AM to 11:30AM, which provies her with pausble denablity for that time peo ‘+ when asked t clan If Dules was home on the morning of 5/24/19, Troconis dd not answer the question Instead, she immediately began teling investigators what SHE had been doing by saying, “All my moring have doing He was inthe house I have tet.” Detectives continued to ask about Dules’ whereabouts and Trocons uitimatelyacknowiedged, °So maybe he wast home.” Uinterview #2 From the very beginning ofthe second interview, Toconls continued to le about seeing Duos onthe morning of 5/24/18. ‘+ Troconls was asked if Ouls atthe home when she woke up at 640 AM, Troconi fst reported, "He was there when we woke up. He was the house" When Trocons was tod Investigators had evdence showing Dulos was notin the house, Troconis rep, “Okay” Trocons proceeded to cover her face with her hands, wipe er eyes, land then ted to change the subject, + Troconisattomey, Andrew Bowman, tid to clarify with Trocons to see if she actualy saw Duos 0 the morning ‘05/24/19. Toconis hedged her answer but acquiesced that she di NOT see Duloson that day until between 1:00PM and 2:00 Pa ‘+ Troconis was asked if there was tension between Dulos and herself because of his dlvore an the problems surrounding it. Her response was, "We fight allthe time.” Detectives asked Trocons the turmoil might be 8 ‘motivating factor to get rid ef lennier. Trocons reported that Dues hd expressed to her that he never thought Jenifer would do this to hi, and that he never saw “this sie ofher.” Troconis also conveyed Duls had tld het, "Sometimes hope she disappears.” (unervew #3] n this interview, roca’ statements included + vestigatrs asked Trotonsit she is ready to admit that she was not one hundred percent truthful wth (rnatepage of 2298 Att) wt | Sof Bo Base Pile ese ON Ota — -6-FOQ0 #1 [of[v0. Petectre, Wn fimbott 377 Z| ARREST WARRANT APPLICATION nen nero ‘STATE OF CONNECTICUT Poa ‘SUPERIOR COURT. Feat EOS ssa. s63 enor aT Raa Toad Ta ERA DORITATT coo ULOS, Fotis Farmington Stamford serene ot “Affidavit - Continued Investigators during her ist two interviews. Troconls hesitate before answering “Vs.” Investigators asked Trocons i Bul was home when she shutoff her alam on 05/24/19 3t 640 AM. Troconis began shaking her head et to right as she espanded, "No." Detectives confirmed “He was not there?” Trocons answered “No” “+ Investigators asked Troconisif he showered that moreing with Duos. Toconis responded, No, | didn.” “rotons ultnately adnittedshe had not seen Outs inthe Bedroom nthe shower, or anywhere ese nthe house that morning until nocn time when Duos called upto her for lunch 22, FORE GROUP MEETING & DULOS CELLPHONE: Troconis told investigator inher ist interview that there was aFore Group meeting onthe morning of 0526/19 inthe fie area of 4 Jefferson Crossing which was attended by Dulos and Kent Mawhinney. Traconis account was contradicted by her subsequent caims and by Mawhinney. (inervew #1] During the intial interview, Trocons claims included: ‘+ Trocans reported that Dulas as inthe Fore Group offic section ofthe residence conducting a business meeting with attorney Kent Mawhinney the moming of 05/24/19 at approximately 8:15 AM. She ultimately tld three ferent versons ofthis “meeting” Trocois st said she saw Mawhinney and Dulas both siting ata table talking with one another. ater, Troconis indicated she only heard Mawhinney and Duos talking but never saw the two of them together siting atthe table. And finaly, Tocons reported she only heard Mawhinney talking bet {id not se or hear Duos ‘+ Troconis stated she greeted Mawhinney nthe Fore Group fc that morning, [I an interlew, Mawhinney cadmited to ivectigtors he was atthe Fore Group office that morning but stated he never saw Troconis) {interview 42 n this interview, Troconi' statements include: “+ Troconis was asked f Mawhianey wasn the Fore Group ofeeon the morning of 05/24/18, to which she began nodding her head and saying “Yes. that id se.” She stated Mawhinney had @ meeting that moring with Dulas. She continued to mabstaln that Duos was present inthe office at approximately 8:20 or 8:30 AM, Troconis added that she had greeted Mawhinney by saying, "HL" “+ When Troconis was asked fhe tne the whereabouts of Dulas cellphone that morning, she replied that she thought Duos had his cellphane. When asked if Dulos would normaly carry his elphone with im, Trocons| responded, “Yer. and na» but lt yes.” Trocons answered tat would be unusval for Dulos tobe without his phone even fora few hours. Trocons et open the posit that Duls ha et his cellphone bering acldentally” But when questioned, Troconis reported Ouls had not told her he forgot hs eliphone on osy2ais. {interview 13] During her third ntendew,Trocons provided the following information: (ise page 10a 3 pe An) oe oe eee ncaree "Te [enw [ARREST WARRANT APPLICATION ere roeee ear ‘SUPERIOR COURT ‘wet Feri RT Ras TT aa ‘DULOS, Fotis Farmington Stamford [eevnmer_O1 “Affidavit - Continued ‘+ Teoconis tol detectives tha after returning from dropping ff her daughter at Schoo, she had gone int the Fre Group office and had seen Wawhinne atthe Tor end of the glss table. Upon seeing Mawhinney, she sai good ‘morning to him and he had responded, “Hello, good morning” Trocons then noticed that Duos eliphone was ‘Siting on the table and she found t unusual that the cellphone was theve at atime when Duos was not present land hi whereabouts were unknown to her + Under repeated questioningby detectives, Toconis was unwiling to say that Ouls was NOT at the residence She would ony say that shed not eee Duls during the morning ~ tin the Bedroom, not inthe kitchen, notin ‘the Fore Group office and tha she did not know hs whereabouts during the entire morning, Having seen his phone on the des, Troconi reported she had assumed Dulos was atthe residence: "thought he (ulos] was [there because Kent was there but I didn't see him [Oulos] cd’ ee hi,” Trocons later added, “Back then | lvays thought he [Dules] was inthe house bu thinking l never saw him never heard his voice. So obvioushy he wasn't or probably he wait inthe house.” 23, INCOMING PHONE CALL FROM ANDREAS TOUTZIARIDI: Duls’ phone records showed an incoming cll t his ‘eliphone on 05/24/19 at 8:24 AM. This call as pre-arranged by Dulos the previous day with his friend Andreas Toutaai, who lives in Greece, + tnteriew #1} The incoming call from Tout was not mentioned by Troconts during the fist interview, + tnteriew #2} Trocone dd rot dicus thecal fom Greece during this interview. She continued to cai 90 knowledge that Duos aid net have his celle that day. + nteriew #2} in this intervin, Trocons changed her entire story regarding the presence/absence of Duos! cellphone that day by acinowledging Duos eliphone was siting onthe Fore Group office as she and Kent Mavhiney stood lathe office, and that receved an incoming callon that date: "The phone rang and it asa callfrom » welt sald Andres. and Kent stood up." According to Troconis, Mawhinney motioned for her to answer the cellphone, In answering a question from Attorney Bowman, Trocons responded, “He [Mavhinney] aide, Theres @phoneringing. Are you going to do something with the phone or the call and picked up the phone Troconis stated she knew Touttaridls a chldhood fiend of Dulos who ves in Greece - but that she was not sure fit was Tota calling, Trocnis alo indicated she heard static when she answered the Cellphone, ond that it was dieu to hear. Troconis reported she then heard the Greek word for hello, and she ‘esponded, Hola” the Spanish ward for hello, Troconis explained thatthe call was “shor andlasted only afew ‘Seconds before ending. [Dub cellphone data shows 217 second phone cl] Trocons stated, “And pretty Sure Rwas Andrea voice.” roconis indicated there was no follow-up phone cal ana tat soon after the callshe left the office, leaving Duos cellphone siting onthe table. 24, TROCONIS' MORNING ALIBI: Tocons provided herself with several methods for investigators to rule out her bresence atthe crime scene onthe poring of 05/26/29. (e501 03 pan Att) lel fro is bow [ARREST WARRANT APPLICATION eee ar eae ‘SUPERIOR COURT BARES oases nego Tae Eat HE Raa VTE — [ESTES TTATT cs ‘DULOS, Fotis Farmington Stamiord SE ot [interview #3} During her intl intesiew, Troconis made the following cans: + She left eferson Crossing or 05/24/19 at approximately 9:10 AM and dropped off an tern oa fiend - thereby providing herself with an -gerson ab - before traveling north to the Simsbury Stop & Shop where she took Photographs of hersel and astre robot roving a secondary ab On hee way home, Trocons stopped by an ‘ddtional adress in West Smsbury where she met with a ferent frend, proving ati al, + when asked if Dulos was hone onthe morning of 05/24/19, Trocons responded by teling detectives that her locations wee substantiate by photographs and texts on her elphone. She dé not answer the actual question asked. [interview #2] Without prompting, Tconks provided a descrition ofthe clothing she was wearing at the Simsbury Stop & ‘Shop to help investigators went heron store survellance Lintervew #3] Detectives continued o question Troconis about the Alb Seis, which Toconis admitted having writen ‘with Dulos. although she appeared to deflect mar of the onus for writing the document onto ules, investigators pointed out that he wrote notes for ‘Mich (Michelle) which were false. Trocois grudglogly admitted that portions of ‘the Alb Serits were actualy indceurate and that she had, nonetheles, provided thes falsehoods to police as acts 25, TROCONIS' LUNCH WITH DULOS ON 05/24/18: Tocons was inconsistent when questioned about Duos’ acl home at eferson Crossing for thei hnch together on 05/24/18 linterview #1) Toconis reported retiring teers Crossing at approximately 12:00 PM. She stated the Ford Raptor |was not on the property because Gumienny was dein it Teoconls Stated the Fore Group Chevrolet Suburban was there. + Detectives asked Troconsif anyone eee wa at the house at noon She responded, had lunch with Fotis but ‘eh. but ater not immediately” Detectives asked Trocons tobe car if Fotis was home when Trocons returned {othe house alte a: noon Tacons responded, “He probably can be because he has the office ontop. I mean ‘id ook fr hie.” ‘+ Trocanls reported a litferent timeframe forthe lanch she ate with Dules on 05/24/18: © Interview #1. -Trocons st reported 1:00 PM. She then changed the time to between 1:00 PM an! 2:00 io Interview #2 -Sometine prio to 2:00PM Interview #3 - Between noon and 1:30PM, Alb Seipts ~ Between noon and 1:00PM. Survelance hows the Toyota Tacoma pling into 60 Mountain Spring Road at 12:25 PM. (mt pae 120 3 page Aa) me a lS —— PE i Rt te wt [O7-A Zot nea ELD ) eideedco” = (Le lw een Bilan — "7-6-2036 [ARREST WARRANT APPLICATION ‘enous anon STATE OF CONNECTICUT Eee ‘SUPERIOR COURT SESE ae. sns cs =e Rs TITS 5 a ULOS, Fotis Farmington Stamford rae ot ‘Affidavit - Continued Lunterview #2] During her second interview, Troconis explained when Duos returned home fr lnch that day he was Wearing jeans and a light shirt with ot sleeves, “Similar to pola” whereas during the thi interview, Troconscsimed Dulos was wearing a collared, buttor-down shirt with the sleeves rolled up, and that he appeared “normal.” {interview #3] In thi intervie, Tracois admitted she could not account for Duos whereabouts on the morning of 05/24/18. “+ when asked if she could corm Duos" whereabouts onthe morning of 05/24/19, she acknowledged she could ‘+ Troconis claimed that she had not found ft unusual for Duos to have absoutely no contact with her during the entire morning o 5/24/39, She claimed on some days they speak twenty times while on other days they had no fontact a al Faspunsron 26. 80 Mountain Spring Road The arperty located at 80 MountalnSpeing Road isa large, isolated property owned by Fore Group and itincudes a fesive (1,000 plus square foot) mansion with five Bedrooms, five fulland tree haf bat, situated ona 5 8 acre lt, The locaion Ia fve-minte (21 mile) drive fom 4 eerson Crossing. Throughout her three Interviews, Troconis provided vast fering accounts allof which conflicted wih location data gleaned from Dulos and Trocons cellphones. + Interview] Inher ntl interview, Troconis provide the following information (© Trocons reported Oulscalled her on her phone to teller they both had to go over to 80 Mountain Spring oad to dean the housein preparation fra cent meeting the next morning. she described ia “common” for them to use theircelphones to call one another. Tracois had to bring a vacuum, a Suifer mop, paper towels, Clorox spray, and garbage bags ‘© Tracons reported she ad Dulos drove the 2.1 miles south to 80 Mountain Spring Road in separate vehicles sometime between 2:15PM and 3:00PM. [Residential urvellance shows Dulos driving his 2015 Chevrolet Suburban folowed by Tocons driving 92014 lep Cherokee relstered to the Fore Group arthing at 80 Mountain Spring Road: 1'36 PH.) ‘© Soon after arriving, Troon reported she discovered the vacuum she had brought aid nat work. She explained how she retumed to Jefferson Crossing to obtain a small broom, ‘© Inorderto larity her stony, detectives asked Trocons what she fst saw when she dove into the driveway of £8 Mountain Sping Road. She reported seeing the Suburban already parked with Duos standing inside (repos 1302 3 pe Ace) orfoy [ro we [Beov ae ViiDiaay OO a wi a | ARREST WARRANT APPLICATION Be eer eer eee ‘SUPERIOR COURT BEES senses eee a RT a TTT ST TERA | coromee ULOS, Fots Farmington Stamford omens 01 “Affidavit - Continued ‘south garage bay. ‘© Toconis indicated that at approximately 3:00 P&M she returned to Jefferson Crossing. she explained the way the Jeep was parked, twas “easier” to drive the Suburban. (© Trocons reported she went back to 80 Mountain Spring Road between 3:40 Pk and 6:00 PA. When she arrived, she observed Duls taking on his phone out nthe area of the rveway were the cars are parked “Trocons began cleaning windows but then gave up because she realized the house was "too big” [interview #2 Troconis coninued to claim she dd nt know what Dulos was doing onthe property: ‘© When Troconis was told that Dulos had lle his wife and involved her [Trocons] nthe clesr-up, she responded by saying, “That's ike even worse. hate him because ofthat." flat Kimball told Trocons, fot you in trouble” Trocons replied, “But | was cleaning the house. | wasnt cleaning Jenifer.” [interview #3] During the the interview, Troconls provided some entirely new information: (© During interviews one ad two, Trocons repeatedly told investigators she had been “cleaning windows” while {at 80 Mountain Spring oad. During the thr interview, Toconis began caiming she had been cleaning bathrooms” ‘© Trocons indicated that when Gumienny ative at 80 Mountain Spring Road at approximately 5:00PM, she and Dulos had been standing up against the Toyota Tacoma’ passenger side: "ots [Oulos] and I were against ‘theca. The Tacoma. Ftis was ike behind me. Like physial contact. Pawel (Gumenny] ative. think Pawel ‘or Fotis says didn't see anything, or we werent doing anything | think something Ike ajoke.” When asked toexpain her meaning, and Trocons answered, “Lke yeah. ve were making.” Trocons appeared to be saying that Gumienny's rival interupted Dulas and Troconls from engaging in sox alongside the passenger sie ofthe Toyota, © Troconls tod invstgstor that she wat inside BO Mountain Spring Road when Duos came inside looking for paper towels because he had "spilled something” in the Toyota Tacoma. Supposedly Duos weat back outside to clean out “sled coffee” and then he returned to her and handed her the paper towel which she threw nthe garage. Trconis explained, "He [Duos said that he sped think it was coffe.” When ‘asked wmere Dus ha piles the coffe, 1roconis responded, Th te Mu Mone ofthe cars, Thats what hetold me. 'm not sureif thats true or not but the paper towel was diy.” Troconis indicated the used paper towel had been brown ir color. She alto told investigators that the soled paper towel cid nt smal ike coffee Inallthre interviews, Trocenis described how she repeatedly drove back and forth between 80 Mountain Spring tenon Del russ — eters Teckel 0071 fg wt [OLeT Db VL Vantaa iF ee ia hn ie Wires 7-6-3200 [ARREST WARRANT APPLICATION Donen neo STATE OF CONNECTICUT Say ‘SUPERIOR COURT BES wa es ae DULOS, Fotis Farmington Stamford ema ot ‘Affidavit - Continued Road and 4 Jeerson Crossing using both the Jeep and the Suburban, The ting she provided isnot corroborated bythe cellular data of Trocor' and Duos ellphones. ules appears to remain at 80 Mountain Spring Road from approximately 1:36 PM untlappresimately 4:07 PM ~ approximately 2 J hous. 27, ALBANY AVENUE, HARTFORD: Starting n her fies interview,Trocons tol investigators that between 6:30 PM and 7.00PM Dules had offered to goto aStarbucks located in West Hartford. + {nterview #1 Trocons expkined that she and Duls ode towards the Starbucks inthe Ford Raptor. Troconls reported she wes on her phan a was not aware of what was going on. Dus dove pst the Starbuck 1 what “roconis descrbed as "a creepy area” which was a “crowded place” with fie and police vehicles. Troconis ‘explained, He [Duos] topped and we stopped. He throws something from the back. bag or! dont know what. {wasn't realy paying attention.” Trocons asked Dulos, "Why ae we here? Like, it doesn't make sense.” She ‘went onto state, “We've thrown garbage bags nother opportunities, but ve never been in that area," Troconis

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