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INDEPENDENCE COUNTY, ARKANSAS. ‘CIRCUIT CLERK GREG WALLIS FILED FOR RECORD BY GARMEN DUNCAN.6. DATE: JANUARY 6, 2020 TIME: 11:27:08 IN THE CIRCUIT COURT OF INDEPENDENCE COUNTY, ARKANSAS DOMESTIC RELATIONS DIVISION LUNDEN ALEXIS ROBERTS Z PLAINTIBE VS. NO. 32DR-19-187 ROBERT HUNTER BIDEN DEFENDANT ORDER TO sT) INVESTIGATIONS, INC, PLEADINGS On Decemnbet 23, 2019, at 858 a.m. three-page pleading was filed in this-matter entitled NOTICE OF FRAUD AND COUNTERFEITING AND PRODUCTION OF EVIDENCE submitted by D&A INVESTIGATIONS, INC,, as Interveior and purportedly signed by Dominie Casey, Investigator. This pleading lacks a Gle mark but does appeat in the Court’ file. ‘This pleading was struck from the file by Order enteted December 23, 2019, at 15: On Decembet 27, 2019 at 8:02.a.m. a two-page pleading was filed in this matter entitled MOTION ‘TO INTERVENE and on January 2, 2020 at :15.a.m, a pleading was filed entitled NOTICE OF FILING ORIGINS AN PREDICA, both pleadings submitted by D&A INVESTIGATIONS, C., a8 Interwenor and purportedly signed by Dominic Casey, Investigator. ‘The December 27, 2049 pleading and January 2, 2020 plending'shall be struck pursuant to.Ark. Rule Giv. P, 12{9, ‘The pleadings fil t comply with Ark, Rule Civ. P, 10 and 11, the procedure to Intervene set cout at Ark. Rule Civ. P. 24, fall to assert any cause which would give standing in this paternity matter, and fail to offer any credible allegation or proof dhat the author has any sight fo intervene. ‘The author, Dominic Casey and D&A Investigations, Inc, are strongly cautioned not to file frivolous pleidings and is ordered to refiain from fotute frivolous pleadings or be subject to show enuse why they should not be brought before tite Court, held in contempt by this Court, and panishiett by fine, incarcetation or both. ‘The Independence County Circuit Clerk is ordered not to accept any future pleadings filed by D&A. Investigations /Dominic Casey without the ptior approval of this Court that such pleadings are propes, ‘gezmane, anil not offered for the purpose of invoking unwarranted a IT IS SO.ORDERED.