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2006 EN Official Journal of the European Union C 7/3



Authorisation for State aid pursuant to Article 61 of the EEA Agreement and Article 1(3) in Part I
of Protocol 3 to the Surveillance and Court Agreement
EFTA Surveillance Authority decision not to raise objections

(2006/C 7/03)

Date of adoption of the decision 22 June 2005

Number of aid Case 55682
EFTA State Norway
Title Electricity tax exemption for energy intensive industries participating in a
programme for energy efficiency
Objective The objective of the programme is to encourage efficient use of energy
Legal basis The Parliament's annual decision on electricity tax, the Regulation on excise duties,
ref. § 3-12-11 (1) and the standard ‘Agreement Concerning the Promotion of
Energy Efficient Energy Use in Energy Intensive Industries’ to be entered into
between the Norwegian State and each of the relevant companies qualifying for
Annual expenditure planned or Aid scheme Annual expenditure planned: EUR 3 million
overall amount of individual aid Exemption of tax amounts NOK 25 million
granted (in national currency) to approx. NOK 25 million Overall amount: NOK 250 EUR 30 million
per year million
Duration 10 years
Maximum aid intensity of the aid NOK 25 million per year
Economic sectors Limited to the energy intensive industries in the manufacturing
and mining sector, social works, as far as the electricity is used
by enterprises that exercise industrial production in the same
way as the enterprises in the manufacturing and mining
sector, as well as the industry which supplies steam and hot
Name and address of the granting Ministry of Finance
authority P.O. Box 8008 Dep, N-0030 Oslo

The authentic text of the decision, from which all confidential information has been removed, can be
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