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September 15, 2019

FROM: Ed Carey, Co-Chairman

TO: Horry County Republican Party Precinct Executive Committeemen & Committeewomen

CC: Dreama Perdue, Co-Chairwoman

Mary Rebolini, Vice Chairman
Gerri McDaniel, State Executive Committeewoman
Eric Santorelli, Treasurer
Keith Jester, Secretary

RE: HCGOP Executive Committee Meeting 9/16/19

Thank you for agreeing to a meeting of the Executive Committee on Monday Night. My preference was
that this meeting would not been needed and that my efforts over the last four plus months to provide
accountable leadership and daylight of the HCGOP organization, management and issues would be
resolved at the leadership level. Unfortunately, I have failed to reach that goal. I have failed because my
efforts have failed to transition records of the past for purposes of a creating better and inclusive party
going forward. I have failed because I have been unable to acquire the answers to my questions of the
prior administration. I have failed because there has not been a transition of leadership into the new CO-
Chairman setup. So, we, the HCGOP are at a crossroad. We are at a milestone in the history of the
HCGOP. Do we continue to operate as we have over the past numerous years, or do we begin to run and
operate the HCGOP as a legally accountable professionally run nonprofit organization that promotes the
conservative republican values that brought us here in the first place? Are you ready to make the
changes needed to right this ship? Or, are you wanting to continue to put yourself at liability risk as an
officer of a nonprofit organization that does not and has not provided basic Officer and Director liability
insurance, an organization does not keep proper basic acceptable financial records which could put you
at risk of financial liability, an organization that cannot produce current membership records, an
organization that has leaders making unchecked and unilateral decisions outside of the governing bylaws
of the organization?

I have learned that all of this by not accepting non-answers. I have learned all this by pressing on without
the help of the former administration. I have learned all of this by having to reassemble financial banking
records by acquiring copies of checks and deposits directly from our bank. I have had to acquire a copy
of the insurance policy to read myself by going direct to the broker listed on the payment records
because other consistently refused to release information regarding the insurance policy.

The purpose of Mondays EC meeting is to bring each of you up to date regarding administrative matters
of the HCGOP. These matters include fiduciary and other record keeping that has come into question by
myself as well as others. This meeting was called by your peers, a group of your Executive committeemen
and committeewomen that also have serious concerns as to the direction and way the party is being run
from financial and operational basis. This meeting is called so that you, the governing body of this
organization can become aware of these concerns as well as for you, as the governing body, to govern by
taking whatever appropriate actions are necessary to remedy the serious deficiencies and disfunctions of
the party. I trust all of you will make the correct choice, for I as one, will not continue to put my
professional reputation or wallet at risk of being liable for suspect record keeping and operations.
HCGOP Executive Committee
September 15, 2019
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After numerous unsuccessful attempts to obtain information directly from the HCGOP prior
administration and current Co-Chairwoman Perdue, I and other ECs sought out legal counsel regarding
the matters because of our concerns with liability and fiduciary duty as representatives of the HCGOP.
We sought legal counsel to assist in obtaining certain information and documentation, that was
unsuccessfully previously requested directly, over the last several months. I believe each of you should
be equally as concerned with fiduciary duties and liability as officers of this non-profit organization and
the implications if these matters are not addressed and resolved properly.

In addition to financial matters, there are unanswered questions and information regarded membership
records, insurance policy issues, unilateral decisions by individuals in leadership, and communications not
being vetted via the various HCGOP Committees that support various functions of the party.

Most pressing, however, are the financial matters which require immediate action and changes

Attached is a summary of issues that have been documented. I am asking you to direct your attention to
these issues and to be fully aware as the governing body of the HCGOP.

Thank you.