November,28 2010 Nguy n Thùy Anh

Academic Vocabulary set 01 Unit1:Learn to succeed
Words Adolescence IPA /,ædou'lesns/ Meaning and example n. the time period between the beginning of puberty and adulthood (Developing into an adult) Th i thanh niên ex.Yet another novel about the joys and sorrows of adolescence n. An inherent ability, as for learning; a talent: an aptitude for mathematics. N ng l c th a h ng,kh n ng n.a feeling or opinion about something or someone,or a way of behaving that is caused by this It s often very difficult to change people s attitudes Thái ,quan i m y one's attitude towards a question: quan i m iv im tv n y an attitude of mind: quan i m cách nhìn Adj.Connected with thinking or conscious mental processes, Some of her cognitive functions have been impaired Liên quan n nh n th c Adj. Relating to, based on, or involving comparison. Estimated by comparison; relative We couldn t afford it and yet we re comparatively well-off T ng i verb .Declare untrue; contradict.Refuse to accept or believe.. He denied all responsibility for the rumours which have been circulating T ch i, ph n i, ph nh n y to deny the truth: ph nh n s th t y to deny a charge: ph n i m t l i bu c






/'k gn t v/


/k m'pær t vl /


/d 'na /

November,28 2010 Nguy n Thùy Anh

t i Discriminate /dis'krimineit/ Verb/Adj.Recognize or perceive the difference,treat differently on the basis of sex or race, distinguish She felt she had been discriminated against because of her age. (+ from) phân bit:to discriminate one thing from another: phân bi t cái này v i cái khác Verb.To obtain or produce something,especially information or a reaction Have you managed to elicit a reponse from them yet khêu ra, g i ra, moi y to elicit an answer: moi ra câu tr l i suy ra, lu n ra (s th t) Verb.To limit the ability of someone to dosomething or to limit the development of st.Prevent the progress or accomplishment of High winds have hindered firefighters in their efforts to put out the blaze Adj. ng sau Verb.C n tr , gây tr ng i y to hinder someone's work: c n tr công vi c c a ai y to hinder someone from working: c n tr không ai làm vi c gì




/'haind /


/p r't s pe t /p


Verb. become a participant; be involved in.To take part in an activity She never participates in any of our discussion,does she? tham gia, tham d ; cùng góp ph n y to participate in something: cùng góp ph n vào cái gì y to participate insomething: cùng góp ph n vào cái gì y to participate with somebody: cùng tham gia v i ai

November,28 2010 Nguy n Thùy Anh

T có th

ã bi t,nh ng ph i dùng c thì m i là c

1. The questionnaire was intended to information on eating habits. 2. He . All responsibility for the rumours which have been circulating 3. We encourage students to fuly in the running of the college 4. I will take your personal .and abilities into account 5. It s often very difficult to change peole s 6. We couldn t afford it and yet we re .well-off 7. It is illegal to discriminate . On grounds of race,sex or religion 8. Her progress certainly hasn t been .by her lack of experiencce 9. ..brings about major changes in a young person mind 10. Some of her ..funtions have been impared

And learn this
Cognition an opinion or belief I just found out I am paid 20% less than my coworkers. Affect the emotional or feeling segment associated with that belief I feel angry that I am not being treated fairly. Behavior the intention to behave in a certain way I am going to quit this job soon as I can, and I am taking the red stapler with me! =>Three components/steps causes ATITUDE

November,28 2010 Nguy n Thùy Anh

Quote of the day
Attitude is a litte thing that makes a big difference Life doesn't give you the people you want. Instead it gives you the ones you need, to teach you, to hurt you, to love you & to make you exactly the way you should be.

Now s break time,have a nice daydarling

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