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JANUARY 8, 2020 

March For Our Lives Youth-led Movement Announces First 

Executive Director and National Organizing Director 

Alexis Confer Maxwell Frost 
Alexis Confer joins as Executive Director; Maxwell Frost hired as National Organizing 
Director (​headshots available here​) 
New staff roles will support the national movement of young people comprising nearly 
300 youth-led chapters  

Parkland, Florida ​— Today, March For Our Lives announced Alexis Confer as the 
organization’s first Executive Director. Starting on January 21st, Confer will oversee 
and guide March For Our Lives’ strategic vision and growth as the nation’s leading 
youth advocacy organization to end gun violence. Since 2014, Confer has helped 
launch a series of groundbreaking policy initiatives in New York City on behalf of Mayor 
Bill de Blasio, beginning with the launch of the City's first-ever free universal Pre-K 
program, which serves tens of thousands of families each year. As the first Executive 
Director of ThriveNYC, Confer managed a first-of-its-kind municipal investment to 
destigmatize mental illness and substance use challenges and connect New Yorkers to 
mental health care and support. Confer also served as Deputy Field Director in 
Pennsylvania for Obama for America 2012 and as the first National Field Director for 
Everytown for Gun Safety. 

In addition to adding Confer, March For Our Lives has been building a team of young 
leaders to support its national youth-led movement throughout 2019. Most recently, in 
December 2019, March For Our Lives hired Maxwell Frost as its first National 
Organizing Director. Frost previously organized with the ACLU and, 
among other campaigns and causes. Frost will play a key role in building a robust 
national campaign that drives youth engagement to address America’s gun violence 
epidemic. His advocacy will help strengthen March For Our Lives’ nearly 300 youth-led 
chapters, and he will work with them to build actionable plans during a pivotal year in 
which young people’s voices will be heard at the ballot box and in state capitals across 
the country. 

“Something remarkable is happening with this new generation. They’re mobilized. 

They’re organized. They’re clear-eyed about the massive change we need to see in this 
country if we are to put a stop to gun violence,” said ​Alexis Confer, incoming 
Executive Director of the March For Our Lives. ​“What’s obvious to me and so many 
is that they will be the generation that ends this epidemic of violence. I am truly 
honored to join March For Our Lives and help build upon the incredible foundation of 
advocacy and movement building that these activists created.”  

With a wealth of experience in grassroots organizing, large-scale operational 

management and legislative advocacy, Confer will support March For Our Lives to 
build and strengthen the movement to end gun violence at a critical moment. Over the 
past year, as Senior Advisor for Mayoral Initiatives, she led New York City's successful 
fight to protect local control of the school system, helped develop the City’s 2020 
Census strategy to ensure every New Yorker is counted and helped establish the City's 
first-ever civic engagement strategy. 

“2020 is going to be a big year for March For Our Lives and an even bigger year for 
addressing the nation’s gun violence crisis,” said ​David Hogg, co-founder and board 
member for March For Our Lives​. “We recognized that to succeed in further 
mobilizing the nation’s youth to stand up and speak out on gun violence, we needed 
someone who understood who we are and could help us take our national movement 
to the next level. Alexis gets us and we are thrilled she’ll join us as our Executive 

“Since March For Our Lives was created, it was our goal that one day our work would 
no longer be needed,” ​said Bria Smith, March For Our Lives Board Member. ​“To 
achieve this, we needed someone to help guide the organization through a period 
where we see the opportunity to truly engage young people who no longer want to live 
in fear. 2020 marks an important, even historic, time in our nation and our voices will 
be heard as voters elect political leaders including a president capable of 
comprehensively addressing our gun violence crisis.” 

“Young people have always been indispensable in shaping the soul of our nation. If you 
look back at national fights for justice and equality, young people have led the way 
each time. This is no different in today’s fight to end gun violence. At its core, March 
For Our Lives remains a voice for those students who don’t want to live in fear any 
longer,” ​said Nina Vinik, Board Chair, March For Our Lives Action Fund. ​“As we 
begin 2020 and beyond, Alexis will channel that vision to improve the lives of young 
people, and ensure March For Our Lives remains youth-led.” 

Since the March For Our Lives’ nationwide demonstration in 2018, young people have 
helped lead the national narrative around gun violence prevention –– not by choice, but 
to protect themselves –– as gun violence now ranks as the second most likely cause of 
death among young people under 30. 

Additionally, gun deaths in the U.S. have reached their highest level in ​almost 40 years, 
with nearly 40,000 Americans killed by a gun in 2017​. Communities across America, 
especially communities of color, continue to be tragically impacted by gun violence 
that has escalated over the last several years. That’s why in August 2019, March For 
Our Lives released the Peace Plan for A Safer America. The Peace Plan sets out to 
save the lives that Washington’s gridlock has ignored. The Plan presents bold 
recommendations to reduce gun deaths by 50 percent over a decade and to instill a 
sense of safety in communities dealing with the daily threat of gun violence.  

In 2020, March For Our Lives plans to partner with organizations and allies across the 
country to bring lasting change to prevent gun violence and protect the nation’s 
communities. In the coming weeks, March For Our Lives will outline a series of major 
2020 initiatives focusing on this effort.  


About March For Our Lives 

March For Our Lives is a national student-led movement to end gun violence in 
America. Its​ mission is to harness the power of young people across the country to 
fight for sensible gun violence prevention policies that save lives. S
​ ince the historic 
march in the nation’s capital and another 800 sister marches around the world, MFOL 
has registered thousands of new voters, influenced legislation, and has e ​ stablished 
nearly 300 chapters a
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