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NLS Release Notes Release 12 Part No. B31571-01 Revised: 30 August 2007 These release notes update and supplement Oracle Applications Installation Guide: Using Rapid Install, Oracle Applications Upgrade Guide: Release 11i to Release 12, and Oracle Applications Maintenance Procedures with information specific to National Language Support (NLS) installations. Use this document and the appropriate supplementary manual or manuals when you install or upgrade Oracle Applications NLS systems. The Oracle Applications Release Notes also contain important information about your installation or upgrade. You must read and perform the tasks in all documents.

Translation Synchronization Patches (Doc ID: 252422.1) - This feature provides a quick way to synchronize existing translations with the American English software on your system, along with an option to obtain the latest translations. Oracle Applications Globalization Support Guide (Release 12) (Doc ID: 393861.1)

Installing Translations
All references to NLS patch 4440000 and NLS Release 12 patch 4440000 refer to the Release 12 NLS software for the language. The software is available from the NLS DVD media or from EPD ( The NLS software is a zip file that contains the NLS Release 12 patch 4440000, a README.txt file and a README.html file with instructions on how to install the NLS software. The minimum recommended space required for each active language in the APPL_TOP is 7GB and 1GB for the database. Follow the steps in the Post-installation Tasks section of this document to complete the installation of the language software. Use the following table to decide which installation method best suits your needs. If you are... Upgrading an existing system to Release 12 Follow the instructions in... Oracle Applications Upgrade Guide: Release 11i to Release 12 to install the NLS software The Post-installation Tasks section of this document Oracle Applications Maintenance Procedures. See the Adding and Maintaining NLS Languages section in Chapter 1 Maintaining Your System. Use the instructions pertaining to the business requirement of adding a language. Oracle Applications Maintenance Procedures. See the Adding and Maintaining NLS Languages section in Chapter 1 Maintaining Your System. Complete steps 1 and 2 from the instructions pertaining to the business requirement of adding a language, then proceed to the following bullet: After you complete steps 1 and 2 from the

Additional Information: See Oracle Applications Translation Scope and Availability (Doc ID: 405992.1).

Installing a new language in a Release 12 system

Documentation Resources
Oracle Applications Documentation Resources, Release 12 (Doc ID: 394692.1) lists the full set of documentation associated with Release 12. In addition to the documents previously mentioned, it also has a link to Oracle Applications Concepts, which contains important information about managing NLS systems. Two additional resources (available on OracleMetaLink) are: Installing a new language in a Release 12 system to which you have applied the latest Release Update Pack (RUPx)

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previous section. there is no need to apply a separate patch for the Oracle Applications User's Guide. restart the Apache service to enable the new languages on the login page. you can merge the R12 NLS language software with the latest RUP for the language(s) and apply the merged patch to your system. Follow the instructions in. refer to Install Oracle Unicode Fonts for Dynamic Image Generation in Oracle Applications on OracleMetaLink.If you are. powered by Apache) to support the active Applications languages. Oracle Applications Maintenance stop $ adapcctl. See the Adding and Maintaining NLS Languages section in Chapter 1 Maintaining Your System. then apply the NLS patch for the language(s) you require. Additional Information: See Release 12 Translation Scope and Availability (Doc ID: 405992. Restart the Apache Service On the node that contains the Web start Note: There may be temporary form failures during NLS patch application if the US code level is higher than the NLS patch level. and should be installed if either of the following conditions applies to your installation: Multiple languages from different native character sets are active The operating system of the node that contains the Web server is not configured with the required language support for the active languages If you require the font files. Users do not have to log off during the application of these patches. Install Online Help The translated online help for Release 12. font files are required on the Web server (Oracle HTTP server. translations for the Oracle Applications User's Guide (patch 6333541) are currently available for most languages. Unicode font files are shipped with Oracle Applications.0 (patch 5051400) is currently available in several languages. There is no need to apply the US version of this patch. Page 3 of 8 Page 4 of 8 . You can apply the language versions of the patch directly using start Maintaining existing translations in a Release 12 system Windows: C:\> cd <ADMIN_SCRIPTS_HOME> C:\> adapcctl. If you have already applied the online help patch for a language. To install the translated user's guide content. Both the online help patch and the user's guide translation patch can be applied to a Release 12 system at any US RUP level.. complete the following tasks to finish the installation. or when you apply the latest NLS Release Update Pack to your system. In addition.. first apply the US patch using AutoPatch. Use the instructions pertaining to the business requirement of keeping NLS language software current. Note that the translated online help patch contains the full content of the translated Oracle Applications User's Guide.1) for current information about the availability of online help and user's guide translations. Install Font Files For dynamic image generation. Post-installation Tasks After you install translations (Release 12 NLS software). These errors will be resolved when you run the Translation Synchronization Patch Utility to synchronize the NLS code level with the US stop C:\> adapcctl.. UNIX: $ cd $ADMIN_SCRIPTS_HOME $ adapcctl.

17 April Added information about translated versions of the 12.1 2007 Release Update Pack. From Oracle Applications Manager. The conventions for writing code require that closing braces should appear on an otherwise empty line. see Chapter 6 in Oracle Applications System Administrator's Guide. For more information.Special Instructions The instructions in this section apply only to the customers indicated in the section headings. 2007 Customers Changing an Existing Installed Language to a New Base Language Release Update Pack 2 (RUP2) introduces the Change Base Language script ( You can use any character set that Oracle supports on the database tier (including the ISO character sets). Review the log files for any issues. along with a translated version of the Oracle Applications User's script to generate the [AppsUID/AppsPswd] 4. and contains markup to facilitate access by the disabled community. This documentation is available in HTML format. Section Heading 30 August 2007 Customers Using Hebrew Translations Only You cannot use the Hebrew ISO character set IW8ISO8859P8 on the application tier servers. 01 February Removed pre-installation requirement of applying patch 5688415. visit the Oracle Accessibility Program Web site at http://www. This driver is based on seed data in your environment. 2007 24 January Initial release of this document. Apply the driver to your system using Note: You do not need to use this script when you are installing a new language as the base language. Accessibility of Code Examples in Documentation Screen readers may not always correctly read the code examples in this document. This script updates single-language tables and corresponding seed data to the new base language. $ perl $AD_TOP/bin/adchgbase. The driver is located at: $AU_TOP/patch/115/driver/u_ChangeBase. Run the adchgbase. services. For more information.drv patch driver. Accessibility standards will continue to evolve over time. some screen readers may not always read a line of text that consists solely of a bracket or brace.drv. Translated help is now available. 3. and Oracle is actively engaged with other market-leading technology vendors to address technical obstacles so that our documentation can be accessible to all of our customers. 5. 1. and supporting documentation accessible. 6.0. go to License Manager and change an installed language the new base language. 2. Accessibility of Links to External Web Sites in Documentation Current Revisions Log Page 5 of 8 Page 6 of 8 . To that end. Documentation Accessibility Our goal is to make Oracle products. to the disabled community. You use this script to make an existing installed language the new base language. The following sections were changed in the Oracle Applications NLS Release Notes. our documentation includes features that make information available to users of assistive technology. Summary of Changes Updated online help information for RUP3. All other character sets supported by Oracle can be used (for example UTF8 or IW8MSWIN1255). Customers Using Both Hebrew and Arabic Translations Use the PASTA utility (FNDPSTAX) for printing. however. 17 July Added information about changing an installed language to a new 2007 base language for your system. with good usability.

including delivery of products or services and warranty obligations related to purchased products or services. the additional rights set forth in FAR 52. call 800. As such. or any content provided on. If the Programs are delivered to the United States Government or anyone licensing or using the Programs on behalf of the United States Government. software. If you find any problems in the documentation. TTY Access to Oracle Support Services Oracle provides dedicated Text Telephone (TTY) access to Oracle Support Services within the United States of America 24 hours a day. Oracle. patent.This documentation may contain links to Web sites of other companies or organizations that Oracle does not own or control. If you choose to purchase any products or services from a third party. For TTY support. You bear all risks associated with the use of such content. redundancy and other measures to ensure the safe use of such applications if the Programs are used for such purposes. Inc. Government customers are "commercial computer software" or "commercial technical data" pursuant to the applicable Federal Acquisition Regulation and agency-specific supplemental regulations.458. Oracle is not responsible for any loss or damage of any sort that you may incur from dealing with any third party. for any purpose. duplication. or other inherently dangerous applications. and adaptation of the Programs. no part of these Programs may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means. Redwood City. It shall be the licensee's responsibility to take all appropriate fail-safe. and other intellectual and industrial property laws. disassembly. third-party Web sites. 500 Oracle Parkway. including documentation and technical data. and related documentation and technical data delivered to U. medical. This document is not warranted to be error-free. disclosure. The information contained in this document is subject to change without notice. license agreement.446. please report them to us in writing. Oracle is not responsible for: (a) the quality of third-party products or services. electronic or mechanical. call +1. and we disclaim liability for any damages caused by such use of the Programs. backup. they are provided under a license agreement containing restrictions on use and disclosure and are also protected by copyright. the relationship is directly between you and the third party. B31571-01 Copyright © 2007. The Programs are not intended for use in any nuclear. Except as may be expressly permitted in your license agreement for these Programs. Oracle Applications NLS Release Notes. seven days a week.S.407. and. or (b) fulfilling any of the terms of the agreement with the third party. All rights reserved. to the extent applicable.. Oracle is not responsible for the availability of. Oracle USA. use. is prohibited. and services from third parties. . mass transit. The Programs (which include both the software and documentation) contain proprietary information.227-19. or decompilation of the Programs. the following notice is applicable: U. shall be subject to the licensing restrictions set forth in the applicable Oracle Page 7 of 8 Page 8 of 8 The Programs may provide links to Web sites and access to content. Outside the United States. Oracle is a registered trademark of Oracle Corporation and/or its affiliates. products. Release 12 Part No. except to the extent required to obtain interoperability with other independently created software or as specified by law.S. Commercial Computer Software--Restricted Rights (June 1987). Reverse engineering.2479. Oracle neither evaluates nor makes any representations regarding the accessibility of these Web sites. databases. CA 94065. modification.2398. Other names may be trademarks of their respective owners. GOVERNMENT RIGHTS Programs. aviation.

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