eBay hosts approximately 12.5 million online auctions every day across the globe in various categories of products per day( C. Peters, C. Bodkin) i eBay runs a price based auction where the bidder places his maximum bid which cannot be seen by the other bidders. eBay’s proxy bidder bids on his behalf up to his maximum to ascertain his maximum bid.( J. Engelberg, J.Williams)

eBay has a group of developers who build applications around eBay’s core program or interface and respond to the bidders requests. In return these companies create applications which help eBay work better and serve a broader base of bidders to enhance its own business. The independent developer or the company list their products on eBay which helps them push their sales or share information with their customers, supply chain etc making the services communicate to you, define them as per consumer needs (E. Cone, 2006)iii. The success of eBay is this encouragement to the new companies who can come up with new selling ideas at low cost and high. In deciding whether the vendor to purchase an API or not, it is important to note that vendors not availing the eBay Developers Program access eBay's database through the same way we browse the Internet, the process is referred to as "scraping." Ina & David Steiner(2002)

The difference between accessing eBay via

API and scraping can be simply explained as a local road. On one hand by suing the site it is like driving at with stop lights and slower speed limits whereas using an API is like paying for a clear on the toll highway. eBay also charges an annual fee and monthly usage charges to the vendors purchasing API.

These applications use eBay servers to communicate with the consumers. Alongside, they have vital information of the customers which can be used for business strategies. The author John Paul Mueller has explained in detail the objectives and the benefits an developer would gain by listing itself on the eBay site and by building applications with the eBay APIv

G.000 items listed. The companies and the individual sellers who are associated as developers with eBay are steering the development program of the Company. So the data available is guaranteed more reliable and structured as compared to other resources. However. The independent developers in his view have not only automated the online bidding process but also enabled the sellers to achieve high volumes at low cost. the customers are interacting with eBay directly. in this case eBay. M. eBay announced the basic developer toolset at the end of 2000 charging $1 to $3 fee per 1. The application can be designed in such a manner that the API provider/developer is directly communicating with the end customers in its most suitable customized format. check the current lists of the items and view its information. As stated on the ebay sitevi. Shmueli. The data requested is closer than what is being pulled out so the chance of better match between the . History eBay has one of the oldest social APIs. 2010) ixThe main advantage of API is that the data is available directly from the auction site. Jank. With a belief that an API could help it expand its services and business. estimates that over 8000 companies are the developer-members which together have built over 600 applications. etc. LaMonica. 2005vii claim eBay gets more than 20 percent of the product listings from the independent developers. J.When a bidder uses the normal site for buying or selling items it uses the eBay site. Brien 2005viii. the developer can list the products. when it uses the eBay online interface. the API Using the API. Advantages and Challenges The advantages and the challenges faced in API services are explained in detail by W. get the high bidder information and access lists of items a particular user is selling through eBay.

The major challenges are availing the web based services is that not that all the websites offer that services. like empirical search a complete new business segment can be developed for eBay. where there is business growth. highest bids etc are not generally available on the internet but are possible only because of API. eBay has drawn 200 new developers. the details of seller ratings is available on the public page which can be obtained from there rather than total ratings from the web based API services. However. In order to . eBay will be required to identity such high growth contries and support the factors and make the environment conducive for API development. The data like the list of the items searched on the eBay site. However. For eg. for eBay per se there are more business opportunities available by adding more applications which appeal to broader customer abse. can turn out to be quite helpful in pushing the sales or forming sales strategies. out of the given options certain websites like eBay charge based on the usage or the period for which the data is used. Further. third-party applications and API development woud be in strong demand. In the past 2 years (Laurel Kline. If data is mined well and used for other than business applications of the vendors. Traditional channels as well as data pulled from API are used in vogue. depending on the usage. most of the data which is available using an API is available on the site. Also.requirements and the data available is higher. 20 plus private and public API solutions in Chaina. Also. This data. Also. due to the viability and the option of getting the desired data and the reliability factors. in addition to the existing users. favors the web based data over the traditional one atleast amongst the academic researchers. the users of Paypal and Skype can be approached for trading and developing API for the users. 2010)x. Opportunities The eBay platform itself is said to be one of the biggest monetization opportunities in ecommerce.

promote API development. . eBay's has held two seminars and provides free local engineering and consulting support.

was relatively new area and eBay has introduced this and brought the products to higher customer base and better interactive transactions. Direct interfacing on the API with the independent developer of eBay’s core processing. eBay is a global market for online auction. The success of eBay is a proven fact as the company started with virtually zero net assets and grew marginally based on strategic movements and innovations and giving e commerce whole together different meaning. it has mde the process and the outcome of the transactions. It has seeded e commerce in a mass way. in a complete new league. with the interactive applications. However. This has to be incorporated and integrated with each company’s strategy but the enhanced value of the business justify the cost and the resources required for the API. .C ONCLUSION Innovation drives business.


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