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HCGOP Event Attendence and Financial Accountability Report

Event Date 9/13/19

Event Location RIOZ Restaurant NMB

Event Description Summary

A function was held at RIOZ in NMB on 09/13/19 under the name of the HCGOP and
was advertised as costing $25 per person. This was the Lindsey Graham promoted

Revenue (Net) Head Count/ Notes Total Amount

Checks Received Head count of XXX was noted on RIOZ Check $3,625.00
Other Check donations breakdown not provided
Cash Receipts $3,670.00
Other Cash donations breakdown not provided
Total Gross $$ counted for Event $7,295.00
Adjustment for starting cash bank -$150.00
Total Net Revenue for Event $7,145.00
Average Collected Revenues per atttendee (Total Receipts/head
count from Restaurant)
Restaurant Dinner Cost
Check Number HCGOP Check # 2264
Paid to RIOZ 147 dinners @$21.00
Description/Amt Paid each plus tip to make it $28.57

Other Expenses
Check Number N/A
Description/Amt Paid CASH TIP TO RESTAURANT included in CK 2264
Net Revenue less Known Expenses $2,945.00

Bank Deposits
# of Checks unknown
Total $$ Amount of Checks $3,625.00
Cash $$ Deposit $3,670.00
Total $$ Bank Deposit $7,295.00

Check 2264 to Rioz -$4,200.00

Check 2263 $150 Cash bank -$150.00
Deposits Less Checks listed $2,945.00

Deposit Records with check copies turned over to

HCGOP Treasurer Yes on 9/16/2019

Other Attendence Contact List given to Membership NO

Report data submitted by Date: 9/16/2019 Dreama Perdue

Report Data verified by Treasurer Date: 9/16/2019 Eric Santorelli

Report Data reviewed by Ways &
Report Data reviewed by Co-
Date: 9/17/2019 Ed Carey, with Comments

Total Bank Deposit 9/16/19 $7,295.00
Total Cash used for TIP and not deposited $0.00
Total Cash used for Reimburse cash bank -$150.00
Calculated Revenues $7,145.00
Reported Revenues -$7,145.00
Delta $0.00

If event charged $25 per person to atttend and we wrote a check to RIOZ for $4,200 that
showed 147 people, that comes out to total RIOZ charges including tip of $28.57/pp (incl
tip). How did we net gain amoount of $2,945.00 for this event?

If head count was 147, total collected revenues would only be $3,675 (147 X $25) but we
* reported gross revenues of $7,145.00 !