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C 176/16 EN Official Journal of the European Union 28.7.


Information communicated by Member States regarding State aid granted under Commission
Regulation (EC) No 70/2001 of 12 January 2001 on the application of Articles 87 and 88 of the EC
Treaty to State aid to small and medium-sized enterprises, as amended by Commission Regulation
(EC) No 364/2004 of 25 February 2004 as regards the extension of its scope to include aid for
research and development

(2006/C 176/07)

(Text with EEA relevance)

Aid No: XS 127/04 — 13.10 ‘Mining of iron ores’ — whole class excluded
except for pyrites.
Member State: Italy

Region: Umbria — 13.20 ‘Mining of non-ferrous metal ores’ — only

manganese excluded.
Title of aid scheme: Incentives for SMEs for industrial
research and pre-competitive development
— D — manufacturing
Legal basis: Legge 27.10.1994 n. 598 art. 11 come modificato
ed integrato da: legge 8.8.1995 n. 341 art. 3, legge 23.12.1999
n. 488 art. 54, legge 5.3.2001 n. 57 art. 15; Deliberazione subsection DA restricted to codes 15.52, 15.81, 15.82,
della Giunta Regionale del 20.10.2004 n. 1585; Determina- 15.84, 15.85, 15.86, 15.87, 15.88, 15.89.1, 15.89.2,
zione dirigenziale del 21.10.2004 n. 9093 15.96, 15.98, 15.99

Annual expenditure planned: EUR 7 091 000 for 2004 and

with the exclusion of
EUR 6 000 000 for each of the years 2005 and 2006

Maximum aid intensity: — 23.1 ‘Manufacture of coke oven products’ (all of group)
— 35 % of the cost of projects eligible for the incentive for
pre-competitive development;
— 24.70 ‘Manufacture of man-made fibres’ — whole cate-
— 60 % of the cost of projects eligible for the incentive for gory excluded
industrial research.

An additional 5 % will be given if the local unit where the — 27.10 ‘Manufacture of basic iron and steel and of ferro-
research project is being carried out is in an area covered by alloys (ECSC)’
Article 87(3)(c) of the EC Treaty.

In the case of mixed projects, i.e. comprising both industrial The whole of the iron and steel industry, as defined in
research and pre-competitive development, the aid will be the ECSC Treaty, including related activity, is excluded.
calculated according to the proportion of the project the Pig iron and ferro-alloys; pig iron for steelmaking,
eligible activity represents foundry and other pig iron, spiegeleisen and high-
carbon ferro-manganese; crude and semi-finished
Date of implementation: 17 November 2004 products of iron, ordinary steel or special steel,
including products for re-use and re-rolling; liquid steel
Duration of scheme or individual aid award: 31 December cast or not cast into ingots, including ingots for forging,
2006 semi-finished products such as blooms, billets and slabs,
sheet bars and tinplate bars; hot-rolled wide coils; hot
Objective of aid: Aid to SMEs for industrial research and pre- finished products of iron, ordinary steel or special steel
competitive development projects (not including steel castings, forged products and
products obtained using dust); rails, sleepers, fishplates,
Economic sectors concerned: Production and production soleplates, joists, heavy sections and bars of 80 mm
services firms operating in one of the following sectors and and over, sheet piling, bars and sections of less than
holding the relevant Ateco 2002 codes: 80 mm and flats of less than 150 mm, wire rod, tube
rounds and squares, hot-rolled hoop and strip (including
— C — mining and quarrying hoop for tubes and coils classed as finished products),
hot-rolled plate of less than 3 mm, plates and sheets of
with the exclusion of 3 mm and over, universal plates of 150 mm and over;
end products of iron, ordinary steel or special steel (not
— 10.1 ‘Mining and agglomeration of hard coal’ (all of including steel tubes, cold-rolled strip less than
group) 500 mm wide, except strip for tinplate, drawn
products, calibrated bars and cast iron; tinplate, terne
— 10.2 ‘Mining and agglomeration of lignite’ (all of group) plate, black plate, galvanised sheets, other coated sheets,
cold-rolled plate of less than 3 mm, electrical sheets,
— 10.3 ‘Extraction and agglomeration of peat’ (all of strip for tinplate, cold-rolled plate, in coil and in strips
group) of 3 mm or more);
28.7.2006 EN Official Journal of the European Union C 176/17

— 27.22.1 ‘Manufacture of seamless tubes’ — whole cate- parties other than the holders of franchises for radio and/or
gory excluded; television broadcasting at national level under Act 233 of
— 27.22.2 ‘Manufacture of closed, seamed, welded and 6 August 1990, as subsequently amended and consolidated;
similar tubes’ — (only tubes with a diameter exceeding — 72 — ‘Computer and related activities’, including services
406.4 mm are excluded); connected with the creation of advanced technology
— 35.11.1 ‘Shipyards for structural metal products’ — systems for the production and/or distribution of telematics
exclusion applies only to the construction of metal- services and support services for research and technological
hulled commercial vessels for passenger and/or goods innovation in the IT and telematics field;
transport of not less than 100 grt; metal-hulled fishing
vessels of not less than 100 grt (only if destined for — 90 — ‘Sewage and refuse disposal, sanitation and similar
export); metal-hulled dredgers or other vessels for activities’ of industrial or commercial origin only, disposal
marine works (except for drilling platforms) of not less and purification of waste water and related activities (ref.
than 100 grt; metal-hulled tugs with a power of less 90.00.2) — only dilution, filtering, sedimentation, settling
than 365 KW); by chemical means, treatment with activated sludge and
other processes for the purification of industrial waste
— 35.11.3 ‘Naval repair yards’ — The exclusion applies to water;
the conversion of metal-hulled vessels of not less than
1000 grt (only where conversion operations entail — 92 — ‘Recreational, cultural and sporting activities’ — only
radical alterations to the cargo plan, the hull or the radio and television production by parties other than
propulsion system or the passenger accommodation); holders of franchises for radio and/or television broad-
repair of metal-hulled vessels; casting at national level under Act 233 of 6 August 1990,
— E — production and distribution of electricity (only classes as subsequently amended and consolidated, only formation
40.10 and 40.30); expenses (ref. 92.20)
— F — construction; Name and address of the granting authority:
— 64 — ‘Post and telecommunications’ — only telecommuni- Regione dell'Umbria
cations (64.20), including the reception, recording, amplifi- Direzione Attività Produttive
cation, distribution, processing, handling and broadcasting Servizio Politiche di Sostegno alle Imprese
of signals and data from and via space and the broadcasting Via Mario Angeloni 61
of radio and television shows and/or programmes by I-06100 Perugia