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Personal Address Passagem Pau d'Arco, 18 671 13-190, Ananindeua, PA brandon camichae @ tambraiorg ‘wv Sending Church Victory Bais Church Pastor Daniel Miroy ‘ivalbionny @ ww rbcabion or, Sending Agency Baptist Hid-Misions O Bor 308011 Cleveland, 0H 44130-8011 info@ bmmoxg ecb. Praise the Lord For: ~ Profitable collaboration with PEP ~ Growth at Good News Baptist Church ~ Three successful academic years atthe Bible college Pray For: ~ Medical concems with the gs ~ Safety in upcoming furlough ~ Wisdom in our fourth academic year ~ Continued spiritual growth at ‘our church January, 2020 Dear Praying Friends and Farnily, ‘Welcome to a new year and a new update from our family! This fourth year in Brazil was afull and mo: rmentous year. As many of you are aware, our second daughter, Grace Daniell, was bom on February 17 (of 2018. In January of 2019 our family was stil Stateside on furlough, but Emily was back in Brazil in time for the birth of our daughter. Grace was born here, making her a Brazilian citizen, We were able to get the documentation tor her American citizenship by October of last year, making her a dual-citizen. We pray ‘his will be agit and tool for her life, wherever the Lord directs her paths. ‘Along with a new baby came many doctors’ visits throughout the year. Emily commented several times that she felt as though she spent the whole year at the doctor. Both of the gils seem to be doing well at this pointin time, though we stil have some pending medical issues. This last year was our third academic year here atthe Bible college in Belém, In April we had our fist ‘module course, which saw the participation of several pastors and leaders from our area. Two missionar- ies with the Pastoral Enrichment Program (PEP), a ministry of Baptist Mid-Missions, came and offered a ‘two-week module dealing with the pastor's spiritual if, We are looking forward to future modules in col- laboration with PEP. ‘Our coworker, Rubens, spend the second semester on furlough. He's a missionary lke we are, supported by churches here in Brazil, so he spent a few months reporting back to his partner churches. This left our family alone on the campus for that time. Brandon was responsible for most ofthe teaching load during the second semester, teaching two courses during the day and two courses at night in our certificate pro- gram. In addition to his responsibilities atthe church and seminary, Brandon also had invitations to preach at several conferences. twas a very busy time. We were very relieved when Rubens and his family arrived back in December! ‘We were happy to see significant progress in a number of areas at our church. We are most thankful for the spiritual growth that we have seen throughout the year. Because of the growth and responsibilty of a number of the men, they were equipped to teach and preach when Brandon was away at the confer- ences. We were very thankful forthe initiative these men took in the church. ‘Our church building isa bit old and in need of renovation. Over the last few months we were able to make a few needed repairs, repaint the outside of the church, and instal air conditioners in the sanctuary. ‘Our sanctuary was like a large brick oven with small windows and has aways been very hot. To keep things cool we would leave the front door open, but this allowed into the sanctuary all the noise from the busy street in front of the church. The air conditioner solved the problem of heat and noise, and the past couple weeks in the newly-renovated sanctuary have been much more pleasant. ‘We will be back Stateside for a three-month furlough in Apri. We look forward to seeing some of you then. if you do not already, please follow our regular blog updates at www: teambraziLorg. In Christ, b L Eni = x