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Seattle Scream

4 January 2077 Ë Issue 64

Azalan and Tír Tairngire Body Lottery-Seattle for the The CycleWerks Showcase
Embassies Attacked week of 27 Dec, 2076 - 3 Jan hosted in Seattle
In two simultaneous attacks, 2077, the winning number is: Seattle is the host to the
the Tir Tairngire and Aztlan CycleWerks event for the first time
Embassies in Seattle were attacked in 136 since it began in Berlin in 2057 and
the early morning by terrorists using Congratulations to the lucky has moved from city to city each
high-powered weapons and winners! Condolences to the relatives year. The CycleWerks Showcase
explosives. of the victims. focuses on personal transportation,
The Aztlan Embassy gates bicycles and motorcycles especially,
were rammed by a truck packed with
Universal Products Opens and will include exhibitors from all
explosives and then suicide drones New Warehouse Hub over the world.
followed through the breach with Citing increased trade with The showcase will include
shooters from outside providing both with the NAN and Tir many vehicles shown to the public for
covering fire. The explosion Tairngire, Universal Products has the first time including experimental
destroying the front of the embassy opened an expansive new warehouse and concept vehicles from a wide
and killing at least seven with hub in Seattle. Covering nine square variety of designers, organizations and
wounded estimated to number thirty blocks in Renton, the new facility companies
or more. Two of the attackers were will be state of the art employing Classes and training in how to
three hundred Seattlites when ride and travel safely will be provided
killed when an Aztlan mage hit their
finished. free by various corporations and
vehicle with a fire spell but the
The first three of nine organizations. A mass bicycle ride
remaining five shooters escaped.
buildings are fully operational with will be held on Sunday through
The Tir Embassy was hit by downtown which will see many streets
improvised mortars and rockets construction, provided more than two
hundred jobs, on the others proceeding closed to motorized traffic.
mounted on flatbed trucks and Horizon will be providing
operated remotely. A least one sniper apace with an expected completion
date of mid-2078. three thousand commuter bicycles to
is believed to have been active as local charities and Shiawase is
The Renton District
well. The Tir casualties were three donating two thousand to local high
Government and Chamber of Commerce
dead and eighteen wounded. have welcomed the UP hub and bring school students. Other smaller
The California Liberation both needed jobs and tax revenue. donations by both corporate and
Army has claimed responsibility. The However, local community and community organization are expected.
FBI is offering a large reward for environment groups have raised “A more varied transportation
information leading to the arrest of objections and concerns to the rapid mix and a healthier Seattle populace
those involved. The Governor and the clearing of the area and construction. benefits us all,” said Simon DuPrisse,
US President have condemned the Universal Products has express Director of Public Transportation.
attacks. desire to be a good member of the
Renton community and has already
New Season of Seattle Rocket
NAN, Tir Tairngire and US form donated 25 million NuYen of supplies to and Role Begins
Joint Anti-Terrorism Front the Renton school system. Now in its third season, SR&R
“Cross border terrorism in North follows the upbeats and set backs as
Seattle Stress clashes with the
America has been increasing in recent three local bands strive to break into the
years and it benefits all of us to work London Machine at Home music scene and make it big.
together to stop it,” said Speaker Oz of the The Seattle Stress, undefeated Returning from S2 is the all
Salish-Sidhe Council announcing the in it last five matches, plays the London woman Ork Punk band Rhino Horn
formation of the Front. Machine who have been having a rough Riders, who were on the verge of
The FBI will take point for the season with a newly hired coach. success. Newly arrived are the
US with its task force HQ in Seattle The Machine have recently electrosyth jazz-rock of Spider Silk and
coordinating with agents of the NAN and radically changed their line up under the classic rock and roll of SAM, Seattle
Tir. Negotiations to bring the CAS and their new coach so this should be an
American Machine. Will they make it
Quebec into the Front continue. interesting match.
big? Watch and see.