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Project List

Project # Title Description Budget

Installation of utilities and improvements to the downtown area through input from the 100 St
2018-41 C1 - Downtown Action Plan 8,500,000
greenway charrette, downtown action plan and 50 year growth plan.

This is to install another sanitary sewer main from 114A Ave to the main sewer line near the
Community Forest. Also the road will be upgraded to urban standard. The base will be
C1 - 96 St from 114A Ave to north of reconstructed, new curb and gutter, and asphalt, trail and streetlighting. There will also be pedestrian
2016-90 2,500,000
119 Ave controlled signals across North Lights Drive.
Phase 1 will be from 117 Ave intersection and north. Phase 2 will be from 117 Ave south to 114A
Ave. This is the road in Kin Park, north of Bert Ambrose School

This project is the last major component of the storm water master plan, with the extension of the
storm sewer along 92A St from 89 Ave to 94 Ave. Additionally the AC water main will be replaced,
street lighting and sidewalks will be improved and reconstruction of the road base, curb and gutter and
2016-67 C1 - 92A St from 87 Ave to 94 Ave 1,850,000
asphalt. The portion from 89 Ave to 94 Ave will be completed the first year and the portion from 87
Ave to 89 Ave will be completed the next year.
The upgrading of this street was identified in the Transportation Master Plan

C1 - LAS 91 Ave from 107 St to 109 This is an LAS project to upgrade the existing gravel road to a paved urban standard, which includes
2016-78 1,350,000
St base reconstruction, storm sewer installation, concrete curb and gutter, street lighting and asphalt

This is an LAS project to upgrade the existing gravel road to a paved urban standard, which includes
C1 - LAS 104 St from 95 Ave to 97
2016-68 base reconstruction, storm sewer installation, concrete curb and gutter, sidewalk, street lighting and 1,040,000

C1 - Road Overlay - Major This is for overlay and hot asphalt patching of existing paved streets and intersection, this work is
2012-19 1,000,000
Maintenance required to ensure safe and efficient movement of traffic, both commercial, industrial and residential.

C1 - Traffic Signals and Streetlighting Installation of traffic signals at the intersection of 96 St and 96 Ave. Also streetlighting improvements
2020-30 800,000
96 St - 96 Ave along 96 St from 93 Ave to 100 Ave

Installation of traffic markings and signals at 98th Street and 100th Avenue
C1 - 98th St and 100th Ave
2019-22 AR 0152/19 - Council approval to use extra Gas Tax funds received for 2019 500,000
AR 0166/19 - Tender awarded to Knappett Industries for $408,735.75

C1 - Sidewalks and Streetlighting 116 Construction of a sidewalk along 116 Ave St from 93 St to 86 St and improve the street lighting. The
2018-34 400,000
Ave (93 - 86 St) first phase is from 93 St to 89A St. The second phase is from 89A St to 86 St.

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Project List
Project # Title Description Budget

Upgrade the existing gravel road to a paved urban standard, which includes base reconstruction,
2016-74 C1 - LAS 101 St (105 Ave to 108 Ave) storm sewer installation, concrete curb and gutter, sidewalk, street lighting and asphalt. In 2020 the 375,000
storm sewer will be installed as part of a phased development for the new RCMP building

These are funds that will be used to pre-engineering of future projects. This is work that must be
C1 - Pre-Engineering for future
2012-14 completed the year prior to construction starts to allow for early tendering and ensure that cost 50,000
estimates are correct and that no major changes need to be addressed

Camera and software upgrades. This is to add upgrades to the existing traffic control boxes. Includes
C1 - Traffic Signal Controller
2012-23 cameras and integration of intersections, so that the controllers communicate remotely for faster 50,000
remediation of issues, traffic coordination and effective operations and maintenance.

This is to upgrade this street with storm sewer, sidewalks, and improved street lighting. The base will
2016-91 C1 - 81 St from 100 Ave to 101 Ave be reconstructed, new curb and gutter, and asphalt. 25,000
This is in the east boundary extension area

This is an LAS project to upgrade the existing gravel road to a paved urban standard, which includes
C1 - LAS 111 Ave from 98 St to 100
2016-77 base reconstruction, storm sewer installation, concrete curb and gutter, sidewalk, street lighting and 20,000

This is for the new build of RCMP facility as per the Facilities Master Plan of 2014.
2018 - consultations with E division, build a concept, and design
2016-20 C2 - New RCMP FMP 2019 - Complete the design of the building with a passivhaus concept. Break ground hopefully before 20,000,000
year end. 2020 - Continue with the new build; 2021 - Continue with new build; 2022 - complete final
touches / landscaping

2020 - This allocation shows the funding required for construction of the Festival Plaza and is awaiting
the approval of an Investing in Canada Grant in the amount of 75% of an estimated project value of
2.6 million dollars. We have received confirmation of a grand in the amount of 50,000.00 from the
C2 - Festival/Frostival Market
2018-23 Northern Development Initiative Trust. 2,600,000
Funds received as a signing bonus from the Peace River Agreement have been in reserves for this
project since 2015. In the event that we are not successful in obtaining grant funding this project can
be phased over a period of years to provide for full build out inside budget parameters.

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Project List
Project # Title Description Budget
Pursue purchasing a shop that will fit the needs of our mechanics. Some renovations may be
2015-38 C2 - PW Expansion 1,300,000

At time of writing the City of Fort St. John has 42 full interment plots left in Woodlawn Cemetery. The
C2 - Cemetery Upgrades (Master 2020 budget allocation for phase one of the Woodlawn expansion will add almost 400 plots plus 24
2016-10 1,250,000
Plan) "green burial" plots, columbaria and a scattering garden. This project is aligned with the Cemeteries
Master Plan and will also address drainage in the established cemetery.

North Peace Arena projects in 2020 include the installation of insulated metal cladding to cover
existing concrete masonry and wood on the walls of the North Peace Arena, the replacement of the
2012-64 C2 - North Peace Arena 1,090,000
low roof membrane (SBS), replacement of exterior exit doors and an upgrade of arena lighting to LED.
These improvements were identified in the 2015 Facility audit.

2020-We have budgeted 1,000,000.00 in the Surerus and Kin Park Upgrades project that should be
sufficient to design/engineer both parks and prepare us to go to RFP in 2021. These parks need to be
done in phases over a period of time (5yrs). The total estimated value of these two parks is 21 Million
dollars and the project plan extends over 5 years.
Kin Park was identified as on of the parks in the City to be renovated. The redesign is also necessary
because of the road work taking place starting in 2020 and continuing into 2021. The work being done
2016-17 C2 - Surerus and Kin Park Upgrades 1,000,000
to the road will not effect the design of the existing park, but the road work in 2021 will see the
elimination of two diamonds and the outdoor rink. This is why construction on this park is slated for
2021. Surerus Park Upgrades include the renovation of the two existing soccer pitches, the addition of
a large playground, the addition of a small playground, the renovation of the tennis court, the addition
of a multi purpose sports court, and the renovation of the existing clubhouse. Kin and Surerus Parks
are identified as "Destination Parks" in our Recreation Master plan.

To replace the existing metal halide lights with high efficiency LED light over the hockey rinks.
Replacement of the DDC system for the refrigeration plant. Replace vinyl flooring in the main lobby,
2018-17 C2 - PSC Upgrades 555,000
meeting rooms, and second floor lobby; Air conditioning for offices and meeting rooms; Replacement
VFD for refrigeration room; Fire Panel upgrade; Magnetic locks installed on stairwell doors

The City of Fort St John's trail network has become a popular recreational asset for the residents and
visitors of the City. People use the trails for commuting, leisure, and exercise.
Over the last three years, we have been fortunate to receive the Bike BC Grant with help provided by
Urban Systems. This grant has enabled us to design and build trails; while only spending 50 percent
2012-82 C2 - Trails Development of the overall cost of the project. The grant provided the other 50 percent of the Capital cost. 550,000
The new trail construction projects for 2020 consist of the Toboggan Hill North loop connection, and
108th Street to 104th Street along Alaska highway.These trails were identified in the Transportation
master Plan. The Toboggan Hill center connection trail has also been identified but has been deferred
due to work load and budget concerns.

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Project List
Project # Title Description Budget

Build a centre that will allow the Fire Department to train at home instead of being sent out for training.
2019: This phase will also see the utilities being connected to the site (gas, hydro water and sewer)
along with the final lift of asphalt. There is a trailer on site which will be used for class room for the
2018-22 C2 - Fire Training Centre 530,000
near future.
2020: Building forms were delivered late in 2019, the funds required for 2020 will be to complete the

2020- This project is to remove and reinstall the pavement in the parking lot around the Kids Arena
2020-14 C2 - KAFH Paving 400,000
Field House. The pavement has deteriorated beyond repair and must be replaced.

2020 - The engineering firm that conducted the study pinpointed the problems experienced at the Fire
Hall directly related to the presence of ground water at the base of the building. This allocation is to
2019-6 C2 - Fire Hall Upgrades install perimeter drainage tile around the building and tie it in to the storm tile that was installed in 300,000
Damage to the interior of the building caused by the movement of the building will also be repaired.

2020- the turf in the Field House has reached the end of its useful life; the underlay is starting to
2016-29 C2 - Kids Arena Facility Remediation separate from the turf, it is stretched and can no longer be leveled. This budget allocation is to 250,000
replace the turf.

In 2020 City Hall projects includes the replacement of the Direct Digital Control system. The DDC
manages the mechanical equipment in City Hall including heating and cooling. As well, the hard
2012-49 C2 - City Hall Reno's 210,000
surface flooring in City Hall will be replaced with commercial vinyl plank and exterior lighting will be
upgraded to LED.

For additions and improvements to our trail system including paving of existing trails, construction of
C2 - Trail Upgrades: Interpretive,
2016-16 new trails, signage and interpretative materials. In 2020 the work plan includes an overlay of the 200,000
Extensions, New Paving
Hospital Loop and Toboggan Hill trails if funding allows.

This is to implement the Urban Tourism Sign plan.

2014-32 C2 - Urban Tourism Sign Plan A sign will be installed in 2020 for the West Alaska Highway Entry Monument. It would be similar to 185,000
the one that was installed in 2019 on the east entry on the Alaska Highway.
2020 requires that we continue to invest into this aging facility to meet operational requirements in the
period before we are able to take up residency in our new facility. This years project will renovate
2013-39 C2 - RCMP upgrades some of the 'City' designated space to make the area more functional and efficient for the City 150,000
workers. It will also provide them with a designated lunch room which is a requirement in the collective

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Project List
Project # Title Description Budget
The Recreation Master plan identified Washrooms as one of the top 3 amenities that our citizens
require in our public spaces. 5 washrooms were identified to be installed over 5 years. The Skate
Park Washrooms were installed in 2019, but they have not been opened because we have been
2014-34 C2 - Skateboard Park Washrooms 150,000
unable to connect power to them.
An alternate solution is to turn this washroom into a self sufficient solar powered building. We will be
allocating Green Initiative funds to this project and we will include it in the CARIP report for 2020.

C2 - Parks Improvement: Existing This line item is a standing project that is used to fund the 10 year replacement cycle for play ground
2015-14 100,000
Parks equipment. The 2020 allocation is planned for Pickle Park playground equipment replacement.

C2 - Pre-Engineering for Future This allocates monies for Pre-Engineering projects to have them "shelf ready". The 2020 work plan
2015-26 100,000
Projects includes a feasibility study for a permanent records facility.

2020 - We are in conversation with SD60 about partnerships that include community infrastructure
such as soccer fields. The 60K in this year will allow us to partner on the rebuild of the soccer pitch at
Bert Bowes school. The project is over 500K and this site was affected by the use of the Bert Bowes
2020-31 C2 - School District 60 Partnerships oval as part of the PSC construction and 2010 Torch Relay. This project will signal the beginning of a 60,000
long term recreational partnership.
At the time of writing CFSJ and SD60 staff are just beginning a conversation about either an MOU or
an Agreement for the use of this renovated pitch.

2020 - This allocation is for the replacement of the existing boiler and installation of a back up boiler
at the RCMP building.
This building is approximately 40 years old and the original boiler is at the end of its lifecycle.
2020-23 C2 - RCMP Boiler Replacement 50,000
Replacement parts are not available since the boiler is obsolete. If this boiler goes down, there isn't
another heat source for the basement and no hot water for the entire building. The new RCMP
building will not be done until 2021 and the current plans are to retain this existing building.

C2 - RCMP Parking Lot Drainage 2020 - Investigate, design and implement a solution to the accumulation of water in the RCMP parking
2020-25 50,000
Improvements lot. This will be connected to the new storm sewer that is being constructed on 101 St

2020 - RCMP members test chemicals that were confiscated during investigations to determine what
the chemical is. There is always the possibility of the unknown product transferring onto the skin and
2020-22 C2 - RCMP Ident Shower 45,000
a shower needs to be installed in close proximity to the testing area in the event that the product is
toxic or harmful. A shower will be installed in the Ident room in the RCMP building

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Project List
Project # Title Description Budget
2020- Scope, plan, purchase and install of a sufficient generator for the RCMP building.
Staff will prepare a plan to meet essential power requirements for this facility.
The telephone system in the RCMP was upgraded a few years ago and with this upgrade, all of the
2020-24 C2 - Generator for RCMP Building telephones require electricity to operate. In the event of a power outage, the current generator only 25,000
has the capacity to operate heat, emergency lighting, one telephone and one computer. The number
and duration of power outages appear to be increasing in the region and the ability for the public to
contact the RCMP is vital.

This is for the upgrading of the existing lift station. This station will be 22 years old in 2020 and will
need corrosion repairs, capacity, and other upgrades. This is a DCC (Development Cost Charge)
2012-45 C3 - Sewage Lift Station Upgrades 3,000,000
project. A grant has been applied for the last 3 years but we have been unsuccessful. This project will
be moving forward in 2020 with the use of DDC funds and sewer reserve funds instead of grant funds.

Identified in the Long Term Water Supply Study, the existing water well site and pump station will
2020-27 C3 - HLPS - Backup Power Supply remain the main source of water for many years to come. There will be upgrades required at this site, 975,000
one of which is the installation of a backup power supply generator and the associated electrical work.

These are funds that are designated for Water Main Looping and the installation of fire hydrants in
C3 - Water Main Looping and Fire areas that are require a higher density of fire hydrants.
2012-27 750,000
Hydrant Installations There has been a number of water mains installed over the last few years,there will be further work
completed on the installation of fire hydrants in areas that require a higher density. There is also a

A gas tax -Capital Infrastructure - grant was applied for to improve treatment quality at the South
Lagoon, and build a truck filling facility that will allow users to haul treated effluent away. A grant
2015-51 C3 - Resource Recovery Centre amount of $5,000,000 was approved, the remainder of the required funds will come from sewer 500,000
reserves. 2019 - working on Phase 2. 2020 - delays in getting power delayed commissioning, the
project will be completed early in 2020

Identified in the Long Term Water Supply Study, a radial collector well system is the preferred long
2020-26 C3 - Collector Well Study term supply plan. This study will involve geophysical review and test drilling to identify the feasibility 450,000
of a radial collector at the existing well site.

C3 - High Lift Pump Station - Well

2012-29 This is to rehabilitate 2 wells on alternate years. This restores the flow capacity of the wells 145,000

This spare pump would allow the High Lift Pumping station to operate at capacity during periods of
2020-10 C3 - HLPS spare pump 100,000
extended pump maintenance.

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Project List
Project # Title Description Budget

2013-17 C3 - HLPS - Refurbish 500 HP Pump This is scheduled maintenance for the high lift pumps at the High Lift Pump Station. 70,000

2020-11 C3 - North Lagoon Berm Repairs This project would remediate sections of erosion along the North Lagoon holding cells. 50,000

2020-12 C3 - Water PLC upgrades Logic controller replacements - current GE brand is unsupported 50,000

This budget line captures all software/hardware/system implementations, development or changes

required by the IT department to provide the foundational technology infrastructure framework that is
2013-5 C4 - IT Infrastructure pre-requisite for all other service delivery (ongoing upgrading and replacement of server, networking, 625,000
storage, etc.). This budget represents funding for what ITIL best practices refer to as Enabling

C4 - Fire Apparatus: Long Term This is the long term apparatus replacement plan. It incorporates both the expansion of the fleet but
2013-36 Replacement - Special also replacement of existing apparatus over the next 20 years. 600,000
Operations/Hazmat 2020/2021 - Replae Unit 19 Engine #2

This budget line captures all software/hardware/system implementations, development or changes

C4 - IT Software/Systems
2014-13 directly required by any business area. This budget represents funding for what ITIL best practices 570,000
refer to as Core & Enhancing Services.

C4 - PW Tandem Axle Truck

2016-105 Tandem Axle Vacuum Truck ordered in 2020 but delivery will not happen until April 2021 490,000

2020-5 C4 - Street Sweeper Additional street sweeper to expedite cleanup of winter gravel. 360,000

C4 - Office Technology - Replacements or additions to end-user office IT equipment such as photocopiers, computers, phones,
2013-2 329,000
Replacements/Additions etc.

2020 - Replacing a self propelled snow blower with a loader to couple with snow blower for winter
2019-8 C4 - PW Loader 290,000
snow clearing.

This Willie 465 will expand the capabilities of what a trackless sidewalk machine currently does. It will
2020-7 C4 - GDS W465 Sidewalk Machine 285,000
be able load trucks with snow or soil among other tasks in the Grounds department.

Replacement of 40 portable radios for firefighter use at emergency incidents. Includes truck mounted
2020-17 C4 - FD Portable Radio Upgrade 250,000
bank chargers.

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Project List
Project # Title Description Budget
This ice resurfacer will be an electric machine intended to reduce CO2 emissions an in the building.
2020-6 C4 - Ice Resurfacer 200,000
Funds will be used through the Green Initiative reserve fund, and to be included on the CARIP report

2012-2 C4 - PW Pickup Trucks 2020 - replace 4 units as per our equipment fleet management schedule. 195,000

2020-4 C4 - Snowblower Loader mounted snow blower to couple with loader to replace 1979 self propelled snow blower 180,000

Fire Training Officer (FTO) Vehicle 4x4 1/2 ton truck (addition to the fleet)
When 2nd Deputy Chief Position was created and was awarded internally the successful applicant
kept the vehicle for on call duties and emergency incident responses as we did not have a vehicle
C4 - FD Training Vehicle
2020-18 allocated for that position. 65,000
Training Officer vehicle is used for training division business, including out of area training when
driving is the preferred option over flying, fire training centre work, and daytime emergency incident
response to support the command function.

SCBA Decon Washer is a purpose built washer designed to clean Self Contained Breathing
Apparatus (SCBA) after being used in hazardous respiratory areas. The SCBA washer is a contained
2020-19 C4 - FD SCBA Decon Washer 50,000
high pressure washer that can cycle two SCBA in about 8 minutes and other related FD equipment
(boots and gloves) in a 3 minute cycle.

This is a Multi purpose Public Education Trailer to provide scenario based training based on common
fire incident trends within our community.
C4 - Fire Prevention Public
2019-13 Fore example, we have a trend in kitchen fires involving new Canadians within our community. This 32,000
Education/Safety Training Trailer
would allow us to take the training to this group through public events, or their cultural based clubs
and deliver kitchen safety training.

2014-61 C4 - PW Hook Lift Truck Attachments 2020 Attachments needed - 3 debris boxes 16,000

2020 - this project includes: the continuation of the Brown Fields strategy, the visibility project,
2015-45 C5 - Economic Development Strategy replacement of the trade show booth, BC Hydro clean energy policy study, Downtown lot development 365,000
project funding, Project coordinator contract funding.

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Project List
Project # Title Description Budget

The Health and Safety (H&S) Master Plan identifies the need for a comprehensive review of the City’s
internal safety management systems. The H&S Master Plan will be used to guide the City through
further evaluation of current systems and assist in creating or revising the City’s safety management
2020-3 C5 - Health & Safety Master Plan systems and training programs, while fulfilling the City’s obligations under the Workers’ Compensation 350,000
Act and other relevant legislation.
Funds have also been designated to add extra H&S contract staff to oversee PW and Comm.
Services divisions in Training and Programs.

OCP identifies community planning for Urban Development Areas (UDA) to more specifically locate
C5 - Neighbourhood Plan Areas: land uses and associated infrastructure, services and amenities through the development of
2018-2 220,000
Urban Development Neighbourhood Plans. This project represents work from 2018-2020 to complete this planning.
Left to be completed for 2020 is: UDA 6 - East 86 St, and UDA 8 - Swanson Lumber Rd

The mission of the Resource Municipalities Coalition is to protect and enhance existing resource
municipalities and rural communities so that they continue to develop as permanent, sustainable and
vibrant communities providing a high quality of life for existing and future residents. The Coalition
C5 - Northeast Resource
2013-51 supports the important role that the resource municipalities and rural communities play in supporting 210,000
Municipalities Coalition
existing and future resource development. As well resource municipalities and rural communities are
economically diversified and socially vibrant communities that will continue to develop and prosper in
the long term.

2020 - This facility audit would be performed on City Hall, the Pomeroy Sports Centre, the Grounds
Building and the Fire Hall (No1). This audit would follow the same parameters the 2015 IRC Facility
2020-28 C5 - Facilities Audit Audit used. The 2015 audit looked at the Cultural Center, Kids Arena Field House, North Peace Arena 200,000
and Gymnastics Center and The Fort St. John Curling Club.

2020 - In 2019 the scope of work for this project was defined. During this exercise it became very
apparent that "tourism" is the result of the successful work of 5 distinct sectors in the community; Art,
Culture, Heritage, Sport and Business.
C5 - Integrated Community Tourism
2019-4 The City of Fort St John Tourism Plan will be an integration of these offerings with the public. The 175,000
Integrated Community Tourism Strategy will include strategies to integrate each sectors "offering" into
a community plan that is supported by the City through a policy and bylaw framework and a
community marketing and development plan.
2020- this project will be combined with the Integrated Community Tourism Strategy to create
capacity at the community level, build relationships and meet the needs of our community groups by
2019-21 C5 - Arts, Culture and Heritage Plan 175,000
providing support for the creation of actionable member driven initiatives.
Consider combining this project with the Integrated Community Tourism Strategy.

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Project List
Project # Title Description Budget
Funding for the creation of a Community Development Institute of UNBC in the City of Fort St John.
2020 budget entry - based on a review of CDI agreement payments the 2020 contribution to the
C5 - Community Development
2017-9 project should be 159,000 with a final payment in the first quarter of 2021 of 35,000. 160,000
We will investigate whether the CDI requires the 2021 time and if not we will increase the 2020
contribution to 195,000 and wrap the project at year end 2020.

2020 - This project has been carried forward from 2017. It remains on the work plan for 2020 in the
hope that we can define scope. Creation of a Public Art Policy
The development of a Public Art Policy will impact overall economic, social, and cultural development
within the City. It may also encourage and enhance local business and tourism plans. Among the
2016-46 C5 - Public Art Policy many considerations, the policy must identify goals and objectives, guiding principles, definitions, 150,000
benefit, administration/management, financial implications, implementation, promotion, potential
committee structure, and a means of evaluating the program. There are quite a number of
considerations when developing a policy of this nature.

Fort St. John is a winter city. As part of a long term strategy to create a sustainable and recruitable
community, make full use of our city assets and revitalize our downtown, we have developed a Winter
City Micro project plan. These funds will be used to create winter city projects either on City owned
2018-51 C5 - Winter Cities Program 150,000
properties or by assisting business or not for profits to implement aspects of the plan.
The projects planned for 2020 will focus on Mathews park with lighting, and a skating loop and
working in the Downtown to encourage winter lighting.

2020- implementation of the Downtown plan and support of the 100 street renovation project;
C5 - Downtown Action Plan includes funding to support the creation of a Business Improvement Association, workshops and
2018-9 145,000
Implementation education opportunities for local business owners and funding to assist with marketing and business
attraction strategies.

Develop a capital asset management plan and possibly implement a software program once all
2018-50 C5 - Capital Asset Management Plan 100,000
records are updated and matching to our GIS system.

2020- In 2019 work began on an Urban Forest Strategy which is associated with the 100 street
renovations and the downtown plan as well as an overall strategy for the management of our
community tree canopy. The strategy requires an inventory of our Urban Forest which will include
2020-29 C5 - Urban Tree Inventory 100,000
mapping into our GIS system. The inventory would identify, locate, map, determine the condition of
the trees, and make a recommendation on a course of action for each tree and the overall
maintenance and enhancement of our Urban Forest.

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Project List
Project # Title Description Budget

Community foundations are about nurturing community vitality through philanthropy. The purpose of
the foundation is to bring resources and people together to build better places to live, work and play.
Vitality is created and fostered in three ways:
2020-15 C5 - Community Foundation 75,000
- Endowment building
- Broad and effective giving
- Inclusive community leadership

Scope will include producing a report to fulfill the legislative requirement as part of an Affordable
Housing Strategy to provide a housing vision, recommendations, identify challenges, priorities,
actions, targets and policies to address the City's unique housing needs moving forward.
2020-16 C5 - Affordable Housing This project will look at existing OCP strategies on housing. Scope/TOR includes aspects for 75,000
affordability, seniors, homelessness, low-income, downtown housing. Typically this strategy
addresses the full range of housing options such as social housing (emergency shelter, transitional,
supportive), rental housing and home ownership (market housing).

The City of Fort St. John is committed to providing workers with a safe and healthy workplace. The
use of external resources for the development of a comprehensive Health & Safety Program will
provide the opportunity for evaluation, assessment, education and enforcement to provide a program
2018-19 C5 - Health & Safety Program and consistent foundation to build upon. A corporate Health & Safety Program will provide 70,000
compliance with the requirements of the Workers’ Compensation Act and OHS Regulation while
promoting a positive safety culture. Secured help on a 2-year term basis starting in Nov 2019 and
ending in Nov 2021

The Fire Department will engage with an outside consultant to lead the fire department and key
internal and external stakeholders through a review and planning process to develop a Strategic Plan
2020-21 C5 - FD Strategic Plan (Master Plan) that aligns with Council's Strategic Goals and the format currently used by the City of Fort St John. 65,000
The Strategic Plan will provide a road map for the city and fire department to move forward into and
through the next decade.

2020 - The TLE and Urban Reserve process is long and complex. This allocation is to ensure that we
have the resources required to meet our obligations in the TLE and ATR process.
There are three phases to the treaty land entitlement process: Phase I includes land selection and (if
necessary) purchase of land, which is the responsibility of First Nations. This phase ends with a
formal Band Council Resolution that transmits the First Nation’s proposal on the land selected to the
C5 - Urban Reserves and Treaty Land
2018-26 Department and requests that the selected land be added to their reserve. Phase II includes, among 50,000
other things, the completion of the required land surveys and environmental assessments. The
Department’s regional offices are very active during this phase. Phase III is primarily the responsibility
of the Department’s head office. It includes seeking approvals through ministerial orders or orders-in-
council to convert land to reserve status.

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Project List
Project # Title Description Budget

2020 - an annual allotment to cover the cost of surveys, environmental studies, and other costs
associated with the disposal or acquisition of city lands. To implement the Downtown plan by
2017-12 C5 - Lands: acquisition and disposal 40,000
strategically releasing lands for development and to advance the City of Fort St. Johns strategic
objectives by strategically acquiring land for future use.

Budget for this project is to lose, amend, establish necessary ROW segments in specific block
C5 - 100th Street Rights-of-Way
2020-20 sections along 100th Street for an 86-foot ROW road width. This includes survey and legal fees 40,000
associated with this project. Requires budget over the next 2-3 years, 2020-2023.

This project would involve the hiring of a term position to assist the RCMP General Investigation
2018-18 C5 - RCMP Cold Case Project 36,000
Section in clearing a number of cold case files. The position ends in May 2020.

Knox Box program is a more secure and robust product that will make the program more secure which
includes a key management system. It tracks the removal of the lock box key by way of personnel
Fire Department Lock Boxes (FD Lock Box) are hardened steel vaults that are mounted on the
exterior of buildings so that the Fire Department may efficiently access unattended buildings after
hours, while greatly diminishing the necessity to cause damage to buildings from forcible entry. FD
Lock Box systems are designed to help Fire Departments and businesses work together to preserve
lives and property while eliminating the need for Fire Department personnel to maintain and carry key
2018-37 C5 - Knox Box Program rings with countless building keys. 30,000
The Fort St John Fire Department lock box program is a voluntary program that requests property
owners to purchase and install a lock box on their place of business if:
• Property has a fire alarm system or an automatic fire sprinkler system.
• Property is required by the British Columbia Fire Code to have a Fire Safety Plan
The current lock box sourced for this program is the Supra S5. The Supra S5 lock box does not meet
UL 1037 standard for Antitheft Alarms and Devices.

This particular Lock Box in service this lock box system does not provide any type of access key
2020- the Community Development Coordinator along with a cross sectoral team is working on
presenting a document that outlines the City of Fort St John Food Security plans as presented in the
2019-5 C5 - Develop Food Security Plan OCP and Zoning Bylaw. Council will be engaged on this topic early in 2020. As well, the project 25,000
includes funding to increase the number of edible landscape components in our community and
respond to opportunities to support other Food Security Initiatives.


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