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C 305 E/28 Official Journal of the European Union EN 14.12.


Tuesday 5 September 2006

9.2. Fight against violence (Daphne) (2007-2013) ***I (vote)

Report on the proposal and amended proposal for a decision of the European Parliament and of the Coun-
cil establishing for the period 2007-2013 the specific programme ‘Fight against violence (Daphne)’ as part of
the General programme ‘Fundamental Rights and Justice’ [COM(2005)0122 and COM(2006)0230 —
C6-0388/2005 — 2005/0037A(COD)] — Committee on Women's Rights and Gender Equality.
Rapporteur: Lissy Gröner (A6-0193/2006)

(Simple majority)
(Voting record: ‘Results of votes’, Item 8)


Approved as amended (P6_TA(2006)0333)


Adopted (P6_TA(2006)0333)

The following spoke on the vote:

— Lissy Gröner (rapporteur) on amendments 74 and 71.

9.3. Passenger car related taxes * (vote)

Report on the proposal for a Council directive on passenger car related taxes [COM(2005)0261 —
C6-0272/2005 — 2005/0130(CNS)] — Committee on Economic and Monetary Affairs.
Rapporteur: Karin Riis-Jørgensen (A6-0240/2006)

(Simple majority)
(Voting record: ‘Results of votes’, Item 9)


Approved as amended (P6_TA(2006)0334)


Adopted (P6_TA(2006)0334)

The following spoke on the vote:

— Renate Sommer and Claude Turmes on the vote on amendment 25;
— Karin Riis-Jørgensen (rapporteur) on amendment 1;
— before the final vote on the Commission proposal, Renate Sommer asked the rapporteur to give her
opinion. The rapporteur recommended that the House should vote in favour of the proposal.

10. Explanations of vote

Written explanations of vote:

Explanations of vote submitted in writing under Rule 163(3) appear in the Verbatim Report of Proceedings for
the sitting.

Oral explanations of vote:

Report: Alexander Stubb — A6-0261/2006

— Bruno Gollnisch
14.12.2006 EN Official Journal of the European Union C 305 E/29

Tuesday 5 September 2006

Report: Lissy Gröner — A6-0193/2006

— Marie Panayotopoulos-Cassiotou

Report: Karin Riis-Jørgensen — A6-0240/2006

— Milan Gaľa

11. Corrections to votes and voting intentions

Corrections to votes:

Corrections to votes appear on the ‘Séance en direct’ website under ‘Votes’/‘Results of votes’/‘Roll-call votes’.
They are published in hard copy in the ‘Result of roll-call votes’ annex.

The electronic version on Europarl will be regularly updated for a maximum of two weeks after the day of
the vote concerned.

After the two-week deadline has passed, the list of corrections to votes will be finalised so that it can be
translated and published in the Official Journal.

Voting intentions:

The Presidency had been notified of the following voting intentions (in respect of votes that had not been

Report: Joseph Daul — A6-0244/2006

— for: Gérard Onesta and Christopher Heaton-Harris

Report: Lissy Gröner — A6-0193/2006

— legislative resolution
for: Dagmar Roth-Behrendt

Report: Karin Riis-Jørgensen — A6-0240/2006

— amendment 19, 2nd part
against: Hans-Peter Martin
— amendment 40
against: Maria Matsouka
— legislative resolution
for: Hans-Peter Martin
* *

Hans-Peter Martin spoke on the conduct of the debates.

(The sitting was suspended at 13.20 and resumed at 15.05.)



12. Approval of Minutes of previous sitting

The Minutes of the previous sitting were approved.