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TITLE: A study on retail service quality towards kannan departmental

stores in erode.


 To understand the customer perception about service quality in

kannan departmental stores.
 TO analyse the key dimensions influence shopping at kannan
departmental stores.
 To understand the needs of the customers better than the
 To analyse the competition advantage is the delivery of high
service quality.
 To give sugession for improving the service performance in
kannan departmental stores.


Indian retail sector is undergoing a buoyant transition from

unorganized retailing. This has given raise to severe competition among the
organized retail sector. Understanding the service quality in terms of physical
aspects, reliability, personal interaction, problem solving and policy.

This is identified as the problem area and the study has attempted to
address the above said issues with respects to kannan departmental stores.


This research gives a broad frame work of the kannan

departmental stores service quality gives customers. This can be used as a
guideline in the future business plan and making changes in the current
activities. It gives an idea of the areas, which need emphasis and

This study has been conducted in erode city covering all the areas
falling within the erode zone wtih a sample size of 250 respondents. All
classes of customers were met and their views were analysed.

Shri Kannan Departmental Store (p)ltd is the best of al

departmental stores in south region of Indian. All your needs and expectations
in shopping are fulfilled with great attention. They have a well trained,
experienced and motivated staff to serve their valuable customers with great
attention and enthusiasm.

Shri Kannan Departmental Store, one of the biggest and largest selling
departmental stores in erode was commenced by Mr. D.Navaneetha
Krisnhan. The store was stauted in 1989 with 5 employees working in it. The
departmental store has everything under one roof. Almost all the products
such as cosmetics, grocery, fancy and gift items, snacks and bakes, home
appliances, medicines baby care products, fruits and vegetables, etc are

` It does not matter how much the customer purchase. They supply all
kind of maligai (groceries), food items, masala (spices) and all varieties of rice
for customers family functions and occasions whether it is a small one or big.
They also provide catering services to their functions with variety of south
Indian, North Indian and Chinese food items.

They are having their own bakery and food production unit with highly
sophisticated and hygienic equipments with fully experienced staff under strict
supervision in a pollution free environment. Their products are branded as shri
kannan and distributed to other vendors also.

Initially, many hurdles were faced as the people had an opinion that the
products available in the store would be expensive. But the products sold in
the store are priced reasonably and affordable by all class of people. The
store currently has 750 employees working in it. Customer satisfaction and
reasonable pricing are the key areas where the store has more strength.

The store has its head office at erode. They had in total 40 branches all
over Tamil Nadu. The store has major branches in the area of Tirupur,
pollachi, Karur, Coimbatore and salem. The firm has grown and expanded
such that it has opened 5 branches at erode. Thus, Kannan departmental
stores have proved to maintain its standard, quality and have over thousands
of satisfied customers. The store celebrates customer day in the months of
December and January to delight its customers.

Customer can purchase everything for their need of their choice for
home or office. Brands of all renowned companies latest products,
stationeries, utensils, and gifts & novelty items are available.

They have their own door delivery network. So they need not worry ! A
phone call is enough- The things will reach safely at customer door step with
in a stipulated time.
Divisions in shri kannan departmental store,
 Grocery products.
 Oil & rice.
 Chocolate & sweets.
 Cosmetics.
 Medicines.
 Fruits.


It can refer to the way business is conducted in the retail sector; the
very stage in which goods and services are delivered to their end users.


The retail environment is changing more rapidly than ever

before. It is characterized by intensifying competition from both domestic and
foreign companies, a spate of mergers and acquisitions, and more
sophisticated and demanding customers who have greater expectations
related to their consumption experiences.

Consequently, retailers today must differentiate themselves by meeting

the needs of their customers better than the competition. There is strategy for
creating competitive advantage is the delivery of high service quality.

The most widely known & discussed scale for measuring service
quality is RSQS, a scale designed to measure five dimensions of service

 Physical Aspects.
 Reliability.
 Personal Interaction
 Problem Solving.
 Policy.

A retail store experience involves more than non-retail service

experience in terms of customers negotiating their way, through the store,
finding the merchandise they want, interacting with several store personnel
along the way, and returning merchandise, all of which influence customers
evaluations of service quality. Thus, although measures of service quality for
pure service environments and for retail environments are likely to share
some common dimensions, measure of retail service quality must capture
additional dimensions. Our purpose is to investigate the dimensions of service
quality in a retail environment and to develop and validate a scale to measure
retail service quality.

Research methodology is a way to systematically solve the research

problem or to obtain a solution to a problem with a specific purpose, through a
systematic approach.


A research design is the arrangement of conditions for collection and

analysis of data in a manner that aims to combine relevance to the research
purpose with economy in procedure. The task of defining the research
problem is the preparation of the design of the research project, popularly
known as the “Research Design”.
Research design is used to study about the descriptive research.


Descriptive research study includes surveys and a fact finding enquires

of different kind which helps the researchers to describe the present situation
that makes the analysis about the customer attitude and helps to each the

The main characteristics of this method is that the researcher has no

control over the variables; He/She can only report what has happened or what
is happening.


A sample design is a definite plan for obtaining a sample from the

sampling frame. It refers to the technique or the procedure the research would
adopt in selecting design is determined before any data are collected.

The field work is the actual collection process and the respondents,
who are buying product from Shri Kannan Departmental Stores. The
respondents were met and told about the objectives of the study and data
were collected through questionnaire form. Convenient Sampling method is
used in the study.


When population elements are selected for inclusion in the sample

based on the ease of access, it can be called convenience sampling. The
sampling elements are selected based on convenience of the researcher.

The sample size taken for study is 250 respondents.


The questions are based on multiple choices and it is designed on the

basis of summated scale of Likert -type scale under technique.


The data collection method includes one type of data;

• Primary Data.


The study comprises on “ Primary Data”, which has collected from the


The limitations of the study are as follows:

 The survey was limited to erode town only, so the results may not be
applicable to other branches.
 Due to limit only a limited data were collected.
 The result will not be same in the next period and uncertain predictions
be expected.
 Many of the customers were not able to give complete data due to their
busy schedule.