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2006 EN Official Journal of the European Union C 331/33

4. Orders the applicants to bear their own costs incurred in the main Judgment of the Court of First Instance of 28 November
proceedings, together with three-quarters of the costs incurred by 2006 — Milbert and Others v Commission
the Commission in those proceedings;

5. Orders the Commission to bear one-quarter of its own costs (Case T-47/04) (1)
incurred in the main proceedings and to pay all costs relating to
the applications for interim measures; (Officials — Career development report — 2001/2002
appraisal procedure)
6. Orders the French Republic to bear its own costs.
(2006/C 331/73)
( ) OJ C 200, 23.8.2003.
Language of the case: French


Judgment of the Court of First Instance of 5 December Applicants: Alex Milbert (Hesperange, Luxembourg), Saturnino
2006 — Angelidis v Parliament Durán Vidal (Brussels, Belgium), Roland Hanff (Dudelange,
Luxembourg), Maria Anita Nuotio (Brussels), Paraskevi Papageor-
(Case T-416/03) (1) giou (Brussels), Andrea Ranschaert (Drongen, Belgium), Rein-
hard Rieder (Brussels) and Ioannis Terezakis (Brussels) (repre-
(Officials — Staff report — Action for annulment — No sented by: initially G. Bounéou and F. Frabetti, then F. Frabetti,
consultation of the previous immediate superior — Statement lawyers)
of reasons — Action for compensation — Late establishment
— Non-material damage — Admissibility)
Defendant: Commission of the European Communities (repre-
(2006/C 331/72) sented by: J. Currall and H. Krämer, Agents)

Language of the case: French


Primarily, application for annulment of the 2001-2002
Applicant: Angel Angelidis (Luxembourg, Luxembourg) (repre- appraisal procedure in so far as it concerns the applicants or, in
sented by: É. Boigelot, lawyer) the alternative, annulment of the applicants' career development
reports in respect of that procedure
Defendant: European Parliament (represented by: J. de Wachter
and M. Mustapha Pacha, Agents)
Operative part of the judgment
The Court:
In the first place, annulment of the staff report relating to the
applicant, an official in Grade A 3 of the European Parliament,
for the period from 1 January 2001 to 31 December 2001 and, 1. Annuls the decisions adopting the career development reports of Mr
second, application for compensation in respect of the harm Terezakis and Ms Papageorgiou for the period from 1 July 2001 to
allegedly suffered by reason both of alleged irregularities in the 31 December 2002;
disputed staff report and of its allegedly late establishment.
2. Dismisses the action as to the remainder;
Operative part of the judgment
3. Orders the Commission, in addition to bearing its own costs, to
The Court: pay those of Mr Terezakis and Ms Papageorgiou;

1. Dismisses the application;

4. Orders Mr Milbert, Mr Durán Vidal, Mr Hanff, Mr Rieder, Ms
Nuotio and Ms Ranschaert to bear their own costs.
2. Orders each party to bear its own costs.

(1) OJ C 94, 17.4.2004.

(1) OJ C 59, 6.3.2004.