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280 Clark Drive

Henderson, Nevada 89074 Mrs. Tara Imboden, Principal

Phone: 702-799-5730 FAX: 702-799-5759

(All meetings are subject to video recordings)

School Organizational Team

Meeting Agenda
5:00 pm DMC Library
Per discussed at November meeting, no December meeting held (physically) and would be held through email if
new information was needed to be shared with team.

Meeting began at:_____________

1. Meeting called to order (Mrs. Imboden)

2. Approval of minutes (11/19/19)
3. Budget Items – Strategic Budgets Open
-Budgets to open for working 1/15
-Plan for AP next year (I’m getting a practicum admin beginning in February)
-No word on our staffing numbers due to Star Rating as of 1/14
-Concerns for next year funding…projectors and light bulbs, repairs to Smartboards.
4. Textbooks
-We now have the state/district adopted textbooks series for grades 1-5 for math and reading.
5. Read by Grade 3/Henderson Grants
-No notification yet to submit for any funding programs.
6. Change in Self-Contained Programs
-We are losing our Primary STAR program, gaining a pre-school program called ECI (Early Childhood
-We are in jeopardy of losing one of our resource room classes (the primary classroom) due to low
numbers of students with IEPs. Self-Contained students do not count in terms of resource room staffing.
7. Considerations for staffing next year
-No one is moving or retiring (as of this month).
-We have not been given how many positions we are required to have due to Star Rating
-Considerations for a computer teacher for grades K-5 is being considered with the off-ratio position.
8. Community Questions/Input (final 10 minutes of meeting, speakers must sign-in to speak and limited to 2
minutes for input).