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David M.

Cox Elementary
Minutes of the Monthly Meeting of the School Organizational Team (SOT)
November 19, 2019
5:00 PM Present at the meeting
Anna Sowell
Stephanie Pandullo
Location of the Meeting
David M. Cox Library Randi Myers
280 Clark Drive Tara Imboden
Henderson, NV 89074 Christopher Huff

The meeting was called to order by SOT team member Tara Imboden at 5:00 PM.

Review of Previous Meetings

The SOT Committee reviewed and unanimously approved the notes from the last meeting. Christopher Huff
motioned for the minutes to be approved; Stephanie Pandullo seconded the motion. Minutes approved.

Welcome and Introductions/Binders and Contents

New members were welcomed and the team went over the SOT binders and tabs (budget, calendar, agendas,
etc). The purpose of SOT was reviewed and the team was made aware that the agenda and minutes are posted
on the district website as well as submitted to the board for review.

New Business
The team reviewed the budget and Tara Imboden explained the different sections to the budget. She is going to
a training on December 6th for the CAP report and will share at the next meeting. Tara Imboden also went to
the grant writing training and learned that the review panel is looking for grants written towards attendance and
academic achievement. Any grant money not used during the school year will roll over to following year.

The Assistant Principal position could potentially be filled since DMC has two STAR (Social Skills Training
and Reinforcement) classrooms and this exempts us from the 3 year rule.

The SB178 money has not yet been released, but we were promised to have it by the first week in December.

The fundraiser for the 4th grade textbooks did not raise as much money as we hoped, but 4th grade will still be
receiving textbooks. The PTA bought the textbooks for 3rd grade, money from the Henderson grant will fund
5th grade, and money from the SB178 will fund 1st and 2nd grade.

Stephanie Pandullo called the meeting to an end at 6:00 pm and was seconded by Randi Myers.

Community Questions
Rene Alexander was in attendance, but did not have any additional questions.