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Gehman Mennonite Chureh Pigscal Adds: 127 Wier Road Reinhold PA 17569, Mailing Adress: PO Box 82, Adamstown, PA 19501 "717-484-4548 soxugenmnmennoniecahong Ministry Team Phil Horning ~ Lead Pastor (church: 717-184-4848) (Home: 717-208-4424) “Tals Sauer Associate Pastor (717-271-1811) “odd Carell - Associate Paso (717-572-8622) ‘Steve MeCosby ~ Devan (717-336-8275) Let's walk with Jesus..personally, locally, and globally. Payer nasa Sy Seo! Sin aM ‘Worship Serie roast Lert of ys to mia oneamather to acts of lovee good works, “ebrovs 1024 (NLT) muary $,2020 Proto Hymne rPrase Glen Satin ontering Kare & Autumn Sander Worship Song Worship Team Message Lue 24182 "We've Lat aus” Pal Homie Higmn of Response (lea Manin Sharing Tine sora Prayer Pal ering Benoten “das. Grete andy Karen Sar Sinday Seal Nasry ‘yin & Chole Chueh Nusery kelly & Abey Fellowsip Mel tay Fundraiser o suport perected Csi) all are wear! Nest Weeks ‘Gree Travis & Coy Sauer Song Leader Poa eC ontery Darlene MeCosby Message Te Cael Sunday Seo! Nursery Heid Rely Church Nursery Keren & Janae “The fering for January fer Easter emote Mission nd bsg ites Last Wosks Orering’ $3858.30 Last Wesks Atandace: 75, na 5, Suneryone invited oe the fllonship msl being provided arth ervse {ey nation “Amercan ods there re sever ne es fm ter coum fr yu tetas. This meats prepared to helps emenbes ot boos an sinters Cit who sue for lowing ess and prove an oppor Yo pp the pe rom iat Sen's mesg Donation essved wil suport the work of Fle ofthe Marg nd Inermriona Costa ‘Concerns nse Cesk ay be made payable to Gehan Memonite Chuck Sambal wil meet at Gehman Memonte Schoo far Gym Nig om 7-420 FL Pacts re weleome w ated ‘an, 12, Sn The 2020 ibe Quiringseson begins neat Sua a Petra Chistian fu chrch hs been asked to povide 29 doze cooks oe sack. Ifyou are ‘wing contribute okies (homemade or paras), plese sign th sheet nthe rare tl nd ave the noes he at church net Sunday orn Alo, plese por ao ‘encourage he ible quzer a ou aes Thank you! ‘Jan. I8. NedSowmansil Dior Sewing Ctl Wl beheld in the morning ad aeroon StheCowmemnvile There ae oppectanties okt ecm, gil, sew baby Kinonos A Sposa thnks for he ads tha do poets st home We wil fave cur Best covered dish ea ofthe. Bring eau ose, ot or col, sala or dessert. Infant Care Kis wl be the MCC projec for fanury-Dovlion or some orl ems are appreciate. Th iste dsb © espa lies and vefbae camps Contents{New tes onl size 39 maths), 2 ow seer (Manele simlr warm, soft materia, 2 unde’ onesies (sot or long Sleeves) lth pes (fas ete), I eceling lake ighweipt Meee or Masel Pi nsf pins (2 in) Bar lop eave fn wrapper, a socks cap Instrcions Remove ping mail except soo) Fo tes ino thereceling blake and fen together sty pn Hers can be aha or hand-ew f ew mater {Completed is amb dropped off Sewing Cite whore they willbe dlvre to tbe MRC ‘vache. an. 12 SuncVou a invited to jin ina tie of singing loiter at Lani Hames op (1:30 pm sega anounced) othe eatin oom ofthe new Crossings Hh ‘Welles bulling This sw wood opportunity eellowstip with eres of out chur ay sno resid at andes wel say ter Land Temes ein ho main). Please mar your eens nd plan pape, See Mary Eleaf Dee for aol infrmato, an. 2, Thur. We wl be providing the Commarity Melt Tiny UM Church in Denver ipa teat fr ood an oluaers are ie the earthen Tak you or bepng serve our Gomi. Any questions see Lore, “The Choice Books minsry has job opportunity fra ute dvertookack seve rep 0 Service soe ining th eas of out cental ab eter PA ad soutien NL. The eal ‘adate woul Iie cater Lancair, soubor Berks Chester Coun, This ald Postion servcng veil prove. Por more norman pens ems Rob Tovel s rnold cists s ‘Happ Rites Daag Musselman on Mon, nd Jae Saber and Wate Lei on Fr December: Designate boerhood 200.00 ist ule ging {67.14 (District Bishop Fund Lane Mera Con) Budge ids 1.17.00 sense ses, Opti. aos Miss Bag Fad, Yu) ‘Mont ‘S3809.0 (SVS, Bible Adventure dst sewing sce REAL Lie Seria, Brotetood Fun oe git pit schools (Geta, Epa Hkltowe, Fairview) Fatman a a gah a Rc hod