L 175/36


Official Journal of the European Union


DECISION No 3/2007 OF THE ACP-EC COUNCIL OF MINISTERS of 25 May 2007 amending Decision No 3/2001 on the allocation of resources to Somalia from the Eighth and Ninth European Development Fund (2007/462/EC)

Having regard to the Partnership Agreement between the members of the African, Caribbean and Pacific Group of States, of the one part, and the European Community and its Member States, of the other part, signed in Cotonou on 23 June 2000 (1), as revised by the Agreement (2) amending the said ACP-EC Partnership Agreement, signed in Luxembourg on 25 June 2005, and in particular Article 93(6) thereof, Whereas:

Article 5(2) of that Annex IV provides for the possibility of carrying out a review in exceptional circumstances that are referred to in the provisions on humanitarian and emergency assistance. In the light of the conclusions of the ad hoc review of the cooperation programme with Somalia, additional funds are required from the Ninth EDF in order to ensure continuation of the support to the population of Somalia until the entry into force of the 10th EDF,


Article 93(6) of the ACP-EC Partnership Agreement allows the ACP-EC Council of Ministers the possibility of according special support to ACP States party to previous ACP-EC Conventions which, in the absence of normally established government institutions, have not been able to sign or ratify the ACP-EC Partnership Agreement. This support may concern institution building as well as economic and social development activities, taking particular account of the needs of the most vulnerable sections of the population. This provision applies to Somalia. By Decision No 3/2001 of 20 December 2001 (3), the ACP-EC Council of Ministers allocated an amount of EUR 149 million from the Ninth European Development Fund (EDF) to Somalia for financial and technical cooperation. The function of National Authorising Officer for the programming and implementation of this allocation was entrusted to the Chief Authorising Officer of the EDF. Article 3(5) of Annex IV to the ACP-EC Partnership Agreement allows the Community the possibility of increasing a country's allocation in order to take account of special needs or exceptional performance.

Article 1 The following Article shall be inserted in Decision No 3/2001 of the ACP-EC Council of Ministers: ‘Article 3a On the basis of the conclusions of an ad hoc review, an additional amount of EUR 36 144 798 from the Ninth EDF shall be allocated to Somalia for financial and technical cooperation, from the long-term development envelope referred to in paragraph 3(a) of the Financial Protocol set out in Annex I to the ACP-EC Partnership Agreement.’ Article 2 This Decision shall enter into force on the day of its adoption.


Done at Brussels, 25 May 2007. For the ACP-EC Council of Ministers The President
Mohlabi K. TSEKOA


(1) OJ L 317, 15.12.2000, p. 3. (2) OJ L 209, 11.8.2005, p. 27. Agreement provisionally applied pursuant to Decision No 5/2005 (OJ L 287, 28.10.2005, p. 1). (3) OJ L 56, 27.2.2002, p. 23.

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