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In light of the dirty, lying, scummy, contrived watered-down PBS SPECIAL LENNON IN NEW YORK CITY recently

aired by the self serving media elite with an agenda I feel it incumbent upon myself to offered a non-Yokofied version of events:

When it was in the early 1970’s a time when Women’s Liberation first appeared as a politically correct way of life on the fringe Left. You were no longer allowed to refer to women as “chicks”, no longer were women consigned to cooking food, doing dishes and cleaning the pad. Women were dickless men and men were women with dicks. We were all equal,

men, women, Blacks, Whites, Jews, Chinese, Latinos etc. and were here for one purpose – to gang up on the capitalist pigs who ruled the world. So they first came to New York City John and Yoko lived on Bank Street. This was an appropriate street for them to live on since their pad became a funding center for revolutionary causes. Revolutionary (not radical)-violentcauses- a word one wouldn’t associate with give-peace-a-chance John and Yoko. For me it was give-a-piece-a-chance, a “piece” being slang for gun. Lennon was a poet but he was not a wus – he was not to be messed with – and had the physique of a Liverpool Soccer tough. I knew J & Y for three years – from 1970 to 1973 and this is a sample of the visits and conversations I had with them. Their man, Pete Bendry, would let me in the pad and usher me to the allwhite environment they had created. J & Y were always nude and had the TV on with no sound except when we discussed sensitive matters. On this day I came to as Lennon for money to start riots at the Republican and Democratic conventions being held in Miami Beach, Florida in the summer of 1972. AJ: Hey my man, how goes it? (we would then give each other the power handshake). The conventions are coming up in Miami and the Zippies are going to be there. Lennon: Yes I know about them from Jerry (Rubin) and Abbie (Hoffman). All the Zippies want to do is fight the Yippies, they don’t want to fight the government. AJ: That’s bullshit man. Jerry and Abbie have cooled it out. They support McGovern, they are afraid of being indicted after what happened in Chicago. Lennon: Bullshit. They are the real thing. They are in all the newspapers and on tele. AJ: Are you going to let the media determine who are our non-leaders? Jerry and Abbie have become watered-down – they are after the bucks and have written a book called “Vote” which is being published by Warner Brothers. They got a big advance for it which they are spending on

themselves. They are not going to be hanging out in Flamingo Park, they are staying at the Hotel Albion. Lennon: Abbie said the Albion is a flea-bag hotel. AJ: I’m telling you man they are elitist pigs. They have lost touch with the masses. Lennon: Bullshit. The Zippies are led by a police agent. AJ: That’s a dirty lie. You think I’m a cop man? Lennon: You’re too crazy to be a cop – with your Dylanology and Hey Jude a Message to Dylan. The cops aren’t creative enough to think you up man. But this guy, Tom Forcade. AJ: Ask David Peel about Forcade. Peel and Forcade followed this phony hippie Warner Brothers assholes about – called The Caravan of Love and Peel was almost stabbed because of it. Lennon: Because of Forcade. AJ: No, because of these plastic hippies hired by Warner Brothers. Listen man, I know Forcade. He has ties to the Weather Underground. He has done bombing – although he won’t be specific. Right now he’s planning to – well put it this way – he’s trying to get into the White House Press Corps so he can get within striking distance of Nixon – the Whammo. Lennon: He’s going to shoot the bloke? AJ: No man, he’s going to throw a pie at him. He already pied a pornography commissioner, it’s a great American tradition, pie throwing. Lennon: I don’t know man. AJ: That’s right you don’t know man. You’re out of touch. Isolated. Cut off by superstardom. Judging from some of you lyrics who knows what kind of junk you are taking. Lennon: It’s not that easy man. The fucking press blames the split up of the Beatles on Yoko. They make her into some sort of dragon lady. When it

was the asshole Paul who fucked things up. I’d like to punch the shit out of him, I really would. I’d like to bloody him up, I hate that guy. AJ: Be cool man. Paul is dead, dead in the head. Remember we had the funeral for him in front of his in-laws apartment in Manhattan. You and Yoke were there. Remember we had a coffin and a hearse. His new lyrics suck big-time. But the Village Voice had its fashion editor review our street theatre and she wrote that we were out of style. Lennon: In the 60’s I suppose. Yes Yoko and I loved that bit of street theatre – we dig the Rock Liberation Front – but lay off Dylan will ya? AJ: No way, until he stops using junk, gets out of his current bag which is skag. Lennon: He doesn’t do any drugs. He doesn’t even smoke pot. AJ: Bullshit. Lennon: Bullshit to you, AJ, asshole. AJ: His poetry tells me different and one weekend when I saw him his eyes were pinned. Lennon: Let’s change the subject. You know I let you hang around here for ten fucking hours at a time. You see all I do is smoke pot. Dylan let you hang out too. He rolled up his sleeve for godsakes. AJ: Okay let’s change the subject. Let’s get back to genocide, genocide in Vietnam. As a Jew I am not going to sit back and let genocide happen to another people, otherwise the six million would have died in vain. Lennon: Soldiers on both sides loose in a war! That’s what I was trying to say in “How I Won the War.” AJ: A cool flick with a pacifist message. Lennon: Pacifism is really where it’s at. The world would be at peace if everyone was a pacifist, but…

AJ: But as long as there are dudes around who aren’t pacifists, the pacifists will get wiped out – like what if the Vietcong turned pacifist? Lennon: It is sad man but true. We have got to respect wars of national liberation. We can’t bury ourselves in philosophy, can we man? Can’t lose touch with our working class roots. AJ: Well I didn’t come from the working class so my commitment isn’t really a response to oppression. Rebellion I guess… Lennon: Yeah, I was always a rebel, like Marlon Brando in the Wild Bunch, that movie about bikers. A lot of people think the name “Beatles” came from the beats but it didn’t. We weren’t privy to the beats – Ginsberg and that crew – in Liverpool back then. But we did see The Wild Bunch – one of the motorcycle gangs was called “The Beatles” so – AJ: I got to remember that. What was it like growing up in England? Lennon: It was a drag. Everything always stayed the same, nothing ever changed, and it was grey, industrial, deathlike… AJ: I was raised in Brooklyn. The best part about it was for 15 cents you could take the subway to Greenwich Village. Lennon: Liverpool was harder to escape. But let’s not dwell on the past AJ: Back to Miami. Lennon: Yeah, Miami. How do you go about starting a riot these days? AJ: It’s simpler than shit my man. The first thing we do is…