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Pro-wrestling champ Diamond Dallas Pa…

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Pro-wrestling champ Diamond Dallas Page goes to the (yoga) mat
Pro-wrestling cham p Diam ond Dallas Page goes to th e (y oga) m at
BY BONNIE DELANEY • STAFF WRITER • NOVEMBER 6, 2010 Comments (2) Recommend (2) Print this page E-mail this article Share Type Size A A A

Diamond Dallas Page, formerly know n as Page Falkinburg Jr., leads his program YGR (yoga for regular guys) in Atlantic City last month. (STAFF PHOTO: KEITH J. WOODS)

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Although Galianos was not able to do all of the moves, he said he likes the workout because there are modifications so that everyone, no matter their age or fitness level, can participate.
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In fact, that is exactly why Page, who played
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varsity basketball at Point Pleasant Borough High School, developed the workout. He said he was 42 years old when he ruptured two vertebrae so

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badly while wrestling that he couldn't bend over, sit down or walk. "My doctors said I'd never wrestle again," said Page, who also had a torn rotator cuff earlier in his wrestling career. His former wife encouraged him to try yoga as part of his rehabilitation. Within weeks, he found relief and was inspired to try rehabilitation so he could return to the ring. He added other forms of exercise, including pilates and old-fashioned calisthenics, and said he found that "it gave me intense cardio with no impact on my joints, increased flexibility and strength conditioning." He called it YRG, which at the time stood for Yoga for Regular Guys. "In less than three months, I worked my way back to the ring," he said. He went on to win the world heavyweight championship title three times. Before he broke into the wrestling business as a manager in 1988, he managed nightclubs in Florida. While he was in World Championship Wrestling, he interacted with media figures such as "Tonight Show" host Jay Leno, who came to draw in ratings for WCW and was tagged with Karl Malone against Hulk Hogan and Dennis
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Pro-wrestling champ Diamond Dallas Pa…
Rodman at a pay-per-view event.

Page, who is based in Los Angeles, often is on the road and returns to New Jersey to visit family. He spent an October weekend at the Point Pleasant home of his sister and brother-in-law, Sally and Pete Smith, and their family, and his mother, Sylvia Falkinburg, before traveling to New York City, where he had breakfast with Rodman at the Carnegie Deli after appearing on Howard Stern's 7 a.m. show on Sirius radio with his friend, actor Chuck Zito. Page said he has been able to reinvent himself throughout his career and recently finished filming his role as the villain in the movie "Pizza Man" with Frankie Muniz. It is scheduled to be released sometime in 2011. He also appeared earlier this year on the reality show "Carnie Wilson: Unstapled," as her confidant and fitness guru, and he is developing or appearing in two other reality shows, "Road Dogs" and "Transformation Nation," as well as a reality show Zito is working on. "I just want to show people that anything is possible with discipline, drive and determination. Oh yeah, you also have to believe in yourself," he said.

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Pro-wrestling champ Diamond Dallas Pa…

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Pro-wrestling champ Diamond Dallas Pa…

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