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The Jemez Valley Alley

January 15, 2020 First Edition $1.00

An American Values Publication
Jemez Spring’s New Bridge Jemez Springs Community
Garden Project
The village of Jemez Springs has received a Capital Outlay
Grant, thanks to Rep. Christine Chandler, to plan and design im-
provements to our community park. The first step proposed has
been to plant fruit trees along the side of the park on the strip of
land between Luciano and the walking path. Our Mayor Domo,
currently Roger Sweet, with Chad and Michael are working on the
irrigation necessary to help the trees succeed. Jeff Bold is helping
find proper trees able to thrive in our climate, and Dr. Juliet Sweet
is exploring other ideas such as planting medicinal plants along the
same irrigation line, between the trees.

Jemez Springs Construction Interest in a community garden has been rekindled recently
after falling away some years ago. The grant money is to be used

Projects for 2020

to make our park more “park-like”; ultimately the goal is to stabi-
lize the loose soil, which blows away in red dust devils during our
powerful wind storms and washes away during the monsoon sea-
Due to delays caused by stubborn bedrock while digging son and snow run-off. Proposals include community garden plots,
although currently the space being considered for the gardens has
pylons, Structures Inc., after the big concrete pouring that been used for parking for large village events, such as the upcoming
occurred on Saturday December 7th, will be shutting down “Lights among the Ruins” on November 30th and December 14th,
construction on the bridge until spring of 2020. Once the new and the staging of the annual 4th of July parade.
bridge is complete, the old bridge will be torn out and the Suggestions for the park from the public are welcome, and
land, owned by the state, will be left as is. In addition, the land volunteers interested in up keep of the park are welcome. To
submit suggestions, please speak to a village trustee or attend a
in front of the ranger station, which is a flood zone, will also council meeting where the project is being discussed (every 3rd
be left as is in order to preserve the giant cottonwoods there, Wednesday of the month) or submit suggestions in writing at the
leaving that land as a riparian zone. Village Office, to Yvonne Dickie, our village secretary.
The walking path around the park is a vital part of many
Construction of the bridge includes a ten foot wide walk- resident’s daily routine year round, with more walkers and joggers
way that will extend to the marked outcropping some 70 yards enjoying the views and smooth surface. The village has been good
northward, on the western wall of the canyon. In addition to about clearing snow build up and scraping ice during the winter
months to allow walkers to continue their routine. The walking
the bridge construction the Forest Service has finally been ap- path is 1/3 of a mile around, with poop bags and drop boxes for
proved after many years of applying, to replace the old build- dog walkers to help keep the park clean for everyone. Public toilets
ing which has suffered numerous structural problems. were installed when the stage was built, a feature many visitors to
the Jemez take advantage of, and though it is little used there is still
The road to the ranger station, because of the new a baseball diamond in the center, where occasionally kids come out
to hit a ball or have a game with the family.
bridge’s placement farther south, will be extended to the
intersection of the new bridge and Hwy 4, giving the ranger Presently the contractors working on the new bridge have
fenced off the eastern parking lot and also park large equipment
station a much longer driveway. Construction will begin in just to the west of the fence, but the “lower” parking area on the
March of 2020, and take a total of 12 to 24 months to com- west of the park is open to the public. Once the bridge is finished
plete. The new office building will occupy the present site. the contractors will level the central area, adding soil for elevation
and filling in the dips. Again, anyone with ideas or suggestions to
The offices of the Valle Caldera have offered to share space help make our community park a place for all to enjoy please do
with the Forest Service, those offices will take up residence not hesitate to share! It’s your park after all!
in February across the bridge on the west side of the river
just north of the church, in the offices of the old Science
Community Park Vandals:
Center, until the construction of the new Forest Service During the Christmas and New Year’s holiday
building is completed sometime in 2020 or 2021. break, vandals chained the bench that belonged
in the southwest corner of the park to their truck
and dragged it around on the asphalt until it was
“You take care of yourself. past. You stand up straight and destroyed. That particular bench was often used
You take care of your intimate you be courageous despite the by those walking for medical reasons as a resting
partner. You take care of your fact that life is tragic and tainted place, or as the quietest corner of the park to stop
damn family, you don’t run off. by malevolence. Ancient wisdom, and enjoy the view and do a bit of quiet thinking.
You take care of your community. that’s what that is.” If you know anything about this please contact the
village office at 575-829-3540.
You rescue the wisdom from the – Jordan Peterson
Food for thought: if you earn $100 and pay $33 in income tax you’re left with $67. You then buy $67 worth of fuel and in doing so pay a 48% fuel tax (fuel tax = $32.16 + $6.70 GST).
This means that the government just got $71.86 tax from your hard earned $100.
January 1, 2020

Editorial Page I’m Nobody! Who How dreary - to be - Somebody!

How public - like a Frog -

An Introduction ten numerous articles for are you? To tell one’s name - the livelong June -
To an admiring Bog!
publication including writing Emily Dickenson (So be a contrib-
In the fall of 1985 we for the Convention of States,
were living happily in Hawaii had a cooking blog, and add- uter! Write to us and send in stories,
I’m Nobody! Who are you?
when my Air Force husband ed my two cents worth in
Are you - Nobody - too? news, or poems. Even better, advertise
came home one day and an- the Thunder now and then. with the Jemez Valley Alley!)
I get yelled at a lot by the lib- Then there’s a pair of us!
nounced that we had gotten
orders to New Mexico. eral leaning public, but that Don’t tell! They’d advertise - you know!
is part of the fun of it all, this
New Mexi-what? I was ter-
rified to take my children to
newspaper business. Good News for a Small Development Indicators, OurWorldInDa- Child mortality rates have fallen
a foriegn country. The peso,
the spiders, the language
I hope that you
enjoy The Alley. The name
Planet (for Amanda) by nearly half (
wonkblog). Last but not least, the aver-
barrier! comes from an under- It has become unfashionable and age life expectancy for women in 1840
standing that alongside the certainly politically incorrect to cite good was 45 to 55 years. That life expectancy
We ended up living in campers with their trailers, news about Earth, humanity, or capital- has steadily risen one year for each four
Albuquerque for almost five hunters, balloonatics, hot ism. But the truth is that there is a lot of years, so that today a woman’s lifespan
years, during which two spring enthusiasts, wan- good news out there, and it all relates to is expected to exceed 80 years, and if
additional children were derers and leafers, a real the success of the United States and her she lives in japan, she is expected to
born. We eventually left for community calls this valley allies as world leaders in the pursuit of live to 92.5! (Published under CC-BY-SA,
Europe, then back to Florida, home. We have schools, making life more enjoyable, healthy and
my home state, but I never churches, weddings, births, safe not just for our own citizens, but
forgot the taste of chili, nor deaths, businesses, growing
Those are only a few hard indi-
for all people everywhere as we export cators that life has improved for Earth’s
the scent of pinon pine, nor families, plumbing problems excellence in improvements for human
the impeccable blue skies. and pets. We get winter’s population, there are many more. Even
life. Now there is a lot of data available better, ambitious reforestation programs
In 1997 a friend invited me wood put up, share fruit that proves that capitalism, free speech
to visit New Mexico again. from laden apple trees, by India and China have greened their
and the liberty to invent the means to part of the world significantly, proving
I jumped on it and fell in celebrate our birthday’s and improve life are a rolling global success.
love all over again, arriving hang around chatting at the that deforestation can be reversed. CO2,
The future is looking brighter for a lot of the stuff that plants breathe and we
for mini vacations in Jemez library. We support local people. Here are a few facts to lift your
Springs every 8 to 12 weeks. businesses and we come to- conveniently exhale in symbiotic code-
spirits: pendency, is good, and a 5% increase
Finally a dear friend said to gether for charitable events
me, “They say you should to take care of our own. The US EPA chart for emissions of in green stuff the world over proves
live where you like to vaca- The Jemez Valley Alley is my air pollutants in the United States shows it. Rama Nemani, a scientist at NASA’s
tion most”. The idea sound- offering to the community, a drastic fall in pollution. SO2, PM10, Ames Research Center said this: “Once
ed grand, so I packed up all inspired by ‘love of place’. NOx and VOCs have fallen to half the people realize there’s a problem they
my kin—four generations of The Alley celebrates the life levels of 1970. Climate related deaths tend to fix it. In the 70s and 80s in India
us— and moved to Jemez prosaic, and, I hope, will aide have fallen from 500,000 per year in and China, the situation around vegeta-
Springs, arriving in Septem- and entertain as well as be 1920 to under 25,000 per year in 2019 tion loss wasn’t good; in the 90s people
ber of 1999. a voice for local concerns. I (OFDA/CRED International Disaster Da- realized it; and today things have im-
hope that you enjoy reading tabase). In 1800 nearly 90% of the world proved. Humans are incredibly resilient.
During the two and it as much as I plan to enjoy That’s what we see in the satellite data.”
a half years before moving was illiterate. In 1900 just under 80%
publishing it. were illiterate. Today the illiterate world Our little green marble is getting green-
here I used to relish the er. That means more oxygen for all living
arrival of The Jemez Thunder population is just over 17% (OECD and
UNESCO). The World Bank’s chart on things, and the more CO2 we produce
at my office. From the very the greener we make the planet. That is
first issue that I received, Bettyann Legans, global poverty shows that in 1990 37.1%
Jemez Springs of the world lived in poverty, while truly good news.
I wanted to write for the
Thunder. Once living here, today that number has dropped to 9.6%.
The number of people without access to Data published by The Federalist, with
I began submitting articles, graphs and all source materials, print-
being lucky to come under clean drinking water was more than 1.2
billion in 1990, while today it is less than ed on September 25, 2019 by David
Kathleen Wagner’s scruti-
ny as a result. After about 700 million (World Bank, World
4 year’s rejection accom-
panied by well deserved,
scathing edits, and merciless
Your Ad Goes
right Here!
commentary on my subject
matter, grammar and typos,
she decided I had learned
enough to print, and Robert
Borden began to publish
my much improved stories,
written about life in the Je- 1/8 page - 20.00
mez Valley. I have since then
published a novel about life 1/4 page - 40.00

The Jemez Valley Alley

in rural New Mexico, writ-
1/2 page - 80.00
Whole page - 160.00
An American Values Publication*
Bettyann legans, Managing Editor The Jemez Valley Alley is looking for contributors. If you have any stories,
anecdotes, or ideas to share with the community, please email us. While
P.O. Box 181 national and international politics pervades television, internet and cable,
Jemez Springs NM 87025 we feel that enough of that type of information is available to the Jemez
Valley public without having it fill the pages of our local newspaper. We
email: especially would like to encourage all young people to submit poetry,
Phone: 575-829-4467 short stories, or news items to this publication. Our goal is is to reinforce
*The Founders broke the yoke of kingship and tyranny
the value of community in our lives as paramount to what goes on in the
convinced that the most fundamental value is that the outside world, with emphasis on neighborliness and charity, care for our
right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness are own, and appreciation of the uniqueness of a community steeped in his-
endowed by a Benevolent Creator, not than granted by tory and filled with incomparable natural beauty. The Jemez Valley Alley
other men or their governments. thanks you for your interest, and hopes to hear from you!
A man is suing Smart Water for not making him smart. I would like to formally announce my lawsuit against thin mints.
January 1, 2020

U.S. Taxpayers vs WildEarth Guardians

California has had its own issues with the owl. Protecting the owl
has not stopped its decline (National Geographic, July 2014 referring to
An Editorial by Bettyann Legans the Northern Spotted Owl). The barred owl has been encroaching on the
Northern Spotted Owl in California from the eastern states for decades—
Back in September, right about the time we started making plans many have blamed the majority of the loss of the spotted owl on the
to get out there and gather in our winter’s supply of firewood, we found barred owl, who is less picky about edibles and more aggressively fights
out that we couldn’t. A federal judge from Arkansas named Raner C. for habitat. The same July 2014 issue of National Geographic (“Kill-
Collins, appointed by Bill Clinton serving in Arizona, issued an injunc- ing One Owl to Save Another?”), asks why it is necessary to kill 3,600
tion against the U.S. Forest Service “halting all timber management barred owls who are in Northern Spotted Owl habitats. Killing thousands
actions” in all five New Mexico national forests and Tonto National to save a few does not seem rational, and may even seem like madness to
Forest in Arizona. The injunction is the result of a lawsuit against the people of common sense. Why does an owl with such a small population
Forest Service filed by WildEarth Guardians. At this date the injunction need 8.6 million acres to increase population? Perhaps because it is a
still stands though due to public outcry, and the intervention of the New great swath of land for environmentalists to control through the courts?
Mexico legislature on the public’s behalf, WildEarth Guardians modi- They displayed that power this year. The animal does seem to check all
fied their lawsuit to allow firewood gathering. The lawsuit is still pend- the boxes as a tool for environmentalist’s causes: elusive, shy, secretive,
ing. impossible to monitor: easily manipulated as a cause.
In 2013 WildEarth Guardians, led by John Horning of Santa Fe, The Forest Service, in direct opposition to the claims being made
filed the lawsuit against the Forest Service for failing to comply with di- by John Horning in his suit, has not ignored the spotted owl. In addition
rectives in the Endangered Species Act to collect population data on the to regular reporting for instance, studies have been conducted by other
Mexican Spotted Owl. The Forest Service defended itself by presenting organizations: in 2014, 2015, and 2016, the Forest Service Region 3 (AZ
studies of protected old growth habitat for the owls, submitting studies and NM) partnered with Bird Conservancy of the Rockies. At 200 sites
that did not include population data. twelve field crew set out to record the Mexican Spotted Owl in its pre-
ferred environment. The 200 sites spanned NM and AZ. Analysis of their
John Horning, executive director for WildEarth Guardians, stated, findings indicate that the owl population is indeed increasing, this despite
“This decision [by the judge] is about agency accountability to the public the terrible wildfires we have endured in recent years that consumed hun-
and to the recovery of the Mexican Spotted Owl. With this decision, the dreds of thousands of acres. That study was funded by the U.S. Forest
agencies will finally be held accountable for ensuring that all forest man- Service Region 3, with logistic support from forest and district biologists.
agement practices help, not hinder, owl recovery.” Judge Collins ordered The article can be read at, “Revealing Population
the five New Mexico forests and one Arizona forest to fulfill the respon- Trends of the Mexican Spotted Owl”.
sibility under the Endangered Species Act “to undertake new biological
considerations.” It should be noted that five of Arizona’s national forests U.S. Fish and Wildlife, as well as the U.S. forest Service, were
were excluded from the injunction for having incorporated new biolog- demanded in September this year by Judge Collins to produce the paper-
ical opinions into forest plans. However, John Horning said, “You can’t work demanded by WildEarth Guardians for the Mexican Spotted owl.
paper over this problem,” further stating that he doubted the five exempt Following the legalese is not fun, but you can find the document at the
forests had made “adequate” biological opinions. WildEarth Guardian’s website.The FS and FWS gave account of their
efforts to comply with 1992 Act, defending their forest plan through the
A biological opinion is, “the document that states the opinion of years and their efforts to protect the owl’s habitat. They have submitted
the (Forest) Service as to whether or not the Federal action is likely to biological opinions throughout as well as reorganized logically in order
jeopardize the continued existence of listed species or result in the de- to comply, yet all their efforts have been rejected as capricious by the
struction or adverse modification of critical habitat.” Emboldened word plaintiff. The judge repeatedly spanked the plaintiff from page 34 onward
from the source ( Endangered Species Program) at the site, not for inaccuracy and overreach, accepting the validity of the defenses the
by this author. FS and FWS presented. In the opinion of the judge the title of capricious
The New Mexico legislature stated that the injunction had created lands squarely in the lap of the WildEarth Guardians. Yet in the ending
a public emergency (which indeed it did) and that it was “devastating argument he sided with WildEarth Guardians.
to rural New Mexicans who rely on wood for heat and income”. John We face a serious challenge regarding our forest and its purpose
Horning admitted after the public outcry that the “injunctions had broad in our lives, who choose an authentic, rural American lifestyle. On the
implications”. John Horning has made a public statement defending the one hand a well-heeled and well-funded group of well-meaning urban-
Guardian’s actions in filing the lawsuit, as well as placing the blame for ites in Los Angeles and Santa Fe want to protect a rare owl through the
prohibiting firewood gathering by rural people squarely on the shoulders courts on land that covers two large, mostly rural states, who also tap the
of the Forest Service, claiming they did so as a political ploy to garner taxpayer for reimbursement for their numerous lawsuits. They are able to
public sympathy against the lawsuit and the WildEarth Guardians. His be reimbursed for the troubles they cause by a clause in the Endangered
essay can be read at, “Spotted Owls and the National Species Act that allows that reimbursement by taxpayers, and which Wil-
Christmas Tree”. dEarth Guardians and their lawyers fully take advantage of.
The truth is that the injunction was specific and curt; “all timber On the other hand, we have the U.S. Forest Service and the U.S.
management actions” must halt. That includes trail maintenance, fire- Fish and Wildlife Service, also taxpayer funded, who must comply with
wood gathering for personal use as well as small businesses who cut and law set out by the Endangered Species Act—now with moving goal
sell wood such as our own Walatowa Woodland Initiative, where many posts. What happens when the owl is delisted? From reading the injunc-
local people buy firewood. The injunction has negatively impacted the tion, in a round-about way, the plaintiff seems determined that delisting
job market in New Mexico from the Gila to Carson National Forest. John means strict control of the forest, no controlled burning to allow habitat
Horning’s article at Counter Punch fails to empathize with the symbio- to increase, all on those 8.6 million acres. Caught in the middle are rural
sis lived by rural of New Mexicans and Arizonians with our forests. In communities who depend on the forest for fuel, jobs, recreation, and
email exchanges, John Horning states that the intent of the Guardians is continuance of a traditional life style they have chosen above others, as
to protect the spotted owl. He says, “I get that people are angry. And I free people.
understand how disruptive the effect of some of our actions are...even as
I think it’s a necessary part of the change we are seeking.” I asked him On examination from the many angles, the scope of tyranny
what the ultimate goal was for his organization, and how those goals being attempted by the WildEarth Guardians is breath taking. While they
would affect generational and traditional lifestyles in this state, and his advocate for the endangered, what they want is to stop hands-on forest
response was “I believe all species have…a right to exist-even if it means management. They succeeded long ago in California and this summer
humans have to exercise considerable restraint.” we watched California burn, again. Climate change was blamed, when
in fact those rampant fires are human caused by the courts, who put a
The Mexican Spotted Owl is one of three subspecies generally halt to all timber management actions. Environmentalist organizations
simply called the spotted owl. Both Wikipedia and the National Audubon like WildEarth Guardians both use (cause the order for the killing the
Society do not differentiate; it is the spotted owl. It’s habitat in the US barred owls) and abuse (bring harassing lawsuits against) the U.S. Forest
is New Mexico, Arizona, Colorado, Utah and California—the California Service and U.S. Fish and Wildlife, manipulating a system to their own
Northern Spotted owl is not endangered, and the others are “near threat- ends, using tax payer dollars to do so.
ened”.. In 2004 8.6 million acres were designated critical habitat for the
spotted owl. The greater percentage of the population of Mexican Spot- We must make our will on this subject known.
ted Owl in the U.S. is in the Gila national Forest. In 1990 the population
of the Mexican Spotted Owl was estimated at 2,074 from 758 sites by Christine Chandler, our district rep, is both receptive
Fletcher, K.W. U.S. Forest Service, Southwest Region, Albuquerque, 55 and engaged in this issue. She is available by phone
pgs. The spotted owl enjoys cool shady canyons from 6,500 feet to 9,000 and email, answering promptly: 505-986-4226 or
feet. Depopulation has been blamed on human timber actions specifi-
cally. Forest Service actions to protect the owl have included leaving old
growth timber stands, and clearing around those area to protect them from
burning in wildfires.

January 1, 2020

The Jemez Springs Public Library Care Net Pregnancy Center

One of the best features of our local community is our beauti-
ful library, situated in the Father Fiztgerald Park. Inside the library 90.7 FM of Albuquerque
Some of the best things in life are unplanned
cheery assistants are able to help with any needs, answer questions KLOVE RADIO
and also procure books unavailable on the shelves through the in-
ter-library loan system. However, numerous resources are available
Albuquerque Location:
beyond borrowing a book, including free wifi, computers to access Positive, encouraging!
the internet, superior printing of documents or papers @10 cents per
sheet, and a sprawling children’s area. One of those is the increasing
collection of DVDs, now numbering more than 1,500. Many of the
movies and documentaries have been donated but the library also
purchses movies from Amazon. Listed by title, every genre is repre-
sented. Patrons may borrow a movie for one week up to three weeks,
depending on if soneone else reserves that particular movie. If you do
not have streaming service at your home, visit the library and check
out the movie section!
Entertainment Review
(if you are an entertainment buff and would like to become an Alley
contributor, please submit a review to
“The Expanse”
Hard core sci-fi fans who loved the space opera, “The Ex-
panse”, will be thrilled to know that Amazon has picked up the series
and will continue with season 4. “The Expanse”, based on the novels
by James S. Corey, was cancelled by the SyFy channel and widely
protested for it by an increasing base of fans. The cancellation and
move to Amazon however is said by Steven Straight, who plays the
inimitable James Holden in the series, to have been the best move ulti-
mately, as Amazon offers a much better platform for the show. Ama-
zon released season 4 on December 14th, dropping all ten episodes at
once. Anyone who remembers Firefly, the standard for space operas
and still beloved, remembers the agony of falling in love with a story
only to have it dropped by a studio. This time however our cry was
heard, and The Expanse, which has a much greater story to tell based
on the novels, will continue to the end of the books, of which there are
8. Thanks Amazon.

Tamaya this ‘happy dance’ for breakfast and supper

and is so happy to get meals twice a day.
More than one hundred thousand
horses yearly are sent to Mexico and Cana-

He is at the Feed Store so that we can keep da to slaughter houses, because there aren’t
working with him. His transformation has enough resources to care for them properly.
been magical to watch.” The American public roundly objects to
Rehab At one Connie has succinctly expressed the
the slaughter of companion animals (hu- From the same site, “The
time the horse, with mission of the Tamaya Horse Rehab, “We USDA documented that 92.3 percent of
the dog, were man’s take a horse that no one wants and turn it horses sent to slaughter are in good condi-
valued compan- into a horse that no one would get rid of.” tion and are able to live out a productive
ions. In a symbiotic Training is the goal for each horse rehabil- life. These horses would be sold, donated
relationship horse itated or rescued. A trained horse is usable or otherwise rehomed; however, kill buyers
and dog and man and earns his keep, as you can experience outbid legitimate horse owners and rescues
built civilizations together all across the for yourself by arranging a trail ride at the at auctions, robbing horses of ever having
globe. The horse represented freedom and Tamaya for individuals or for groups – see a second chance at life.” There is a war of
strength, even power to prior generations— for details, pricing sorts by horse lovers and rescuers to save
until we invented the iron horse; railroads and reservations. Money raised for the these healthy animals from the lucrative
and trucks and cars replaced the horse al- horses goes to pay for clinics, maintenance business of horse slaughter. Sometimes the
most completely in one generation! We live and care. At this time there is a jar at the horse wins and is rescued, like Hoss and the
in a time of the decline of the horse and as CWW for donations, but even more fun is other horses in Connie’s care. Caring for
a result, our valued companion has become the perpetual yard sale at the store where I those horses creates the need for us to help
both a nuisance and a grave concern. A nui- personally have found quite a few treasures, out, and the more we help, the more horses
sance when herds roam in populated areas, knowing also that my dollars go toward Connie is able to rescue.
and a grave concern when the facts are ex- helping the lives of the horses in Connie’s
amined; there are too many horses and not care. Also, at the website you can fall in Stop by the CWW or Tamaya and
enough free range for them to survive in. love with one horse and become a sponsor make a new friend. Take a trail ride. Be
Many people who own them are unable to of that particular horse! During Christmas informed about the problems the Ameri-
feed them and care for them properly. This time as well, giving trees are set up where can horse is facing across the nation. We
noble and beautiful animal that has inspired you can choose a horse with a certain need, wouldn’t be here without them.
poets and painters, adventurers and con- and fulfill that need—hay, medicines, gear.
querors now needs human help, and there
are special people out there doing just that. Ultimately it would be wonderful to
see horses roaming wild. There are few
One of them is our own Connie Collis, more pleasurable sights than watching horse
from the CWW Feed Store in San Ysidro. play in an open field. When I first moved
The Tamaya Horse Rehab and Rescue is here 20 years ago there were horses in many
a 501c3 established in 2012. At this time of the fields, but today those who own the
there are 57 horses total in Connie’s rehab fields are unwilling to allow horses, though
program, a few of which may be seen at the grass grows high and green—probably
the CWW store. The “kids” at the CWW because of the very horses who once grazed
are special horses in need of extra training, there. It was one of the pleasures of driving
horses that are injured, or some just needing through this valley to see a once white horse
extra spoiling. You can be introduced to rolling in the dirt now turned pink, or to see
them when you stop by depending on the them romping on a snowy day, tails high.
available staff. Something about the horse makes us want
to join him, to run free with the wind and
One such horse is Hoss. Hoss came to
never look back. Like the dog, man’s heart
rehab because his owner was unable to feed
is knit to the heart of the horse; we spent
and keep him any longer. Says Michelle
thousands of years together after all, bonded
of him, “We were able to take Hoss in and
companions, and such a bond is not easily
with a little bit of love and grub, he has
turned into a precious little horse. He does
January 1 2020

Meet the Neighbor, MacGuffie

By Bettyann Legans Mac has been a curiosity because he doesn’t fly away. People
wonder why and I say that I don’t know. But the truth is that he is loy-
Mac is a Goffin’s Cockatoo, or a Tanimbar corella. Goffins are known al—it was a rough first year and a half but Mac accepted me as his new
for their tool making ability, amazing rhythm, intelligence and companion- mate. When I let him go outside, I let him choose freely, and he chose
ability. Strollers and runners or construction workers and neighbors who live me. He doesn’t fly away because he is talking to me from wherever he is
around or use the Jemez Springs Community Park may have met him already. in the trees, I talk to him back, he watches me come and go, and at night
Until mid-December during the warm hours of the day, he was still hanging he always came back to roost on the porch, where I waited for him with
around outside. He cries to go out now, but it’s just too cold, and will be for
food and music. Mac understands nearly everything that is said. He re-
another four months.
joins in a way that is astonishing. He repeats things to me that he heard
Mac was hatched in 1983 in the Tanimbar Islands and brought to the in his wanderings, things people said, strange sounds, a whistle or a dog
United States as a chicklet. Placed in a pet store, he easily escaped—he is an barking, a truck backing up, a bird song. His freedom changed him into
escape artist—to fly around in the rafters where no one could catch him. One a better companion, the destructive behavior stopped, and we get along
day in 1984 Scott Snell came in the store, and Mac, to everyone’s astonish- famously now. If you see him, say hello. He will usually wave back or
ment, flew down to land on him. Smitten by Mac’s charming demeanor and nod and dance.
excellent taste, he took Mac home with him, where he lived with Scott until
Scott’s passing in Sweetwater in April of 2017. If you would like to be in this column, please don’t be shy!
That was a low point in Mac’s life. He screamed a lot, sort of like a
Email me at You can talk about your artwork,
bull horn in the ears, and bit hard enough to draw blood, and screamed some your business, your family history, just introduce yourself to the com-
more, convincing everyone that he should go live someplace else. In June Jim munity. We (Mac and I) look forward to hearing from you.
McCombs offered him to me, and having just lost my mother, and having a
soft spot for captive birds, I took him in and gave him a new home. The first
year was hard for both of us. Parrots bond for life, and Mac is no exception.
His “mate” of thirty five years had passed away. Who was this strange woman
trying to make him dance and eat almonds and apples? He screamed and he bit
me, ate the blinds and the curtains, the windowsills, house plants and my 100
year old woolen blanket. He beat up the dog, the cat and me. I put him on my
shoulder and walked around the park, encouraging him to fly away and never
ever come back, but he clung to me because for better or for worse, we were a
family. Finally in April of 2019 I just let him go outside. I set him on the plant-
er, gave him his food and water, and told him to enjoy himself. He was shy at
first, afraid—he had been living in a 2x3 cage all of his life—but he gradually
learned to fly better, and played and lived outside all spring, summer and fall,
becoming a much more relaxed, free talking, and amazingly funny companion.

Mama T’s Recipes

Cream of Green chili Chicken Soup
Season’s Greetings to all. This is a holiday tradition recipe.
Our family enjoyed it on Christmas mornings. My Mom would
also serve this is a crock pot (warm setting) at our many holi-
day parties. It’s an easy one pot recipe, easy to double or reduce
according to your needs.
1/4 cup of onion, minced
1/2cup of butter or margarine
1 cup of chopped green chili
1/2 cup of flour
1 qt. chicken stock
1 qt. 1/2 and 1/2
Salt and pepper to taste
In a large saucepan sauté the onion in butter. Add green
chili, sauté one minute longer. Add flour and stir constantly
three additional minutes. Add warm chicken stock. I micro-
wave the stock. Whisk until mixture comes to a boil. Stir in
half and half. Stir occasionally until hot. Season to taste, makes
six cups. I like to serve it in coffee cups with goldfish or oyster
crackers. It’s more of a sipping than spooning soup. Enjoy! I ha-
ven’t decided on next issue’s recipe. Grandma Muriel’s roasted
raccoon perhaps.
Mama T

NM Ratifies 19th Amendment - 1920

One hundred years ago adoption of the 19th Amendment gave women
the right to vote. Adelina Otero-Warren, the niece of the popular head of
the state’s Republican Party at the time, helped lead Mexican American
women into the political mainstream. Bilingual flyers and speeches in
Spanish at public rallies brought support for suffrage among both men
and women. New Mexico women won full suffrage at last with the final
ratification by the state of the amendment in 1920.
From the New Mexico State Record Center and Archives
January 1, 2020
Delivering Enchantment -
New Mexico True 4th Grade Essay Contest
By Elora J. McLarty
New Mexico is an enchanting place to be because of all of
the places to go! For Example, Jemez Springs has unique red rocks and
lots of animals including cows, elk, deer and mountain lions. Jemez
Springs also has families and lots of wildlife to be explored. My cousin
and I go exploring down by the Rio Guadalupe. Once we cross the riv-
er we go and see if we can find any snakes and other amazing animals.
Another fantastic wildlife sight in New Mexico is the Kasha-katuwe
Tent rocks. The tent rocks are large cliffs that got carved out by water
over time. The tent rocks are also a national monument. You can climb
under some of the tree’s roots. Jemez Mountains and Kasha-katuwe
Every Kid Outdoors!
Every Fourth Grader and their family
are just two examples of national forests for the American public to
enjoy. is invited to free passes to visit national
parks, lands and waters. Educators are
In Santa Fe NM there are lots of mountains including Atalaya encouraged to download the passes and
Mountain. The mountain is 9,121 feet high. There are lots of hiking pass them out to their fourth grade stu-
trails Atalaya is a word meaning “watchtower”. It was used to watch dents! Please visit everykidoutdoors.
for fires. The trail is mostly uphill and shaded. The forest also goes
from pinon-juniper to ponderosa and Douglas fir. Atalaya also contains gov to download and print passes
a variety of different species of animals like bears, wolves, and lizards. for your family or students!
The forests of the mountains are a great place to be when the clouds
are just in the right spot and the temperature is perfect. You could
definitely call it enchanting.
Knock Knock! Who’s there? Olive! Olive who? Olive you!
Another thing that you normally see on mountains and forests I won-
are different kinds of plants. For example, here in New Mexico’s
mountains we have succulents, redwood trees, and cactus. New
Mexico does not get a lot of rain. The plants that live here in the high
desert have to be very adaptable. Even though it is dry, we still have
flowers. Some of the flowers are hollyhocks, columbines, roses and what
morning glories. Some plants that are native to New Mexico are the
desert marigold and the Saskatoon berry. This might give a vision of
what New Mexico is but you can always find out more by coming and
visiting anytime.
To submit an essay about your home and what you love about
it, send 500 - 600 words to JVA, PO Box 181 Jemez Springs New
Mexico 87025, or send it via email to:

Listen to the Mustn’ts Snowball

By Shel Silverstein by Shel Silverstein
Listen to the MUSTN’TS child I made myself a snowball
Listen to the DON’TS As perfect as could be.
Listen to the SHOULDN’TS I thought I’d keep it as a
Listen to the NEVER HAVES And let it sleep with me.
Then listen close to me- I made it some pajamas
Anything can happen child, And a pillow for its head.
ANYTHING can be. Then last night it ran away,
But first it wet the bed.

January 1, 2020

Dear Kozmik Kitteh;

Dear Kozmik Kitteh:
What does it all mean?!
I have a neighbor who is Signed, Fluffball.
always butting into my
Poor Fluffball! It really depends on
business. He is driving me your definition of IT. Indubitably IT is
crazy! Sincerely, Aggrr- all about YOU of course! Whatever
rieved has gotten into you? This can’t be
good. Are you out of lives already?
Dear Aggrrrieved; Kosmic Kitty is So young.
here to save you! But sometimes
she has to guess a lot about the Kozmic Kitteh suggests finding a
problem behind your question. May sunbeam to sit in, a nice crunchy
she presume that you have already mouse to whisper sweet nothings
applied the behaviors known to to, or sitting and watching your
rrrepel unwanted attentions? Pre- staff until they drop what they are
tending to be deaf, hiding, head doing to adore you for noticing
turning, nonchalant paw-licking, they live. The world is your diggy
staring into space, hair ball yak- box! Get in there and throw some
king? sand around. Love, Kozmik Kitteh

Let’s paws and think about this Dear Kozmik Kitteh;

problem; is it rrreally a problem? My goal for 2019 was to lose just

Meet Kosmik Kitteh

You are soft. You are beautiful. 10 pounds. Only 15 to go. What
You are purrfect. You don’t need should I do? Love, Katterwomp.
friends, but this neighbor does,
therefore it must be a dog. Is this Dearest Katterwomp; Dispensing Kat Sense Since 4,000 b.c.
dog helping himself to your crunch-
ies, making your staff want to pet Kozmik Kitteh doesn’t understand, “In ancient times cats were worshipped as gods;
him, eating up the special presents but she is flattered that you ask.
in your diggy box? Eating from the The best place to lose pounds they have not forgotten this.”
diggy box is a form of worship. Such is on your belly. While walking it Terry Pratchett
behavior is to be expected. Yum- is hidden in the undercarriage, Write to Kosmic Kitty!
my crunchie stealing is also to be therefore it does not exist. Now
expected – his food is disgusting. you want to lose 15 more? This
YAK!! However, staff sharing must may prove difficult. There isn’t a lot
not be tolerated. You hired them, of space on your glorious body to
they adore you. hide that much mass.

Kozmik Kitteh suggests running Kozmik Kitteh suggests the jowls,

away for one whole day to the neck, and the back of the legs.
spare staff next door. The old staff Stuffing lost pounds there means
will be so happy to see you come that when parading puffily past
home that all the fawning will staff or dog, the poundage is lost
surely convince this dog that he is to view among the cutenesses,
unworthy of your attentions. Also, therefore it does not exist. Best of
your staff will remember who the luck on your goals. Meow! Kozmik
boss is. Good luck! Kozmik Kitteh. Kitteh.

In 2019 the
most asked
on Google
was, “Why
were Corn
Flakes in-
“To journey happily may well be better than to arrive successfully.” – Jordan Peterson

John Hawk’s Rock Shoppe
John Hawk, our local mineral guy,
Room Put your ad here!
will be heading down to Tuscon once more
here for
for the world’s largest mineral show at the
1/8 page ad - $20
your Ad!
Tucson Expo Center, Tucson Arizona.
John treks to AZ every winter for the show
to resupply his wares and stock up for his
1/4 page ad - $40
busy summer season here in Jemez, where
And here
1/2 page ad - $80
he parks his office outside Weekend’s and
dazzles his customers with beautiful natural
gems, crystals and unique formations, fossils too!
and gem work. When you see him please
Whole page ad - $160
stop by, especially with the little ones, as
John is always willing to share his knowl- And here!
edge of rocks and minerals with visi-
tors. Ditto! Positive Encouraging KLOVE Radio 90.7 FM
January 1, 2020

Important Phone Numbers National Suicide Lifeline 800-273-8255

Village Office 829-3540 Prayer Hotlines 866-987-7729
Police Chief 829-3345 800-329-0029
Sandoval County Sheriff ’s Office 505-867- Christine Chandler
4581 NM Dist. 43 Rep 505-986-4226
Library 829-9155 NM Capitol 505-986-4589
Ranger Station 829-3535 The White House 202-456-1111
Presbyterian Jenny 867-5309
Urgent Care 505-462-8888
“The world is not dangerous because of those who do harm,
Veterans’s Hospital 505-265-1711 but because of those who look at it without doing anything.”
Albert Einstein