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Registered Mail No.

RE 123 456 111 US

Chuck-Eugene: Farley,
c/o Non-Domestic (DMSM A010.1.2d),
Foreign Mail near: 123 Main Street
city of Los Angeles, California republic -- Without the US

1111 Constitution Ave. N.W.
Washington DC 20224

February 14, 2009



FILE/UCC Contract Trust Account No. 123-45-6789


Notice to Principal is Notice to Agent

Notice to Agent is Notice to Principal

Dear Mr. Schulman:

It has come to my attention of certain facts relative to some

perceived nexus or liability of mine to Title 26 (Income Tax Code).
Basedupon my past and limited knowledge and any disclosure of
certain points or facts, I have come to the understanding that, in
respect to my 'account' and any communication(s), filing(s), non-
filing(s) or otherwise pertaining thereto that I was in error and had
made gross mistakes in dealing with any 'legal' tax liability.

Obviously, I was led to believe that I was required to 'file,' that I was
[a] a taxpayer,' and had taken certain advice to 'protect' my livelihood
and property.
It is my firm belief that I am not a 'Tax Protestor,' and in my
research and studies, I have come to understand and I'm aware of the

1. I am not specifically named in IRS Ode and more specifically, IRC

6331 for the tax to be applied. (Ref. THE PEOPLE v. Herkimer, 4 Cow.
345; 1825 N.Y. LEXIS 80)

2. I have not receved notice that I am required to keep books and


3. I was not, in any manner, notified that I was the subject and/or the
'object' of theincome tax. (Ref. Long v. Rasmussen, 281 F. 236, at 238
(1922); and, Economy Plumbing and Heating v. U.S., 470 F.2d 585, at
589 (1972)

4. I have not been noticed that the tax is only applied to corporate
activity. (Ref. Doyle v. Mitchell Bros., 247 US 179 (1989); and, the
Corporation Tax Act of 1909)

5. I have not been shown, in light of the above, that my livelihood, so-
called income is considered 'income,' having the aspect of 'gain and
profit.' (Ref. South Pacific v. Lowe, 238 F. 847)

6. I have not been noticed that the Internal Revenue Service is an

agency of the United States. (Ref. District Court of the District of
Idaho, Case #93-405-E-EJL/11-19-93)

7. I am unaware of any specific contract (implied or otherwise) with

such 'agency' not a part of the United States, to have some nexus or
bearing to the 'internal' (taxing) affairs of the United States, as to
some perceived 'fair share' on any interest payment on the national
debt owed by the United States.

8. I have not been noticed that I am a party to the US Constitution that

would establish a nexus to any federal agency for any purpose not
previously disclosed, aside from any secret or implied contracts
entered into without full disclosure. (Ref. Padleford, Faye & Co. v. The
Mayor & City of Savannah, 14 Ga. 438 (1854)

9. Disclosure has not been made to me of the 'interest' the United

States has in me, my property or same as applied to my debtor, how it
was created (as to any pledge or hypothecation of my property) and/or
if the 'interest' is merely found or established in the corporate entity
Debtor (Ens Legis) as identified on the IMF/BMF file.
10. That I have not received any valid determination that has been
made identifying me as "US Person" as defined in "Title 26" (Internal
Revenue Code) at §7701(a)(30).

11. Disclosure has not been made to me of the federal rule, law (with
supporting implementing regulation) and/or any regulation that
requires me to pay an income tax.

12. That I have not been noticed via your Letter of Determination of
the parties as to who the creditor and debtor is in this matter.

13. That the Undersigned is specifically 'found' within Title 26 USC

§§6331(a) and 3401(c) for the purpose of 'taxation.'

The above points are relative to my 'account/case,' and while it is

my right to challenge jurisdiction, being the fact that the IRS and your
'agency' is required to prove or substantiate, that is, provide 'Proof(s)
of Claim,' liabilty, etc., to support your belief and position that I am a
'taxpayer' in my 'private capacity' and therefore subject to Title 26
USC. Please keep in mind, I am NOT protesting and it was never my
intent to protest, but merely to seek the evidence of liability.

It has come to my attention that the income tax is imposed or laid

upon corporate entities and upon corporate activity. (Ref. Doyle v.
Mitchell Bors. Co., 247 US 179 (1918); and, the Corporation Tax Act of

In respect to this, I am aware of the named entity on the

and tax presentments, etc) of which identifies such a corporate entity,
being registered in Puerto Rico under IRS Trust #62 and which bears a
'taxable activity code' not in alignment to my specific

THEREFORE, I conditionallt accept for value you and your private

agency's claim that I am specifically subject to Title 26 USC and that I
am liable for said 'income tax' in my 'private capacity,' and I will
pay/discharge any said tax liability, predicated upon your 'agencies'
'Proof(s) of Claim.'

'Proof(s) of Claim' as to my 'liability,' or otherwise, will be

established by your bringing forward and producing the 'proof' in
respect to the following:
1) PROOF OF CLAIM, of the liability to the IRS Code or any other, and
that the tax imposed is lawfully binding upon me in my private


lawfully enacted by and Act of Congress.

3) PROOF OF CLAIM, that the tax imposed is not laid against any
corporate entity in regards to any presumed corporate activity, but
upon me in my private capacity.

4) PROOF OF CLAIM, that I am subject to or party to the US

Constituon to establish any nexus to the federal government and to
the IRS via any Act of Congress or tax laws passed by Congress.

5) PROOF OF CLAIM, that I am subject to the tax liability via any

secret or implied contract or other agreement or contract, etc..


delivered a Letter of Determination of who the parties are in respect to
the above account, as to who is the creditor and who is the debtor.

7) PROOF OF CLAIM, of the federal law or regulation that the

Undersigned is required to file in his private capacity.

8) PROOF OF CLAIM, that the name on the IMF/BMF fileis not an EO

nominee or ENS LEGIS, for the purpose of laying ant tax upon some
perceived corporate activity by an artificial corporate entity..

9) PROOF OF CLAIM, that I have consented, agreed, or signed a

contract allowing my 'private' property to be pledged and/or taken in
any manner to discharge any tax debt.

10) PROOF OF CLAIM, that I have consented to any 'Pledge' of any

property for the benefit of any foreign principal or the federal

11) PROOF OF CLAIM, that I have been identified as a "US Person" as

defined at Title 26 USC §7701(a)(30) signed under penalty of perjury
pursuant to §6065.

12) PROOF OF CLAIM, that I am not bankrupt or insolvent and have

lawful money of account to 'pay' debts (tax(es)) at law in respect to
Article I, §X of the US Constitution as it operates upon the agent of
13) PROOF OF CLAIM, that I have been given or afforded a DUE
PROCESS HEARING in respect to any tax liability or at a hearing that
full disclosure was made as to any commercial scheme applied to me
or to some corporate entity (straw-man/man of straw or Ens Legis) as
named on your presentment(s).

14) PROOF OF CLAIM, that the incometax imposed via Title 26 is not
laid against a corporate fiction as identified on all IRS files, documents,
and presentments in capital name spelling similar to that of the
Undersigned's name.

15) PROOF OF CLAIM, that the Undersigned is the 'object' and

'subject' of the income tax in his private capacity--not engaged in any
corporate activity.

16) PROOF OF CLAIM, that the Undersigned's 'labor' is a taxable

commodity or an 'article' of commerce via any Congressional exclusive
legislative jurisdiction. (Ref. 15 USC §17)

17) PROOF OF CLAIM, that any 'labor' taxed is not laid upon the
'corporate fiction/entity' as identified by the Debtor's name in all
capital letters as appearing on accounts, files (IMF/BMF), charging
instruments, and all communiqué's sent by the IRS to the 'corporate
fiction/entity' in regards to its 'corporate activity' as established by the

18) PROOF OF CLAIM, that the Undersigned lives within a 'Federal

Zone' for the purpose of taxation as a 'citizen' or 'resident.'

19) PROOF OF CLAIM, that the 'corporate fiction/entity'/Debtor is not

the 'entity' that effectively 'lives' within a Federal Zone and is not the
RES-(thing) IDENT, as identified on accounts, files (IMF/BMF), charging
instruments, and all communiqué's sent by the IRS.

20) PROOF OF CLAIM, that the Undersigned can be 'punished' for

relying upon any decision of the United States Supreme Court as to
such and certain decisions may be directed towards the actions or
limitations of government and/or in respect to the 'rights' of the

21) PROOF OF CLAIM, that the Undersigned is a 'citizen' of the

United States as defined in 26 CFR §31.3121(e)-1 that would subject
the Undersigned to the legislative jurisdiction of the United States.

22) PROOF OF CLAIM, that the Undersigned is receiving any

'compensation' from the Federal government as 'private' man, 'citizen,'
a/k/a 'sovereign' and is not performing, in any degree, an occupation of
common right.

23) PROOF OF CLAIM, that the Undersigned is engaged in a 'TRADE

OR BUSINESS' which includes the "performance of the functions of a
public office." (Ref. 26 USC 7701(a)(26))

24) PROOF OF CLAIM, that my signature is not the exemption which

carries the value upon 'acceptance for value' of any tax
presentment/liability to cause the 'exchange,' setoff,' or otherwise to
discharge any said tax liability.

25) PROOF OF CLAIM, that in light of the National Emergency

(Senate Report 93-549) and the US Bankuptcy (by numerous Executive
Orders as Codified at 12 USCA 95a) that I cannot discharge the fine,
fee, 'tax liability,' charge or debt via the remedy provided by Congress
via HJR-192, by and through 'acceptance for value,' for the benefit of
the Republic, as the authorized representative of my Corporate Debtor
(Ens Legis) as identified on the IMF/BMF file, Tax presentment(s) and
UCC filings with a 'Return for Discharge' by and through my exemption
or other appropriate commercial paper.

This communiqué; 'Conditional Acceptance' is sent in good faith in

and for the request for 'Proof(s) of Claim.' You a your agency has
Thirty (30) days to respond with 'Proof(s) of Claim.'

You or your agency's failure or refusal to provide 'Proof(s) of Claim"

will establish your dishonor in the matter, and you and your agency will
have admitted and stipulated to the points or facts raised herein, as
they operate in favor of the Undersigned Secured Party, and
presumption will be taken by and through your silence and tacit
agreement that the "Income Tax" is only laid upon a 'corporate
fiction/entity' known as the Debtor/Strawparty/Man of Straw; Ens Legis,
and such 'entity' isoidentified with a name similar to that of the
Undersigned, but appears in capital letters and you agree that such
'entity' is registered under IRS Trust #62 in Puerto Rico and has been
assigned a 'Taxable Activity Code' as imputed/found on the IMF/BMF
and other files maintained within your system of records.

You and your agency also agrees by your genral acquiescence,

silence and/or refusal to provide 'Proof(s) of Claim' that the
Undersigned can only accept for honor (and Value) the Tax Liability of
the Debtor and discharge said 'tax liability' as to any tax present.ents
sent by or presented by the IRS.
By and through your your silence and tacit agreement, you agree
that the IRS will accept any appropriate commercial instrument;
including but not limited to an 'acceptance for value and return for
dischrage' to discharge the 'tax liability' of the corporate Debtor to
cause the 'account' to be adjusted to Zero ('0') for any tax years in
question by and throuh the US Treasury via the presentment of said
'acceptance for value and return for discharge' as directed from the
Undersigned Secured Party below to the IRS as to any so-called dollar
amount in respect to the above 'account,' to be debited from the
Debtor's UCC Contract Trust Account or otherwise.

Please be advised that it is my good faith intent to rectify this

matter and all future matters, presentments, charges or otherwise,
commercially, and discharge (pay) the tax assoon as possible in behalf
of the Debtor/Ens Legis.

Mr. Schulman, please respond per your good faith per the 'Proof(s)
of Claim' and with full disclosure within the time period specified above
and provide said 'Proof(s) of Claim' to the Undersigned care of the
below named Notary Public.

This request of 'Proof(s) of Claim' (CAFV) may be supported by

Affidavit and such Affidavit must be rebutted 'point-for-point' within the
Thirty (30) day time limit, otherwise, all the facts stand in the record as
true, complete and certain.

Thanking you in advance for your time in this most urgent matter, I


Without Prejudice, Under


Chuck-Eugene: Farley,
Principle - Secured Party,
and Authorized
Representative to

Third Party Notary:

STANLEY B. NOTARY, Notary Public


Form: CAFV-IRSCOMM-123456789-RE123456111US-CUF
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