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World Treasury
Date: Perpetual
Re: Letter of Intent- Standard Benchmark Agreement

Financial Instructions for Settlement of All Accounts

Dear Whom this may concern,
ISO Standard World Currency is for all members of civil society who will participate in the world's Nibiru
Reserve Public digital banking system. Investors should note that government bonds, also known as
Treasuries, are not subject to credit quality ratings, yet these securities are nevertheless considered to be
of the very highest credit quality. All credit scoring and rating is done using bitcoin's distributed ledger.

1. The first step is opening a World Community Exchange Account at

All central digital bankers are advised to use: for access to their digital funds.
2. To initiate a transaction in the World CES Account; first, send a purchase order, upon order seller will
respond with an invoice. Please collect all KYC & AML information you need for all forms of reporting.
3. Upon receipt of the Invoice, the buyer next will Send payment in the form of a Trade Slip, ISO Digital
Fiat Currency, Standard Bond or Coupon(s), LOC's, Promissory Notes. All payments must be denominated
in NEO World Currency for all form of negotiable instruments offered through the World Credit System.
4. The Seller or Buyer then enters the transaction information into the World Credit CES depending on the
form of payment. The Buyer or Seller will enter the transactions in the choice of any fiat type through the
World Credit CSD (Central Security Depository Bank Account), V-Dollars; the World Credit CES Book-
Entry Securities, Nomnis Book Entry Credits (NEO), Bitcoin or Tokenized World Currencies and XCP Assets
from the Distributed Ledger on the Bitcoin Blockchain Smart Contract Platform found at
5. The Buyer is responsible for doing due diligence before and after for any Security Offer and or Security
Proposals listed on and off the World Credit CES Open Marketplace Listings (Buy and Sell Orders).
6. The Buyer is responsible for doing due diligence before and after for any Security Offer and or Security
Proposals listed on and off the World Credit XCP DEX Listings (Buy and Sell Orders).
7. World Credit CES Participant member firms are obligated to act as the CCP (Central Counterparty
Clearance House) for the entire core of the Bitcoin Smart Contract Assets Community and Open Market.
8. All Tokenized Bonds are best held on Commercial Paper-wallets and individual e-wallet addresses
designated for tokenized digital securities settlement and trade this regarding this matter.
Date: Perpetual
Maturity: 2048

Best Regards, World Chaplain

Official Member Hon. Larry Shelton A.R.

Please find the following attachment for proof of funds -

Issuer: World Treasury / World Financial Authority
Issuer: World Security & Exchange Authority

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