The Life of Moses Curtis: A Spiritual Giant and Pioneer of Mormon Settlements in Utah and Arizona

Written by Elizabeth Anne Cook Snow (2nd great-granddaughter)

Table of Contents

Table of Contents Forward Preface Introduction Ancestry of Moses Curtis Children of Nahum and Millicent Curtis Pennsylvania Michigan Missouri Illinois Children of Moses and Aurelia Curtis Iowa and Nebraska Trek to the Rocky Mountains Utah Children of Moses and Elizabeth Curtis Arizona Appendix Recipe- Rusk List of Illustrations Pictures Patriarchal Blessings Bibliography

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Foreward This book about Moses Curtis was written for a required Family History class at Brigham Young University under the direction of Dr. William G. Hartley. He has been working as a historian for almost thirty years. He has authored countless books as a Professor and employee for the LDS Church Historical Department. His latest project was co-authoring the Joseph Smith Papers Vol II. I feel that it was divine providence to be in his class with his guidance and knowledge of Church History. I say that it was divine providence because Dr. Hartley is retiring in April 2009 and I had originally planned to take this class in September 2009, but ended up changing my plans. Being able to write under Dr. Harley’s direction was a tremendous blessing I experienced in the process of writing Moses’s story. It was through his direction that I sifted through some of the family legends and found evidence to prove or disprove them. These legends include the family stories of the early missionaries in Pontiac, Michigan and Moses’s experiences being imprisoned with the Prophet Joseph Smith. This paper was completed in a short 4 month semester along with several other classes that all demanded my time. Therefore, there is still research to be done that will have to be completed at a later date. The teacher imposed several restrictions on the paper, one of which was the 40 page length. It was not adequate to tell Moses’s story and include short bios of his wives and children. At a later date I fully intend to expand this history and include his wives and children. Also included in the sources of this book is a Church record for Moses’s parents in New Salem, Massachusetts. While trying to verify birth and marriage dates for the family during this time period, I discovered that the church records were not filmed by the LDS church. I searched the internet and found a typescript of the church records I needed. I printed them all off without keeping a good source citation of the location in which I found them. One week later, when I tried to return to the records on the internet, they were not posted nor could I find any reference to them ever being posted. This was another “gift from the other side of the veil” for this project. The professor also discussed the usage of possessive “s” with his knowledgeable and welltrained editors. He advised me that the new trend is to use ‘s after a word ending in s. Thus you will see Moses name in the possessive form as Moses’s. While this may seem incorrect by most of us, I have been assured, it is now the correct form of grammar to use. I hope you enjoy this story as much as I have enjoyed researching it. Sincerely, Elizabeth A. Snow Mapleton, UT.


I have attempted to tell the complete story of his life. love and appreciate him as I have. a great pioneer who helped to settle many places as his family migrated westward across the frontier of the United States in the 19th century. though. Arizona. I hope that while reading about Moses’s life. ultimately settling in Eden. His deeds in life helped develop the prosperity we now live in. Elizabeth. I have tried to document what family stories we have by word of mouth that do not have a source citation. iv . I hope that from the example of his life experiences many will be able to feel strength in their trials as they try to forge ahead in their own lives amidst their personal adversities. I hope that his strong spiritual character. This is an ongoing project. Time and space constraints have limited this history to mainly focus on Moses’ life while mentioning briefly other family members.Preface This is the history of Moses Curtis. I have not had the same success with the descendants through his wife Aurelia. Moses made many great sacrifices but his story and legacy are not being passed on to his large posterity. I have been very successful in gathering family information from their descendants. it has been hard to gather information from such a large extended family. faith and testimony in the gospel of Jesus Christ will shine forth through the events as told in this history. and there are still some details that need to be verified. As a descendant of Moses’ second wife. My purpose in writing his life story is to create a history that will inspire his descendants. However. I will attempt to complete the story with the limited amount of resources that I have obtained. I realize that there may be gaps that still need to be filled in to complete the history of Moses. you will come to know. He never complained but quietly did whatever he was asked to do by the leaders of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

evidence shows that it was Jared Carter and Joseph Wood who actually came to Michigan as missionaries. The Nahum Curtis Family History. The Nahum Curtis family was no different in this respect. It grew lighter and lighter until it was as bright as noon day. Page 1 - ‐   1 Cherrel B. his wife Millicent. “History of Nahum Curtis”. tells about the family then: In December of 1832 the prophet Joseph Smith and Jared Carter came to our place preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Then they heard a voice say. The meeting was held in my father’s house. These attributes would appear again and again in the life of Moses and his family. lived in Michigan in a small settlement named Sylvan Lake. Lyman. Foster. This was the family that Moses Curtis grew up in. p5.Introduction In the 1830s in the United States of America there was much religious excitement. promptly purchased a Book of Mormon for the sum of one dollar and twenty-five cents for the family to read and study. That night after hearing the gospel preached my parents retired to their bedroom where they were conversing about the principles they had listened to for the first time earlier in the day. She records that George dictated the story to his granddaughter Irene Colvin. the Book of Mormon is a true record of the people that lived on this continent. Curtis Taylor. “Nahum. This story is also related in the Dora M. (See footnote # 28 for further information. his father Nahum. and Hyrum. Weech & Nayda Luster. moral. It was near the town of Pontiac in the County of Oakland and in the state of Michigan. and their nine children. In the early 1830s this family of eleven. George.” They were converted and soon every member of the family joined the church. His parents lived a quiet. They had enormous faith and strived to teach their children these principles by their example and deeds. Moses. Nahum. An account by their son George age nine. Mary.) . Even though George tells that Joseph Smith and Jared Carter taught the family as missionaries. Suddenly they noticed the room started to become light. religious life. Leon. People were trying to discover for themselves which religion was suitable for their beliefs and moral values. 1 According to son Joseph. Sophronia. Joseph.

Endow ntry wments for the Living. FN: 5 Church of Christ in New Salem. to parents P ry Phineas Wait and Mehit te tabel Foster 4 .Millicent g Waite Curtis W Fig 1 . with dark hair and blu ~mafrankl/znew w. Franklin Cou unty.Ancestry of Moses Curtis y Moses’s parents were Na M ahum Curtis and Millicen Waite. 1784. t e of nd r unis Page 2 - ‐   2 Nahum Curtis. of Phin Wait were n.html Jan 2008. usetts is in a mounta ainous region about seve n enty miles no orthwest of t city of the Boston. Wh hen baptized at his house 5 Millice is the old of four c Millicent was about eight years o age her mother died an her father married Eu Smith. B Book of Record ds1779-1818.rootsweb. feet seven. The to of Athol is about nin miles nor own l ne rtheast of Ne Salem wh ew here Nahum was born. Moses’s moth Millicen Waite was born in Ath Worcest Massach M her. pg 27 en 16. Intern m national Geneal logical Index.a ancestry. F FHL film # 103397. Nahum Curtis.” ent dest children. 1794 under the d 4 direction of P Pastor Joel F Foster. He h a kind. ter. Ance ent estral File. 2 The town of New Salem Massachu m. was b born in New Salem. it read dsFig 2 . Nahum grandpa m’s arents. Millicent w christene a member of the Chur m was ed r rch of Chr in New S rist Salem. or. to parents M uly Moses Curtis and Mary s (Molly) M Meacham. MA. 4 Millice Waite. St.Na ahum Curtis Figure I-N Nahum Curtis “Millicent. husetts on Januar 20.s e d e. http://ww . rth ww. c h.1. Nahum wa the sixth o nine childr Nahum was five as of ren. Massachusetts on Ju 7. 3 Dora M Curtis Taylo History of N M. Joseph Susannah a Lydia. Daughters of U Pioneers: Salt Lake City Utah y. 1845-1846 Na auvoo Temple. and ch. 1787. Nor New Salem. S Swift River His storical Society Elm y. Na nt ahum. m k ue had mild on as peech. dispositio but he wa slow of sp Jeremiah and Rebecc Hawkins M h ca Meacham w among t first were the ettlers of New Salem 3 f m. Mass sachusetts. I the church record for In h Decem mber 8. nt s hol. AF 1LMF-3J. Ma N assachusetts.

Moses’s p parents. The names an birthplaces eir nd are: Sophronia S Lyman L Phineas P Moses M Jo oseph Mary M George G Foster Loren L Hyrum H 10 Feb 1810 21 Jan 181 12 10 Jul 1814 816 8 May 18 24 Dec 1818 821 15 May 18 27 Oct 182 23 8 May 18 826 9 May 18 828 9 Sep 182 29 New Salem Franklin. Er Pennsylv rie. Massachuset tts Conneaut T Township. Mich higan Pontiac. at of nd the wedd ding of Nahu and Milli um icent. At her early death during the m persecu r h mob ution in Miss souri in 1838 Millicent’s 8. Er Pennsylv rie. Oa akland. M m. Curtis Family Book family group sheet p42. Fran w nklin. were e marr on Octob 29. or. beautiful silk weddin gown was cut up in pi l ng s ieces and giv to the ch ven hildren as a r remembranc of ce their mot ther. W. Nah hum and Mil llicent. vania Conneaut T Township. Millice He was t same min ent. Cu A urtis Taylor. Er Pennsylv rie. Colonel To ny own’s Regim from Se ment eptember 12Page 3 - Dora M Curtis Taylo History of M M. Oa akland. Fern Burrell. According to Dora M. M m. Mich higan Pontiac. vania Conneaut T Township. M m. Massachuset tts New Salem Franklin. Whitak . Massa achusetts by Reverend Jo oel Foste who had b er been ordaine a pastor o June 9. p 6 ‐   . Intern e national Daughters of Utah Pioneers. Oakland. a great gran nddaughter o Nahum an Millicent. vania Sylvan Lake. Mich higan 7 Nahum served as a corpo in the Un N oral nited States m military in th War of 18 he 812. Salt Lake t i a City. Massachuset tts New Salem Franklin.New Salem. the nister who c christened Millicent and her siblings near th time of he mother’s d t he er death in 1795. 1809 in the Chur of Christ in ried ber 9 rch t New Salem. Millicent Waite Curtis. Oa akland. 7 C. He serv ved under Lt. n k. 17 ed on 779 just t years bef ten fore the marriage of Nah hum and Fig 3 . the bri wore a dr of chang ide ress geable silk s shading gree en and laven nder. Michigan Pontiac. This fact would lead us to believe th he would certainly h hat d have known t family w the well. Massachusetts . ker’s Compan and in Lt. 6 Nahum and Millic had the following ch m cent hildren.

PA showing A Con nneaut Twp. It is not known why they m n moved. ber ire A history of Conneaut To C ownship desc cribes life there: The T pioneers of the towns ship were a long time iso olated from the world. 9 8 Page 4 - ‐   . 1815. Phineas died. Penn nsylvania. g ut . www. It’s not known where P ncestry. ounty of Erie is in the nort thwest sectio of the stat of Pennsy on te ylvania and Fig 4 .Pennsylvania sh howing Erie Cou unty. a no person at and n. Nahum and his brothers Jeremiah a eral d and Will liam are all f found living in Conneau Township. Er Conneaut T . but i this time p in period many y people w slowly migrating we were m estward to fi more lan and better farming. 10 1820. The chief supp eir plies of meat were deer and ga ame. A sign nificant fores shadowing in the Curtis n family hi istory would be the close proximity of the Erie d e and Penn nsylvania Ca anals. nia. 9 n Pennsylvania Sometime bef fore 1816 th decided t move to th newly for hey to he rmed Towns ship of Conn neaut in Erie C County. age fourteen months old died on M e s n d. Moses and his brot s thers would be involv with the building of canals or using rivers to ved o find lumb their enti lives. History of Na ahum Curtis. Pe ennsylvania.October 3 1814 at Boston. Taylor. NAR Series M33 RA 3_102 pg 27. a cavity cut in the top o a were out t of st tump and he eavy wooden pestle attac n ched to a spri pole. the year their son Phineas.Erie County. wa the simple but laboriou ing as e us Fig 5 . Mills w nearly o of reach. can have an idea of the privations they had to e ny e endure. B ahum and Mi illicent lived in New Sal until som d lem metime arou und 1815. March 28.U Federal cen US nsus of US. Erie Pennsylvan 10 The co e. Con nneaut Town nship is locat in the sou ted uthwest corn ner of the cou unty. p1 Burrell p42. In the 1820 US ind nd r S Fede Census. pr resent time. Township. 8 Na 30.

paerie/townships Conneaut/LexingtonHist.. but construction was not completed until about 1844 which would have been after the Curtis family left Pennsylvania. The Free Encyclopedia. The Free Encyclopedia. but tea and coffee were almost unobtainable 11 In the late 18th and early 19th century.rootsweb. 18:57 UTC. 25 Nov 2008. Lexington and Brief History of Conneaut Township. 26 Nov 2008. 28 Nov 2008 http://en. p 42 11 Page 5 - ‐   . In Pennsylvania. 13 We don’t have a lot of information about Moses’s life as a youth. 12 Moses was born on May 8. 2008) 12 "Beaver and Erie Canal.Pennsylvania. a canal system was built in Pennsylvania to connect with the system already in place with the Erie Canal. 1816 in Conneaut Township. “Erie County (PA) Genealogy. the canal system became an alternate means of transportation. Pennsylvania to Nahum and Millicent Waite Curtis.wikipedia. He was the fourth of ten children in this family. 13 Burrell.Ohio Canal joined with the Conneaut River.machine for reducing corn to meal.php?title=Pennsylvania_Canal&oldid=254062638.”Lexington and brief history of Conneaut Township.ancestry. 02:56 UTC. 28 Nov 2008 http://en. Erie." Wikipedia. This canal system would eventually lead to a feeder canal being built that Fig 6 .. but his younger brother George gives an account about his own childhood. http://www.php?title=Beaver_and_Erie_Canal&oldid=254151104. Maple sugar could be had in abundance by making it.htm (accessed November 28. because of their close proximity to the Erie Canal and Lake Erie. He explains that their mother Millicent was a very religious women and she insisted that George read a chapter each Sunday from the Testament when he Andy Pochatko. roads in the United States were not always adequate for travel therefore.wikipedia." "Pennsylvania Canal.

14 for mily Michigan Som metime betwe the birth of their dau een h ughter ncestry. McCracken Fifty Years A and Now. 1 (M ory March 1965): p p12. Curtis family once again found thems y selves in a n new settlemen This wou become a pattern in t life of M nt. vania in May 1821 and t y the birth of th son Geo heir orge in Octo ober 1823. NARA Series M M19.” M to Michigan histo 49. Michigan. mother o the prophe Joseph Sm 15 The C of et mith. Michigan a city that was first settled in 1818 by Stephen Mack.Map of state of Michigan a map and tried to dete ermine exact where Sil tly lver Lake wa I as. Millicent Wa Curtis History. no. In the United States Federal Census o 1820 there are no Curt families l of e tis living in Oak kland County.S.Roll 69. Sylv Lake is o of severa van one al lakes clu ustered in this area which is located in the eastern portion of the state. Therefo I have left t description as it appears i this cited his the word Testament. It i about thirt h n is ty miles nor rthwest of Detroit. i the Michiga Historical Co n. M pg www. Some family members ha identified the family as ave d y living in Silver Lake near Pontiac. p 99.was quite small. in Pennsylv . It is not known why Nahum moved his family to M s m Michigan. th Curtis fam moved t the small c he mily to community of Sylvan L Lake in the County of Oa C akland in the state of Mic e chigan. He also relates t his moth was a good cook and she showed love and e a that her d d concern f each fam member. d 15 Cumm ming. Stephen B. N ory. “The Saints Come t Michigan. the b n w brother of Lu Mack Sm ucy mith. 14:6 (Lansing 1 616 1890). 16 They may have sim and obtai more land in a new territory that w less pop in d was pulated. uld the Moses.p1. Mi ichigan Territo Oakland. Page 6 - ‐   . John and Audrey. This s aite source doesn’t clarify whethe the word Tes er stament is refer rring ew ore the n in story as simply just y to the Ne Testament or not. As I studie a ed Fig 7 . bu in the 183 U. 14 Taylor.U Federal cen US nsus of US. 16 1830. Nahum ut 30 eral is living in Oakland County alon with his br C ng rother Jerem and miah m mply wanted to move we estward his family. Ago in an ollections. Mich D higan and les than three miles from the city of P ss Pontiac. Fede Census.

This type of musket was the most widely used gun in this time period. The boys. It seems most likely that they lived in the settlement of Sylvan Lake. Joseph and Moses. and let the boys go. I surmised that it was either a simple mistake made in identifying the residence of the Nahum Curtis family and the birth place of their younger children or. It was the main weapon used by military forces. not Silver Lake. after which you put in a round lead ball that had been wrapped in paper or a cloth scrap. However. Moses carried the gun which was an old flint lock musket. Nahum was apprehensive and was not sure it was the best idea to let the boys go hunting without him. in the early days of settling Michigan there could have been two cities called Silver Lake and one city later changed its name to Sylvan Lake.17 It is not clear the location or year of this next story about a hunting excursion by Moses and his younger brother Joseph.realized that there is a Silver Lake. Michigan. In order to operate the gun you would need a cock or hammer that would tightly hold a piece of flint. though. You would then push it down the 17 Further research will need to be done to thoroughly verify the name of the lake as Sylvan Lake or Silver Lake. ‐   . I did discover that there was a Sylvan Lake less than three miles away from the town of Pontiac. They had been begging for permission from their father to be allowed to go hunting for a while. but it also worked well for hunting. wanted to go hunting. The family stories relate that it was a flint lock musket without any flint.Flint Lock Musket relented. Nahum finally Fig 8 . Joseph carried the lighted torch to ignite the gun. The person shooting the gun loads the Page 7 muzzle end in this order: first you pushed in the black powder. Michigan. but it is located two hundreds miles away on the west side of the state. The most likely place would have been in Michigan because Moses was too young at the age of five or six when the family left Pennsylvania to carry a gun and Joseph would have only been three or four.

The gun fired with a blast and surprisingly. The flint then strikes the frizzen which causes it to open exposing the powder. It goes into the flash pan where the powder ignites and causes a flame in the barrel that ignites the main powder and the gun discharges its contents of powder and balls. release the safety lock. 2008. 18 Using the musket in this manner would not require a Weech. and then you close this small lid called a frizzen. Most men would carry their guns loaded in this manner. When Moses and Joseph finally convinced their Father and Mother to come look at the site with them. This was very fortunate considering how long it would take the boys to reload the Page 8 - 18 19 Flintlock Musket. It turned out to be a successful hunting experience for Moses and Joseph. you must move the cock or hammer to cock position. aim the gun and pull the trigger. When the boys came to a place where they saw a deer.wikipedia. In order to ignite the gun. A spark is caused by the contact between the flint and the frizzen. 19 . ‐   gun. Moses tried to position the gun right at the targeted deer and Joseph lit the fuse with the red hot flaming torch. This action releases the hammer that is holding the flint. therefore the gun would not cause a spark to ignite and they must use the torch to light the gunpowder instead of the spark. but the family said they did not have any flint on the gun. The gun was lying over the log and the dead deer was still lying on the ground. The Free Encyclopedia. Wikipedia. they laid the barrel of the gun over a log to steady it. http://en. p21. The ramrod was usually stored under the barrel. the deer fell dead on the ground where it stood. You now have a gun that is primed and ready to shoot. The boys were so excited they left the gun and the deer to run home and tell their parents the good news. Next you prime the flash pan with a small amount of finely ground gun powder. they found everything exactly as the boys had left it. They shot and killed a deer with only one shot.barrel of the gun with a ramrod.

The m message bega to spread and an Christ of Latter-day Saints on Ap 6. 1831. yman returne he ed was full o details ab of bout fields th were yield hat ding crops o corn betwe eighty to one hundre of een o ed bushels p acre. Throug a miracul gh lous experience of Mose parents. au a n c http://www w. Thi amount wa significan greater th the crop of Michiga 21 per is as ntly han p an. Kansas Missouri. and n r rn and the li ivestock are also corn-fe which ma ed. es’s and t of ulness of the Book of Mormon. The religious fer rvor of this t time period i included the restoration of The Chur of Jesus e rch f S pril by mith. primarily includes th states Iow and Illinois. The area called the “ a “corn belt” c covers the M Midwestern U United States which s. ons him e During this time the family m have be looking for a must een better pla to farm b ace because they sent their ol ldest son Ly yman Fig F 9. In these states their major crop is cor s. The on Augus 2. 1830 b Joseph Sm in 1832 i reached Michigan.glorecords. The Curtis fam was taug about this new religio in their ow it M e mily ght s on wn home as related earlier in this his story. 1837 he made one f h 20 en st e final e res. South Da akota. but it also includes pa of India Minneso y he wa o arts ana. ave family and several so to help h work the farm. akes them m more desirabl When Ly le. a Ohio. purchase of 41.Whi living in lm.Corn Belt Map t to investigate rumors of enormou harvesting in the “corn us g n belt” sou uth.54 acr All of th in the sta of Michig The tota property o ate gan. a r assuming tha Nahum cle at eared much of i It was a blessing to ha a large fa it.54 acr of e res land. p p21.S. al owned by Na ahum in 1837 looks to be 241. um. On of September 21 Weech. They e y Nahum a Millicent were specifically told o the truthfu Page 9 - 20 Land Re ecords for Nahu U. 1834 he purchased another 12 acres. ‐   . Nahum p ile M n purchased a homestead o 80 acres. 20 T was qui a large am That ite mount of gro ound to clear and farm. Nebra aska. hese properti were reco ies orded as being in the cou unty of Oakl land. Burea of Land Management General Land Record Office. on May 2. ota.

The entire a family w baptized into this new founded Church in 1 was wly 1833. As you can imagine this statem made Lucy madder than e. While there. Prov le vo. Ru er uggles. born in Fig 11. 23 Hilda Faulkner Brow The Michig Mormons.Joseph Smith. She told the Revere that with end hin Fig 10 -L Lucy Mack Smith h three years a third of his congreg gation will h have joined t Mormon the n Church. i including his deacon Sam Bent. p p21. p5-6. f the Pontiac. r 22 Weech. Page 10 - ‐   . Lucy was introdu uced to the l local ministe Reverend Isaac W. Michig was organi gan ized on Februa 16. Mother of the Prophet Jos ack M e seph Smith. an visit h nieces Al her lmira and Te emperance M Mack. 85. 1833. two years later it is re s ecorded in th Congrega he ational Churc minute ch h book on F February 9th that Deacon Bent was e n excommunic cated for joining th Mormon Church. Geo orge. gan from 1831 to 1 1952 and a littl beyond. 1833. The first branch of t church in P Journal History of the Church.quickly o obtained a st trong testimo of the tru which le to their un ony uth ed nwavering faith. Lucy had g gone to Ponti Michiga to iac. Jr. ment a moth bear prot her tecting her c cubs. H also told L old He Lucy that he son er was a poor foolish boy who pr h retended to t translate the Book of Morm mon. Decem mber 31. ary Utah 198 p1-3.Their history f wn. 22 istory written about the e n early church organization in Michiga relates this story abou the h an ut A hi Lucy Ma Smith. T muel True to her p prediction. He h had no use for the Mor e rmons and to her so. 23 he Man years later Moses’s yo ny r ounger broth George told his her granddau ughter Irene Colvin that Joseph Smit and Jared Carter were th e the missi ionaries that taught their family the g gospel.

McCon nkie also cites Stevenson. W Williams. in the book T Father of the The d om Prophet. M Michigan in October 1834 and youn George m have con n ng must nfused these two events in e his young life. 25 Page 11 - 24 ‐   . Fr rederick G. a saying tha Father and s d . 26 McCo onkie. at as at d Mother S Smith. He made the jo n 0.: Salt La City. David Whitmer. e and preac ching” in Mi ichigan and then they re eturned to Ki irtland. M Michigan on October 20 1834. visit Pontiac. Sr. 27 Joseph Smith. ourney along wit Hyrum Sm th mith. who resided in Pontiac. Mark L. p. Dese Book: Salt Lake City. h. 27 In th early histo of the LD Church i Michigan as recorded he ory DS in Fig 1 . 1978.40.1993.Stories and Insights fro the Life of Joseph S Smith. h aft ake Bookcra Inc. McCon rk nkie. 26 It is recorded in the n s n History o the Church that Joseph Smith wen to visit the Saints in of h h nt e Pontiac. p19 & 40 0. 25 Unfortunate ely. wr ritten by Mar L. McConkie. Fig 12 . the autho cites a history of Edward Stevenso or on which sa that Father Smith and his sons Jo ays d oseph and Hyr rum went to Michigan. Mich higan in 1833. History of the Churc of Jesus Chr of Latter-da Saints.1823 wou have bee a boy of n years of age when th occurred 24 Joseph S uld en nine f his d. However.S f Stories and Ins sights from the Life of Joseph Smith. Smith did visit Pontiac. a missionary being in Po ry eph y. Michigan a that time. with Hyrum and J H Joseph. Sr. Oliver Co owdery and Roger Orton They spent some time “teaching n. Utah.Pontiac Sc g chool house/Chu urch house Stevenso does not include the y on year. The Father of the Prophet. h ry ch rist ay eret t 9 vol 2 p16 68-169.Mary 13 Cur Reed rtis Weech p 40. g Ther has been some dispute about the m re s e missionaries in this story as it is not recorded in any y official c church histor about the Prophet Jose Smith. ontiac. M ted Michigan in 1834.

Stevenson. p18 & 19. He gave a list of people that he remembered joined this church. [daughter of Nahum and Millicent] suddenly began speaking in tongues. Dec 23. 34 Later a non-Mormon resident recalled the many converts to this new religion in the Pontiac area. Private Journal.1955.” 31 This promise was fulfilled through Mary Curtis speaking in the gift of tongues. Michigan in January 1833. Richardson. 29 It was recorded by Edward Stevenson who was in attendance at this meeting when Mary was speaking in tongues. 29 Browne. which is near Pontiac. 33 In June 1834 Moses siblings Lyman Curtis and Sophronia went on the Zion’s Camp march to the Salt River in Missouri. Lyman records in his life history that he was baptized on 14 March 1833 in Milford. Stevenson. 31 Joseph Grant Stevenson. 32 Moses was baptized by William Bathbridge on this same day and confirmed by Samuel Bent. p 20. p1. He described Mary as. They left from Pontiac Michigan and were led by Hyrum Smith. by Samuel Bent along with some of his siblings. p2 28 Page 12 - ‐   . that the gifts as promised by our Savior will follow you. Sketches of the Curtis family. I promise you in the name of the Lord. he says that the gospel first came to Michigan through the missionaries Jared Carter and Joseph Woods. 30 J. Included in the list were Also in the private journal of Edward Stevenson. if you will obey the gospel with honest p29 34 Lyman Curtis history. her countenance changed. www. Whatever the real details are. “Joseph said. 33 S.” 30 Stevenson also related that the Prophet Joseph Smith gave a great promise to the small congregation in Pontiac. The Life of Edward Stevenson. and often tears ran down her cheeks.“her face fairly shone. BYU Press: Provo. p5 & 11. not Jared Carter and Joseph Smith. 28 She also relates that meetings for the Mormons in Pontiac were held in a local schoolhouse. Edward. 1867. the fact still remains that the family of Nahum and Millicent Curtis were taught by missionaries of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS) in 1832 and 1833.C. she lists Jared Carter and Joseph Wood as the missionaries laboring in Pontiac. During one of these meetings a Mary Curtis. and by this you may prove me to be a true servant of Hilda Faulkner Browne.themorrisclan. 32 Life history of Lyman Curtis.

p3. Mos brother. 39 The legis slature agree that the co ed ounty seat w would be in F West. Afte much persecution of th Mormons and er he s expulsion from many of the homes by an angry m the state eir y mob. e legi islature inter rvened and a agreed that th Mormons could settle in he s e Mis ssouri. p15.00 Then he ga $325. but on in the no nly orthern part o the state in Caldwell of n Fig 14 -Shoal Creek k Coun A few sa nty. me around 1835-1836. Nah ris.Thad ddeus Alvord Ezekiel d. ney nted l amily funds. McCra acken. Nahum Histo p2 ory. George tells that his fath bought th farm in L Creek. bu Nahum gla ut adly donated it to the cau 37 d use. ri.00 to Joseph S n m 0. Source for this e n e lertis ww. 38 L Creek is located six miles east o Far West w i Log s x of where Shoal l Creek joins the Grand River It is about halfway bet r. Step phen B. Kellogg. Fifty Ye ears Ago and N Now. ance Mack an Almira M nd Mack. time tabl Lyman Cur History.Morm d nce. Fletcher. Joseph Bent Edward St t. 38 Taylor p2 Missouri from a Mr. 36 It was after Zion’s Camp March in 1834 and bef C n fore the trouble in Far West in 1838. here n mon sent timent in Mi issouri. aints settled in neighbori Daviess and Carroll ing Counties. which ar northeast of present d Kansas C re day City and Independen Missour In 1833 th began an anti. tevenson. h hum Curtis. 35 Tempera Missouri Pers suaded by their faith and new found devotion.Nahum C Curtis and hi brother Jer is remiah. t tween Haun’s Mill and Far West. They were as fo y ollows. c s 14:616 ( (Lansing 1890) ). Page 13 - 35 ‐   . ave Smith to help buy propert in p ty Missouri for other ch i hurch membe The mon represen the total amount of the Curtis fa ers. wh Moses w a teenag sometim d hen was ger. Seville Harr Jeremiah Curtis. in the Mic chigan Historical Collections. ww 37 Taylor. his parents m h moved their f family to Mis ssouri. tha Mormons Far at Cumm ming. 36 Na ahum sold hi homestead in is d Michigan for the sum of $800.themorrisclan. C ses G her heir Log Caldwell.

could hol county of ld ffices, have r representatio in the Leg on gislature, and create a co d ounty Militia By a. accepting these privileges, the M g Mormons agre not to se eed ettle in any o other countie The Morm es. mons lived pea acefully in Missouri for a short time. Then they began to dis M sagree amon themselve ng es which led to a time of more perse d o ecution. 40 The Mormon’s received mu persecuti in Missouri and man families su r uch ion ny uffered great tly. The Curt family wa no excepti tis as ion. While li iving at Log Creek, Mos mother, Millicent g ses’ became g gravely ill. She died on September 3 1838 at th age of fifty one and w buried tw S 3, he ywas wo days later. Her young child wa eight year old. 41 gest as rs On O the same day as the bu d urial, Moses his father N s, Nahum and h brothers Lyman and his Joseph w called by the Prophe Joseph Sm to make a gathering place at the Curtis were et mith e g e sett tlement for th hose persecu Saints b uted being driven out of their n hom mes. They w also to s were stand as gua over them as protect ards m tion from mob viole m ence. The people who he eeded the Pro ophet’s coun nsel and went to the Curtis settle d e ement were not harmed in the raid o on Hau Mill on October 30, 1838. It w reported t a neighb un’s n was that bor
Fig 15 - Lyman Curt tis

late told the Cu er urtis family that a mob h come int had tending to

destroy th settleme but they were advise there wer only a few women and children heir ent, y ed re w d staying th so the mob went on their way le here m n eaving the se ettlement un nharmed. Lev Jackman vi records th the Prophet Joseph S hat Smith assure him the pe ed eople in the Curtis settlement would not be harme 42 ed.

Thomas G. Alexander. Utah, the ri ight place: the official centen nnial history. G Gibbs Smith. Sa Lake City, Utah alt 82 1996. p8 40 Histor of Caldwell and Livingston counties, Mis ry n ssouri. The Prin ntery, Clinton, Misssouri,1972. p117 7 119. 41 Burrel p42 ll, 42 Weech p42. h,

Page 14 -



Duri this time of great per ing e rsecution fro belligeren citizens o Missouri, t members om nt of the s were bick kering and quarreling lik cats and d q ke dogs. There were church court proce h eedings in February of 1838 wh some ch y here hurch membe were actu ers ually excom mmunicated. In the Histo of ory the Chur it says that a court pr rch roceeding too place at the Curtis set ok ttlement on F February 8, 1838. 43 In t short history of Moses Curtis han the nded down b by the fami it is reco ily, orded that he was several times taken e n prisoner with the Pr r rophet Joseph Smith. 44 I could find no historica evidence i the lists of prisoners w the prop al in with phet that clar rified this sta atement. I di find an ins id stance with t the Missour Redress Pe ri etitions where Moses wa taken as a as prisoner to Richmon made to wait there a few days, an r nd, nd released In 1839 af the saints had left Missouri, they d. fter s y were all lowed to ma petitions that include a statemen ake ed nt before t Justice of the Peace a the f about their lo osses involved in
Fig 16- Typical Jail Cell l

the Missouri persecutions. Mose list cons es’s sisted of a sw word at the cos of $5.00, a gun at the c of 62.5 cents, two w st cost weeks lost tim in workin at the cos of me ng st $12.00, t three weeks time lost fro moving th poor from Missouri f the cost o $18.00, an t om he m for of nd the loss o time in co of onsequence o the mobbe of Missou for six m of ers uri months at $1.00 per day f for the price of $156.00. All of these expenses a added up to t total of $ the $192.615. Th list was d his dated May 13, 1839. Ther is also an excerpt in th re hese petitions that says the followingn g Page 15 -

43 44

Smith, Vol. 3 p3-6. Richar rdson, p29.


Han ndcock Co. State of Illino S oisThis T may cert that I Moses Curtis w at the tify was Surrende at Farwest in the Coun of Calwe State of er t nty ell Missouri and under a Strong gua I was com i ard mpell to give up e my arms I was afterw wards taken p prisoner by L Lieutenant Lakey wh marched us to Richm ho mond thirty m miles after tw wo days I wa discharged without an charge be as ny eing found against m and no means of Sust me tanance bein found for my ng support. Sign Moses Curtis. (sworn before A. M ned C n Monroe. J.P P. 45 Hancock Co., Ill, on January 6, 1 k 1840.)
Fig 17- Pioneer Company n

As th excerpt states, Moses was taken prisoner, alo his s ong with his y younger brother Joseph. They were made to ma arch like a troop of bedra aggled untra ained soldiers t Richmond under guar but were both release after two d to d rd, ed days. This m march to Richmon took place in Novemb 1838. 46 nd e ber On J January 29, 1839, a grou of saints m in Far W where th held a m up met West hey meeting and made a covena under the direction of Brigham Y ant f Young that th would: hey st tand by and assist each o other to the u utmost of ou abilities in removing fr ur n from this stat te, an that we will never desert the poor who are wo nd w r orthy, till the shall be o of the rea ey out ach 7 of the exterm minating orde of General Clark, actin for and in the name o the state. 47 er l ng n of In th long list of devoted saints are the names of N his o e Nahum and Jo oseph Curtis 48 The nam s. mes may have only been the head of h e t households a therefore would exc and clude Moses who remain ned single at the age of 23. December 1838 and Janu uary 1839, th saints wer forced to l he re leave Missou A history of uri. y In D Caldwell County sum l mmarizes the exodus as b e being in the middle of w winter. The h historian state es that many men, wom children the sick an the old we all driven out of their homes to li y men, n, nd ere n r ive in the pra airies and for rests. They h very littl food and e had le even less she elter to prote them from ect m
Clark V. Johnson, Mormon Redres Petitions. Re M ss eligious Studies BYU: Provo, Utah, 1992, p p178. Original l d ent. spelling was preserved in the docume 46 Smith, Vol. 3 p200-2 233. 47 Smith, Vol. 3 p250-2 251. 48 Smith, Vol. 3 p253.

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280 in Hancock Illinois. Hancock. Utah Provo. which then became known as the City of Nauvoo. Their names and birthplaces are: Moses Monroe Angeline Francis Argyle Evaline Madora Delia Elizabeth Levi Nahum Mary Melvina 28 Oct 1840 1843 5 Oct 1845 22 April 1850 30 Oct 1852 18 Sept 1855 30 Oct 1857 Nauvoo. 51 Together they had the following seven children. p142. p43. 49 Illinois During the mob violence in Missouri. Weech. groom and Aurelia Jackman bride.ilsos. Utah Provo. Hancock. Hancock. Millicent. Illinois Statewide Marriage Index 1763-1900. The Curtis children were happy to have a new History of Caldwell County. 50 Page 17 - 49 ‐   . There were about three to four thousand people there. Illinois Nauvoo. 1839. 51 Moses Curtis. Utah. Date 5/30/1839. family group sheet Tillison Reed and Delia Byam Curtis. a lonely widower. License no. Utah 52 Moses’s father. the daughter of Levi and Angeline Myers Jackman long time friends of the Curtis family.html 52 Beecher. p47. Delia was a widow also living in Nauvoo. While living there Moses married Aurelia Peckham Jackman on May 28. Utah.Nebraska Many people were left with no other alternative but to walk the entire journey to Illinois on foot at this time. Illinois for about two weeks while the wagons and teams went to bring more Saints out of Missouri. 53 This was thirty years to the day after he had married his first love.earlylds. Mary describes their journey out of Missouri as being the first of February when it was cold and muddy. 53 www. They camped outside of Quincy. Illinois Winter Quarters. married Delia Byam Reed on October 29. Illinois Nauvoo. 50 A short time later they relocated to Commerce. cold winter elements. with children of her own. 1839.the icy. the Curtis family moved with the body of the Saints to the area of Quincy. http://www. She tells that they walked most of the way even though it was hard to travel because of the mud. Utah. Illinois.

I is now in the LDS Chu It t urch History Museum in Salt Lake C 57 y n City. Harvey B.Nauvoo Militia g made to s surrender the weapons to the local authorities t eir trying to opp press the Mo ormons. es e d ned Seve enty and belo onged to the Ninth Quor rum of the Se eventies in 1844 59 A sevent was a prie 4. Illinois. Afte all er the guns were laid in a pile as if t make a bo n to onfire. must be in the LDS Ch 58 Nauvo Illinois Lan Records Dat oo. n ndex of Over 3. The Garden and Ho it Grew. Calvin and Sally Ann Reed. a G ow en 57 Lyman Curtis Histor p6. B 70s 9. Therefore. In N Nauvoo. 1835–1846: An Annotated In . Nauvoo. we think it heir e hurch History M Museum whose curator has n responded to our request y e not yet. nd tabase. p199 & 200. 56 Verna Colvin.earlylds. Lyman’s history indicates the gun is in the DUP m n ry. Illi nd inois. A se h ry eventy at thi is time was called t do missionary work a were con to and nsidered as a Fig 19-WisconsinLogging on Mississippi g i River General Authority in the early ye of the ch n ears hurch. h. Utah: Infobase 1996. 54 Two of her c m’s T children. In Oc ctober 1844 Weech p8.mother to help with their care and ease the bu o t urden of Nahum Seventies Organize in the First Thirty-Five Qu ed uorums of the S Seventy in Kirt tland. museum. ty esthood offic in the LD church wh ce DS hich was revealed to J Joseph Smith in Februar 1835. Mose purchased his own es d property. Mos served in the Nauvoo ses n o 6 militia. p25. a Fig 18 . Seventy Quorum Membership. but con ntact was made e with the museum curat who could n find any re tor not ecord of it in th collection. fa amily group sh heet. Block 45 Lot 2 and B 3 Block 130 Lot 3. 59 Black. Ede 1881-1981. Qum 9 es. Appar rently he moved three tim in their short stay in mes n Nauv 58 Mose remained active in the church and was ordain a voo. 70s Bk B Sel. M Mary and Jo oseph Curtis respectively 55 y. 55 54 Page 18 - ‐   . 56 At one poin the men in the militia were nt. File of Moses Cu e urtis RIN # 8513. an Nauvoo. He later used thi gun on the trek west to the Salt La is e o ake Valley. later marrie children o y ed of Nahum. Ohio. 7 rec. . After his ma arriage in Na auvoo. Provo. www. Mose brother L es’ Lyman retriev his gun ved while non of the gua were lo ne ards ooking. He lived on n Block 33 Lot 1.

Provo Utah 32. 1841-1845” BYU Studies. It is reported that during these years the Latter-day Saints harvested “an estimated one-and-a-half million board feet of milled lumber. hewed timbers and barn boards. During the years 1841-1845. This bending action took Lyman under the Page 19 - William G. 60 ‐   . Hartley. BYU Studies. The tree was weak and bent by the strong current of the water. and the Church’s First Wards”. 61 The Curtis brothers had many adventures trying to guide the lumber down the river. “Nauvoo Stake. Moses and his brothers were sent to find lumber from the Mississippi River in Wisconsin. This was enough lumber to build about 215 three-bedroom houses of our [modern] day”. One such experience happened to Lyman and Moses. p121. Provo Utah 32. the temple and the Nauvoo House. a church guided lumber operation was underway in the Wisconsin Pineries.conference. Moses guided the raft close to the river bank. There was not a readily available lumber supply in the early 1840s when the Saints in Nauvoo were trying to build many houses. 60 It was at this time that Moses was ordained to the priesthood office of Seventy. President Brigham called many additional Seventies. p71. Then you carefully bend the branch until it is very pliable so you can use it as a type of fastener much like a rope. 1992. 61 Dennis Rowley. northwest of Nauvoo. Priesthood Quorums. 1992.) At one point while stopping to gather supplies. They had tied the logs together with wooden pins and hickory withes to make a type of crude wooden raft to carry themselves and their supplies. over two hundred thousand shingles. after the death of the prophet Joseph Smith. (A hickory withe is a green tree branch that has all the twigs trimmed off. and an undeterminable number of loose logs. “The Mormon Experience in the Wisconsin Pineries. to help build the fast-growing city. They were gathering lumber for the Nauvoo Temple on this particular trip. Lyman took the rope and jumped ashore to wrap it around a young tree close to the shore.

voice aga saying.” Again he thoug it was sill so he star once mo to ain “ at ght ly rted ore walk thro ough the tree This time he couldn’t ignore the v e. Mos had many run-ins wit the people around Nauvoo ses y th who had a dislike for the Mormo r ons. s e river nea La Crosse. It received its name bec cause they camped in the area often on their lum mbering trips 62 s. Journal Printing Co.water. One eve ening as he w was preparing to return to his home fr g o from the lum mber business on s Parley St treet. he had a choice to take a shortc through a cut densely w wooded area or to go aro a ound on the r road.: Carthage Ill. nruly men ha ad been wai iting in the tr rees to ambu him.” it n’t He heade for the roa and took it safely hom Later he heard that a group of un ed ad me.” d o spoken to him and no one was th o o here. he sprang o of the wa ung . t voice when i said. p27-28. “Don’t go tha way. “Don’t go that way He turned to see who had t y. h.Bla acksmith shop with their lo There is said to be a place on the ogs. out ater like a boom merang and w able to ge free.Gateway to the West. Wisconsin called Morm Coulee after Moses and his brot ar . 1974. 63 M ush Moses was yo oung in his e experience in listening to the n o Page 20 Fig F 21 . He wa as tired and in his haste he decided to take the s d short cut.Logging in the 19th century g n 62 63 Ida Bl lum. Lym hung on to the rope t man tightly and w when the tree spru back up. mon ther Lyman. “Don go that way. So he st tarted to hea through th trees again He heard the ad he n. As he s turned th direction to head throu the trees a voice cam to he t ugh s me him and said. This was et event didn’t hinder their travel plans and after th t r s he little bit of e excitement th continue down the river hey ed Fig 20 . Nauvoo. G e l Weech p19-20. ‐   .

In old Nauvoo: everyday life in the city of Joseph. Utah. The life expectancy at this time was thirty-eight years for men and forty years for women.1990. p4. he listened and quickly backed away right before the gun went off and shot right through the place he had been standing. 66 Moses’s oldest sister Sophronia taught school while they lived in Nauvoo. Givens. p29. were once again given an important responsibility to stand guard over the bodies of Joseph and Hyrum after their death because there was a reward offered for the head of Joseph Smith. 69 Givens. members of the Nauvoo Militia. a tent or a dugout while they built a more permanent shelter.” 65 Moses’s brothers Lyman and George. 67 Weech. They were plagued by sickness because of the swamp and mosquitoes. leaving her a young widow at age thirty four. Moses describes the Prophet Joseph as “having a halo of light around him and Moses always felt joy in his association with the Prophet. Richardson. Deseret Book: Salt Lake City. 64 The Curtis family was greatly saddened when the Prophet Joseph Smith and his brother Hyrum were killed by a mob in Carthage Jail on June 27.gentle whisperings of the Holy Ghost. 1844. Farming was not easy in Nauvoo. p1. Her husband Patrick Norris drowned when returning from a mission in 1844. 66 Lyman Curtis History. 69 Their food source was largely what they grew themselves or found while hunting. but they tried a 64 65 Weech. Moses was prompted many times in his life. But he became well known as a man who lived close to the spirit and was guided by its promptings. Page 21 - ‐   . Another time he was in the blacksmith shop where some men were fixing a muzzle loading rifle. p21. 68 Most people upon arriving in Nauvoo had to live in their wagon box. p43. 67 Life in Nauvoo was hard. A voice told him to move. so that he learned to be more aware of these warnings. Sketches of the Curtis Family. p112. 68 George W.

Instead of pe I eople in Nau uvoo living o vast amou of land t farm. mos of on unts to st them live in the city and then traveled each day out to ed y the rural area to their farm land. cat It wa as only sligh better th being dir htly han rectly out in the element 73 n ts. 72 Richar rdson. 7 Given p1. ns.Building th Nauvoo Temp he ple peach or other fruit orchard. h chickens. e d n Fig 22 . a vegetable garden and possibly an apple. the saints co h ongregated i the grove. We ebsite of a repli of early Sal Lake City. p13. Given p146-147 ns.thisistheplace. This approa to r ach farming h helped with the social as spect of livin during ng these har times. rley. T ica lt They have a rep plica and explanat tion of a bower (accessed o November 29. ns. 70 On Sunday. an unknow location. bar n.different approach. so p ttle. pour sand over the top o it and then place anoth stone on top of that. Sketches of the Curtis Family. s 73 http://www. on 74 Given p44. A ty rd ypical farm in Nauvoo in the 1840s n could hav had any combination of the follow ve c wing: fields of crops such as corn wheat. could als have had pig pens. A air with or and ed bowery c could provid shelter for up to a thou de r usand people depending on its dimen e nsions. Mos ses’s father a brothers worked poli and ishing stones. lt to 72 meet in. incl E N luding Mose and his fam worked tirelessly to finish their es mily d o r beloved t temple. and oats They s. 7 A bowery is an open a structure w posts fo supports a a thatche roof. wn but assumed to be near th Temple site. b in . 71 In the later years of Nauvo they buil a bowery t n oo. 71 Page 22 - 70 ‐   . 2008) ry. Everyone in Nauvoo. horses. By of n her n 74 moving t stones ar the round they w able to p were polish the bo ottom stone. A pr o roblem involving livesto though w how to h them su ock was help urvive the harsh winters. They wou put one l uld large stone on the ground. There w no place i Nauvoo th could ho he was in hat ouse the num mber of people for a Sunda church m e ay meeting.

nly the sadness in their hea during th difficult time. and his other sister Sophro all recei s onia ived their en ndowment on January 30 1846. 45.p27 # 16 #17. 76 Patria archal Blessing Moses Curtis June 26.. 75 In Moses blessing h s’s he wing promise es: was given the follow Thou shalt ha power to gather the r T ave o remnants of Jacob by tho ousands & establish them in m the cities of the saints. February 2. his brot ther Joseph w his wife Sally Ann all received their with e endowme 78 On Fe ent. ebruary 7. FHL film # 1750670. arts his Fig 23 . Early Church Information File. Page 23 - ‐   . On n 0. his wife Aure y h elia. as thy priv s vilege to go whithersoev thou wilt thy calling is more ver t.On O June 26. #13.Nauvoo Temple o 75 Churc of Jesus Chr of Latter-da Saints. 77 Churc of Jesus Chr of Latter-da Saints. the remaining family mem mbers. ns. Moses. hor. 19 974. he oseph Smith. Moses and his wif Aurelia bo received their Patriar 1 s fe oth rchal Blessin by ng the hand of Patriarch John Smith uncle of th Prophet Jo h h. The Nauvoo Temple mus have been very special to all those who worke hard to see its st l e ed e etion. 79 Nauvo Temple End oo dowment Regist p335 #12# ter. Nauv Temple En ch rist ay voo ndowment Regi ister10 December to 8 February b u 1846. # 78 Given p259. and Lyman w his wife Charlotte re with eceived their endowmen 79 r nt. thou shalt bring thous rly he t sands of them to a knowl m ledge of the truth. g particular among th Lamanites. Moses #500 ch rist ay ly r 5 & Aurelia # 453. 184 copy in possession of auth g. s. y usband Calvi in Reed. tho shalt be ab to speak the languag of any peo whereve thy lot is c ou ble ge ople er cast. or to do any o 76 miracle t wisdom will direct f the prosperity of the g that for great work o the Lord… of … Nahum and his wife Delia were the fi family m N h first members to r receive their temple endowme in Nauvo on Decem ent oo mber 18. They j joyfully rece eived their te emple ordina ances comple and the turned the backs on the sacred b en eir building whe en they were driven fr rom Nauvoo We can on imagine t o. 1845. 184 77 Moses’s sister Mary and her hu 45. Moses brothers F s’ Foster.

ue ure. episode t of their oxen drowne 81 On O February 22. Page 24 - ‐   . Mary was h ill o holding their baby. Richar rdson. M Moses’s fath Nahum r her remained beh hind to help so of the poorer famili in the frig wintery weather. . Moses’s sis an uy rse. there wa a raging b as blizzard that left a foo of snow in Nauvoo and its surroun ot n d nding areas. 82 Nahum w a stalwar member o the church He gave service willin was rt of h. ot ure ut bly er died on th other side of the river There is a grave mark in Nauvo with his n he e r.Tombstone of Nahum Curtis (Nauvoo) f his horses drowned. Mary w able to was keep the baby out of the water. Du to exposu he died o ome p ies gid. ker oo name on it. The Curtis family had a few ard hardships as they tried to cross the Mississipp d e pi River. ster. along w with her husba Calvin Reed and the three you daughter tried to cr and R eir ung rs. fo y forced to leav ve many belo ongings alon with the h ng homes they h had worked ha to build. Sketches of the Curtis Family. the Sai began le n 1 ints eaving their b beautiful city Nauvoo. s 82 Weech p52. In February. L Lyman Curtis recorded in his s n history that his wagon was swept downstream and n m Fig 24 . ross the river with their r wagon on a ferry. and sitting on the wag seat. n ry. The family is no entirely su where he is buried bu it is probab whereve he . on March 9. His 80 81 Fig F 25 -The Nauvoo Exodus v Lyman Curtis Histor p3. ngly and quietly. s n W ng someone spa tobacco in the eye of t at n their oxen w while it was sti hitched to the wagon. b a kindly u s but unknown gentlema gave him money to bu a new hor 80 Mary Curtis Reed.In February 1846. 1846. h. While crossin the river. S Sometime du uring the two o ed. p14-15. Som w g gon meho miraculously they ma anaged to un nhitch the ox from xen the wago before eve on eryone drow wned.

patriarchal blessing says that “he will be held in honorable remembrance by his descendants and perpetuated by them for his sacrifices. They remained in this camp for the entire month of February 1846. It was at Sugar Creek that the leaders of the church formed a plan and made a decision which trail to follow to their ultimate destination in the Rocky Mountains. Illinois in that same year whose city population was about 10. This was in comparison to Chicago.000. Mormons at the Missouri. 85 It took a little more than three more months for this large body of Page 25 - Weech. spiritual blessings shall be multiplied upon his head and for the integrity of his heart in which there is no guile. 1987. Richard E. the Curtis family lost their mother. Iowa Territory nine miles west of Nauvoo across the Mississippi. 85 Bennett. Bennett. Due to the persecution and being forced to leave their homes. This is a blessing of promise upon you and your children after you. because many were not prepared for the long journey. p25-26. Some had been forced to leave with very few provisions. Instead.000. At the time of the exodus of the saints from Nauvoo in 1846. But they must have been comforted by the new found knowledge of temple ordinances that sealed families together for eternity. 1846-1852 “And Should We Die”.” 83 Moses and his brothers. p15. 84 83 ‐   . and father. p54. under the direction of Brigham Young they formed settlements along the trail from Nauvoo to provide shelter and food for the travelers. the cities population was roughly about 17. They also helped those who were not prepared to make the trek yet. The first camp was at Sugar Creek. University of Oklahoma Press. 84 Iowa and Nebraska The Saints did not make the long trek to the Rocky Mountains in the year of 1846 when they were driven out of Nauvoo. Joseph and Lyman worked together to build wagons big enough to carry each family’s belongings on the journey west to the Rocky Mountains.

Thi is would giv the people a chance to rest. Mormon Batta alion was a g group of 500 0 Mormon soldiers enl listed by the United State governme to help in the Mexica War in 18 es ent n an 846. the Saints were m by Unite States Arm officers i S met ed my to enlist r recruits for the Battalion This group included M t n. out tory/roster.mormonbatt mon T talion. ber 88 Alexan nder.Winter Quarters s 86 87 Benne p45. 1846 while camped by t O the Missouri River. Novemb 29. eached the M Missouri Rive 86 er. Although at first this endeavor se h eemed to be a huge sacri ifice for the families of t those that we ere left witho their men it turned o to be a bl out n. Brigh Young and the othe church lea n r ham er aders decided to make a d camp for the winter o the west s of the on side ace Winter Quarte ers. http://www. Along the trail some of th men were called to join the A he e Mormon Battalion.Foster Curtis 6 s younger unmarried brother who volunteered to go in pla of Lyman who had a family to ca b d ace n are for. p Moses’s Fig 26 . p51. p92-93. The pioneers we left with an immedia ere ate source of money with which they could buy supplies for their journe ahead. Foste is listed as a Private in Company D 87 The M er s n D. ett. 88 f h y ey In September 1846. they re ed. Missouri river at a pla called W By Septem mber it was too late in th season to he begin a jo ourney to the Rocky Mou e untains. Bennett. Morm Battalion Trek. 2008). and gather ve e o more supp plies for the further jour rney west. Page 26 - ‐   . kked through mud.Saints to cross the Io Territory They trek owa y. rain h and snow which caus them to m w sed move slower than origin r nally anticipate On June 14th. B 89 Benne p58. ett.htm (accessed ml. On June 26. 89 Fig 27 .

under Bishop Levi E. d Rite In Decem er. R Richardson. Moses and his brother Jos M s seph discussed the welfa of their fa are families. www. ”. Most M of the houses in Winter Quarter were smal single room structures having h rs ll m dimensio of 12 x 18 feet or 12 x 12 feet. Together th brothers d he decided that J Joseph woul go with th first group while his ld he p A ed nder the care of Moses. H promised to He d pregnant wife Sally Ann remaine at Winter Quarters un return as soon as pos ssible after he was able to procure a h o home for the at the end of their jou em d urney 90 91 Winte Quarters Proj er ject.C.byu u. 90 Mose built a log house. The f m r families luck enough to have been a ky o able to have ti to build a shelter ma have been asked to sh with tho less fortu ime ay n hare ose unate. and Moses’s brothers J Joseph and L Lyman and th heir families. mber 1846 th were 185 members o this Ward3. Page 27 - ‐   .“Moses Monroe C Curtis. 2008). S.Joseph Curtis nt issouri to bu enough co to last thr uy orn rough the winter. This s vanguard trip westwa would be physically rigorous for the compan and there were still so d ard e r ny ome unknown aspects of their trek.htm (accessed October 24. The families were glad t have a mo permanen structure a od T s to ore nt after living o of out their wag gons for as many as four months for some. when th first grou of pioneer left on the journey to the r he up rs eir o Rocky M Mountains. here of Amo the mem ong mbers of this ward were listed Moses uncle. elonged to th he settl lement of the Winter Qu e uarters Ward 3. An M h elia r ngeline. s s’s Jere emiah Curtis. wen back to Mi They had had time to grow the own crop 91 dn’t e eir p. and Fran Argyle. 1923. Pioneer” Improvemen Era. Only those wh could end n t ho dure this type of experien were inv nce vited to come. nt 92 Benne p78.Moses with his wife Aure and their young children Moses Monroe. Chimne were ma of either eys ade prairie so or brick. The he es g d with en Fig 28 . settled in W ncis Winter Quarte They be ers. T ons They had dirt floors and shake roofs made from o t oak timbers 6 inches wid by 3 feet lo and one half inch th de ong e hick. 92 The T next year April 14. nterquarters. ett. and banked it w dirt.

Joseph Curtis built two houses. Wood was scare and so they used buffalo chips for fuel. There were a few Indian scares. Moses and Aurelia welcomed a new little daughter into their home by the name of Evaline Madora. Sadly. Utah Pioneer Book: Salt Lake City. 95 Before returning to get his family in Winter Quarters. p57. 99 Frank Esshom.00. cemetery record.4017-1191. Moses’s young daughter Angeline died January 1848 at age five and was buried in the Winter Quarters Cemetery. They wanted to purchase a barrel and the store clerk gave them a heavy one without checking the contents. p833. Pioneers and Prominent Men.htm (accessed October 24. 2008). www. 93 Life was full of ups and downs.1913. http://www. p47. 97 Lyman Curtis history. it says that Moses drove two yoke of oxen and two yoke of cows across the plains. 95 Burrell. When they returned home and opened the barrel. p57. one for his family and one for the family of his brother Moses. 94 Then on April 22. and births and 94 93 Page 28 - ‐   . Moses left Winter Quarters and began the trek west along with his the Rocky Mountains. Moses and Lyman went into Missouri to obtain supplies for their trip. they found it had brown sugar filling about one-third of the barrel. and his brothers Lyman and Joseph and their families. They were part of the Stephen Markham Company of fifty wagons. happiness and trials. 96 In the spring of 1850 while preparing for their trip to the west.byu. 98 Mormon Pioneer Overland Trail. 96 Weech. The children were elated for this was a very rare treat. It says they ate buffalo meat along the way.15797. 1850.html (accessed Oct 2008). Utah.winterquarters. 99 In Lyman’s history it tells about the 98 In Pioneers and Prominent Men. Moses’s brother Lyman also remained in Winter Quarters with his family. Weech. 97 Trek to the Rocky Mountains Sometime between the twentieth and twenty seventh of June 1850.

so they he es s s o would no have been obligated to car out the cens in that regio ot o rry sus on. Th web page references Mir his r riam B.but no on was hurt. Utah was consid U dered part of th United State before it was recognized as a territory. (access at sed ncestry. an his childre s ia nd en. Murphy “The Telegr y. 101 100 Page 29 - ‐   . til er 3 thoug it is still c gh called the 18 census 103 . bears and w Fig 29 . Th company arrived in Sa Lake City on ne m he alt y the first t thru the third of October 1850. 850 in en becau Utah wa use asn’t made a territory unt Septembe of 103 Alexa ander. lived in a househo of five.” Beehiv History8 (19 ve 982). ree o Utah In the short ti that Mos and his f n ime ses family lived in Salt Lake City. whic would have been the corre h ch ect time period. 1850 F Federal Census for Salt Lake City. in ge i old ncluding his wife Aureli age Se eries M432. urtis. In the 1850 Federal Census of U it says l Utah Moses ag 35. p118. Moses ag 11. ars. ugh s worked h hard to build a nice home for his fam d e mily. n Moses’s b brother Lym records th when the first move to man hat ey ed wolves were plentiful. A few people died from pters/pioneers_ _and_cowboys/thetelegraphw wasinformation nhighwayofthe1 1860s. d City 3 e Provo. Essho p 833. Mose helped wit the e es th setting up of the first telegraph li between Provo and S Lake Cit 101 Throu the years he p t ine Salt ty. Utah Ter s rritory. 100 Thi journey to a little m j is ook more than thr months to complete. raph Comes to Utah. Francis age 5 and Emeline age 1. ation was acces ssed on http://his storytogo. html . . The tel legraph didn’t come to Utah u until the 1860s This informa s. Therefore it is possibl 850 le that M Moses could be in the 18 census e d 850 even though they arrived in d Salt L Lake City in October 1850.George Curtis 9 s Canyon (Utah Cou n unty near Pay yson) the bro others encou untered a bea ar that was very bothers some and ke getting in their food Emma Cu ept nto d. rol 919. the wife of their bro e other Lyma Curtis Histo p7 an ory. 102 US Federal Census Office. Eve though this h om.utah. O one trip in Loafer On nto Utah. en history says that Moses helpe set up the first telegraph fr ed rom Provo to S Salt Lake Cit Moses lived in Salt Lake C until 1853 at which time he moved to P ty. ll www. Moses m have helpe with the tele may ed egraph after he moved to Utah County. Josep says that w d r ph when they c came in to th valley they still he y had leftover buffalo jerky. It also states he had real propert worth fifty ge ty y dolla 102 The 18 census i Utah was actually take in 1851. p133.

A few years earlier. 106 Moses Monroe. two small children were found to be missing. His brother’s George and Joseph both lived in Utah County in the Payson Ward at this time. had made some cheese with liquor in it to act as a preservative. During this time Moses worked on the Provo River. some of which had broken from the weight of the sugar on them. the oldest son of Moses and Aurelia relates a surprising happening in Provo in the year 1852. but before he could break loose. but after careful examination the pioneers discovered it was actually sugar. Richardson. HBLL. one evening just after dark. 105 In the LDS Bishop’s report of 1852-1853. Weech. His brother Lyman lived in Salt Lake City Ninth Ward. 104 The decade of 1850 began ten years of one trial after another for the settlers in Provo. One morning they woke up and the trees were all covered in something sparkling white. It looked as if a snow storm had come. Moses caught him by the foot while Lyman knocked him out and then killed him with an axe. C. p81. Then they rinsed the white residue off and boiled it down so they could carefully store it for use in the future. They gathered limbs from the trees. Blue binder # 4 in Family History Center. 107 In Provo during the year 1853. 10 (Aug 1923). They used this cheese in a trap to catch the bear. Many times they would ride out alone to find their father working in the field and Lyman Curtis History. Improvement Era. BYU. The bear meat was shared with many of their neighbors. Moses and his family lived in the Provo First Ward. 106 LDS Bishops Report Index 1852-1853. cutting down timbers and floating them back down the river for the first big adobe meeting house in Provo. The settlers had very little sugar and the people were becoming crazy to have something sweet. “A Tale Characteristic of That of Hundreds of other Western Settlers”. This was a census taken by the LDS Church. Vol XXVI no. 105 Page 30 - 104 ‐   . The bear was scrambling in the trap. 107 S. Indian troubles were so bad in Provo that they had to build a fort to protect the houses and the settlers.George. p9.

R Richardson. 110 In 1853. er himself a then blam it on the white folk. d her brother and she rep r plied that she thought he had gone ho e ome.Indian Chief in war bonn net 108 109 S.“A Pioneer Incid in the life o Moses Curti Improveme Era. Journal H History of the C Church. 1853. This particular day when the f y. b had no su l with but uccess. Moses fou her broth lying asl ew und her leep amidst th cornstalks He fired a signal shot t alert the to membe who quickly came to help he s. M o ng Moses 0 continued to be in the Ninth Quo d e orum of the S Seventies. 1923. ‐   . ent Churc of Jesus Ch ch hrist of Latter-d Saints Histo day orical Departm ment. s nt where an Ind begging dian g for food from the sett tlers at Fort Utah (Provo accidenta shot o). 3 Mar 1858 an 29 May 185 31 nd 52. ally and med e . Fig F 30 – Typical cornfield l but a fe rows over. The people decid ded to gather at one of th homes to h r he have a praye After they were finish praying. He w towards the sound a found th went s and he little gi they were searching fo He asked her about h irl e for. s cted mired for his ability to be guided by the whisp o b perings of the spirit. father came home.then ride back to the house with h him. Mos along wit his wife a children were called to go to the 5 ses th and southern settlement of Provo. y hed by a vo to quick go straigh north. 109 After comin to Utah. Moses was told er. In th blackness of oice kly ht he s the nigh he searche He came upon a cor ht ed. he didn’t have the children. 108 e On O October 5. Th had been a few bear incidences in the area s the parent were very here r so ts when they co ouldn’t find their childre The tow people we called to look for them en. worried w They sea arched for a long while w pine-pitch torches.C. Shortly afte this Page 31 Fig 31 . e rnfield where he e heard a moan. to own ers return the children to their distrau e o ught parents Moses was well respec and adm s. wn ere m. 5 Oct 1853. 110 JH. A dent of is”. skirm n mishes with the Indians in the Provo area o continued There was one inciden in Provo w d.

A militia of 150 ent f Fort . When Ivi tried to in ie ntervene to prevent more injuries to t squaw. s f men then went to Pay n yson to assis with protection agains Indian atta st st acks. 113 Paul H Peterson. ‐   Fig 23 . PhD Diss. His brother then declare they shou have peac with the M ed uld ce Mormon sett tlers. Th eformation. Provo. There w a was subseque killing of a guard at F Payson. These figh with the Indian didn’ stop until a hts ’t after the dea of Chief ath Walker. Pr lyn M ple rovo. directly sou of Provo. Wilford d e Woodruff said that on 500 head of the f nly d original 2 2600 head of cattle surviv the f ved Fig 32. od Brigham You and the o B ung other church leaders cou h unseled the Page 32 - 111 112 Maril McMeen Miller. In Springville.The Sego Lily . y e herds up nort in Cache th valley did not survive the winter. another India pulled out his the an t bow and arrow and Iv then hit h over the head with h gun. The pioneers w left wit were thout food fo the winter The winte of 1855 a or r. BYU Press. Brigha Young University. Thi Indian late died. 1974. 111 In 1854 and 1855 there w grasshop n 1 were pper plagues which dest s troyed their c crops. These s skirmishes started th Walker War with the local Indian tribe under Chief Walke and contin he W er nued with constant Indian Raids. ers and 1856 were very harsh with extrem cold and l the Sain hungry an e h me left nts nd discourag 112 Many of the cattle from the h ged. uth . Mille p17. a few miles away from Fort Provo. er. another Ind group w exchangin flour for fish when th husband o an Indian dian was ng he of squaw sta arted beating and kickin her in ang while they were at the house of Ja g ng ger y e ames Ivie.G Grasshopper winter. and pig weed gre because they were so low on foo supplies. the peopl were recorded to be ea le ating sego bulbs. A Story of Peop in Motion. thistle roots. p15 5-16. Both of vie him e his is er h these incidences were misunderstandings abo culture a how to g punishm out and give ment. The Mormon Re H.incident.1981) p D am p42. 113 een.

s xodus communi named Pondtown. egan a time o rededicati and com of ion mmitment to living a higher stan ndard of reli igious devotion. Mille p19. e nor Utah. 115 By B the 1860 Federal Cens Moses a his family lived in P F sus. his real wea was nine hundred fif alth e fty Page 33 - 114 115 Mille p18.members that they ne s eeded to be m more righteo and have a ous e stronger conviction to live the co ommandmen If they w nts. 116 By 1870 he h a househ B had hold of five. 114 With all these h overcome. Utah Utah Territo Series M65 roll 1314. Th were a hey househol of eight with real prop ld w perty worth t three hundre dollars an personal p ed nd property four r hundred dollars. P Pondtown. ould be bless with mor crops and less sed re these thin they wo trials. ory. Utah.Brigham Young g Moses an his family at this time although it is fairly pro nd y e. er. would do ngs. 53. To show their renewed co o r ommitment to righteous l o living.1 1858. t obable that h was invol he lved in many of y these tria als. p h. 116 US F Federal Census 1860. His inten ntion was to replace Brig r gham Young as Governo When the new govern came to g or. Moses moved his family furth south to a small s her ity hich s em. Non ment c netheless. er. p961. and Pondtown. Brigham Young aske that all the church me ed embers be re-baptized at this tim which be me. wh today is called Sale This was just before the great ex of the Sa aints in Salt Lake City to Provo whic happened in the spring of 1858. T L ch g They were fle eeing from the incoming United States Army troop sent by mi U ps isinformed P President Jam Buchana mes an. it is no wonde that we ha no record of er ave d trials to o Fig 34 . ‐   . he realized that the Mormo of Utah o t ons only wanted peace with the United S d States governm and its citizens. thi migration to Provo inv is volved thirty thousand y people w came by wagon and formed a lar camp in the city of P who rge Provo. Sometime aro ound 1857.

118 Moses M gave to h father to live in. ory. 186 in England by her unc William 68 d cle Hanks. p65. She had been bap h ptized on Ma arch.The Endowmen House in Salt Lake City nt 117 US F Federal Census 1870. The na ails used for its construct tion cost sixt cents per p ty pound. A History of U Utah County. 118 Holza apfel. The cen ted nsus was taken that year on J n July 29. ch. 117 M Moses had slo owly been building up his prope to make a nice home for his wif and childre many of which had now erty e fe en. Utah l 119 Weec p81. f nd way. Utah. It was settled in 1851 but man of s ny the settle moved to Payson a ne ers earby town b because of In ndian raids t lasted be that etween 1852 21855. In 1869. She had been th e hrilled upon finding a ch hurch that taught the true doc ctrine of love shown by J e Jesus Christ. grown an moved aw Pondtown is located fifteen miles sou l uthwest of Pr rovo. In 1862. Utah Utah Territo Series M59 roll 1612. Moses’s second w Elizabeth was in the hou wife usehold and list as keeping house. Moses met an immigra from Eng for Mose until he co es ould procure a home for himself. pg259. She came to Ut by train i May 1869 e tah in 9 with a family from her hometown i England. six m months after their marriage. P Pondtown.dollars an his person wealth w three hun nd nal was ndred fifty d dollars. U Historical Society. then Branch in Pondtown. Pondtown was then made a permanent settlement i 1856 just before Moses moved th s t in here. his ng r nearby Payson Ward It was at th time that Moses was called to be the Presidin Elder over the n Monroe. A Although she waited in S e Salt Fig 35 . Richard. Georg younger sister Elizab ge’s r beth came to U Utah. his o oldest son bu a house in Pondtown which he t uilt n. 119 n . ked In Pondtown. She r in planned to meet her fia ancé who had come to America be efore her. ant gland named George Han He work nks. 20. p h. 93. It wa thought to be one of th nicest hou in the to his l as o he uses own. Page 34 - ‐   . the ward wa changed b as back to a Bra anch under th direction of the leade he ership in the d.

p3.ancestry. 1870. Arizona Eden. Utah. she was already married. Their names and birthplaces are: George Hyrum James Alfred Frances Elizabeth Eliza Jane Mary Sophronia Joanna Beatrice Joseph Lyman Della 29 December 1870 7 July 1872 11 April 1874 17 November 1876 14 September 1878 22 September 1881 8 August 1883 10 June 1895 Salem. He convinced Elizabeth to marry Moses as a plural wife. Utah Brigham City. 122 History of Elizabeth Hanks Curtis. By 1869 George had started a family of his own which included a wife and small baby. 120 Together they had eight children. At times it was difficult because Moses had three children older than Elizabeth. 122 History of Elizabeth Hanks Curtis. Elizabeth was a great example of taking marriage covenants seriously and of how to honor those covenants her entire life. where they were sealed in the Endowment Graham. Not knowing what else to do. http://freepages. Arizona 121 Sometime later when Elizabeth’s fiancé came to Salem to find her. which was legal in Utah at that time. Yavapai.genealogy. Moses was thirty six years older than Elizabeth who was eighteen. She told him that she had made eternal marriage covenants that she was not willing to break and he would have to find another woman to love and marry. Graham. Utah Salem.rootsweb. Elizabeth moved to Salem with her brother George and met her brother’s employer Moses Curtis. Graham. Utah.html) 121 Personal family group sheet.Lake City he never contacted her. Utah Salem. Arizona Eden. possession of author. Utah Salem. 120 Page 35 - ‐   . He was very good to Elizabeth and tried hard to make her happy. Moses and Elizabeth traveled to Salt Lake City. On January 11. Arizona Pima. Utah. Utah.

te that one day Uncle man ells Moses or “Grandpa Moses” as he was comm r M e monly called ho ooked up his oxen to a ca and was art traveling to Payson to visit cousins. the t were traveling which beca faster an faster to g out of the reach of the whip. They tried to get the d communit involved i the work. It i not known what the ca is n ause of death was.Oxcart t full of en nergy and he liked to use the whip on the e e n oxen to s how fast he could pro them to g Moses being a kind a gentle m didn’t see od go. Sketches of the Curtis Family. and man appreciat Samuel whipping his oxen so muc Nor did Moses like t pace that the oxen w te w ch. Samu was youn and uel ng Fi igure 36. brother Lym Curtis. T They realized that the can d nal could be e easily fed fro the river coming dow om wn Spanish F Fork Canyon. Mo g ame nd get e e tty oses traded places with Sa amuel and he held the whip and used it only as h felt he nee e d he eded to. This w was just one m month to the day before their next ch James w born. 123 h Moses’s neph Samuel. but no one ty in Fig 37. p8. Moses w g o would drive the cart for a while. 124 Moses along w his broth George and with hers e aw for tion canal in the n Lyman sa the need f an irrigat Salem. Ge e hild was eorge is buri in Salem ied m. Utah. in po oup ossession of au uthor. Slowly as the citiz y zens of the to began to realize tha the own o at 123 124 Perso onal family gro sheet. Pret soon. Richa ardson. Th Curtis bro he others worke ed Page 36 - alone on the project for the first y f year.Moses and El M lizabeth’s ol ldest son Geo orge died at the age of eighteen mon nths. ‐   . Pa ayson area. son of his b M hew . and the when he t w en tired he would give Samuel a turn.The Salem Canal T seemed in nterested.

128 in er The T pioneers in the Brigh City are had a hard ham ea d time mak king a perma anent settlem because of the deser ment e rt soil that h a high salt content. Journ History of the Church. p145. 126 The t town was fir known as Ballenger. 125 Arizona i In the LDS General Conf n G ference meet ting on April 7. LDS Ar rchive Publishe Grantsville Utah. 127 James H. Moses and his sons were cal to move to Arizona to be part of the settlem in Brigh City along lled e f ment ham with man other fam ny milies from U Utah. 128 family group record Moses Curtis and Elizabeth Hanks. Sketche of the Curtis Family. but the name rst s was later changed to Brigham Ci in honor o President Brigham Yo r ity of oung. M l ity. The camped on the Little to ps ey Colorado River whic at times fl o ch looded and r ruined their crops. t word tha the people in this Arizo settleme should at ona ent build a ro fort from the red san stone. Th church lea he aders from S Lake Cit Utah sent Salt ty. was seve miles long and had the capacity to irrigate two thousand a en g e o o acres. e up o eight feet wi on the bo ide ottom and tw welve feet wi at the top It ide p. 127 Thi new settle is ement was an ex xperiment in living the U n United Order r. sometime be etween the b birth of daugh Eliza Ja who was hter ane s born on N November 1876 in Salem Utah and daughter Mary Sophron born in B m. These condi had itions made it difficult t grow crop well. There wer 36 houses 13 by 15 fe each and a t en re eet Richa ardson. 129 T Deseret News repor in 1878 that the Brig ock m nd The rted gham City fort had a wall that was seve feet high. nia Brigham City y. The c canal took th years to dig. hree It ended u to be two feet deep. they began to re y eceive more help. ers: e. Arizona i Septembe 1878. 1877 in Salt Lake Ci Utah. in pos ly d s h ssession of the author 126 125 Fig 3 38-Map of State of Arizona e Page 37 - ‐   .Curtis br rothers were serious. ettlement in Ar rizona. reprint 1997. p22-2 es s 23. It is not known exac when Moses and his ctly s family m made the trek but it was s k. McClintoc Mormon Se ck. 7 A nal t April 1877.

One roll l could ma about fou yards of thread. ust he hind the house of his son Moses Monr who was already ma e M roe s arried.dining ha 20 by 25 feet. Peterson Take Up Your Mission: Mormon Colonizi Along the L les n. one for each wif They were located ju outside th fort wall. University of Arizona Pr y ress: Tucson. o nited Order a being as pleasurab He remembers that they had ple ble. There were five h e houses in a li ine directly o outside the fort wall. p p20. Palmer by his grandfather Er d rastus E. ur 11. ing Little Colorado River o 1870-19 900. Hancock himself w lived there. 132 Aurelia . The success of the dairy he is also conf who erd firmed in the h history of the ar written by C.Aurelia ig Ja ackman Curtis spinning w wheel. 130 the Erastus H Hancock. A Arizona. a future son-in fu n-law to Mos said that Moses was responsible for the gard ses. enty of milk for drinking and to mak cheese and g ke d butter. S used it to spin wool from sheep a make ya Eliza Jane. pt in one barre and then each family r el e received a ce ertain amoun of milk ba nt ased on the s of their size family. p11 n. 1973. rea Peterson Take Up You Mission. 129 Page 38 - ‐   . This acc count of the abu undance of gra for the cow doesn’t really coincide with the histories that ass ws y h he kali w nited order was disbanded by LDS Apostle s report th ground of alk and being so hard to grow crops the un Erastus S Snow. In the dining hall t whole ca all the amp ate toge ether at a lon table. p7. Mo ng oses had two h houses. membrance told to Spencer J. her to Arizona. She said th hat first you had to w wash the wool. in. If she wanted the yarn to be colored she would h I d o have to dye th wool by u he using Charl S. Howeve this is a rem er. then card it and make it into rolls d e s ut long. bro f ought a spinn ning wheel w with She o and arn. Th fields had green lusci he d ious grass up to the belli of the cow They kep the milk i p ies ws. directly beh fe. After t Aurelia would fasten the roll to the that n abou 15 inches l Fi 39. r Californ nia. wit the two M fo th Moses Curtis houses being closest to t fort. 130 Colvi p9. Th Life and Anc cer he cestry of Erastu Elijah Hanc us cock. 132 Palmer p8. Wuerth Letter Shop:Berkeley. daugh of Mose and Elizab rememb watchin a hter es beth bers ng the p process of m making yarn w the spin with nning wheel. t dens and the c churning in Brigham City 131 He also describes life in the Un B y. first wife of Moses. 131 Spenc Palmer. She c ake ur continued the process un she had a large ball o e ntil of white col lored yarn.1958. and th turn the wheel as fas as she cou hen st uld.

in Yavapai County.htm The grave of James A. an official LDS church history source could not be found to confirm this date. The dying process would be a combined family effort. Curtis is listed along with all the 23 others buried in this history pioneer cemetery. 135 A poem was written about early pioneer life in Arizona. 1879. Apostles Erastus Snow and Brigham Young. Peterson. 1880. their six year old son Joseph Alfred drowned in the Little Colorado River just three days before his seventh birthday. The First Families to settle in Curtis in 1880. Sunset Cemetery. p9. The Apostles released the members of the United Order and advised them to move to greener pastures where they could more easily make a living and feed their families. Jr. However. http://www. p13. describing the type of country that the deserts of Arizona were: Saints should not murmur nor this land despise Those who do so. Certainly are not wise Did God not create it? Does he not understand? What best will suit his purpose? A barren or fruitful land.. On July 3. 136 C. 134 On October 27. copy in possession of author. 134 133 Page 39 - ‐   . 136 Eliza Jane Curtis Palmer. They had not had one year of good yielding crops because of flooding and bad soil.azhistcemeteries. 133 While living in Brigham came to observe how the settlement was working. the Moses Curtis family had a tragic event.tree bark or leaves. This date is given in this history of Eden. Cemeteries Navajo [Arizona] County. He was buried in a little cemetery by the settlement located in what is now called the Sunset Pioneer Cemetery. They found the people in a meager situation. Sometimes they traded the yarn for dairy goods. 135 Colvin. This is a poem written by John Henry Standiford that was quoted.

Pioneer Wagon many quilts t keep out th cold wint air with their batting m to he ter Page 40 - 137 Colvi p24. they discov vered that an nother town in Arizona a already had t name. Bot Elizabeth and Aurelia were frugal and thrifty. This was topped with a bowery made s d out of bru to keep the hot Arizona sun out. As d soon as the were able they built a fort which w called th ey was he Curtis Stoc ckade to prot them fro the India 137 tect om ans. in. but still in the state of A Arizona. bu then set up the rest f ut p of their c camp on the ground. They ush t used the wagon box for a bed. ere Curtis familie in this littl camp so th it becam es le hat me known as the Curtis settlement. they si imply called it the ague. th a l Elizabeth m made a lot of suits by han with a ne f nd eedle and thr read for the men in Curtis an the surrou n nd unding town She also m ns. The set up a ca ey amp on the N North Side of th Gila Rive along with his son Mo he er h oses Monroe w was already in the a who area. Eve eryone worke hard on th task to clear land and build shelte ed he d ers for the co oming winte There we several C er. ‐   . Many years later when t s s they applied for a post o d office as the t town of Curtis. In the b beginning they lived in tents ma out of th box of the d ade he eir covered w wagon. T that Then they f den.Moses moved with his family to the G Valley w M d Gila which was f farther south. e lement began to be sick n changed the name of Curtis to Ed The members of the Curtis settl because the lived by t river.Needle and Th hread for quilting Fig F 40. made Fig 31. Th didn’t re ey the hey ealize that the mosquitoes carried mal s laria.

This ca aused the Cu urtis family to o vacate th house an go to the n heir nd nearby settle ement of Sm mithville whic was on th opposite s ch he side of the Gi River. It mu have been a discourag ust n ging site their hard wo but they continued w ork. Durin the labor and birth of the baby Jo ng f oanna. kly pig aving 138 139 Colvi p24. Moses cleaned i up and they were temp it y porarily “cam mping” there while waiti for the In e ing ndians to sto op bothering their settlem g ments. In later years. They m made the hou very uses and build close tog gether this tim for better protection from the me r raiding In ndians. ed hat was so sh could rest When he c he t. Page 41 - ‐   .Pig One O day. 140 Fig 42. 140 Colvin p24-25. n. Colvi p24. Joanna tr ruthfully told everyone that she was born in a pig pen. 138 o In 1881 there were many Indian prob n e blems in Curt tis. The e eir e family w staying in a cottonwo shed that was usually used as an animal shel was n ood t y n lter. set the live estock free to roam and d o destroyed their bee hives. He kn they usu new ually wanted food and took whatever th found be it livestock or food stuf He quick hid the p he was sa hey e ffs. In order to cros the river w all the p ila ss with people. in. y work after all t digging a irrigation canal an ding five hou uses. the men re A eturned to th homes to find that the Indians had killed all their heir o h a chickens. they first had to b build a raft. checked the g ground unde the makes er shift bed it w discovere was ed Elizabeth had been ly h ying on a rat ttlesnake wh Moses p hich promptly discarded. in. 139 d g After ten days. Moses saw the I Indians com ming to his ho ouse.made from wool. Elizab felt that she beth t had been lying on a rock or some n r ething very u uncomfortab She aske Moses to find out wh it ble. It was durin one of the Indian sc ng ese cares that El lizabeth gave birth to the daughter Joanna.

n. 143 Fig 43. 143 Colvin p200. en was released and his son Mo Monroe was d oses e calle as the spir ed ritual leader. There was very little fo at this ti food ime. Mos served as a y ses s Pres siding Elder until May 13 1883 whe he 3. They d a trench dug where the placed co ey ottonwood po which t oles they pinned t together and then for the corners the d e ey left a sma opening in the corner where they could shoot from. Hubbard. The sto ockade had a gate whic they lock at night. 141 The year of 1881 was th worst for Indian troub er wn f he bles. Page 42 - ‐   . The families o the Curtis settlement were forced to build a ty of stocka of s d ype ade. T the The f alley had to work hard clearing the l land to grow enough crops to suppor w rt people of the Gila Va their families wh building houses to li r hile g ive in. n.Typical Pio oneer Log Cabin in Arizona A typical home in Curtis was built at that tim using the timber from the local me m cottonwo trees wh grew in abundance o the river b ood hich on bank of the G River. five houses mad of cottonw de wood and the had dirt ro ey oofs. They held their c y church meet tings in nearb rby Pima in the early years. The i all i r y t inside of the stockade e included a well. It was a big job to c for the n care needs of all t butche for his ow family. 14 g ss In 1881. Colvin p25-26. Mos was calle to be the p n ses ed presiding eld of the LD church in Graham Co der DS n ounty on the no side of the Gila Rive His area o stewardsh covered w are now the towns of orth t er. During the day they had a bell to rin as a warn ch ked d ng ning for impendin danger. A Gila After erectin the ng 141 142 Colvin p 25. Bryce and Ed B den. the m would t ng A men take turns standing guard in case of Indian attack or ks 42 to preven the Indian from steali their live nt ns ing estock and h horses during the darknes of night. n. At night. of hip what w Graham.

145 In December 31. the LDS Relief Society was organized in Eden under the direction of Moses. 1883 at the age of sixty two. Colvin. p75. 147 144 145 Colvin. he died four days later. they would then put mud between the cracks of the logs to keep out the elements. Sabin treasurer. 144 Frances Elizabeth. and then they would put hard dirt. Curtis to be the first president with Martha Curtis and Adeliah Coons as counselors. The roofs were made of reeds from the river and mud. 1882. Sadly. Page 43 - ‐   . This crude construction gave an easy access to rodents. Two weeks after that. He called his wife Elizabeth H. Elizabeth and Moses always tried to share their food with the Indians and befriend them. p27. insects and snakes. p25. They used cloth to hang over the opening. p23. This process was called “chucking”. 1883. neither did they have glass for the windows. He lived there with Elizabeth for the remainder of his life. Most of the logs were not straight and therefore the homes were not very straight. remembers watching the Indians take a bag of flour from their home that was full of weevils and bugs. 147 Weech. After Aurelia’s death. The Indians didn’t even grimace as they ate the flour by handfuls bugs and all. Moses built a new two story brick home outside the stockade. oldest daughter of Moses and Elizabeth.walls with logs. Moses and Elizabeth had a son whom they named Joseph Lyman. Moses’s first wife Aurelia died on August 30. Josephine Curtis secretary and Octavia G. 146 Colvin. They had discovered that they could steal food from the settlement instead of having to grow their own. 146 On August 12.

1883-1983.Taylor. The family had h’s in d an organ which they let her play Elizabeth had a beauti n y y. they employ her as a n yed nanny to care for their you children As time we by the do ung n. Phoenix.Elizabeth H. nt e Slowly t doctor tau the ught Elizabe medical t eth techniques a and let her as ssist him wit his care fo his patien When sh th or nts. 15 Then on e ncil . 148 Before comin to the Uni States. 1885. E B ng ited Elizabeth had been empl d loyed in the home of a physicia At first. Histo of Elizabeth Hanks Curtis ory h s. W was y When Moses m moved from this home in m n 1883. The 25th Stake of Zion. ent octor learned of d Elizabeth interest i music and medicine. he came to Utah she used this skill many times. Curtis with her physic instruction book cian b She delive ered many ba abies in the G Valley and surrounding Gila areas. St. Arizona. e ld me mily and hous 149 se. He was e 50 called to serve on the High Coun in the St. Josep Stake. on T ph c Arizona: :Thatcher Ariz zona Stake Pres sidency. Figure 44. he gave the pro operty to the church and they still us the cabin to hold mee e d sed n etings. By the tim me they mov to Arizo she was a well respe ved ona. in.p5. p365. ected midwif fe. Joseph Stak on March 28. ke h Colvi p196. Sh was set ap by Apos John Sm to be a d he part stle mith doctor and m midwife. Thatcher. Moses contin M nued in his pa attern of dev voted service to the chur for his en e rch ntire life. 149 148 Page 44 - ‐   . This cost included the del livery and th care of th mother an baby alon hen he nd ng with hou usecleaning and cooking duties for tw weeks. M a wo Many times sh would ha to cross t he ave the river to g to a delive On these occasions Moses woul stay at hom and care for their fam go ery.The T first chur meetings held in Cur were in t home of Moses Curti which was rch s rtis the is inside the Curtis Stoc e ckade and w 18 feet by 16 feet. iful singing v voice. t an. She charged five dollars a delivery. a talen which she shared her entire life. 1983. 150 Fento W.

151 In December 1900 in the Eden ward minutes. Even though his physical body was gone he left to all F. 1883-1899. p197. p29. which included forty five families. As you can see it was a fairly small ward with many young children.It has been my rule for the last sixty years to Fig 45 . there are two excerpts about Moses. 1966. twenty Deacons.” The second excerpt is a summary of his testimony on Ward Fast day. 155 Colvin. at two o’clock PM.Man tanning leather attend all kinds of meetings and respect the Sabbath Day. (FHL film # 450471). p372. saying. Moses Curtis passed away. 152 In the Eden Ward minutes. 1897-1899”. Taylor. Minutes of Meetings. 154 Colvin. p200. Moses was known for tanning hides in every community that he lived in throughout both Utah and Arizona. he was ordained to be the Patriarch of Eden by John Henry Smith. “Brother Moses Curtis bore his testimony. Colvin. “Eden Ward. 152 Page 45 - 151 ‐   . 1898. 1897 at two o’clock PM is a summary of another member using Moses’s conversion story as an example by saying “Brother Moses Curtis said when he first heard the gospel he felt that it was true. one hundred twelve lay members and eighty nine children under eight years of age. twenty four Elders. Sunday January 3. during a testimony meeting. 153 Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Arizona.” 153 Moses had many talents. 155 He left behind his wife Elizabeth and a large posterity. Genealogical Society of Utah: Salt Lake City. Record of Ordinances.February 7. one of which was tanning leather for the local shoemaker Soren Nelson Ensthrum. 1898. 1907 at the age of ninety one. p6 & 9. they recorded that the ward was comprised of two hundred fifty six members. 154 On May 10. The first on Sunday December 5. a member of the Quorum of Apostles at that time.

This devotion led him on a pathway that had taken him from Missouri to Illinois. Utah and finally Arizona. Page 46 - ‐   . a place where he spent his final years enjoying his family and supporting his church. then Iowa.who knew him a legacy of true unwavering devotion to the religion that he found in his teenage years.

APPENDIX Page 47 - ‐   .

Rusk R Page 48 - ‐   . (Rec used by the hot ed k cipe Nahum C Curtis family at Nauvoo.Recipe from the Nahum Curtis Fa e e amily- Rusk Make cor rnmeal bread according to your favo d orite recipe. allow to dry for w several d days then bak slowly in a warmed o ke oven until it i thoroughly dry and sli is y ightly brown ned.) cember Fig 46. eaten with cr ream and sug gar. or with h milk and honey poure over it. A After it has c cooled. quick mush. Grate it o a coarse grater or crum it with a rolling pin It can be e on g mble n. This makes a tasty. New Era » 1973 » Dec y .

Sketches of the Curtis 6. Brigham Young University.JPG 25http://1.Courtesy.pine forest 14.fed.catskillarchive.Tom Perry Special Collections. Richardson. Fern Burrell.http://www. unpublished 30.http://www. Snow.gif.blogspot.http://www.blogspot.C. BYU Press: Provo.bethelhistorical. Image listed as -Photo: New Salem Town Common. Harold B.png 10. 5. Sketches of the Curtis family.C. .jpg ng_corn_belt.gif 34.jpg building Nauvoo temple 23.%20Nahum .wikipedia.drawn by Robert C.jpg. 13. Lee Library. Provo.fotosearch.legendsofamerica.leaving Nauvoo 26.gif .com/bumpkins/ 16.jpg 27.jail 17. The Life of Edward Stevenson.nauvoo temple 24http://earlylds.propagandesign.C. Utah. unpublished.farwesthistory.http://www.jpg 32. photo by David Brothers.northquabbinwoods.unknown location 400/nauvoo-blacksmith-shop-1024.bp.absoluteastronomy. Curtis Family Book 2. with permission from Stevenson Curtis Family Book 3-http://www.genealogy. Richardson. UT 84602.gif shaol creek pic 15.C.http://www. Mapleton.List of Illustrations1.ancestry.http://www.mississippi river 20 400/Leaving%2520Nauvoo-South%2520on%2520Partridge. Richardson. 8. Joseph Grant Page 49 - ‐   .com/comp/LIQ/LIQ113/native-american-indian_~vl0009b008.http://www.gif lucy mack smith 11- 12.http://www. Sketches of the Curtis 9http://images.http://www. 21.http://comps. Fern 31.S.htm 7.S.http://www. L.http://www.S.http://www.jpg 19.jpg .com/photos/original/8359132. 29.jpg

jpg .jpg .com/~hanks/people.html 41.sbwagonco.saskschools. of source 40.http://greekproducts.http://www.html 36.http://www.genealogy.http://www.drawn by Robert C. Mapleton.http://freepages.pig id=2&MMN_position=2:2 Utah.rootsweb. Snow.html 37http://www.jpg Page 50 - ‐   .log cabin 44.gif .http://labelmeclothing.carleton.png 46.sewing 42.

 2nd wife Elizabeth and a daughter.              Moses Curtis with son Moses Monroe. 1903)  51  51  . grandson                                             Francis Osro and his baby Floyd (Nov.                             A young Moses Curtis                                                  Middle‐aged Moses Curtis      Page             Moses.

 Parents. Moses and Elizabeth Curtis and Joanna          Grave markers of Moses and 1st wife Aurelia (Erelia) Jackman located in the Eden. Eliza Jane and Sophronia . Front: Della.  Page         52  .    Back: Frances. AZ cemetery.

    Elizabeth Curtis – 2nd wife of Moses Curtis              Grave marker for Elizabeth Curtis (Eden.    Eden.  Arizona home of Moses and Elizabeth Curtis.  Elizabeth is on the porch with daughter Della. AZ)     Page               53  .

Nauvoo. Illinois 1845 Page 54 - ­   .Patriarchal Blessing.

Pennsylvannia. or to do any miracle that wisdom will direct for the prosperity of the great work of the Lord. thou art a lawful heir to the priesthood which is after the order of the only Begotten. Moses. thou shalt be able to speak the language of any people wherever thy lot is cast. I lay my hands upon thy head for & in behalf of thy father. Amen Albert Carrington Rcdr Page 55 - ­   . when you receive your anointing & endowment with your companion. 1845 given by Patriarch John Smith (uncle to Joseph Smith. thy mind shall expand as wide as eternity & this blessing & priesthood shall be perpetuated to thy progeny through all the generations of Joseph. & thy name shall be written with the names of the sanctified never to be blotted out. thy days & years shall be according to thy faith & thy possessions shall be exceeding great. for all mysteries shall be revealed which have been kept hid from before the foundation of the world. thy calling is more particularly among the Lamanites. Erie Co. & seal upon thee a patriarchal or father's blessing in the name of Jesus Christ. thou shalt also be a counseler in the house of Israel forever & shall be able to do the business acceptably in the sight of the Lord & of all the saints. & thy desires shall all be realized. born. Jr.) June 26th A Blessing by John Smith Patriarch upon the head of Moses Curtis son of Nahum & Milicent. thou shalt have power to gather the remnants of Jacob by thousands & establish them in the cities of the saint.June 26. Br. & inasmuch as you abide in faith to the end thou shalt receive a crown of eternal life which I seal upon you in common with you companion & children & no power shall take it from you. thou shalt bring thousands of them to a knowledge of the truth. even so. the keys of the mysteries of which shall be committed unto thee in the house of the Lord. as thy privilege to go whithersoever thou wilt. May 8th 1816.

Patriarchal Blessing.1979. 1 Page 56 - ­   . Arizona pg. Graham.Eden.

Page 57 - ­   .

Page 58 - ­   .

Your admonitions have been timely. Thou hast been permitted with many of thy house to come forth as pioneers of the gospel unto the remnats of Lehi. 1879 A Patriarchal Blessing by S. It is in fulfillment of prophecy that thou art here in this land. U. It is also a day of judgement and wrath upon the wicked. This is the day in which the work of the Father shall commence among all the nations of the earth. Bear testimony often unto thy brethren and sisters and your name shall be had in honorable remembrance among your posterity and the saints throughout all generations through time and all eternity.S.Brigham City Arizona Territory March 5. Through your prosperity shall the work of redemption continue to go forth until all shall be redeemed of thy kindred except those who have forfeited their rights. therefore thy life hath been spared to rear up thy sons and daughters in the fear of the Lord. Moses and praise the Lord. I seal all thy former blessings upon thee and thou shalt live as long as thou desirest it. and thy faith and prayers come up in an acceptable manner into the ears of the Lord of Sabaoth. Thou shalt have dreams that shall comfort thee. H. Pennsylvania. behold how often thy life hath been preserved by thy guardian angel who has had charge of thee from thine infancy. Hatch upon the head of Moses Curtis son of Nahum Curtis and Milicent Wait – Born Connaught town Erie Co. to have part in the Celestial Kingdom. Amen (Original spelling was preserved) Page 59 - ­   .A. May 8th 1816 Brother Moses in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth I place my hands upon thy head and seal upon thee an patriarchal and father's blessing. I seal thee up to come forth in the morning of the glorious reserection. Thou art through the loins of Ephraim. Lift up thy heart Bro. with thy wives and posterity in the name of Jesus Christ. Thy course hath been pleasing unto thy heavenly Father.

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Bro. A. Pennsylvannia State.Curtis Graham Co. T. (Arizona Territory) A Blessing by Wm McBride Patriarch upon the head of Moses Son of Nahum & Millisant Waite Curtis Born May 8th 1816 in coniatt Erie Co. J. Sims (Original spelling was preserved) Page 61 - ­   . Moses in the name of the Lord Jesus I place my hands upon your head and by the athority of the holy priesthood I seal upon thee a patriarchal blessing and I comfirm upon thee all the former blessings and ordinations & I bless thee with life with health & wilh strength that thy life maybe perlonged for the Lord is well pleased with thee because of they faithfullness for thou was called chosen & set apart before the foundation of the Kingdom of God upon the earth and to bring in the reighn of peace and turn the government into the hands of the just onto this end thou wast born for thou art of the house of Israel by lineage & promise and if thy faith fail thee not thou shalt live to see the day when thou shalt have the privelage of worshiping god according to the dictates of thy consience and none will dare to molest thee or make thee affraid thou shalt receive an everlasting inheritance for thy self thy children & Friends and a crown of eternal lives and thy part in the morning of the first resurection with all that are near & dear unto thee and thy children shall build upon the foundation that thou hast laid for the redemption of thy fathers house for many generations back that thy work may be complete for I seal these words upon thee in the name of Jesus Amen recorded Nov 26th 1884 by S.

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