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Activating the Employer Brand

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Discovery Road Map Activate Measure These four steps ensure an organization’s employer brand is comprehensive. employees believe in and embody the brand. Just as a well-managed consumer brand aims to differentiate a product’s identity. 3. tell a product’s story and reflect a product’s value. In contrast. 1. four-step process for activating the brand Discovery • Objective Analysis Road Map • Strategy & Tactics Activate • Targeted Communications Measure • Impact • Market Analysis • Customer Analysis • Brand Positioning Statement • Brand Promise & Voice • Apply Brand to Communications • Communicate Brand to Target Audiences • Check Progress Against Goals • Examine Impact of Industry & Market • Adjust Strategy & Tactics as needed • Communications Analysis • Associate Analysis • Logo & Tagline • Brand Guidelines • Brand Launch & Marketing Communication Plans 2 . development and recognition. tell an employer’s story and reflect an employer’s value proposition to employees. but also extends to intangibles such as an organization’s culture. carrying it through the entire employment experience. BrAnd ActivAtion procEss VersantWorks leverages a proven process to activate an employer brand. 2.Activating the Employer Brand EmployEr BrAnding dEfinEd An employer brand is the sum of all the characteristics and distinguishable features that prospective candidates and current employees perceive about an organization’s employment experience. management style and opportunities for employee learning. 4. relevant and positioned to drive results. and the continuous nature of the process ensures the employer brand remains connected to the employment experience over time. a well-managed employer brand aims to differentiate an employer’s identity. A highly-leveraged employer brand can transform an organization into a place where top talent wants to work – an employer of choice. Each step in the brand activation process forms the foundation for the next. Through strategic and ongoing employer brand management. an organization with a poorly managed or undefined employer brand could find itself investing in employees not aligned with key business objectives and hiring candidates that do not fit the organization’s culture. Once identified. values. an employer brand can be leveraged as a tool in marketing the employment experience to current and potential employees. an organization can accelerate the attraction of best-fit candidates. When successfully implemented. The process consists of four distinct steps that result in the gradual alignment of an organization with the desired state of its employer brand. The employment experience serves as the foundation of the employer brand and includes tangibles such as salary. rewards and benefits. increase the retention of high-performing employees and drive employee engagement toward business objectives.

video. using different media and messaging to keep the employer brand vibrant and an active part of the culture • Help to understand the essence of the organization 3 .Activating the Employer Brand step one: discovery The Discovery step is an independent assessment of an organization's current work environment in terms of values. The resulting knowledge and insight about the employment experience serve as the foundation for developing an employer brand identity during Road Map. Existing data such as current employee demographic information. print. culture and employee satisfaction. interviews and online surveys. as well as gaps in perception between an organization’s leadership and employees. guiding force throughout the organization. retention data. key themes are identified. From this. which may include: • Changes to align internal programs. The multilayered research effort often includes focus groups. To get the process underway. the identity of the employer brand is developed. step two: road map During Road Map. employee satisfaction surveys and exit interviews. attitude and behavior targets for all stakeholders. Key elements include the development of an employer brand promise and employer brand voice. During Discovery. a Road Map that documents recommended strategies and tactics is created to guide the alignment of the organization and its employer brand. analyzed and then presented to the organization's employer brand stakeholder/leadership team. Discovery information is compiled. An employer brand promise is a statement to employees that describes the rational and emotional benefit employment will bring to employees’ lives. VersantWorks then facilitates a management implementation planning session based on the Road Map recommendations. policies and procedures with the employer brand • Executive learning to align management behavior with the employer brand • Recommendations to align internal communications with the employer brand and retain high-performing employees • Recommended to align recruitment marketing with the employer brand and attract best-fit candidates The Road Map is presented to the organization's employer brand stakeholder/leadership team. Tactics may include: • Templates. step three: Activate The goals of the Activate step are to create an understanding of the employer brand promise across target audiences and foster acceptance of the employer brand identity as an active. To be valuable. it should: • Be viewed as a constant ideal by all stakeholders • Communicate the essence of the employment experience while revealing the principles of the organization's leadership • Capture employees' imagination and inspire them to deliver on the organization's promise to its customers An employer brand voice is a set of verbal descriptors that provides the tonality. Web and other materials for use at all-employee and/or staff meetings to assist managers in introducing the employer brand • Development of a communication calendar for continually reinforcing the employer brand. The Activate step involves an integrated communications approach that is unique and determined by each organization's target audiences. is also used. To be valuable. it should: • Provide criteria to measure the relevance of internal communications • Encourage a consistent style communication with employees of • Provide a context in which virtually any desirable attribute or service can be discussed All areas affecting the employment experience are then examined to determine where the organization is not in complete alignment with the employer brand.

the process of employer branding is never finished. Develop a clear. media and consulting expertise to provide employers with focused communication solutions that: • Capture the mission. We leverage our creative. to assure seamless onboarding • Internal signage and other visual reminders to further reinforce the employer brand step four: measure The Measure step involves additional research to re-assess employee perceptions and evaluate the success of employer branding efforts in achieving retention. The business environment is constantly changing. we’ve categorized our capabilities into two areas: talent management and organizational change.Activating the Employer Brand • Leadership learning workshops focusing on the techniques and behaviors needed to manage workgroups in alignment with the employer brand promise • Consultation and recommendations on internally marketing HR programs in alignment with the employer brand • Career Web site enhancements • Orientation materials for new hires. adjustments to communication strategies and tactics are identified to ensure continued employer brand alignment. VersantWorks recommends that organizations incorporate the following best practices to stay relevant and be successful in their employer branding efforts: 1. and with it the relationship between organizations and their employees will continue to change. stAying rElEvAnt ovEr timE Just like consumer branding. Our organizational change solutions cover change communications and merger & acquisition communications. That's not to say businesses should adopt entirely new employer brands every few years. a full-service marketing firm. Align key talent management and HR programs focused on recruitment. Our talent management solutions cover recruitment marketing. Seek independent and continual feedback from outside sources ABout vErsAntWorks versantWorks is a specialty practice within Versant. appropriate and deliverable employer brand and market it to employees and candidates as a brand 2. interactive. values and spirit of the employment experience • Align employees with the organization’s strategy and vision • Attract best-fit talent • Increase employee retention and workforce engagement Within VersantWorks. Armed with this information. engagement and recruitment goals set by the organization. engagement and retention with your employer brand 5. 4 . learning and teaching practices 3. workforce engagement and employer branding. Adopt demographic and generational marketing. employee communications. integrated with messaging from the recruitment process. Lead by creating a learning organization 4. but rather that the employer brand activation process should be used over time to remain relevant as the employment experience and talent market evolves.

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