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Transformation plan that will benefit businesses as well


Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak on Thursday launched the Government Transformation Programme
(GTP), which comprises National Key Result Areas (NKRAs) and key performance indicators (KPIs) of
ministers and ministries.

He described it as a radical approach that will result in important changes being undertaken to bring about big
and fast benefits.

"The GTP embodies the wishes of the people, from what we have seen and evaluated. This is what the people
want, and what they expect of the government of the day," the Prime Minister had said at the launch.

By the first quarter of 2011, there will be a GTP annual report informing the public what the government has
and has not delivered.

The six NKRAs are to reduce crime; fight corruption; improve student achievement and access to quality
education; eradicate hardcore poverty; improve rural infrastructure; and establish efficient public transport.

While on the surface the GTP is aimed mainly at addressing the needs and concerns of the public, it can be
said that businesses and industries also stand to benefit from this unprecedented plan.

The RM18 billion allocated over the next three years for rural infrastructure development will mean many
opportunities for contractors, developers and utility companies to build roads, houses, and extend water and
electricity services.

When road networks improve and new communities grow with adequate basic amenities, shops, factories and
support services will soon follow.

Disclosure of government procurement details and stiffer punishment for graft will further increase
transparency in the award of contracts and ensure a level playing field.

This will boost overall business confidence in the country and help attract more investments.

An efficient and comfortable public transport system should see more people take trains and buses to work,
which will reduce the time, pollution and stress from hours of gridlock on the roads. As a result, productivity
should improve.

Initiatives to improve student achievement and education standards are steps in the right direction to address
future needs of industry for skilled manpower and professionals in the knowledge-based economy. The
transformation envisioned under the GTP is broader and more encompassing than what some may initially


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