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Fort Drum Firefighters

International Association of Firefighters

Local F-105
P.O. Box 243
Fort Drum, NY 13602
James Haggerty, President Karl Tylenda, Vice President Matt Weyerstrass, Secretary Robert Hallisey,Treasurer
Station 3 (315-772-5114) Station 1 (315-772-3180) Station 1 (315 772-3180) Station 3 (315-772-5114)


This past March we had the opportunity to meet with Representative Stefanik at our
Legislative Conference in Washington. During that meeting, we discussed the issue we are having
with our Emergency Apparatus. Since then, our situation has only gotten worse. In the past year we
have had several of our front-line apparatus, deemed unfit for operations and unable to be repaired.
Unfortunately, this included our backup Structural apparatus as well.
For day to day operations, we are required to have three Structural Apparatus for primary
response with at least one for backup, along with those we are required to have at least two Air
Crash Rescue Apparatus and one back up for Airfield response. Currently we are operating a
Structural Engine that has been in and out of service, a Ladder Truck (which was a refurbished
vehicle) that has several mechanical issues of its own (and is in similar shape to those taken out of
service already), and a wildland apparatus that doesn’t have enough seats for the minimum crew.
At several points this past summer we “borrowed” a Structural Engine from the Air Guard
base in Syracuse just to cover when one of those needed service. Recently we were forced to use one
of the Airfield vehicles as a Structural Vehicle because we were out of options. In no way is a
Crash/Rescue vehicle equipped to perform Structural Firefighting…
Originally, we were slated to receive a Structural Engine this November. Instead, we
informed it will be a Water Tanker. In no way will this alleviate our situation in the slightest.
While our Administration here at Fort Drum has attempted to keep us informed of what they
are trying to accomplish, they are out of options with how to fix this in a timely manner.
As a Union official, I am not only worried about the safety of my members, I am worried for
the safety of those we protect. We cannot continue to operate at this level. We are placing band-aids
on wounds that need surgery. We are in desperate need of help with acquiring replacements for these
vehicles and any support the Congresswoman can give us we would be eternally grateful.

I can be contacted via this email or my cell at (315) 571-4305.

Thank you for help in this urgent manner.

James H Haggerty

Local President
Fort Drum Firefighters
I.A.F.F Local F-105
P.O. Box 243
Fort Drum, New York 13602