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City of Hollywood, Florida

Hollywood Police Department

The Hollywood Police Department is committed to making impactful, lasting relationships with all of the
stakeholders in our community. These stakeholders are invested in not only what the Police Department is
doing and attempting to accomplish, but also the youth that we seek to impact on a daily basis.

Antonio Brown had a relationship with the Hollywood Police Department Police Athletic League for a number of
years. He was helpful monetarily and with his personal time that he shared with the children. Recently, Mr.
Brown has had incidents which necessitated police intervention. These incidents have caused an irreparable
rift between the Police Department and PAL and Mr. Brown.
On December 14, 2019, the Hollywood Police Department responded to the residence of Mr. Brown in regards
to a Civil Standby (Case #33-1912-163678). This particular incident was the result of a Domestic Disturbance
that occurred the day prior (Case #33-1912-163109). While Officers were on scene, Mr. Brown treated them
with disrespect and disdain. This was exhibited by his communications with the Officers and his behavior
towards them. This was all captured on video, which was later posted to the website TMZ.

Needless to say, we were very disappointed in the actions of Mr. Brown. This type of behavior and
communication with Officers is completely opposite of what we teach and instill in the youth of our community
in the way of respect for parents, teachers, elders and all those in positions of authority. We began to reach
out to Mr. Brown to have a conversation with him. We were unsuccessful in that effort. We made the decision
to sever ties between Mr. Brown and the Hollywood Police Athletic League. We did not want our youth to be
subject to this type of behavior nor emulate the actions of Mr. Brown. In accordance with the decision, on
January 9, 2020, we returned the check that Mr. Brown donated to the Hollywood Police Athletic League for
our 7 on 7 Football League. It should be noted that the league was running and operating since last year
(January 2019), well before Mr. Brown made his donation. This league was not dependent on his donation or
involvement. We will not take money from a donor that we cannot have our youth be proud of or represent our
organization. Mr. Brown was given a trespass warning for the Police Athletic League property because we did
not want him to continue to affect our youth nor influence them in a negative way.
On January 13, 2020, the department responded to a Domestic Disturbance at the residence of Mr. Brown.
During the incident, Mr. Brown was very rude and disrespectful. He used very degrading language in front of
his young children. Again, not an example that we want the youth of Hollywood to witness nor emulate.
Mr. Brown is free to say whatever he likes on social media. However, the facts of these instances speak for

Officer Christian Lata

Public Information Officer
Hollywood Police Department