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STATE OF HAWAIL DEPARTMENT OF HAWAIIAN HOME LANDS Testimony of William J. Aila Jr, Chairman Hawaiian Homes Commission Before the Joint Senate Committee on Ways and Means and Senate Committee on Hawaiian Affairs onthe 2020-21 Supplemental Budget Request of the Department of Hawaiian Home Lands January 13, 2020 Chairs Dela Cruz and Shimabukuro and Members of the Senate Committee on Ways and Means and Senate Committee on Hawaiian Affairs: Thank you for this opportunity to provide information on the Department of Hawaiian Home Lands (DHHL) Supplemental Budget request for Fiscal Year 2021 Operating and Capital Improvement Program Budgets. Overview The mission of the department is to manage the Hawaiian Home Lands Trust effectively and to develop and deliver land to native Hawaiians. We will partner with others toward developing self-sufficient and healthy communities. The trust, created by Congress through the Hawaiian Homes Commission Act of 1920, as amended (HHCA), set aside public lands to be used for the benefit of native Hawaiians (persons of not less than 50% Hawaiian blood). Today, the department is responsible for the management of 203,500 acres of these trust lands, 9,919 homestead leases statewide, and 45,730 lease applications? representing over 28,000 applicants?, As required by the Admission Act and as a compact with the United States, the State of Hawaii and the people of Hawaii adopted the HHCA as a provision of the State Constitution and agreed to faithfully carry out the spirit of the HHCA for the rehabilitation of the Hawalian race. These trust responsibilities still remain. + Lease and appication count as of 11/30/2019, 2 Applicant count totaled 28,753 as of 6/27/2019. Senate Committee on Ways and Means and Senate Committee on Hawaiian Affairs January 13, 2020 Although DHHL’s mission “to develop and deliver land to native Hawaiians” is well-known, the lesser known charge “to manage the Hawaiian Home Lands trust effectively” is equally important. Increasingly, this responsibility is demanding a greater share of DHHI's financial and staff resources to address. In terms of land holdings, Table 1 identifies the land use designation utilized by DHHL. Of the total inventory, less than 5 percent are designated for residential use (including existing residential homesteads), while nearly two thirds of DHHL's land inventory (63.3% percent or 128,721 acres) are lands designated as General Agriculture or Conservation/Special District, Most of these lands will remain in DHHL’s inventory over the next 20 years with DHHL facing land management issues for this acreage, similar to DLNR and other large private land owners (i.e. trespassing, dumping, fire prevention, etc.) Finding creative ways to manage this trust resource with beneficiary engagement and participation, while honoring DHHL's fiduciary responsibilities to act prudently and not place the interests of ‘one beneficiary group above another, is the challenge ahead. Table 1: DHHL Lands by Land Use Designation Statewide roTAL_|%. Residential 9508 4.67% Subsistence Ag 6590 3.24% Supplemental Ag 10,199 5.01% Pastoral 43,739 21.51% Community Use 1,760 0.86% Commercial 1144 0.56% Industrial 1,676 __ 0.82% General Agriculture 65,218 32.07% Special District 33,673 16.56% + 63.30% Conservation 29,830 _ 14.67% | 128,721 Acres: 203,337 The department administers two (2) programs, HHL 602, Planning and Development for Hawaiian Homesteads and HHL 625, Administration and Operating Support. The objectives of the programs are to develop and manage the designated Hawaiian home lands to create more homesteads for native Hawalians (as defined by the HHCA) and generate revenues to address program needs. 4 The General Agriculture designation identifies lands that are unlikely to be developed within the next twenty years given its remote location or high costs needed to bring in infrastructure to prepare the lands for homesteading, Senate Committee on Ways and Means and Senate Committee on Hawaiian Affairs January 13, 2020 Fiscal year 2020 signaled a continued commitment by the State to support the department's administrative and operating costs through a general fund appropriation of $18.6 million. Significantly, the enhanced level of general funding has allowed the department to allocate most of the revenues it generated from its available lands to the development of new lots and other capital improvement projects on the home lands, a direct benefit to beneficiaries, Interest earnings from the department’s general loan fund could also be reinvested into the loan fund, allowing for additional lending to beneficiaries. These resources (revenues from available lands and interest earnings) were formerly used to pay for the department's. administrative and operating expenses. Homesteading Program Over 1300 lots in residential and agricultural lots are in the pipeline to be developed over the next five years, assuming funding to design and construct these lots are made available. The department continues to diversify the types of lots offered to meet the needs of beneficiaries. (1) Turn-key Home. The first type of offering that is the most sought-after product on Oahu is the turn-key home. (2) Vacant Lot. DHHL expanded the number of vacant lot offerings in response to requests from our beneficiaries for more opportunities to build their own homes and allow families to build a home that meets their needs and budget. The department also continues to work with self-help providers on all islands including Habitat for Humanity, (3) Subsistence Agricultural Lot, For Maui, Hawaii, Kauai, and Molokai, the waiting lists for an agricultural lot is longer than a residential lot. Given this strong apparent demand for agricultural lots and DHHU’s extensive agricultural land inventory on the neighbor island, DHHL has gone through consultation with our beneficiaries and conducted public hearing with the community to amend our rules to include a new type of leasehold award. The Subsistence Ag award will allow the department to award a lease up to three acres in size to address those on the Agricultural Waiting List. These leases will not be required to have as extensive infrastructure improvements that would be expected with a residential lease award. With lower infrastructure requirements, the department will be able to award more lots with less cost. (4 Kuleana Homestead Lot. Kuleana homestead lots will be offered on Kauai in the future. In addition, a task force on pastoral lots has been formed to guide future pastoral offers. 3 Senate Committee on Ways and Means and Senate Committee on Hawaiian Affairs January 13, 2020 Rental and Multi-Family New administrative rules for planned communities, multi-family complexes, and rental housing were signed by the Governor. The rules will expand residential lease offerings to include multi- family housing, along with rental and kupuna housing opportunities. For many native Hawaiian families, DHHU's residential homesteading program is the only opportunity they have to be able ‘to own a single-family home in Hawaii. While DHHL's residential homesteading program is a critical part of addressing Hawaii's affordable housing crisis, this housing product type may not address all of the housing needs experienced by the beneficiaries on our waiting list. Further, beneficiaries, legislators, congressional delegation members, and others have inquired as to DHHU's plans to offer something other than single family housing. As a part of expanding the product type offerings available on Hawaiian home lands, DHHL is in the environmental/ planning phases for three sites that are being considered for multi-family affordable rentals (possibly for kupuna) and/or multi-family condominiums. These sites include ‘© 820 Isenberg Street (former “Bowl-a-Drome”) site is under proposal evaluation and developer selection; © Ulu Ke Kukui in Ma’ili (an existing multi-family structure on DHHL lands formerly managed by a Department of Human Services provider) is under developer negotiation; and * East Kapolei is pending beneficiary consultation (DHHL parcel near the rail station) Note that while rental units provide our beneficiary families with needed affordable housing it will not take an individual off of DHHL’s waiting lists. The waiting lists maintained by DHHL are individuals awaiting an award of land and issuance of a lease to that land and not a rental housing unit. Creative Solutions and Partnerships The department has engaged in a number of creative solutions and partnerships to better serve beneficiaries and a few are highlighted below. (1) Land Acquisition with Affordable Housing Credits. The Legislature provided DHHL the ‘opportunity to continue to utilize county affordable housing credits to develop affordable housing options for its beneficiaries, which was extended for another five years in the last legislative session. The department is using these affordable housing credits to acquire land, the Puunani Subdivision near Wailuku, Maui, to offer over 150 lots where beneficiaries would prefer to reside, but DHHL previously didn’t have any land. Senate Committee on Ways and Means and Senate Committee on Hawaiian Affairs January 13, 2020 (2) Hawaii Community College’s Model Home Program, Hawaii Community College has agreed to continue the successful partnership with the department by agreeing to a multi-year agreement to build one home a year in Keaukaha. The S2nd home was constructed by the students last year and awarded to a beneficiary family 3) Kealahou Program. DHHL launched the Kealahou program, a reintegration home building pilot program that is a partnership between DHHL, the Department of Public. Safety and the University of Hawaii Maui College. This program provides vocational training and education to Maui Community Correctional Center inmates who will apply this learning to building an affordable home for a native Hawaiian family. The program started with 8 inmates in the MCCC Programs and Education Section who received education and training at college. They will provide the manpower to build a house in the new subdivision. (4) Clean Up and Removal of Unpermitted Structures. DHHL has partnered with the Governor's Task Force on Homelessness, the Department of Transportation, and others to remove unpermitted structures, unauthorized campers, and abandoned vehicles from Kalaeloa, Anahola, Hanapepe, King’s Landing, and other locations. Impact of Current Economic and Fiscal Conditions and Other Challenges There are several challenges DHHL faces with respect to meeting the mission of homesteading, These include, but are not limited to, the following: (1) DHHL can only develop where it has lands. Most of DHHLU's lands are located on the neighbor islands in rural or more remote locations. The greatest demand (longest waiting list) is for residential property on Oahu (11,0224). Yet, DHHL has the least amount of land holdings on Oahu (3.3% of total lands). The department appreciative of the legislature's appropriation of funding for land acquisition on Cahu in the last biennium budget. (2) Reliable funding. The cost for infrastructure (roads, water, sewer, drainage, electrical, etc.) to prepare DHHL lands for homesteading is high. The development process is also long requiring environmental compliance, planning, design, and construction phases. To keep a steady production of lots requires a reliable stream of funding to keep lots in every phase of development. This reliable funding also gives families waiting for an award of a lot some certainty to plan and prepare. 4 As of November 30, 2019, Senate Committee on Ways and Means and Senate Committee on Hawaiian Affairs January 13, 2020 (3) Competing needs. In addition to developing new homesteads, DHHL also has other critical, albeit lesser known responsibilities. Like @ county, DHHL maintains and repairs existing infrastructure (e.g. clearing of flood channels and drainage, fire protection of non-homestead areas, roads and facilities maintenance, sewer emergencies and repairs, etc.) In certain counties, the county has either not accepted portions of newer infrastructure, or has stopped performing needed repairs. One example is sewer systems. Act 227, SLH 2014, clarified and confirmed that operating and maintenance of sewer systems is a county function. However, DHHL continues to maintain the sewer systems on Hawaiian home lands in the interim until Act 227 can be fully implemented. In addition to County-like responsibilities, DHHL also performs water utility functions. DHHL owns and operates three regulated public water systems: Hoolehua, Molokai; Anahola, Kauai; and Kawaihae, Hawaii’, Together, the systems have a total of 826 meters serving approximately 2,500 individuals (not including the schools and airport that are supported by the Hoolehua system.) If DHHL trust resources are spent to address these critical functions for existing homesteads and lessees, it will not have the resources needed to maintain its homestead production goals and meet the needs of beneficiaries on the waiting list. Efforts to Support Progress (1) Legislative support for repair and maintenance. The funding for the Papakolea Slope Stabilization and Sewer work has been deployed. The slope stabilization has been completed and the sewer lines at the top of the slope has been replaced. Sewer lines are being replaced and rehabilitated along several other streets and sewer easements in Papakolea are nearly completed. The design of the next phases has commenced. (2) Sewer Assessment. The legislature passed Act 227, SLH 2014 to allow the turning over of sewer infrastructure that is in DHHL subdivisions to the county after the systems are brought up to the applicable standards. Sewer spills continue to occur and plague the homesteaders The department is working with the City and County of Honolulu to have systems that have met that standard to be turned over to the county for maintenance. Some of the CIP 5 DHHL also owns and operates a fourth non-potable system that feeds its pastoral homestead lots in Puukapu, Hawaii Senate Committee on Ways and Means and Senate Committee on Hawaiian Affairs January 13, 2020 funding has been used to have engineers inspect the existing systems, locate sections that need replacement, repair or cleaning and determine what needs to be done to have the systems inspected and turned over to the county. DHHL estimates that over $60 million is needed to completely rehabilitate the older sewer systems. We request continued funding to allow the design and construction of the needed improvements. (3) Drainage Improvements. The storms in April 2018 caused flooding and damage to our drainage channels and homesteads. The department worked with FEMA to address clean- up and pinpoint improvements that would prevent or reduce future flooding. Some of the CIP funding is being utilized to address assessment and design of the needed repairs and improvements. While there are tremendous challenges in front of us, the department is positioned to play an integral part in our State's economy through its CIP projects, particularly as private projects near completion and the construction industry starts to cool down. We look forward to coordinating our efforts with the Legislature. Federal Funds DHHL is the sole recipient of Native Hawaiian Housing Block Grant (NHHBG) funds, CFDA 14.873, as authorized by Title VIII of the Native American Housing Assistance and Self Determination Act (NAHASDA). These funds support eligible affordable housing activities for beneficiaries at or below the 80% area median income. For the current fiscal year, DHHL received $2 million. Supplemental Budget Background: DHHL “Sufficient Sums” Biennium Budget Request Article Xil, Section 1 of the State Constitution requires that the Legislature make sufficient sums available for development of (1) homestead lots, (2) homestead loans, (3) rehabilitation projects and for (4) DHHL administrative and operating expenses. Although what is “sufficient” for DHHL’s administrative and operating expenses is still under dispute as part of the Nelson case, what is clear is DHHL's obligation to request from the Governor and the Legislature the amounts it deems sufficient to meet the four purposes of the HHCA as outlined in the Hawaii State Constitution. Therefore, on September 17, 2019, the Hawaiian Homes Commission (HHC) approved the following “Sufficient Sums” supplemental budget request at its regular meeting, Senate Committee on Ways and Means and Senate Committee on Hawaiian Affairs January 13, 2020 General Funds/General Obligation Bonds Operating Budget ~ DHHL Administrative and Operating Expenses (Purpose 4): The Operating budget general fund/general obligation bond request totals $93,283,188 and reflects the administrative and operating costs necessary to carry out the purposes of the HHCA. This request is tied to DHHL’s biennium “sufficient sums” request (FY 2020 and FY 2021) that was submitted and approved by the Hawaiian Homes Commission at their regular meeting in September 2018. The request includes funding to address Repair and Maintenance, which DHL considers an operating cost. Both general funding and general obligation bond funding is, requested to address this need. Act §, SLH 2019 provides a position count of 204 FTE (Full Time Equivalent) positions and 2 temporary positions. 200 FTE positions are funded from general funds and 4 FTE and 2 temporary positions are funded from federal funds. In addition, to sufficiently meet out program needs, DHHL is requesting an additional 60 positions to be general funded along with the 200 existing FTE positions to increase the total general fund position count to 260. Current Authorized Positions 204.00 _( (T) Federal Fund Positions (4.00) (P) __(2.00)_(1) Authorized Non-Federal Fund Positions 200.00 _(P) ul Sufficient Sums Additional Positions Request 60.00 _(P) 00_(T) Total General Fund Positions Request | (P) (1) included in Position Ceiling Not Included in Position Ceiling In summary, DHHL proposes general fund position counts and full general funding of all non- federal fund positions. Summarized on the following page is the department's supplemental operating budget request: Senate Committee on Ways and Means and Senate Committee on Hawaiian Affairs January 13, 2020 Hawaiian Homes Commission Budget Request: Purpose no. 4 - State Constitution, Article Xll, Section 1 Administrative and Operating Expenses FY 2021, (260.00) Personnel and Other Current Expenses Budget Request $32,170,188 Operating Budget: Repairs and Maintenance of Existing Infrastructure $3,613,000 CIP Budget: Repairs and Maintenance of Existing Infrastructure $57,500,000 Total HHC Administrative and Operating Budget Request $93,283,188 Means of Financing: (A)= General Fund; (C) eneral Obligation Bond (A) (A) (c) Capital Improvement Program (CIP) Budge! The department separated the capital improvement program (CIP) requests between ongoing maintenance and repair projects that are readily identifiable with existing infrastructure and new capital projects. The existing infrastructure projects have a long-standing history of operational, maintenance and repair issues that have become capital improvement issues. The existing infrastructure projects are aligned with purpose no. 4 of Article XII, Section | of the Hawaii State Constitution that states “The legislature shall make sufficient sums available for the following purposes: ..(4) the administration and operating budget of the department of Hawaiian home lands;”. Many of these maintenance and repair costs are typically covered by the counties off of Hawaiian home lands. Therefore, clarifying the line of responsibility between the DHHL and the counties as it relates to emergency repair CIP projects is a critical area to address moving forward. DHHLU's CIP general obligation bond request relating to existing infrastructure projects is made as a lump sum request under the title of “Hawaiian Home Lands Existing Infrastructure, Statewide” totaling $57,500,000 in general obligation bond funds for Fiscal Year 2021 (see ATTTACHMENT A). Attachment A is comprised of projects that were previously requested in the Biennium Budget Request for FY 2020 and FY 2021 and was used as a base for the request. Projects that were funded under Act 40, SLH 2019 were deleted. Several estimates of the projects were revised. The same process was used to determine the sufficient sums request for Lot Development as provided in purpose number 1. DHHL's CIP general obligation bond request relating to Lot Development projects is made as a lump sum general obligation bond request under the title of “Hawaiian Home Lands Development, Statewide” totaling $135,280,000 (see ATTACHMENT A) for FY 2021. Senate Committee on Ways and Means and Senate Committee on Hawatian Affairs January 13, 2020 A total of $3,613,000 (see EXHIBIT A, Attachment 8-2) in general funds is requested for ongoing repair and maintenance costs for existing infrastructure. Lot Development, Loans, and Rehabilitation Programs is aligned with purposes numbers 1, 2 and 3 of Article XII, Section | of the Hawaii State Constitution states that “The legislature shall make sufficient sums available for the following purposes: ..(1) development of home, agriculture, farm and ranch lots”; (2) home, agriculture, aquaculture, farm and ranch loans; and (3) rehabilitation projects to include, but not limited to, educational, economic, political, social and cultural processes by which the general welfare and conditions of native Hawaiians are thereby improved;..”. The supplemental budget request for loans for FY 2021 is the same as was requested in the biennium budget request. In August 2018, DHHL held a Puwalu discussion in Maui that brought native Hawaiian beneficiary leaders state-wide together regarding priorities in their communities and programmatic needs. These needs provided by the beneficiaries were identified and sorted according to the purposes provided by Article XII, Section 1 of the State Constitution and included in the FB 2019-2021 request. The Supplemental Budget Request for Rehabilitation projects combines the CIP requests for FY 2020 and FY 2021 and the Operating request increased by $50,000 when compared with DHHI’s Biennium Budget 2019-2021 request (see EXHIBIT A, Attachment €). Separate from the “sufficient sums” request, that is also included in Attachment “E” are grants- in-aid (GIA) projects that were brought up in the Puwalu discussion. DHHL will provide information to the Legislature on GIA projects that may be coming forward. The GIA requesters will still need to go through the formal GIA process to secure funding. ___ Summarized below is the department's biennium CIP budget reque: Hawaiian Homes Commission Budget Request: Purposes no. 1, 2, 3, State Constitution, Article XII, Section 1 FY 2021 Purpose 1: Lot Development (ATTACHMENT A) $135,280,000 (C) Purpose 2: Loans $73,100,000 (C) Purpose 3: Rehabilitation Projects (EXHIBIT A, Attachment €) $108,964,000 (C) Rehabilitation Projects (EXHIBIT A, Attachment E) $14,704,100 (A) Total $332,048,100 Means of Financing: (A) = General Fund; (C}=General Obligation Bond 10 Senate Committee on Ways and Means and Senate Committee on Hawaiian Affairs January 13, 2020 Summarized below is the department's sufficient sums request as compared to the executive budget request: Sufficient Sums Request: 4 Purposes FY 2021 | Purpose 1: Lot Development $135,280,000 | Purpose 2: Loans $73,100,000 Purpose 3: Rehabilitation Projects $123,668,100 | Purpose 4: Administrative and Operating Costs $93,283,188 $425,331,288 Means of Financing: General Fund $50,487,288 General Obligation Bond $374,844,000 $425,331,288 Governor's Executive Budget Request: FY 2021 General Fund $18,644,280 General Obligation Bond $25,000,000 $43,644,280 Executive Supplemental Budget Requests ~ FY 2021 The attached tables reflect the Governor's budget request on behalf of DHHL. DHHL’s Non- General Fund Report is posted to Summary ‘We are most appreciative of the support given by the Legislature to the Hawaiian homes program throughout the years. We again thank the Committees for the opportunity to brief you on our supplemental budget request. We have prepared and submitted our tables in accordance with the format and briefing instructions provided by the Senate Ways and Means Committee. We would be pleased to respond to any questions the Committees may have. cb Department of Hawaiian Home Lands Purpose 1: Lot Development Purpose 4: Administrative and Operating Costs FY 2021 Sufficient Sums Budget Request PROJECT DESCRIPTION Lots | PHASE Fy 2021 PURPOSE T: Lot Development [Hawai [Kau Water System (Phase 2) De 2500000 [Kau Farm and Ranch Lots Site Improvements D 4,000,000 |Honomu Agreultural Lots, Phase 1 [06 3,000,000 [Hie Community College Model Home 1 c 230,000 Calanito Phase 1 Kawaihae Road Improvements Be 7000,0007 Lalamilo Phase 2A (Inerement 2) YO 8,000,000 [Puukapu Rosaway improversents oe 2,000,000 Puukapu Pastoral Lote Elecrcal Facies oe 2,100,000 [Kawaihes Water Storage & Transmission PD 750,000 North Kona Expiratory Well Po 7,000 000 Lalonua Vilage # (Hema) USDA grant we 0c 73,000,000 [UO Taligation and Consirucion Suppor (sianc-wiae) PDC 300,000, Panaewa Los 185 ie [Poe 7,000,000 Caoaua Vilage 7 2 [5 3,008 000 [Kauai [Anancla Fire Staion Fo 30/000 [Ananoia Farm Lots, New Backup Wall D 71000,000 Pian’ Wai Ke Kall, Drainage & Subdivision Improvements [5 750,000 oioaa Farm Lots aw [Po 500,000 | Waa Residential Lote Masterplan FD 71080,000 \Wailua Second Wall exploration PD 7,006,000 |Hanapepe Residenial Subdivision Phs 2 Ofieia Development | Po 3,500,000 [Lanai = Lanai Residence Lats, Phase 2 Ofte Development and Lote %_| FD 3(000,000- ia Keokea Agicullural Offaie Water System Feasibily Study PD 7,500,000 Keokes-Welohuil Phase 3 Sia Improvements B 760,000 Ronokawal Master Plan 700,000 onakewal Waier System improvements 6orage) oc 000,000 Lelall Pareway & Fighway Improvements, Be 70,000,000 [Vilages of Lalit PRT, Incament? %_[ 3c 70,000,000, [Puunani Homestead we 8 8,000 000 [Pulehunal Ofte Water Too | 5 3,000,000 i Hoolehua Water System Impravernents oC F000 005 ITEM NO. H-4 Page 1 of 2 ‘Attachment A, Department of Hawaiian Home Lands Purpose 1: Lot Development Purpose 4: Administrative and Operating Costs FY 2021 Sufficient Sums Budget Request PROJECT DESCRIPTION Lots | PHASE FY 2021 [Kanakalcloa Gemetery Improvements c 000,000 Hociahua Pasture Lat Oavelopment a | be 300,000 Naiwa Subdivision Sie improverants | be 9,000,000 [Hoolehua Seatiored Agriculture Lote | be 3,006 000 [Kalamaula Farm Lols Ste Improvements a0 | 6c 4,000,000 alamaula Water & Drainage System improvements [2 70001000 [Ralamaula & Kepaakea Aquacuture Gevelopment Pian a 280,000 {gabe [Voice afAmerice, Ph infrastructure wz |e 76,560,000 |Wairvanslo Agicutural Lote | 56 $200,000 Statewide [Acquisiton: Land andlor Building Purchase c 9,600,000 |Siatewide Lot Development Be 5,000 000 |_| Total Purpose 4 7608 | CC PURPOSE 4: Administrative and Operating Costs Repair and Maintenance of Existing Infrastructure [REM Sewer Wastewater Infastructure 3,000,000 Papakea Sewers, Phase 2 c 72,500,000 Nanakull Sewers € 76,000,000 ‘Waimanala Sewers De 3,000,000 REM Exising Infrastructure 5,000,000 ‘Rrahola Water System (Phase Tend 3) © 7,500,008 Papakalea Slope Remediation, Rauding roadways Be 5,000,000 ‘Waimanalo, Bell SreetKelinianaols Huy drsinage improvements Be 3,000,000 Tiofokal Drainage Improvernents 2505 005 Kauai Dams and Reservar c 5,000,000 ‘otal Purpose 4 357,500,000) ‘Grand Total $92,780,000 IPhase: P= Plenning D= Design ‘C= Consirudion L= Acquisition [Means of Fencing: General Obligation Funds (C) ITEM NO. H-1 Page 2 of 2 Attachment A. Department of Hawaiian Home Lands Purpose 4: Administrative and Operating Costs Repair and Maintenance of Existing infrastructure FB 2019 - 2021 Budget Request ISLAND [AREA or SUBDIVISION [MAINTENANCE COMPONENTS: PURPOSE] FY 2020 | FV 2051 [Hawail_ _[Kawaihae lWater System Operation and Maintenance 420,000] - 720,000) [Hawaii |Lalopua Vilages [Brush Clearing and Fire Breaks "50,000 50,000] Hawaii |Puukepa Water System Operation and Maintenance —| 256,000| 855,000] [Kauai |Anahola Water System Operation, Maint, Emerg Call | 78,000] 7,000] ‘Kaual [Pilani MKK and Anahola [Maintenance 75,000 7,000] [Lanai [Lanai City Maintenance 75,000 78,000] [Maui [Kula Mainienance 200,000) 200,000) Maui |Leialf Leia Parkway Maintenance '85,000] 85,000) Maui |Walehu Kou [Detention Basins and Ditches 725,000] 125,009] Maui _|Walehu Kou [Sewage Pump Station 80,000] 80,000] (Oahu [East Kapolei [Detention Basins (2) '30,000] 80,000] [Oahu Kapolei [Maluohal, Kaupea, Kanahill Maintenance 75,000] 75,000] [Oahu [Nanak Princess Kehanu Road Repairs '20,000 80,000] Gahu—}Oahu [Sewage Spill Response and Repéir 50,000] 150,009] (Sahu [Oahu [Street Light Replacement "375,000] 876,000] (Oahu |Oahu [Scattered Location Repair and Maintenance | 1,200,000] 1,200,009] [Oahu [Oahu ‘Albizia Control 290,000] 280,000] [Oahu Waimanalo Drainage Channel and Tree Timmin "32,000 28,000] [Oahu Waimanalo [Detention Basin "30,000 80,009] [State [Statewide ‘Sign Replacement 256,000] 256,000] Total 53,613,000] $3,613,000] Means of Financing: General Fund ITEM NO. H2 Page 1 of 1 Attachment B-2 EXHIBIT “A” Department of Hawaiian Home Lands Purpose 3: Rehatlitation Projects £2021 Supplemental Budget Request aa am ou Ti a ai ar PROTEC COMPOMENTS ange — [open ap ee levat aman — [tonne Pina aa See nes a [stor [preews—— [eee ana Ses ae Nei enola awl Eaten oi ri eae fone ony ns za cored ‘ous na Pron ae ee Roar fines tate: Hos tannin a smi oni fanoss Poses [tr thst Ree nd ane 3004 inlets ahs Ingest Nosed Eo aa fifa Dene ort ios aed oT san Fifi —~ iol Gees inte eases er ear aes funn caros baer es fw iain ing es oo a Pave ei fava fwains icv aa fsa Warns sare an el ar rca F568 [ecears ava aiea inant soa ino ae ET fw fars Foard anranaieR Ta va iaigs ———~ ony Asati pin al faear ow ton fos to Santee Desarond Te ence _ wan eana aor vars aura 5080 _ re i ai nanos ——~ sna 20 Opn dl a Hawaii _|Laiopua [Renewable energy project Planning and EA 280,000] fon tpea mu owe cent 275 commaniy Pre sn Peso ce ano. ty Dsus [Kauai Refurbish existing irrigation system 250,000| fn Sm sana es Fry posing ig ney saa ia fasliseoenent sana ia eroomy dre sia on hin agi a SCOR naea —|— =| Gis castor wot Fee pare [es Ahonen _ — 3S lesser —— [wut rupee tcaion enin Gr a A tachment 3s ragt4 memo Department of Hawaiian Home Lands Purpose 3: Rehablitation Projects FY 2021 Supplemental Budget Request cas aD aE Di oa a oa SAND] ARE PROTECT COMPONENTS PHASE — [OPERATING | CP F Sted dug rea faites within the community ~ kavai _ 500,000 aver eucstional progrars avai Bring ass’ together to coaborate(5100,000)" Kevei —|anapepe ag land 350,50 Lanai [ward remaining 16 residential homestead ots 100,009 Lana Establish homestead community association 30,009 lanai interim Use of Undeveloped tand 5000) [Require aditonal lands for ag and pastor ana homesteads 5,000,009 ieee [Comuniy Besuteation: Clean-up Geb ane jwaui la Homesteads abandoned vehicles 200,000 200,000 [Mavi [all Homesteads [tot Development & Road Equipment 2500009 | 460,000 [maui [Ai Homestends | oui oreowner Financial Education| 250,000] 250,000 oui |keokea Farmers Marketplee & Commurity Center Planning ance 350,009 350,000| 600,009 Maui Keokes Water sourced infrastructure for potable ond Planning, cA | Inonpotable water construction 4730000] | 4,750,000 |wacd [Reokea-waiohair |Community Based Panning forutural Preserves |Survey, Research] Planning & bev 150,009 00,000 ear — Reakes-watonal— Seety Rwarenesr Program 20000 200700) IMauiKeokes-Weiohuli_|Speed humps on Ahuua St 100,009 [Maui —|Waiohul UT [Regie tnd Tor Community Development 750,000 OT Planing, Dear avi |paukukalo !rmory Ste Development and EA 150,009 500,000 [Mout _[Poukukalo Pinana Heiau Restoration Planning and EA 100,009 Playground leauioment, avi |Paututalo Park Beautification and Upgrades cours 00,000 [Maui |Waiehu Kou |Community Center & Bus Stop '500,000] ui_|walehu Kou [Landscaping Maintenance Contract 150300) 350,500 (11) [tau |waichu Kou |Community Garden - Water Development a9 5500;00] 7 2S [Maui [waiehu Kou [Drainage Basins - siltation clean up ($3,500,000) SE |omaut— fakin Community Center/Poion 000,009 3,000;00) DD Jraui— |kahikinut |Community Economie Center and Hale Pit [Pianning & EA 250,000] A [ptoui — fain Road Construction and Repaie 5,000,000 5,000,009 3F [Mou Teen toad Development and Repaie tqulpment 200,00) 700,500 = attachment 8 Page 20f 4 ITEM NO. HA Department of Howalian Home Lands Purpose 3: Rehabilitation Projects FY 2021 Supplemental Budget Request 20H WHE a ea HR GE ‘BLAND | nner SRORCT CONFONENTS ast —foreRATN OF ‘OPERATING | OF aut Ras og Ctcinet System: Phase? airbuton 750,50) ac fan Water Storage (water taniay = 50,00) aa rain [ommanity Posture Paddocks Fencing atan& 35009 3009 i - construction tac aia Stewardship Eamomy Er 0,00] ia rain Unga Removal and Reforestation wag wan taut Teghborhood Park ennine © 20,04 30000 oesien ita Wonka educator, sa09 raining Ae oat Ronakowat Ja Scan and arg racy and 3000 [ rogram Der iat onokowar JP Water fora ition esearch 506,000) Pacing na ey ia [ptchansi [Gorn aed Economie Dav === song otra ranstion Cespools to Sept Systeme 750,000 oii ila Parkland re Designation & ester ln ‘so, Iolotat [Riowes Pack Comoe Pavion Project Fae [Molokai ‘Deer management plan ~ [Planning 500,00] I cot cross fercing/dee fencing a0 Moot [Ronis Playgrounds youth center [inom Moots Finy homes =a cca’ alana aa [Passive are omnes 50,000 Molt [Kapaaken Femporry eidenceteter 1,000 foie Renovate Abuouaao MoloaiHisle Molla [Rapes Remodel fenovatekupune hg foodzone 0000 Molla ransional home : 30,000 JOshu ~ [Popatolea [adress Abandoned Homes 0,000) — 4 JOshu|Papatles fupune Supportive ving cr Fain uy 250,09 (3 oaks —rapicies [Operate Kune Community areNework 05 70 28 Josho —[repatoien ——[ruowaino ca 35,09 "| = Goku ~papatoten | tstetbal complex Improvements 00000 D2 loshu—[Papakoies [Education/Health Programs 850,000 350,000] Hos — Janae [ocean safety & Cultura edicaton ain 25000) 555 lost —Irsncss ahora — [te caning 20,00 oa = Page of ITEM NO. Hat Department of Hawalian Home Lands Purpose 3: Rehabilitation Projects FY 2021 Supplemental Budget Request —— = eo a a Gk an Gk ‘SAND | ARE ‘PROJECT COMPONENTS PHASE | OPERATING | —CP OPERATING | OF loshu [Princess Kahanu [Community center expansion land acaustion | 550000] Joshy |waianae valley —_[Coumbarium with large area for cultural uses Ping and Ose $300,009 Joshu ~|waianae Valley Kaupuni Park Development 3500 009 [oahu [Kapoiei _[Kapole Hertage Center Phase 7300; ~ [Oshu [Kane Park Development 306,009) foshu — [Kaupea Perimeter wall at Kemnahe/ Kapolei Pky ($800,000) foahu [Kapolei SofetyOrva coalition with NSW 30,000 z| foahu — [kepolel INSW ecuioment _ 000] foahu — [kspolet IMaintenance/tepai for dedication of roads 15125,090) — | [cana —[Repote Place of worship & place of rest/cemetery 350,009 oahu —|waimanalo Emergency Evacuation and Street Extension ~[3.500,009 73,500,000 [Ganu [Warmer Land Based Aquacuture Facies 30,500 awa Su] $H 77S 000] $59,524,000] $25/S007000] S1960,000] $55, AAV, ODO] SIA, I50,000 Homeowner ATordabiniy mitatwe 5,000,000 5,000,000 Lcsie Cancellation Preventon/Finacial eraay Sne.ona ann 00] tive Hawaien Development Program Plan — 2,748,100 2,740) I "Fetal | $34,519,200] $53,524,000] $24,900,000) $34,709,100) $56 440,000) $14,350,000 ‘eens of Financing (ay (or os) te) (A) General Funds] _ ecm (C1 General Obligation Bonds Projects are funded in other budgets m bad = = = R ‘Attachment 8 Page of 4 ITEM NO. #-2 Department of Hawaiian Home Lands Functions Table 1 Duatlon ‘Deki af Fonction Heise PromiDle)]| Statutory Reference Dbvsion x [t00, #50, To develop and deliver land and housing to native Hawaiian ‘Award homestead (residential egrcutural and pastoral] eases to [HL6O2 [Arie i, Sealont of lL, OcH, beneficiaries ofthe Hawaian Home Lands Trust ro, aso, Po, ico beneficiaries. ward general leases Provie asistance to lessees so {they may obtain maximum wtzation oftheir awards in keeping with ‘the purpose fr which those lands were leased, MHL 625 ‘the State Constitution, awaian Atos 'owalian Homes [commission Act of 1920, as amended D0, WSO, Manage land dspostons, water systems, maintain and and luo, ocH, environmental protection Fo, aso, Po, co [Manage land depositions, water systems, maintain and and lenvronmental protection. [Arica Wi Sectont of the State Constitution, awalian afar; owalian Homes [commission Act of 1920, as amended [100, WSO, Provide direction and administrative support to staffthat perform core limo, och, duties. Fo, aso, Po, eno Human resoures, accounting, planning and auditing ates. inn 662 HHL 2s (Arie Wi Second of the state Constitution, Hawaiian Afar awoian Homes [commision ct of 1920, as amended Page 1of 31 2020 Budget icing Dep artment of Hawaiian Home Lands Department-Wide Totals Fiscal Year 2020, ‘act 5/2019 Emergency ‘Appropriation Reductions Additions Appopriations Total FY20__| MOF $_ 18,638,060.00 | $__18,638,060.00 | A $ _ 4,824,709.00 : __|$__4,824,709.00 | 8 $ _23,318,527.00 = = $_ 23,318,527.00| _N | $__ 3,740,534.00 7 _ ___|$_3,740,534.00 | T . _ $ - a = | [$. ne $ 50,521,830.00 -_|$ = _ = | $ _50,521,830.00 | Total. Fiscal Year 2021 a Act 5/2019 = ~ yt Appropriation Reductions Additions Total FY21__| MOF $__18,644,280.00 $_ 18,644,280.00| A $ 4,824,709.00 | $ 4,024,709.00| 6 $_23,318,527.00 _ I _ $__23,318,527.00 | _N $__ 3,740,534.00 Z $__ 3,740,534.00 | T = —|$ 7 | $ 2 $ _50,528,050.00|$ -_|$ = {$ ~_|$_50,528,050.00 | Total | Page 2 of 31 Table 2 2020 Budget Briefing Department of Hawaiian Home Lands Table 3 Program ID Totals Ts budgeted VDD) Aa budgeted RA) Governor Subital (HD) Governor Submital FEA) ty Percent | | Percent. Prog j Change | Change of 1D Programe [MOF P0s(6) |Pos ost |possn) poste |posmn| 355 | of 855 | rosie | eos |HHLG Administration A 200.00) - | $ 18,638,060 200.00 $ 18,644,280 | 200.00 ‘$ 18,638,060 0) 200.00 ~ | $18,644,280 0 25 and Operating | | Support | | FW Panningand 80) 0 |S agzaroa) 0 | 0S 4atavoa) 0 | 0 |$ amare) —o 70) 0 |S agmares| 0 G2 Development | for Hawaiian | | | Homestead: HHLG Planning and -N 4.00 | 200 | $23,318,527] 400 | 200| $23,318,527) 400 | 200 | $233iasz7 0 400 | 200 | $23,318,527 0 02 Development {or Hawaiian Homesteads 0 | $a7a0s8a) 0 [0 $3,7a0534) 0 o oO) $s7aussa] 0 lw Planningand TSC 33,740,534] 02 Development {for Hawaiian Homesteads Page 3 of 31 2020 Budget Briefing ‘Department of tawaion Home Lande Table & Budget Decisions RAT T a REN roan so Deinnal ens sae rae rar ra ca ll ce a ss pou [me |e ana as ikios shear sins A as t 800) 5 pamsotas noe tne Department of Hawalian Home Lands Table 5 Proposed Budget Reductions a0 Pa Bae | ‘estition Prono Sabor Deson of Reduction imsacol eduction mor} eosier| eosm| sss | eosin | rosin.) sais | oun Not Aplable i ages of31 2020 Budget Brine Department of Hawalan Home Lands Table 6 Proposed Budget Additions Fa mmc | wna I | ston. propio | Wie Progid. Sue) Tape Bony | Pony Not Appable Page 0131 2020 Budget Biting Department of Hawalian Home Lands 8 20: 27 - 2020 Restrictions Table? Sia Betas hcl uate sade 2 {oor | ProgiD | Subom moe| “Best | Aesecnan | ‘Resets | paren Dire mac, oie ites 1 | seezo70 |§—size20| ¢ zes0m.n0 1.24 ial mpset ois hss 1 | sesz070 |§ aso $ 2aas5 080 298 eral pa - | sisestow [S iaasans) $ 17396250 ‘598 Reson nea cat wher compared wih rar ens 18 and 019. pce OHA RYT PSE TAS 2on0_ ss Hawalanon Havaianas Foee 0131 270 budge Bog Department of Hawaiian Home Lands Emergency Appropriation Requests Table 8 iG Description of Reaves B ea MOF Pee =| Page 8031 2020 Budget Briefing Department of Hawaiian Home Lands Table 9 Expenditures Exceeding Appropriation Cellings in FY19 and FY20 mount Exceeding Percent Recurring GE Impact Progi0 MOF Date Appropriation Appropriation Exceeded ‘Reason for Exceeding Cong egal Authority (Y/N) (Y/N we | = Page 9 of 31 2020 Budget Briefing Department of Hawaiian Home Lands Table 10 Intradepartmental Transfers in FY19 and FY20 ai ba resenattzanit| | paltexin han -—~ Page 10 of 31 2020 Budget Briefing Department of Hawaiian Home Lands Teble 12 \Vacaney Report as of November 30,2018 aot Eunated | Pstion sant em | sist, Pon subou vaeny flats | Sumter oon Tie a woe| “eau Jase ase sayiaoia_2ysjaononiosins— |i and gears ey sss16000 {ea yyrossinamons723 meted sence Aare sss 4550_gvz014_ 3172020) o03608 [Peng rogram Marae |W 1200.0) {567 aoz019_38172020 000140 meted Ot Spe "22s ‘867s a0 aaa) oon [aa poet N e280 ‘653s 2000 2772019 ootsst2— ana get N per ‘oat 3a1a0n0 2/09) o012570 [rogram pete [N— 57.00 “30 Stsuao nice Manner x stu 23) aan | ropa ade aah |W zea] — {85 sa0i9_s/sina)oo007s—[ege s 3st} 78 7872000100985 Hert asin e790 ‘aaa 3/1 oaeoes— Romeo Aton see (3yaooo.2s7 —[NAASOXNorage SOA 23600 85/380 0108190 Homestead Ageston Ca [0 “sso 573200 onan [Water ptm anon WAN 50500 Siayau00036571 [Wi Aout soesz00 5731720001225 rd Agent N 52550 ‘865 ensz019ss17an0 orn fries eee ‘ae apsann7 1s va oess [opel bre x 36100 ‘a7 fae 33 noo [ener aren Iw -e.] {37 enon) sf omscos2 —eurt er x Sisee oo Jvcsasaeaazs——a/w/01s_ofsynloooo119 |i od es er —— 1 sea EgAt—ae 07sec — amesed Near eS | — rosa Fscsisac 885 7ja0/019_07201o010u50_|Horeseod Hear pctv ‘| sree Jaabasx(_so59__— 7/2018 efsarorloptoets— Ronee Rosin Sec —— [see lsceisn e250 a/sran_s(so/22oon.oss6 AHL Sees i ‘| sao fsceasnassr inane fen onsen il ad evap Aiea [cata eo fsucasa 353 1//aa_ fora onoeiss ones Howie Osa) ‘| sso focsisie 53 a/saoiew/sya|oni0us eres Howirg spctW a ‘| aso fnceasac ass i/a013_rwyanzootost— |W ests Dept ect a ‘| era fceasa_ ses 070183072010 300581 ones Sop o | sz fscasns3e0—3/ror9 furan ooo AHL es kat | Fo toa | sae fccisat dase” —7/aois fy onus |i sd ene her | et ‘ison Jean asa1 1/2010 eryannon1i725¢— inst Admnotsve al oF as Jssisai_ 3670/5019 (0/2020on10sn0 |e nd get © a as fceasa asst nyi/s85 a7s/aozlonioses— [agra aca VE | 57800 Jsseisadaeta/aaon2afsyzomlonio1s0 fin ag econ 2557500 fsceasn sas” s/anoinsi/znconossse loeprmenta noel |W a} fucasa sous a/s/01e 07a ones) lana een N a feisa_ asap 1/7017 s7sya0non107860 owe cis a fsa e018 «0/2 o01259— [egal asstnt fF * Jssssa HPSR018_efuyan|ooi2487 AHL Paneery P| too fcease aes 0:37 WH Monge spel pats fcasn ens e/0/02 00293 Reus a ao | ape fae Sjanaise/o/aojooimss [il Prepa Pamer | [Cain |~a-| “ssa feos yssyaos anu ibe) Genrl borer {Can || sean fssisat_880— syiaoi9_/07020 010508 — [AN esipmen Oper [on | “asso Jatasa(_ 207 Ti/ignois_ efor eo1oms [RH Ofer Runt W [Cai || spe [scesant aust in/1/sor”e/o/seanonosnes |ongngs issn specs {Can || sso jeanne 1/aoua uronic 1 14278 [cease a57 —ayanns uaa oposse2 [acount ei N L 752000 reget ot 20 sue ting Department of Howallan Home Lands Tobie 12 Yacaney Report asof November 30,2019 ied | samt | soste tae sacs | ave xb sion fama ‘aie | ft | tants ‘et it boi. {Tisha sna cicons pioneer — ‘Sra = fsa {finoa! sneneleeay fee sven fr ons x fuses ‘pn pple br Seon x fmsisa isu) aero i nso x Department of Hawaiian Home Lands Table 12 Positions Established by Acts other than the State Budget as of November 30, 2019 Occupied | Date | Legal | Position } Position | Exemot annval | filed | by 89 Day Prog io Established |authority| Number | Title | (W/n) | steve |pucode| rye | mor | Fre | Satan (YIN) | Hive (Y/N Page 13 of 31 2020 Budget Briefing Department of Hawaiian Home Lands Table 13 Overtime Expenditure Summary Fr factual FV acta 720 estimated) Fa Toodgsted) “Base, fase Base Salary | Overtime} Overtime | Base Salary | Overtime) Overtime Salar Overtim: srtime | Salary | Overtime | Overtime PropiO Sub-Ore __PromamTile oe escent Percent | Percent escent [HLGRS 320. Adnin & Operating Support [A$ 1a28051 | $ 16.453 Sisae| Law wits2s) 4330 [Admin & Operating Support | A | $ 653,665 [$345 $1984 I HHL625) 4331 Admin & Operating Suppor _|_A_|$ $83,187 |§ 2803 _O5x|$ 516016/$ 5,975 a Tor [nus2s| 4337 "Admin & Operating Suppor | A_|$ 631,020] $§ 30.714 4.4 § 007.273 | $27,123 iiL625,_4342_Admin & Operating Support | _A | $1,194,645 |§ 6.112 $4165 285| § 8079 7 7 L625) 4345 Admin & Operating Support [A [$95,742 $_115059|5 938 ~ = - HHLS25 4346 Admin & Operating Support| A [$17,661 |S 182 | o.2w| $131,278 |s 1685 [ iE 7 L625, 4347 Admin & Operating Support |_A| $322,611 $ 13437 | 4.24] $ 345400 |S 1a.297 cael HLE25,_ 4348 Admin & Operating Support | A | $336,737 ax] $396,746 § 2.210 [ace = HiLG25) 4349 ‘Admin & Operating Support| A_|$ 95,962 /$ 5693) s.ow|$ 102325 |5 sae I |nus25, 4350 Admin & Operating Support| A~|$ 253,626 /$ 474 | o.2w|$ 202516 |$ 1588 7 HHL625| 4352 Admin & Operating Support| A [$1,153,711 § 4101| 0.4% $ 1.271978 | $11,709 HHLE25,_4361_ Admin & Operating Support| A |$ 90687/ | 0% $108,825 [$185 cas HL625/4362 Admin & Operating Support [A _[$ 815,673 | 0.0%) § 973247 Page M4 of 31 2020 Budget Briefing Department of Hawaiian Home Lands Table 14 ‘Active Contracts 3 of December 1, 2019 ry “Eemr) -Sustnane] Oe “Elna atow ona Pron OF Anouk “VAIO | Maeva |e | fxcted | fiom 2 a, Sona esiton Mantas f t lca serves ean NELSON Jrusrs a assy2e 0 | senen00) aerasar. ansrow7| _yrapos}waranese eur se \conangent pon Contact Adis Jesoe T sa775876/ 0 | asansieae | rsa.ais.4 at |coasat constr ALANALO ASE [canangent pan Cotati lucor r 299283000, 0 | agsio2000| _ xo0000| sas sojerono| yy seoro conreacntwares syste Raster canangont pon Contac Adin hanson r | asszo22, 0 | saer00|_sran027 sano. a |sewor0 coueacriwares syste puter caning pon Conta dns {ENGNERING Sees FOR _ Jeseor 7 _asnssi2s, 0 | arasanoo| naose7s| oon) [row .conPolsstEM SURVEYING coningent pon Contac rin lmucon 434700 14000} 997013 [rows .conrol SYSTEM. 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Wide. | Senate ProgiD Priority Priority | District Project Title MOF fv2098§ —Ev21 sss | wae? ump Sum REM - Howaian Home lands Exiting Infrastructure, | 5,500,000 _ | Statewide _ = — {ot jo HHL 6022 [Lump Sum Hawaiian Home Lands Lot Development, Statewide _|_C $20,000,000 Page 28 of 31 2020 Budget Briefing, Department of Hawaiian Home Lands Table 16 CIP Lapses Act/Year of Lapse Amount Prog!D Appropriation Project Title MOF oe Reason 602 [No Lapses prosecteD | Page 29 of 31 2020 Budget Briefing Department of Hawaiian Home Lands Program ID Sub-Organizations Table 17 Sub-OrR | Program ID Code | Name Objective HHL625 = 4328 HHL HHL625 4329 HHL/Office of the Chairman HHL625 4330 _|HHL/Planning Office | Hrit25 4331 HHL/ASO. ae HHL625 4332 _|HHL/ASO/Personnel Staff HHL62S 4333 | HHL/ASO/Budget & Progam Evaluation Staff oe HHL625 4334 HHL/ASO/Information & Communications Staff _ - HHLG25 4335 |HHL/ASO/Contract Services Staff 7 HHHL625 4336 _ | HHL/ASO/Clerical Services Staff _ “HHUG25 4337 |HHL/Fiscal Office _ a ae | HHL625 —_4338_|HHL/Fiscal Office/Accounting Staff = S HHL625 4339 _|HHL/Fiscal Office/Fiscal Services Staff ee - HHL625 4340 _ |HHL/Fiscal Office/ Systems & Internal Control Staff _ = HHL625 | 4341_ | HHL/Homestead Services Division(HSD) 4 a HHL625 4342 _ |HHL/HSD/Applications Branch _ HHL625 4343 __|HHL/HSD/Clerical Services — - HHL625 4344 _ |HHL/HSD/District Operations Branch HHL625 4345 | HHL/HSD/ East Haw: Ofc __ | HHL625 4346 _ [HHL HSD/Maui District Ofc 7 HHL625 4347 _ |HHL/ HSD/Molokai District Ofc _ _ |__HHL625 4348 |HHU/HSD/Oahu District Ofc : HHL625 4349 |HHIL/HSD/Kauai District Of a HHL625 4350 _|HHL/HSD/West Haw: Page 30 of 31 2020 Budget Briefing Department of Hawaiian Home Lands Table 18 Organization Changes Year of Change. ey2o/ev21 Description of Change Phase 1 of the restructuring of the Planning Office was completed on January 16, 2018. Phase 2 of the restructuring of the Land Development Division (LOD) is nearing completion and the establishment of a new Contact and Awards Division. The LOD manages all of the DHHL's capital improvement projects. The new division establishes a call/contact center that will enhance the department's ability to track beneficiary transactions (i. lease transfer requests, successorship designation, other concerns) and improve DHHL's ability to respond promptly to inquiries from beneficiaries and ‘other members of the public. It also consolidates under on roof all services that assist beneficiaries with preparing to meet the terms and conditions of a new award and to keep track of statistics associated with the waitlst. In the long run, these reorganizational efforts are intended to improve efficiencies and enhance DHHL's ability to meet its mission. In the short term, the process has impacted DHHL's ability to rapidly fill vacancies as reorganizations require revised functional statements, consultation with the union, budget impact analyses, and updated position descriptions. This adds time to an already extended recruitment process. Like other State agencies, the tight labor market has also affected DHHL's ability to fill vision is still in process Page 31 of 31 2020 Budget Briefing