Justification report (Pending litigation at Lahore high court) (Causes and effect; a case study) Introduction

It has been stated by the Martin Luther King; Justice denied anywhere causes injustice to everywhere. And the same is the saying of Quaid -e- azam ‘justice fair play and impartiality’. So justice in the society is obligatory with respect to maintenance of the peace and promulgation of the law in the society. So the justice in every sphere of the life is inevitable for promotion of a healthy and free and fair society. What makes justice more effective and efficient is its speedy delivery. And what makes the justice worse is lengthy process of its responding and delivery. And no doubt it effects the total equilibrium of the society.

Research problem
In Pakistan along with other various issues and problems one of the most crucial and the critical is the delay in the decision of the cases. For the years the cases are pending at the courts and this results into causing the injustice to plaintiff and defendant by the courts. And this could result into the disturbance, deviance and crimes in a society. Those which are the worlds best and the leading country have and effective system of justice and there people enjoy the speedy remedy. And the result there is in the form of minimum crime ratio. And where there is no speedy remedy available that are experiencing the high rate of crime. So the pendency of the cases at the court of law is a critical dilemma because it is the basic and the entire root of the state. And this is my research topic.

Research objective
In Pakistan we have three courts; 1- Supreme court (constitutional court ) 2- High courts (appellate)

4-Examining the already available data and the literature. For this purpose we have our focus upon to find out that what are the main causes of the delay? Are there any institutional. We shall have our main emphasis upon the nature of the cases pending at high court and their main reasons of pendency. So the objective behind the research shall be to ‘‘find out the reasons of the delay in the administration of justice and in short its possible impact upon the society’’.Trial courts So with these systems we have so many case that remained pending at various courts. We shall see that how many cases are pending at this court. Research plan For conducting this research our specific place of focus is Lahore high court.3. At appellate level like at the high court level the situation is dormant with regard to the institutional effective in respect of dealing with the appeals which are lying before it. Research strategy It shall be a combined research based upon the both methods of qualitative and quantitive. 2-Visting of the Lahore high court registrar office to have an administrative look 3-conducting the interviews of the relevant persons. We shall have the figures that how many cases are pending at present. And shall try to find out all possible reasons for the delay of the cases. its impact upon the administration of justice. And what is the betterment after the implementation of the national judicial policy? . The situation of the pending cases before and after its implementation. organizational or any other reasons for the delay? Data collection For the said research the data shall be collected through the following means and methods: 1-Review of the national judicial policy.

Communication of results For the purpose the results we shall have a detailed research report which shall be carrying out the results of the research. And shall try to have the results and the answers to our research problem.Analysis of data We shall analyze the data collected and shall try to find out the possible variation. .

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