First Shipment of New 4000 Series Relays Takes Off!
ERL Phase Power Technology Pvt.Ltd., Canadian subsidiary of ERL India, has plenty of reason to cheer. Our commitment to continuous innovation has been recognized and our customers have started placing orders for our advanced B-PRO 4000 Relays. The new 4000 series has a lot to look forward to. It has been: • Built on a contemporary new fully type tested substation hardened platform • Powered by a new faster processor 'future ready' for the next generation of applications • Embedded with IEC 61850 station bus communications • Enhanced with user configurable DNP mapping list. • Improved with a new Windows online software, a new HMI and enhanced user configurable logic. The B-PRO relay provides bus and substation differential protection (low impedance) with CT saturation security, integrated breaker failure and over current protection with metering, DFR quality fault oscillography & dynamic swing recording, sequence of events logging and SCADA control in a fully integrated protective relay solution.

Key features of B-PRO 4000 Relay • Multiple zones of protection transformer, bus and dual bus zones • 96 samples/cycle fault recording, swing recording and event logging (1 ms) • IRIG-B time stamping and sample synchronization • Protection functions include IEEE devices 87B, 27, 59, 60, 81, 87T, 5 0 L S , 5 0 B F, 5 0 / 5 1 / 6 7 , 50N/51N/67, 46/50/51/67 • Easy to use with intuitive settings and analysis software

Our first shipment of five B-PRO 4000's was shipped to Coned on 31st July. These are built on new hardware platform at Winnipeg, Canada facility.

Dinesh Joshi into the ERL family. It's always exciting when a new member enters the ERL fold. EHV SF6 Circuit Breakers. Rural Electrification and Renovation & Modification. ERL Mint and has had an illustrious career. He has traveled extensively and worked at different places like Baroda. CT/CVTs. “This company is an upcoming organization exploring competitive international markets and offers a large range of products & solutions and is equipped with the necessary experience. ERL's Turnkey Project Division in Focus The past decade has seen a phenomenal rise in the demand for turnkey projects as a result of the opening up of the Indian economy and the impetus on rapid Industrialization. He has also worked in various market segments like utilities. Mr.Dinesh is always looking for new challenges and ERL Mint's initiatives seemed an exciting option.Jaipur in 1995. the key executed projects are 66KV and 220KV substations for Karnataka Power Transmission corporation Ltd (KPTCL) and 220KV Substations for . Manufacturing. contractors. Transmission Line Projects. Macneill & Magor/Kilburn E l e c t r i c a l s . dealers etc. Allahabad and presently. Procurement. at Dubai for the last 3 years. ERL has successfully completed many Substation projects since its inception. MV switchgear. He has assumed the position of General Manager. The advantage of taking up turnkey projects is that this helps channelise ERL products to the end customer directly . Xmers and so on. He did not stop with this but went on to arm himself with an MBA (Executive Course) in marketing from RA Poddar Institute of Management. I wish to contribute substantially and take ERL Mint to greater heights”. Dinesh Joshi completed his schooling in Rajasthan and in 1981 passed out of the portals of the His career of nearly 3 decades has been spent in reputed companies such as Hindustan Brown Boveri . He says. Testing and Commissioning of Projects. G E C Alsthom/Alstom/Areva T&D and the Al Hassan group. Chandigarh. Trichy with a BE (Hons) in Electrical and Electronics Engineering.Middle East & North Africa . industries. Mr. Jaipur. The Projects Division of Easun Reyrolle Ltd was established in the year 2006 and has been well received. We warmly welcome Mr. The Projects Division undertakes Substation Projects . He is a specialist in dealing with T&D products like relays & protection systems. Each project includes everything from concept to commissioning and this involves Design & Engineering. at all levels of customer's decision making process.Celebrating a New Member at ERL reputed REC . Installation.

in the year 2009. Shahgarh.to 15. Banda.6. electrification works in Bina. CEO gave away the cash awards and merit certificates to the beneficiaries. .000/. Raheli. ERL Encourages Bright Students with Attractive Scholarships We are proud of these bright students and Hearty Congratulations to all awardees! Every year ERL has a tradition of honouring employees children for meritorious performance in the Xth and XIIth Standard Final Examinations with scholarships.000/-.. Badwara.(MSETCL). This year the tradition was continued and high ranking students in the X and XII standards who met the eligibility criteria were given Cash Awards & Merit Certifiates. Khurai.J. We appreciate the hard work behind their achievement and wish that they move higher and higher. Rithi. “Hard work is the key to success”. Vijairaghavgarh. Sagar. The Projects Division is capable to handle Substation business up to 400 KV both AIS and GIS . Kesli and Deori The path of success accomplished in Turn key project business of ERL shows an upward trend. There were around 11 children who have received scholarship ranging from Rs. Maharashtra State Electricity Tr a n s m i s s i o n C o r p o r a t i o n Ltd. They were given away at a function held at Hosur Unit on 18th August and was attended by all employees besidesthe awardees and their respective parents. the adage is once again proved true by a few students who earned a glittering marks card with high scores in X and XII standard examination.N. Mr.Sharma. Bahoriband and Dhimarkheda Blocks of Katni District of Madhya Pradesh and ongoing substation projects for MSETCL and Damodar Valley Corporation etc.Block of Sagar District of Madhya Pradesh and electrification works in Katni. Malthone. since its inception.D. Rahatgargh. Jaisinagar. The principal turnkey projects in progress at ERL under the RGGVY Scheme.

we are happy to have awarded him a scholarship of Rs.Malathi is the daughter of M r . R . K. Vyshakh Vijayan is the son of M r.and we wish him a very bright future and success in his ever y endeavour. She was awarded a scholarship of Rs.Beema Sankarish is the son o f M r. M . As he moves on to follow his dreams. T h u l a s i d a s Narayandas and scored 76. Her talent.K. K . R a m y a i s t h e daughter of Mr.T.91%. V i j a y a n a n d scored 83.Krishnan and s c o r e d 7 7 .Congrats to the star performers in the XII Standard Examination. We wish her a glorious future where she will win many more accolades. P. V.42%. 2009 Wriddhi Banerjee is the daughter of Mr. V e n k a t e s a n a n d scored 80. We wish him a wonderful future where he will realize all his dreams.25%. K . .15000/-. He was awarded a scholarship of Rs.S. 2 5 % bringing in plenty of smiles.8000/-.M. V.11000/-.15000/-. hard work and the strong support from her family have brought her this far. We wish her a wonderful future and all success.making her the top scorer in this category.11000/. Banerjee and scored 85.20%. She was awarded a scholarship of Rs. We are pleased to have awarded her a scholarship of Rs. We wish her a wonderful future.

N. S .6000/-. T. A phenomenal achievement and the fruits of many hours of burning midnight oil. 5 . M.Sathiyaseelan and scored 79% t h r o u g h s h e e r determination and hard work. Sivananjunda and scored 88.000/-. He was awarded a scholarship of Rs.and we wish him a very bright future. S h e worked hard to achieve her goal of securing high marks and we recognise the scorer with a phenomenal achievement backed by long hours of study. S.12.12000/-.8000/. D .Congrats to the star performers in the X Standard Examination. We wish her a wonderful future.Vinodhini is the daughter of Mrs. We appreciate her family for their unstinting effort and encouragement. we encouraged him with a scholarship of Rs.8. M a n i p a n d i a n d s c o r e d 9 1 % . She was awarded a scholarship of Rs. 6000/.Premnath and scored 91%. She was awarded a scholarship of Rs. She was awarded a scholarship of Rs. With a driving ambition toscore high and excel in higher studies.G. he has truly made his family proud. Hari Prasaad is the son of Mr. We wish her a wonderful future. She worked hard to achieve her goal of securing high marks. N i t h y a i s t h e daughter of Mr. Abinaya is the daughter of M r. We wish her a wonderful future.000/-. We wish him a wonderful future. 2009 Kevin Punnoose George is the son of Mr.G. Vivek Premnath is the son of Mr. T a m i z h s e l v i a n d scored 93%. George Punnose and scored a superlative score of 96%. He was awarded a scholarship of Rs.and wish him a very bright future.60%.

Congratulations to the dynamic team and may they achieve many more such victories. After the demo.30 PM and after that circuit breaker was operated from the boardroom. V.. The demo and presentation received a lot of appreciation from the executives of PTCUL (Power Transmission Corporation of Uttarakhand Ltd) and UPCL and chaired by the Joint Managing Director for UPCL & PTCUL. Our team consisting of Mr. This demo was arranged by IAG automation.ltd. The Easun Reyrolle Demo was handled by Mr. customers on Automatic Meter Reading(AMR) and 61850 Automation solutions in Bangkok. Mr. MV Switchgear Business Launches New Product! R&D is something that ERL is proud o f . The AMR demo was live as we connected to one of our commissioned stations in India and the information generated from there was displayed via Internet. Mr. Congrats to the Switchgear team on the successful launch. The order placed is for the supply of 6 sets of 12kV Indoor metal clad AC Series Trip Vacuum Interrupting Ring Main Unit (RMU). The success of this demo marked a good beginning for this in-house E R1000 developed by E R L ' s Te c h n o l o g y g r o u p . The presentation began at 5. Kumar ERLMint.ERL Receives a Warm Welcome in West Bengal! ERL Switchgear has received its first order for a RMU network from the West Bengal State Electricity Dist. 2009. L. Ajith and Mr. Live Demonstration for ER1000 MEA Presentation in Bangkok is a roaring success! Taking our technology beyond our geographical boundaries has been a successful strategy for ERL. Thailand. 2009.Kalyan Roy. (contd) 6 There was excitement all around as ERL presented the first live demo for our new version of E R 1000 called “Intelligent Remote Terminal Unit” to Uttarakhand Power UPCL at one of their substations on 13th August. the operation was smooth and as per the scheduled roster time. Around 20 executives participated in the two days seminar from 17th to 18th July.Krishnamurthy made a presentation to Metropolitan Electricity Authority(MEA)..Deepak Shenoy.N. This also marks its entry into the organization.Praveen Agarwal with regional support from Mr. We c o n g r a t u l a t e t h e E n g i n e e r i n g Te a m o f M V Switchgear Business who have successfully designed and developed a new product 12kV Rated 800A Metal Clad Outdoor Unit type Kiosk VCB Panel with the provision of incoming and outgoing cable termination on the same panel.. T h e communication media was through GSM. This panel was developed based on the client specification and is in line with TNEB requirements and has been supplied to TVS Motor Company. The 33/11kV substation provided for the purpose was located 35kms a w a y f r o m t h e c i t y.com. . the MD and other board members sanctioned pilot projects for UPCL and PTCUL. Hosur. their local partner. .. The presentation included a demonstration of ERL's AMR and Automation solutions.

Chief Engineer (ED) Mr. Ajith. Executive Engineer (E) also requested out team to extend the presentation to Bellary Thermal Power Plant..July ..August 2009 Edited & Published by S. Hanumanthappa. Mr. Viswanath. R. Bangalore 7 . Who are the dynamic young people plugging into the Energy Quest Web Page? (Answer) The Power Generation.C. who outlined the Communication Protocol IEC61850 and subsequently Mr. V. Karnataka Power Corporation Ltd... ERL News . G. Vaidyanathan...C. Easun Reyrolle Ltd. 2009. SE (CEED) who have shown keen interest on the presentations.. The first presentation was made by Mr.. Bangalore has a large number of Thermal Power Plants and Hydro Power Stations under its wings. who elucidated on the TESLA – Disturbance Recorder. SE (CEED) Mr. U. Anand. they could relax. They have streamlined their specs for ERL's IEC61850 and this means a stream of business for ERL. (KPCL).(contd) The strength of our Automation was demonstrated through the interoperability function of ER products with SEL brand products besides the SCADA functionality as per the MEA requirements. This proved to be a lively interaction and the response was encouraging. Manager-Industry Segment. They felt immensely confident that once they handed over the commissioning of the system to ERL. The customers were pleased and gave open appreciation for ERL system and the technicalities .Winning at the KPCL Seminar! MEA Presentation ..Vol no: 13 . Automation Head. ERL's team made a lively presentation to KPCL on Power System Disturbance Recorder & Communication Protocol IEC 61850 at their Corporate Office on 4th July. Ramesh. The key audience consisted of Mr. M. Sr. Shivamallu. Around 26 executives participated in the seminar.

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