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C 271/2 EN Official Journal of the European Union 25.10.


4. Adoption of draft agenda (ACP-EU/100.210) — to write a letter to Commissioner Mandelson regretting his
regular absence from JPA debates on EPAs, with copy to
President Barroso.
Speakers: Deva, Martens, Martínez Martínez, Co-President
Kinnock, Co-President Rasmussen and Polisi (Rwanda).
The Co-President announced the Workshops for 19 March,
welcomed the observers from the East African Legislative
The draft agenda was adopted as shown in these minutes. Assembly, announced the deadlines for amendments for the
session and explained the system for the allocation of speaking

5. Approval of the minutes of the 14th session of the Speakers: Ribeiro e Castro and Gomes.
ACP-EU Joint Parliamentary Assembly (OJ C 58 of

The minutes were approved. 7. The current position in the EPA negotiations and
the follow-up to the Kigali Declaration: debate without

6. Co-Presidents' announcements, including decisions

taken at Bureau meeting on 16 March The Co-President gave a brief introduction to the subject, and
expressed her regrets that the European Commissioner for Trade
was not present for the debate.
The Co-President outlined the decisions taken at the Bureau
meeting on 16 March:
Speakers: Maertens (European Commission), Humphrey
— by vote, to keep the second urgent item, the situation in (Barbados), Dombrovskis, Dalrymple-Philibert (Jamaica),
Chad, as a debate with resolution; Hutchinson, Ali (Ethiopia), Cavuilati (Fiji), Hall, Sithole (South
Africa), Lahai (Sierra Leone), Zimmer, Baldeh (Gambia), Diallo
— to authorise the following reports for the standing commit- (Guinea), Schmidt, Deerpalsing (Mauritius), Martens, Assarid
tees: (Mali), Borrell Fontelles, William (Seychelles), Dekuek (Sudan),
Schnellhardt, Absullahi (Nigeria), and Seck (Senegal).
— Committee on Political Affairs: challenges to the demo-
cratic accommodation of ethnic, cultural and religious Mr Maertens (European Commission) responded to the debate.
diversities in ACP and EU countries;

— Committee on Economic Development, Finance and

Trade: the state of play on Economic Partnership Agree-
ments and their possible impact on ACP countries; 8. ACP Parliaments' views on 10th EDF programming and
ACP Country Strategy Papers: debate without resolution
— Committee on Social Affairs and the Environment: the
social and environmental impact of climate change;
The Co-President introduced the subject.
— to authorise the Co-Presidents to attend high-level meetings
representing the JPA pending the adoption of a definitive Mrs Lahai (Sierra Leone) and Mr Assarid (Mali) reported on the
text at a subsequent Bureau meeting; discussions held in their national parliaments.
— to organise a JPA election observation mission to Angola on
5 and 6 September 2008 subject to the EU being invited to Speakers: Talagi (Niue), Baldeh (Gambia), Baum (European
send an Election Observation Mission; Commission) and Oumarou (Niger).

— to proceed with the first regional meeting of the JPA in

Windhoek, with funding from the European Parliament (not
EDF funds);
9. The International Criminal Court: debate without
— to accept the offer of Vanuatu to host a regional meeting resolution
directly after the 16th Session in Port Moresby;
The Co-President introduced the subject.
— to send a letter to the President of Burundi and to the
Speaker of the National Assembly condemning the recent
attacks on opposition politicians and calling for guarantees Speakers: Swaak-Goldman (office of the ICC Prosecutor), Donat
for their safety; Cattin (Parliamentarians for Global Action), Mayer, Leinen,
Straker (St Vincent and the Grenadines), Dekuek (Sudan), Deva,
— to ask the legal services of the EP and the ACP to provide Assarid (Mali), Jimenez (Dominican Republic), Gomes, Lahai
legal opinions on whether renegotiation is possible after (Sierra Leone), Martínez Martínez and Awudu Mbaya
EPAs have been initialed; (Cameroon).