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entertainment and services.Mission Statement Sony‟s mission is “To become a leading global provider of networked consumer electronics.” Page 4 .

Japan and the world's fifth largest media corporation and is one of the leading manufacturers of electronics. video.wikipedia. Creativity is our essence. and information technology products for the consumer and professional markets. so even more fantastic ideas can http://www. Tokyo.2 1 http://en. and never disappoint.1 Corporate Vision Across the world. Sony is a company devoted to the celebration of life. We create things for every kind of imagination. We take chances. We exceed is a Japanese multinational conglomerate corporation headquartered in Minato. We invite new thinking. Or predictable. Things that is not essential.Company history Sony Corporation or commonly referred to as Sony. but hard to live without. We allow the brightest minds to interact freely. Innovations that are easy to love. This is our Vision. so the unexpected can emerge. and effortless to use. We help dreamers’ Ideas that always surprise. ideals and aspirations. Products that stimulate the senses and refresh the spirit. every Sony employee is united through a common set of beliefs. video game 2 Page 5 . communications. We‟re here to pursue infinite possibilities. in all the entertainment and communication sectors in which we operate. We are not here to be logical.

com/company/sony-corporation/sne/nys/company-description Page 6 .000 2010 Sales Growth -2.1% 2010 Net Income $-440. Walkman stereos.000 2010 Employees 167.or. motion pictures (Sony Pictures Entertainment and Sony Digital Production). The company makes a host of other items.824.600.900 3 http://www. one of the world's top media corporations. Under the direction of Sir Howard Stringer. more likely. on its high-profit consumer electronics products and gaming systems. and TV programming (Sony Pictures Television).dailyfinance. boasts entertainment assets such as music (Sony Music Entertainment).Company Description Many eyes and hands are on Sony -. including digital and video cameras.200. and semiconductors. the firm's first non-Japanese leader. DVDs (Sony Pictures Home Entertainment). Sony. Sony's realigning its business and shedding some longtime traditions in its effort to right the Sony mother ship. 3 2010 Sales $77.

advancement in particular predicts a growing potential for instant solutions in various segments of the industry. known as Sony Ericsson are its famous products. Furthermore. Sales of game consoles and software account for about 9 percent of revenues. the CD player. Sony has introduced a stream of revolutionary products.e. in consonance with the change in life style. Another 10 percent of revenues are derived from Sony's music businesses. About 7 percent of revenues come from Sony's motion picture and television business. Gaming consoles like XBOX 360 and Play station are now in competition with each other. Since it was established shortly after World War II. televisions. Modernization of this industry.e. Moreover the global trend of Research and Development i. Traditionally in Pakistan and generally all over the world people prefer to use easy and simple appliances rather than the sophisticated ones and is gaining more currency day by day which also adds to the advantage of the electronics appliances industry. the growing exports volume and demand of these products have a significant upshot on the economy of a country. In addition professional cameras for photographers.Market Overview (reconsider) Sony Corporation is one of the best-known names in consumer electronics and ranks second worldwide in electronics behind Matsushita Electric Corporation. computer peripherals. and electronic components (such as semiconductors) generates about two-thirds of the overall revenues. Common people especially young generation is inclined to have more advanced devices moving from a black and white to Sony 3d (Bravia) television sets. telecommunications devices. which includes the Columbia TriStar studio. Sony's other major business segment is insurance. personal computers. massive shift in the industry i. the Trinitron television. The electronics appliances industry in Pakistan coupled with International industry is considered to be one of the largest industrial sectors in Pakistan. monitors. launching cell phones while having a joint venture with Ericsson. the Walkman portable cassette player. Page 7 . R&D has made a huge impact on the performance of a company as they achieve for excellence. from which about 6 percent of revenues originate. and the PlayStation game console. which include the Columbia and Epic record labels. including the transistor radio. the Betamax VCR. The company's electronics segment which includes audio and video products.

Marketing Mix Page 8 .

which are why marketers should improve existing products. viii. Storage and Recording v. Page 9 . In-Car Portable Audio. style and performance. Mobile phones. A. Home theatre projector Business Projector. iii. ii. xii. Digital Photography. develop new ones. Customers always look for new and improved things. Hand cam video camera. v. Television and Projectors Sony has divided this category on the basis of models. and discontinue old ones that are no longer needed or wanted by the customer. iv. Computer Peripheral. CRT TV. ii. These are: i. http://www. So. Home Audio.Product The first market mix element is Product. ix. Sony has a variety of products ranging from electronic devices. 4 Bravia LCD TV. Home Theatre system. games and entertainment. vi. briefly Sony products can be categorized in the following Major product categories:4 i. xi. Television and Projectors. x. Public Display Panel. iv. Home video. vii. iii.

E. Surround sound environment and dedicated audio input for connecting portable digital music players. ii. Blue-ray disc player. Home Audio Depending on the customer needs. Sony has categorized the products as: i. usage and budgets. These products include: i. The home audio products categorized by Sony are: i. track programming and repeat and random play. B. Digital media port. e. ii. DVD portable player. DVD player. SONY excels at its Hi-Fi systems and multiple disc changers along with other additional features such as handling multiple formats.Sony has developed a series of Home Theatre Systems that provides customers with an enhanced home theatre experience. D. Home audio accessories. ii.Sony has tried to fulfill the demand of displaying devices from the home television sets.g. Sony has provided several home products ranging from small packages to big audio systems. Hi-Fi Systems. Home Video The new format of video storage called Blue-ray has been promoted by SONY. DVD Home Theatre System Home Theatre Component System Home Theatre System Accessories Page 10 .g. In this category. Office projectors and Public display panels to cover different needs and the size of the people in need of those displaying devices. C. Home Theatre System . iii. iii. Sony has included home video systems and accessories which can enable the user to record various favorite TV programs. Blue-ray is currently dominating the home video market.

Digital Photography In terms of digital photography. iii.g. Along with the photo printers and photo frames.E. ii. The subcategories of this hand cam video camera produced by Sony are as follows: i. Handy cam high definition video Camera Handy cam Standard Definition Video Camera G. These handy cam video cameras are easy to use as from producing family video. ii. Digital SLR Cybershot Digital Camera Digital Photo Printer Digital Photo Frame. VAIO laptops and computers VAIO accessories Business Projector Memory Stick H. Handy Cam Video Camera Sony has produced a variety of video camera for home and office use. iii. students and businessmen. ii. iii. iv. ii. The sub-categories of these are: i. iv. Sony has targeted customers depending on the gender and professions e. documentary filming. Walkman mp3 series CD Walkman series CD/Radio/Cassette player Page 11 . slim and stylish cameras for girls and DSLR cameras for professionals. The sub-categories in digital photography which Sony offers include: i. Portable Audio Sony has produced a lot of various varieties of portable audio whose main target are the youth of the new generation. Computer and Peripherals Sony has produced a variety of laptops with different price ranges and performance to meet the demands of the users like home users. The sub-categories of these portable audio produced by Sony are: i. F.

Radio Voice recorder Audio Accessories Games Sony has produced Powerful consoles which are accompanied with compelling games for the customers who are always looking for new and innovative games and are very attached to console gaming. Xplod CD receiver ii. transferring or storing their information. vi. usage. Among the products subcategorized in this category are as follows: i. Among the subcategories are: i. These games produced by Sony include: i. Phones Phone Accessories. Mobile Phones With Sony Ericsson. Xplod Cassette receiver iv. ii.iv. Sony has produced a variety of mobile phones for different people. v. budget and profession. I. iii. Apart from the normal car radio and CD changer devices. Page 12 . lifestyle. Storage and Recording Media Sony has developed a range of reliable storage and recording media that customers can depend on for recording. ii. K. Playstation 3 Playstation 2 PSP (Playstation Portable) J. Sony has produced more entertaining devices to view different media like video and television. Xplod Amplifier v. Xplod in car visual iii. In-Car Entertainment Different in-car entertainment products have been produced by Sony. Xplod Speaker/Subwoofer L.

Memory Stick ii. Data and Video Storage media iv. Audio media v.categories of these products include: i. Professional media Page 13 . USB storage media iii.The products differ in storage capacity and speed of transfer. The sub. Storage media vi.

And also through posters a message has been sent to a lot of people to be aware of the products which Sony offers. services and ideas etc. and publicity. Through newspapers like Times. Sony has advertised its products through many different ways and media. Sony uses some events to promote its products as well. Sony has advertised a wide range of products it offers to its customers. So far. Page 14 . Sony has advertised a wide range of products it offers to its customers. Sony has advertised its products through many different ways in media. the products and services it offers. Playstation 2 and PSP using sports like football in England premier league. Advertising Advertising is any paid form of non-personal mass communication through various media to present and promote product. The major elements of promotion mix include advertising. Sony spends millions each financial year on advertising and promotion (Promotional Budget) of the entire range of consumer electronics. Sony Corporation has used all of these marketing communication mix elements. Through TV we have seen different advertisements of its products such as Bravia televisions or Sony Wega TV. A company‟s promotional efforts are the only controllable means to create awareness among publics about itself. Sony has advertised Playstation through English Premier League. Sony also advertises its products by targeting those favorable television programs. sales promotion. series.Promotion Promotion is a key element of marketing program and is concerned with effectively and efficiently communicating the decisions of marketing strategy. And also through posters a message has been sent to lot of people to be aware of the products which Sony offers. to favorably influence target customers‟ perceptions to facilitate exchange between the marketer and the customer that may satisfy the objective of both customer and the company. Also. like sports. Through TV we have seen different advertisements of its products such as Bravia Television or Sony Wega TV. their features and influence their attitudes favorably. direct marketing. by an identified sponsor. personal selling. Sony has advertised its games like Playstation 3.

Sony Ericsson has also promoted its Sony Ericsson K550i Mid-Range Cyber-shot Phone that if you buy it you get a free Bluetooth headset with one year manufacturer‟s warranty.g.000 received and validated by Page 15 . 5 5 http://nok-promotionstrategy. contents and sweepstakes. Through its website.blogspot. educators. etc.Sony incorporates co-operative advertising in its advertising process. television or radio commercials. Public Relations and Publicity Public relations is a broad set of communication activities employed to create and maintain favorable relationship with employees. In this way Sony can create a mutual relationship with its customers and ensure that it serves the wishes and demands of its customers. Also Sony has promoted its Sony Ericsson P1i phones by including scratch cards which gives the customer the offer to download 10 free software applications for that mobile phone. Sony World) with the materials and guidelines to develop ads for print. To minimize the negative effect of such situations leading to unfavorable coverage. scratch cards. potential investors. exchange offers. The company and the dealers usually share the media costs. For example after the release of the Sony BRAVIA television sets. Sony has promoted its products through different sales promotional strategies. shareholders. Sony Corporation has provided contacts for those customers who will be in need of any information from the company. This ensures that message is in line with. discount. rebates. Sony Corporation provides the dealers (e. suppliers. financial institutions. government agencies and officials and society in general. coupons. Sales Promotion Sales promotions includes free samples. early bird prizes. premiums. the company has policies and procedures in place to manage help any such public relation problems. what the manufacture wants to communicate. Sony promoted them by early bird prizes by saying that all BRAVIA full HD LCD TVs purchased during July 2008 and registered within two weeks of purchase qualify for a Bonus Playstation 3 as long as the customer claims is one of the first 35. Unpleasant situations arising as a result of negative events may precipitate unfavorable public reactions for an organization. media.

th/section/promotions 7 Page 16 . X. Sony released a Dutch advertising campaign featuring a white model dressed entirely in white and a black model garbed in black. the copy read as "Ten Years of Passion". In July 2006.For example. The words "White is coming" headlined one of the ads. prompting comments such as "Sony went too far" and "Vatican ex-communicates Sony".th/section/events http://www. At the bottom. 7 6 http://www. This supposedly took advantage of the publicity from the Mel Gibson film The Passion of the Christ. saying that it was only trying to depict the contrast between the black PSP model and the new ceramic white PSP. After the Sony released an ad depicting a man smiling towards the camera and wearing on his head a crown of thorns with button symbols (Δ. The advertisement outraged the Vatican as well as many local Catholics. A Sony spokesperson responded that the ad does not have a racist 6 Another example is that. The ad has been viewed as racist by critics. Other pictures of the ad campaign include the black model overpowering the white O. the campaign was quickly discontinued. So it‟s the duty of the public relation department of Sony to solve such issues as mentioned above so as to ensure that it maintains a good public relation with the □). The first ad featured the white model clutching the face of the black model.

Sony distributes its products in various channels. and these retailers buy the products directly from the company itself. it is practicing selective distribution of its products from the selective dealers i.g. Sony has used the method of one-level distribution channel. warranty and guarantee. This means that. Depending on the nature of the product.sonymea.Place (Distribution) Decisions with respect to distribution channel focus on making the product available in adequate quantities at places where customers are normally expected to shop for them to satisfy their needs.g. selective or intensive network of distribution. and specify the product and location. Through the internet. In Pakistan.e. marketing management decides to put into place an exclusive. one level channel and two-level channel. and the products in these kind of markets normally do not posses all the features and benefits which Sony offers e. Then it will display all the nearest retail shop available. Apart from this there are grey-markets in Pakistan and other countries where a practice of intensive market coverage is practiced. Sony being the company which positions itself as a seller of durable and high-end products. Page 17 . SONY World. while selecting the appropriate dealers or wholesalers. It uses Zero-level channel. customers buy their Sony product from the retailers recognized by Sony. Sony has helped its customers to find the nearest retail shop where they can buy the Sony products. All you have to do is to go to their website e.

VAIO CR. VAIO TZ and VAIO SZ. boast on style and texture. Customers directly relate price to quality. For example. Sony being a company which emphasizes product quality. chic design. This laptop was designed for businessmen and its price is around Rs. mobility and performance. VAIO tokage. Depending on the configuration.000. user. these are VAIO SR.Pricing Strategy Pricing decisions are almost always made in consultation with marketing management. 25. 75. Page 18 . For this reason the Sony Corporation has decided the price of the laptop to be Rs. the prices are from Rs.000. it tends to sell its products with price range from moderately-high to high-prices. 40. particularly in case of products that are ego intensive of technology based. as price is a major factor that influences the assessment of value obtained by customers. 65.1. and each a corresponding price. influence the development of marketing strategy. boast of theatrical experience and world class performance. credit terms etc. depending on the use and the targeted customers. boast of natural. The price of it is around Rs. This model was designed mainly for home user or casual user of laptops who aims on media playback. boast on the excellence in mobility and perfection in performance. VAIO FW. allowances. retail price. VAIO SR. Price variables such as dealer price. Price is the only marketing mix variable that can be altered quickly. It was designed to meet customers‟ ambiance and lifestyle. purpose. VAIO NR. let‟s consider Sony series of VAIO laptops. 40. The laptops sold by Sony include a series of Sony VAIO. VAIO CR.000 depending on the configuration. 80.000 and Rs.000 to Rs.000/VAIO FW. VAIO NR. 50. discounts.000 and Rs. Sony has tried to categorize the laptops according to style.

40.shophive. The laptop is fitted with hybrid hard disk drive and motion eye camera and Bluetooth compatible headset with applications for increasing mobility and video conferencing. 1. high processing speed.html Page 19 . VAIO SZ.8 8 http://www. boast of elite lifestyle. This laptop was developed by Sony to target executives and business people who are mobile. 24. 1. 1. and flash memory storage and longer backup power. For all this facts Sony has priced it to be between Rs. and high class performance.000.000.VAIO TZ. 15. boast of premier mobility and executive excellence. The laptop was designed purposely for business as it is light weight. Its price is about and Rs.pakistan.

3) SONY‟s competitors are attracting various market groups resulting in achieving SONY‟s consumers. Threats: 1) SONY‟s reputation is decreased as many of its products are forged. the productivity has decreased because of lack of co-ordination.SWOT Analysis Strengths: 1) SONY has been able to produce a worldwide reputation by introducing innovative new company products. 2) SONY lacks direction of strategy. the marketing department has increased advertising techniques in order to attract new customers. Page 20 . 2) The type of reputation comes in handy when a new product is launch. 2) Strength of the company is that it has learnt from its mistakes and that has resulted in improving quality of the products and gaining customer trust. Weaknesses: 1) Some of the products are not doing as well as the company originally planned. Opportunities: 1) Originality is the key to SONY‟s reputation. 3) Also. 2) Also.

Economically. trends. Companies such as Microsoft and Apple would also do the same. Sony must be aware of any trading restrictions the Government has made. People have trends which Sony must learn so that they may create products which can relate towards them. many young adults tend to listen to music. They must be able to create revolutionary equipment for people because that‟s what their company would rely on to stay alive. Sony may even have new competitors which may impact on them. People will have different tastes of style. Sony must ensure that they stay ahead of technology. The major factors which should have an effect on SONY are recession. due to this many changes have occurred such as the interest and exchanges rates. however steadily. Social Factors Socially. SONY has to be prepared at all times to face such laws because these laws will also be implemented on competitors. tax laws and trading restrictions. Economical Factors Currently the state of our economy is not in a good Page 21 . The Government holds the power to change any policies and regulations which may affect Sony at the time.PEST Analysis9 Political factors Political factors for Sony Corporation can be changed at any time. Sony Corporation would be predicted to do well. Sony would need to work out what prices are their products being sold at and whether it would be worth it. so a better company would be the one who tackles it first and efficiently. The economic growth has shrunk which means that the growth of the economy is negative. The company has already gained a lot of reputation because of the quality products and services they provide. Technology has been improved by a mass majority. therefore Sony would create products which may allow people to listen to music anywhere at any time. activities 9 http://www. A government is responsible for all these and taxes and policies can change any time.quickmba. Exchange rates may decrease. Since Sony is an international company the exchange rates can be different to whichever country they trade with. we are currently reported to be in the worst one. From all the historic recessions. For example. If the exchange rates in different countries have changed.

Page 22 . Technological Factors Technological factors for Sony Corporation are very important to study. Sony Corporation works around the use of technology every day. Sony would use upgraded and new technology to increase its productivity level and to stay ahead of its competitors. Sony would need to use new technology to conduct its research and development which would help the business create new products using customer information and also by conducting market research.etc. Sony must also improve their work of ideas so that they can still please their customers and that they have adapted with the ageing of the company. It depends on technology so that it may provide efficient productivity of work internationally.

middle as well as high quality of Home theatre system. 720p. Portable Audio: Different Headphones and small speakers are there in the market by SAMSUNG. Page 23 . They are focusing on marketing differentiation in a very good manner. 1080p videos recording capability. Digital Photography: Now Samsung is designing new cameras in different styles with variety of megapixels ranges from 7 Megapixels to High definition like 1080i. Laptops: Market stand in laptops is not good due to very less types of laptops. They have low. Computer Peripheral: There are some products of Samsung in market like wireless mouse and wireless keyboard which provides more and more portability. Home Theatre system: Samsung is providing different categories of Home theatre system.External Audit Competitor’s Analysis Samsung Product Precisely the product categories of SAMSUNG Company are: Television and Projectors: Variety of LCD and LED are in market. Mobile phones: Samsung has made a very good market stand in Mobile phones. Samsung is also working in 3D television. Laptops prices are not much low as well as they are providing very less style of laptops.

00. But quality changes when Samsung launches a new product which is for low class people but in high class products. LED and 3D Plasmas price range is from 12. In laptops price range is from rupees 50. In LCD.000 – 230. Panasonic Company deals with a variety of electrical products ranging from home Page 24 . Samsung Place Samsung has hired a lot of distributors and they are providing their products almost everywhere in the whole world.1. Samsung is proving some extra-ordinary products. In mobiles prices range is from rupees 2200 – 61. 20. In peripheral devices and portable audio price is less than rupees 7000.g. The characteristics the company‟s products are well defined to meet the needs of the consumers. 000 – 200. Samsung Promotion Samsung is promoting their products via TV commercials. But in markets.000.000 is the price range. They are also promoting their company through different sports like Samsung has sponsored the football team of British premier league (Chelsea).000. magazines. Panasonic Company is coming up with high quality technological products that can be premium priced. A company should have a large collection of products that it sells to the market. In Home theater system 60. costumers find the Samsung products in good and big stores as well as middle class store e. In relation to the marketing implication that is being witnessed due to technological products and buying.500. the company aims at providing all suitable and good quality technological products to the consumers. (Samsung cheap mobiles in small stores). Panasonic Panasonic Product This is an object or service that a company produces or manufactures particularly on large scale with precise amounts. The products cater for different tastes of consumers.Samsung Price Pricing of Samsung is for upper class people as well as lower class.

Panasonic Place This stands for. promotion. ordering. Panasonic Price Prices are different for different products but their target market is lower class people. feedback and selling. We have four different elements in promotion. In order to make a product to more inclusive Panasonic Company has tried to enhance its distribution production through creating best distributional channels that have resulted to increase in profit levels of the company.hi-fi systems to broadcasting equipments. The product of the company are said to be unique as compared to of that of its competitors. The company has sponsorship deals. this includes advertising. Panasonic Company makes sure that they sell exactly what the production team can deliver. This in many cases refers to distribution channels of the company which can be physical stores. shipping. Panasonic Promotion Promotion includes all communications that a company uses in marketing its products. displaying. The activities integrated in distribution by the company range from storage. a strong advertisement strategy that it carries on. location where the products from a company are found and purchased. They are targeting the lower class people with a great quality product. It is common knowledge that if costumers cannot access the products they won‟t be able to buy them. word of mouth and public relations if a company incorporates all the four elements then a certain level of crossover do occur. so that customers can easily access the product. point of sale. The company has also tried to locate its products at a central place. It has incorporated all the four aspects of promotion which as seen the company capture and retain a big share of the market. Page 25 . Panasonic Company remembers that promotions are supposed to be in collaboration with other parts of the company. Panasonic Company has greatly used this marketing mix to its full advantage.

Sony Spy Sunglasses Page 26 .

discretely. with built-in rechargeable battery so there's no long cord for you to hide. this needs to have a video proof but your recording device is so big and visible that you can‟t move discretely. stealthy and equipped with the latest SONY CMOS ClearVid sensor which allows you to take pictures in HD quality. So it is very convenient to operate and save more video files for us. Now imagine you are tourist. These sunglasses have built-in 2 GB memory inside.. So. anytime! Anywhere! You will not miss any action video as you want recording. Now imagine spy or an army official serving your country. And only two keys control very easy to use. Imagine that you are a youngster and as any young lad. you are visiting a very exotic place with natural beauty and breathe taking view. A merge of two distinct things which nobody thought could actually be joined. Page 27 . now you can listen to your favorite songs. record videos and take pictures. you are on a mission and like every mission. you are an adrenaline enthusiast. The solution to your problem is SONY Spy Sunglasses. And what more could be these amazing Sunglasses have? They have built in headphones making it an mp3 player too. Do you want record what are you doing in your ordinary life and upload on YouTube show them to others? Now. Also the camera can stamp with real time during recording. you do crazy stuff but can‟t record it to show it to your friends later on. SONY presents SONY Spy Sunglasses which is a blend of both style and high technology in your hands by your highly trusted SONY. Type of sunglasses which allow you to take pictures in a way you never imagined. The solution to your problem is SONY Spy Sunglasses. The problem to your solution is SONY Spy Sunglasses. you want to capture these moments and show everybody how you see the world but unfortunately you can‟t because your battery is dead.Introduction SONY spy Sunglasses Stylish. There will be so many times in your life when you wanted to take pictures but you couldn‟t only because of the fact that you didn‟t have a camera or it‟s battery died. a merge of military glasses and recording devices.

SONY has decided to market the 3 segments of the potential market.Mission “To create a brand that will help SONY‟s objective of creating a bridge between advanced technology and common household” Objectives     To capture a picture without anybody noticing.g. To help the goal of SONY to help the army in giving them any technical advantage. To make people see the world as you see it. tourists and army. E. skiing. Differentiating Factor The product itself is very unique and offers a totally new experience to its user. The glasses are not only stylish but also allow user to feel the adrenaline rush like that of a spy agent. These three include the youth. extreme sports. To help responsible citizens report any kind of illegal activity going on in their neighborhood  To help consumers use spy sunglasses in such places where a camera or any other device can‟t be used. These distinctive groups are chosen because of the fact that our product is very versatile and can have do major business in these segments specifically. Page 28 . Target Market After carefully thinking and extensive research.

many people will be attracted to the product just to try it. Since. This means that the product will have a special kind of attention in the market.  Unique Because of the uniqueness of the product. A whole line of SPY products could mean a lot of market share for SONY in the technology. which will not also attract old customers of the product but also attract new customers. this gives our product a special edge which will result in grabbing the market share to maximum. Opportunities  SPY GEAR Also. there is a potential that SONY launches a very series of SPY GEAR. Page 29 . this product is easy to use but also like ordinary glasses. if this product is a success in the market.SWOT Analysis Strengths  No Competitor Having no competitor for our product is the biggest strength of our product. buttons which are used to turn the camera on and take pictures are small and stiff due to which customers can face difficulty. no company is launching this kind of technology.  Small and Stiff Buttons Also. Weaknesses  Breakable Just like any sunglasses. these could break easily. This could raise a question from the customers as we all know that SONY promises its customers very strong and long lasting products.

Since our product lets you do stuff discretely. Page 30 . launching of the SPY GEAR series will announce the arrival of the corporation in the security business as reputation of spy sunglasses and SPY GEAR series will give customers confidence boost in SONY and they will try SONY security products like security cameras.  Ethic Issues The concept of Spy Sunglasses is to take pictures or make videos on the go and discretely. this product also faces a threat of forging in third world countries. there is always a threat from competitors which may launch same or a better product than your one which could take away your market  Forging/Duplicate Like many of SONY‟s products. vaults and other security items. Local companies could always copy the concept. Threats  Competitors No wonder how clever your product is or how early you launch it in the market. Any digital product could be used in a bad manner by bad people of the society.  Joint Venture SONY could always make a deal with a glasses making company like Ray-Ban or Oakley to support its product not only in the market but also add new designs and style to the product. design of this product like previous products. This could cause damage to SONY‟s reputation and also forged products would also decrease market attraction to the new product. there is always a threat of its use by stalkers and other bad people of the society for different purposes. Security products Also. This is where a great threat lies. SONY must realize how great of a threat this is and more productive steps by the marketing department should be taken to advertise this product to targeted market.

Thus. Out of all the people questioned 60% of them were male and 40% female. The SONY team analyzed how boys & girls respond to the product. Below are the questionnaire which was surveyed and then the analysis of the responses by Females and then Males. This segmentation is based on Gender. The questionnaire analysis shown in from of pie charts below has been divided into two types.Questionnaire Analysis To analyze the response among the youngsters about the upcoming product. And surprisingly girls have shown interest in the product which SONY team was not expecting. This questionnaire analysis has shown us that our market lies both in males and females. a greater marketing campaign will be needed to show attract both form of the gender to wear those glasses. the SONY team made a research questionnaire and asked the age group of 16-21 to fill it to check the response the from them. Page 31 .

Have you ever spied on anyone? a. 1500-2500 c. Low Battery of device d. 55 and over Q1. Yes b. Only if the price is right Q9. No Q5. Both A & B d. No Q1. No Q7. What would your response be to SONY Spy Sunglasses which lets you record and take images in HD quality without being noticed at a very reasonable price? a. Digital Camera b. Both A & B Q11. Yes b. Only in movies Q8. 22-29 c. 2500-3500 d. Yes b. Afraid of being caught Q2. Female b. Male Age Group: a. No Q6. SONY outlets only b. How do you capture life‟s precious moments? a. (a) If yes. Yes b. 40-54 e. Yes b. No Q1. Where do you think the glasses should be available? a. have you ever recorded/captured anything for a proof? a. Not interested c. Yes b. No Page 32 . What do you think the price should be of these sunglasses? a. Yes b. Mobile c. Yes b. Others Q3. >3500 Q10. Would you like a product that allows you to record/capture anything on the go? a. No c. No c. In any camera shop c. 16-21 b. Have you ever heard about spy sunglasses? a. Do you have any SONY product in your house? a. <1500 b. Would you want different styles in the glasses? a. Do you know about the ClearVid CMOS sensor by SONY in HD technology? a. Does your camera/mobile eats up battery rapidly? a. is it because you didn‟t have the anything to record at that time? a. No Q4.Questionnaire Gender: a. Yes b. 30-39 d. I would love it b. (b) If no.

Afraid of being caught 25 A B C D 50 0 25 Q2. Yes b. Have you ever spied on anyone? 45 Yes 55 No Q1. No c. (b) If no. Low Battery of device d. Digital Camera b.Survey Analysis (16-21 Female) Q1. Others 13 35 A B C 0 52 D Page 33 . have you ever recorded/captured anything for a proof? Yes 50 50 No Q1. How do you capture life‟s precious moments? a. Mobile c. Both A & B d. (a) If yes. is it because you didn‟t have the anything to record at that time? a.

Do you know about the ClearVid CMOS sensor by SONY in HD technology? 25 Yes No 75 Page 34 . Do you have any SONY product in your house? 91 Yes No 9 Q5.Q3. Would you like a product that allows you to record/capture anything on the go? 17 83 Yes No Q4. Does your camera/mobile eats up battery rapidly? Yes 50 50 No Q4.

1500-2500 c. <1500 b. I would love it b. Not interested c. What would your response be to SONY Spy Sunglasses which lets you record and take images in HD quality without being noticed at a very reasonable price? a. Only if the price is right 37 53 10 A B C Q8. What do you think the price should be of these sunglasses? a. >3500 30 30 A B C D 20 20 Page 35 . 2500-3500 d.Q6. Have you ever heard about spy sunglasses? 25 Yes No 58 16 Movies Q7.

SONY outlets only b.Q9. Would you want different styles in the glasses? 30 Yes No 70 Page 36 . In any camera shop c. Where do you think the glasses should be available? a. Both A & B 65 A B 28 7 C Q10.

Yes b. (b) If no. Others 31 26 A B C D 10 31 Page 37 . How do you capture life‟s precious moments? a. is it because you didn‟t have the anything to record at that time? a. (a) If yes.Survey Analysis (16-21 Male) Q1. Digital Camera b. Both A & B d. Mobile c. No c. have you ever recorded/captured anything for a proof? 45 55 Yes No Q1. Have you ever spied on anyone? 47 53 Yes No Q1. Afraid of being caught 0 25 0 A B C D 75 Q2. Low Battery of device d.

Q3. Do you have any SONY product in your house? 90 Yes No 10 Q5. Does your camera/mobile eats up battery rapidly? 47 53 Yes No Q4. Do you know about the ClearVid CMOS sensor by SONY in HD technology? 26 Yes No 74 Page 38 . Would you like a product that allows you to record/capture anything on the go? 15 85 Yes No Q4.

Only if the price is right 26 52 A B C 21 Q8.Q6. I would love it b. 1500-2500 c. What do you think the price should be of these sunglasses? a. Have you ever heard about spy sunglasses? 21 42 Yes No Movies 36 Q7. What would your response be to SONY Spy Sunglasses which lets you record and take images in HD quality without being noticed at a very reasonable price? a. <1500 b. >3500 0 28 42 A B C D 28 Page 39 . 2500-3500 d. Not interested c.

In any camera shop c. Would you want different styles in the glasses? 20 Yes No 80 Page 40 . Where do you think the glasses should be available? a. Both A & B 14 28 A B C 42 Q10. SONY outlets only b.Q9.

26% said they would try them only if the price was right and 52% said they would love to buy them.Conclusion From the survey concluded it is clear that girls showed more interest in the product as compared to the boys even though interest rate in both the cases was very high. These statistics were very amazing for SONY itself as women were not primarily a focus of the marketing group of SONY Spy Sunglasses but since they have shown interest. On the other hand. only 10% of the female respondents said they were not interested. The people who said that they would not be interested in the product were mostly showing their doubts in the product as they thought the product could be used negatively and they would not buy such products which could harm their or somebody else‟s privacy. Page 41 . From the answers given in Question no. the marketing team will consider targeting the females as well. 42% percent said that they would buy them if price was right and 58% said that they would love to buy them. 7 which was about our product. 21% of the male respondents said they were not interested.

Age Groups a) Youngsters (16-25) b) Mature (25-35) c) Family people (36-50) d) Senior years and Retired (51 onwards) 2. These segments are divided on the basis of Page 42 . As customers are becoming clever and more frequent users of high tech gadgets.netmba. companies have to devise a scheme such that not only it caters to the customers‟ needs but also achieve company‟s goals and objectives. Gender a) Male b) Female 3. all of these will be further explained: 1. gender and profession.Market Analysis Selection of Market Selection of market is tough these days because of the fact that everybody is adapting to technology and more or less everybody knows something about a particular product. The marketing department of SONY has observed very keenly the results of the research conducted about the product and have targeted those segments which not only would directly raise the sales chart but also bring more improvement to the product by suggesting more. This type of segmentation was done because our product is very versatile and we think that it can cater to the needs of different people belonging to the different profession and different age group. The segmentation done by SONY group is mentioned below. Profession a) Military b) Business c) Travelers 10 http://www. Customers are becoming clever in choosing the products and now are in the driving seat as far as product‟s future is concerned. Market Targeting/Segmentation10 The marketing department of SONY has divided the market into several major segments.

this age group is already a major part of many SONY‟s products like SONY walkman and Play Station gaming consoles. b) Mature: This age group contains the people between 26 and 35. its primary focus is always the youngsters.which targeted this age group.d) Extreme Sports e) Others Now we will discuss each segment and sub segment in detail: Age Groups This is a major segment as experience of the customers really matters when a product is being considered to be bought by someone and we all know that with age comes great experience. a) Youngsters: This age group comprises of the people lying in the age between 16 and 25. our advertising campaign will also focus on this age group. so there is no use marketing these glasses to him.e. Just like our research questionnaire. Having kids. Just like these products. SONY Spy Sunglasses will also focus on this age group and we will definitely try to attract them towards our product. c) Family People: This segment consists of those people who have got married and now bear the responsibilities of a parent. This age group is considered slightly as matured to our youngster group as these people mostly have jobs and are working almost every day round the clock which makes them highly unlikely to be attracted to the product because there is much less fun activity in this specific age group which is opposite to our product‟s motto i. This segment is of prime focus in our marketing campaign and contains a major profit in it as we speak. Their age graph lies from 36 years to 50. To have fun and share your world with others. this de-motivates the purpose of our product which is to do wild and crazy stuff which you are not able to do in front of your kids as you may feel like a responsible parent. as far as this product is concerned. Whenever a new tech gadget is launched. Different age groups that we divided our market into were based on the fact that not everybody would be a fan of our product because a family guy may not need our product. Page 43 . looking after them and raising them in right kind of environment. Let‟s see in detail how much each sub segment caters to company‟s goal of achieving customer respect. They may feel young but they are not.

Women are not only becoming more technology awaked but also are becoming new customers to many tech gadgets.d) Senior Years and Retired: This age group is also not a focus of our marketing campaign. Profession People have different jobs in the world. Male: This a sub segment which is mostly targeted by the tech companies because if someone is crazy about a gaming console. our research has shown that women are more interested than men and we do have many potential customers in this segment. Gender No matter where you go. This age group is the most unlikely group to be targeted by us. No matter how much people try to avoid these arguments. If someone is crazy about the cars. This segment is also a major concern when it comes to our product. they are also using women in their adverts. We will discuss some of them and acknowledge which groups could be our potential market. Page 44 . This is a group which is highly unlikely to understand the technicality of a particular product. let alone using it for the purpose of fun and other stuff. mobiles or any other tech gadget. This has put marketers in a position in which they are compelled to pull out a strategy which not only caters to men but also women. b. in order to understand the true market of our product. The team behind SONY SPY Sunglasses thinks that our product can cater to the needs of few professional groups as well. Mostly companies do not target them as there is not much market of their products in the women but that trend is changing now. there is always a clash on how much the opposite gender understands the use of the product. Female: This segment has not been a favorite when it comes to marketing tech gadgets. whenever there is a argument about technology there is always an argument of gender. That is why we have decided to target this segment in our campaign and we are expecting this segment to do well for our product. So. Focusing on our product and mainly on its use. one must say that the true potential of the market lies in this segment. we present to you the gender sub segments: a. Different jobs require different skills and different things to work with. That is why we have tried to focus on this group and our campaign will be addressing this segment directly. that is a male. it‟s the male.

Travelers: This segment is the one which enjoys its life and also works with it too. Our team has a very unique way to target this product to the army or military personnel whom we will discussed in the marketing strategy chapter. whatever they see would be recorded and used for future reference. c. Business: Business related people are the people who are always on the phone talking and doing stuff. These are the people who love to have fun. they don‟t have any time for fun stuff or vacation or anything else. This product is perfect for travelers who stay connected with their family and friends through social networking or any other online services. Once the recording mode is on. These include their uniform. Our team has observed one thing about military personnel. Extreme Sports: Have you ever jumped 25 feet in the air with no protection but a helmet and hard turf. anything could be expected from the opposite side that is why every covert operation needs to be recorded for the proof if anything extra ordinary is observed. the recording device the personnel have with them needs to be hand operated and they could lose concentration on the matter in hands while operating the device. This is an opportunity that our team has observed and thinks that it is very plausible. wherever they go they all have some things with them all the time. Our product is for those who enjoy their work along with their lives. Military: The men who serve a country. This segment and our product are not even distinctly related. There is no market for our product in this segment and our team will not focus this group in our campaign. They are so lost in their work that they forget what life is and they care less to enjoy it. a gun. bike stunts. Page 45 . We think that this product is perfect when someone talks about sharing their experience with the world.a. b. dirt bike stunts and other gravity defying sports are very popular among people these days. Whenever an army team is assembled for a covert mission. This segment is perfect for our product as far as the chemistry between the product and segment goes. That is why our team thinks our product comes in handy. d. a backpack and a pair of sunglasses. They are never free. Here lies a problem. Extreme sports like skateboarding. Because of that chemistry this group has also become a part of our campaign.

These groups are very different from each other. For this purpose we have chosen different segments which may be able to consume our product or possibly change its future. Marketing Objectives 1. If the developers don‟t know the market of the product there might be no use of the product. To regain customers‟ belief in the company. Page 46 . to record the expressions and the view when a stuntman is so high in the air.In these sports we always record reaction from fans after watching a death defying act but we can never experience what the stuntman had experienced while the act. 2. Keep providing people with on the go technology. This segment is one of our main focuses in the campaign as this segment can advertise out product like no other. Conclusion For any product to be successful. we present SONY Spy Sunglasses. e. This is a very special segment because this one product can single-handedly change these sports. its developers must know what problem is it solving and who might use it. So. 4. These people can be our customers and are welcomed to buy our product but they won‟t be main focus of our campaign. To have a major percentage in the market share. 3. Make a step towards making SONY a national brand by collaborating with the army. offices and private firms. Others: Other professions include middle class people working in govt. but our product is suitable to serve each segment and the developers of this product are really hoping that these segments may inspire other segments and they might be helpful in expanding our product‟s span.

Marketing Strategy Page 47 .

1600x1200 UGA Multimedia Format: MP3.000 Photos/2GB Battery Life: 2. AMR. WMA. WAV Night Vision: Varies with types Heat Vision: Varies with types  Logo Following is the logo for the SONY spy sunglasses: Not only is the logo stylish but also completely defines what product the logo is representing. 10 Hours for Camera.Marketing Mix Product  Features Storage: 2GB Internal Storage Video Storage: 100 Minutes/2GB Audio Storage: 64 Hours in MP3 Format/2GB Photo Storage: 35. Page 48 .7V Earphone Output: 5mw+5mw Camera: 5 – 12 MP CMOS Video Resolution: 640x480 VGA . 5 Hours for Audio Battery: 280mAh/3.5 Hours for Video.

The basic purpose of all the glasses will be same but each type has its own specialty or an added feature which other glasses lack. Packaging: The packaging of the product includes: Black Carrying Case Glass Cloth Power Adapter USB Cable CD Driver User‟s Manual  Tagline The tagline that SONY has devised for the product is “Creativity Redefined”.  Sizes There will be four type of glasses launched in the market and different ad campaigns will focus on each glasses. This will make a very positive impact as each customer will feel special with each type they will buy: The four types are: Page 49 . it stands for the power of our creativity. Creativity redefined is not just a pair of words. it‟s a phenomenon which not only defines this product but also the SONY Corporation. This will reignite the brand and inspire people about the magic of SONY. Creativity stands for the spirit of our brand. our ability to turn ideas into reality and belief that anything we can imagine. we can make real. Creativity redefined will unite our communication efforts and provide a single face to convey a role of SONY to the world.

1. Average Joe: These glasses are made for an average citizen, these glasses are cheap and serve the middle class of the society, and those who can‟t buy very expensive ones or does not need high spec glasses can enjoy these extraordinarily average glasses. The specs for these glasses are mentioned below while the rest of the specs may change: Storage: 2GB Internal Storage Battery: 280mAh/3.7V Earphone Output: 5mw+5mw Camera: 3.2 MP CMOS Video Resolutions: 640x480 VGA Night Vision: Not Available Heat Vision: Not Available 2. Skater Sam: These glasses are specially designed for those who love extreme sports, either spectator or a player. These glasses are specially designed to record a high resolution and fast video. They have special night vision mode which can be set from touch of a button to record anything at night. The camera quality is also enhanced. The unique specs are: Storage: 4 GB Internal Storage Battery: 3.3v 750mAh Earphone Output: 10mw+10mw Camera: 8 MP CMOS Video Resolutions: 1280-1024 SGA Night Vision: Not Available Heat Vision: Not Available

Page 50

3. Adventurous Abbey: These glasses are specially designed for those who are out going and love to do adventurous stuff like hiking, mountain climbing, skiing and other stuff. These glasses also have some unique characteristics in them which enable the user to use them quite efficiently. The specs are: Storage: 8 GB Internal Storage Battery: 3.3v 750mAh Earphone Output: 5mw+5mw Camera: 8 MP CMOS Video Resolutions: 1280x1024 SGA Night Vision: Available Heat Vision: Not Available 4. The Bulldozer: These are the heavy duty sunglasses which SONY will be offering to military and are specially designed for them only but they will be available on regular stores too. These glasses have everything, from high storage capacity to high resolution video rate, From 12 MP cameras to Night and Heat visions. This is the daddy of all Spy Sunglasses, as they are specially designed to survive the tough surfaces and they are equipped with a very powerful battery. Storage: 16 GB Internal Storage Battery: 4.2v 2050mAh Earphone Output: 10mw+10mw Camera: 12 MP CMOS Video Resolutions: 1600-1200 UGA Night Vision: Available Heat Vision: Available

Page 51

SONY CMOS ClearVid sensor
Since bringing the world's first CCD video camera to market, Sony has continued to develop and introduce new digital imaging products, including Handycam and Cyber-shot. It has accumulated extensive experience and a range of technologies to achieve high picture quality, which it has applied to the development of CMOS sensor technology and CMOS sensor camera systems. One of the successes to emerge from this work is the CMOS sensor that was used in the DCRPC1000, launched in 2004 as the world's first consumer digital video camera featuring three CMOS sensors. In 2005 Sony's CMOS sensor was also used as the image sensor in the HDRHC1 Digital HD "Handycam". The superb images produced by these cameras are proof that despite its compact size, Sony's CMOS sensor yields excellent imaging performance. CMOS sensors made compact HD video cameras a reality. Over the last few years there have been dramatic improvements in the image quality achievable with CMOS sensors, and today they are used in television cameras and professional SLR digital cameras. After using this advanced technology in technologies like Handycams and digital SLR cameras, SONY now brings you the CMOS ClearVid sensor to Spy Sunglasses

Page 52

After careful thinking w gave chosen Market Penetration Strategy. 10. So. either to use market skimming strategy or market penetration strategy.000 Discount rate for first 50 pieces: Rs. Now. 12. 20. 7500 Adventurous Abbey Rs.000 Only on Special Order Page 53 . 5000 Discount rate for first 50 pieces: Rs. attracting customers to buy a new product is as hard to make them change loyalty.000 Discount Rate for first 50 pieces: Rs.Price When it came to pricing strategy. We have chosen this because of the fact that we do not have any competitor in the market and this is a unique product. 9000 The Bulldozer Rs. our team had two options. initially prices will be a little less so that potential customers are financially convinced to buy the product. The Price table is given below: Product Type Average Joe Price Rs. Once we have penetrated into the market & gained some market share then we intend to increase our product‟s price. 3500 Skater Sam Rs.

e. The product will be hand delivered by an official SONY member while the payment could be done with both online system or at the time of delivery. specifically to the SONY outlets and authorized retailer stores i. Page 54 . Sony has helped its customers to find the nearest retail shop where they can buy the Sony products. any tech store or and specify the product and location. we asked many people where they would go to buy this product. SONY does not want such expensive product to rot in the stores if nobody buys it. You can also order these online. There retailers will be able to sell this product. They were given options to choose between SONY outlets. The distribution plan is simple.Place According to the survey done by our team. This product will also be available online and all you have to do is to go to their website i. As the cost price of these glasses is very high. After making the product in the industry and its packaging the distributors will take the product to different areas. The Bulldozer Sunglasses which is the fourth product in this line will not be available at stores but it will be made only on special order. SONY world. http://www. Many people said that the product should be available at both place as SONY outlets are can be far from their houses. This will help keep the track of the sales and will help SONY to understand the Through the SONY outlets and authorized retailers will be able to take the order and hen request the company to make them.

Each avatar will have its own catchy phrase.  Electronic Media We have decided to use electronic media for the promotion for our product in which we use different commercials to advertise our product. It is easy for us as no company has yet launched Spy Sunglasses and we can easily occupy customer‟s acceptance because they are more attracted towards branded products. Before the launch of our product. SONY will adopt an aggressive policy where mass advertising will be done to send the message across in a bold manner. the print ad is only a teaser ad and is basically a hype generating technique. As far as our product is concerned. No clue. It will be published in leading newspapers where an avatar representing our target market will be mentioned and a small catchy phrase will be written every day.Promotion Promotional strategy is the most vital strategy for launching our product into the market. what so ever about the actual product will be given? But after the launch of the product. And the same strategy for the advertisements will Page 55 . which should be able to gain attention of the target market. we proudly state to our consumers that up till now it is the first time that such a gadget is introduced which is not only user friendly but also very stylish and people will not only buy it for the technology but also style. Promotion Strategies We have used “pull” selling strategy for the promotion of our product that requires high spending on advertising and consumer promotion to build up consumer demand for a product. We have decided to use the following strategies:  Print Media We have decided to use print media for the promotion pf our product in which we will advertise our product. Different ads will be printed in the newspapers with information about SONY Spy Sunglasses the purpose is to register the word Spy Sunglasses and the logo SONY in the people‟s mind so that when the product is advertised fully they can communicate instantly.

product logo. skateboard arenas and convenience stores will all carry posters of our new product to grab attention and create awareness among potential . Billboard will also be used for the news of the arrival of the product. local FM radio stations and have made a web site that contains all the necessary details about our product.  Posters Posters containing product slogan. Page 56 .  Banners and Booths Banners will be placed at traffic stops in different cities announcing the arrival of SONY Spy Sunglasses by SONY for the first time.  Word of mouth It is a very effective strategy in which we plan to use word of mouth to introduce our product and the benefits of using our product to the target consumers so that they might be clear about the product. “Creativity Redefined”. company name and the slogan will be printed with visuals showing our product. The SONY Global website (www. We will use local television will be updated and a new segment of Spy Sunglasses will be added. where the idea behind the concept will be added and the tag-line of Spy sunglasses will be highlighted followed as for the print media. Stalls in Super markets will be placed and special gift hampers will be given along with a chance for the participants to enter into a lucky draw to win SONY Spy Sunglasses. Also a link to the website of SPY sunglasses will be given. Posters containing pictures of our product and with similar themes as the print and media ads will be pasted in shops around tech stores. Sony team has come up with a separate website for the product which means that SONY has considered the product very valuable and this product might produce a total different future for SONY.

which will motivate the people to buy our product Page 57 . The purpose of all these promotional techniques is to create awareness and interest. SONY outlets.  Giveaways Giveaways such as wall clock and mugs will be printed in a limited amount and distributed to favored customers. Brochures Brochures will be handed out to customers at the launch of the product at stores such as laptop shops. camera shops. Extreme Sports competitions and other tech shops.

3. 7 p. TV-Medium Advertisement for Sony spy glasses should be shown regularly on TV. 2. 10 p. The main objectives of advertising our product are: 1. So. – 9 p.m. Advertising Research: Before making the decision of the Medium to be used for the promotional campaign. all the steps that we have taken are in accordance with the research we conducted.Budget Large companies spend huge amount to position their brands and influence buyers through advertisement because it is the most effective and influential medium to inform and persuade the target customers.m.m.e. HUM. – 12 p. Channel TV Channels PTV PTW World ATV Cable TV ARY Digital Indus Vision GEO Page 58 . The advertisement will be shown on ARY Digital. To make it popular among people belonging to all age group especially teen ager.. and PTV World as well as on Indus Vision and GEO. To increase the sale of Sony spy sunglasses. Advertisement will be shown at peak hours i. To develop customers liking and satisfaction for the product.m. because this is the time when most of the television viewer‟s switch on their televisions due to the concentration of good programs at these time intervals. it is very important to see the results of the advertising research.

Ads frequency increased. ARY Digital Indus Vision and A TV Frequency of Advertisements 2 ads on PTV 1st Week 2 ads on GEO 2 ads on PTV 2nd Week 3 ads on GEO 1 ad on ARY digital 2 ads on PTV 3rd Week 3 ads on GEO 1 ad on ARY digital 1 ad on PTV 4 Week 2 ads on GEO th Then onwards we will determine the frequency of the ads based on the sale of our product. And comparatively less portion through other channel i. Ads frequency decreased Page 59 . Also from Cable TV we have chosen GEO. Sales increased Sales decreased Or make an Effective ad campaign. The big portion of our products adds campaign will go “on-air” through PTV and GEO. Because these channels are watched by the audience we are targeting. because GEO has the maximum viewer ship.e. So it will help us to spread our message quickly and to maximum target audience.From TV we have chosen PTV and A TV Channel to advertise on.

Moreover.Cost of ad The cost of making one ad of one second on TV is 7000 as our ad of Sony spy glasses is of 50 seconds so the total cost will be 350. You can do home shopping. Leaf lets We have also used leaflets in order to attract our customers. so. The cost of a single leaflet was 1.o RS.000 playing it one time. some space of the “Instep” and “Sports” section of The News and the same sections of The Dawn will be taken for Sony spy glasses advertisement. Banners We have made different types of banners and have placed them in different regions price are mention below: Direct marketing We have used direct marketing by placing an attractive web page highlighting the main features of Sony spy glasses because it is most modern way to communicate with the customers. Through this medium we can make our customers aware that Sony is introducing a new product we are using this medium to build a long term relationship with the customers. It is studied that people who never read the newspapers and magazines but prefer looking at the printed pictures. Leaf lets were in printed form. “The Dawn” “Jang” will suit our product. Page 60 . And we have made 20000 leaflets so total cost was 20000 RS. They have good local market coverage with broad acceptability. Sony spy glasses advertisement will be printed in most circulated and well-established magazines and newspapers. Selected News Papers The newspaper we have selected out of all of the newspaper is on the basis of its circulation. we found that advertising is “The News”. It saves time and introduces consumer to a larger selection of merchandize. By making a web page the customers can get the whole information about the product. We will get bottom quarter page of the news to advertise in the inner first page. Newspapers Newspapers and magazines are a flexible medium.

000 50 sec X Rs.000 1.000 240. 2.000 Cost of 3rd month 240.000 3rd month 4 ads on GEO 4 X 60.000 Total Cost 2.000 630. 25000 1500.MARKETING COST TOTAL COST OF TELEVISION ADVERTISING MAKING AD COST Broad Costing of One time (PTV) Broad Costing of One time (GEO) Broad Costing of One time ( Prime Entertainment) 1st month 7 ads on PTV 10 ads on GEO 2 ads on Prime Entertainment Cost of the whole month 2nd month 4 ads on PTV 4 ads on GEO Cost of 2nd month 4 X 90.000 600.000 50sec X Rs.000 Page 61 . 3.000 7 X 90.000 4 X 60.178.000 90. 1.000 108.000 2 X 54.000 10X 60.338.000 600.000 360.000 60.800 54.000 50 sec X Rs.000 240.000 50 sec X Rs.

000 X 3 Cost of three months Total Cost months Rs.0 Rs. 35000 The cost has been calculated and can easily be financed by SONY. Page 62 . 200000 Rs. 600. 1.TOTAL COST OF NEWSPAPER ADVERTISING Advertising Cost of 1 ad.800. 1000X 200 Rs. 50. 50. Rs. 200000 TOTAL COST ON LEAFLETS Cost of 1 printed page Rs. 35000 X1.000 Rs.000 Cost of the whole month Rs. 1. 600.0 Cost of 35000 leaf lets Rs.800.1.000 TOTAL COST OF BANNERS Cost of making 1 banner Cost of Total Cost Rs 200 Rs.000 Rs.000 X 12 days Rs. as the estimated sales to be generated will cover this cost.

their previous and current attitude towards the product and company etc. the product is doing well in the market. whether they recognize or recall the message. if possible. the rate of sales is satisfactory because of advertisement. If it is seen that the product is not doing that good in the market regardless of the advertisement. Also questionnaire could be given to the people of target audience to find out their response about the product. 11 http://www.aslins. then it is to be assumed that. Control means comparing the actual and desired state of affairs and take steps if these two mismatch. redesigned regarding the advertisement and find out where the problem is.Measurement & Control11 First.htm Page 63 . Questionnaires could be given in authorized stores and SONY outlets to find out the current condition of product in the market. corrective steps have to be taken to make the position as preferred. Finally. If it is observed that. everything has to be checked and. the level of advertisement in different media and the volume of sales should be measured. what points they recall. how many times they saw it. Information like. how they feel about the could be found through the questionnaires.

the Google adsense is promoting websites.   Discount offers: We will offer Discount rates on SONY Spy Sunglasses for a limited amount of time. We can collaborate with Google to promote the product.Alternative Plan The current promotion plan says that we are using a pull strategy. we have devised these promotional techniques. Door to door service: We will go door to door to our potential customers and try to sell them the product. This is a very famous form of selling and many companies do use them.  Call Centers We can work out a deal with call centers to call our potential customers and sell them our product.  Advertisement Shows We can do advertisement shows promoting the product. products and other things by publishing ads on different websites. We are using much financial resources to promote the product. We may also use concerts and social events to promote our product. If somehow by any means customers are not attracted by it SONY has to come up with a plan which will not only increase sales but also develop potential customers. Page 64 . We have decided that in such case we will use „push‟ strategy and to push our product in the market and potential customers.  Google adsense: All over the internet.

Conclusion Page 65 .

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