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³Role of Organic Farming in Pakistan´

that organically grown food tastes better than that conventionally grown. Mg (29% more). Organic farming excludes or strictly limits the use of synthetic fertilizers and synthetic pesticides. livestock antibiotics. to maintain soil productivity and control pests on a farm. fungicides and herbicides. innovation and science to benefit the shared environment and promote fair relationships a nd a good quality of life for all involved. food additives. biodiversity and cycles adapted to local conditions. and biological pest control. ecosystems and people. significantly higher levels of all 21 nutrients analyzed compared with conventional produce including vitamin C (27% more).What is organic farming? Organic farming is the form of agriculture that relies on techniques such as crop rotation.  Food Keeps Longer As a result.´ Advantages of organic farming: CONSUMER BENEFITS:  Nutrition Organic food tends to have in it. According to the International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movement: "Organic agriculture is a production system that sustains the health of soils. Organic agriculture combines tradition. organically grown foods can be stored longer and do not show the latter¶s susceptibility to rapid mold and rotting. and genetically modified organisms. It relies on ecological processes. compost. green manure. plant growth regulators. Fe (21% more) and 14% more Phosphorus  Poison-free A major benefit to consumers of organic food is that it is free of contamination with health harming chemicals such as pesticides. therefore.  Food Tastes Better advantages and disadvantages organic farming It comes as no surprise. . rather than the use of inputs with adverse effects.

With fresh water reserves under increasing pressure from climate change this is a grave situation for humanity. Pesticide contamination poses a serious.GROWER BENEFITS: advantages and disadvantages organic farming  Disease and Pest Resistance  Lower Input Costs By definition.  Added Value There is a discerning market of consumers who recognize the greater food value of organic produce and are willing to pay premium prices for it. organic farming does not incur the use of expensive agrichemicals ± they are not permitted!  Drought Resistance Organically grown plants are more droughts tolerant . ENVIRONMENTAL EFFECTS OF ORGANIC FARMING  Climate Friendly Organic agriculture with its low input needs of naturally derived substances produces less greenhouse gas emissions and is considerably more climate friendly. There is no economically viable method to clean up widespread contamination. .  It doesn¶t use pesticides or herbicides Another pollution disaster caused by agrichemical use is the contamination of groundwater reserves with poisonous nasties. unreasonable p ublic health threat to current and future ground water users.  Ecologically Friendly It doesn¶t use soluble fertilizers.

are free to ³take advantage´ of GM crops. Organic farming in Pakistan Why Organic Agriculture ??? Pakistan is facing severe energy crisis and high prices of chemical fertilizers in national market. the best organic farmers are converted agrichemical farmers.  GM Crops Organic growers do not use genetically modified or engineered food crops. This situation is further augmenting.g. timely intervention and weed control for instance.  Skill advantages and disadvantages organic farming It requires considerably more skill to farm organically. some of which are engineered to tolerate herbicides (e.Disadvantages of organic farming:  Productivity Proponents of industrialized agriculture point to its superior productivity. Bollworm resistant cotton). ³Roundup Ready Canola´) or resist pests (e. because professional farming of any sort naturally imparts a close and observant relationship to living things. However.  Time Indeed. on the other hand. organic farming requires greater interaction between a farmer and his crop for observation. The high priced synthetic fertilizers are beyond the purchasing power of the poor farmers of the country. Hence. it is high time to introduce alternate farming technologies which are cost effective and sustainable both for productivity and soil fertility.g. Conventional growers. . The raw material like rock phosphate is depleting at faster rate.

processing and marketing stages. which aim at achieving agro -ecosystem which are socially and ecologically sustainable. Potential for Organic Farming in Pakistan ‡ If proper planning and fore sighted measures are timely taken. it still only accounts for a small proportion of overall agricultural land . its rate of growth is very fast . Organic production systems are based on specific and precise standards of production. ‡ The µorganic farming¶ will have a direct impact to alleviate poverty by providing large scale employment to unskilled semi-skilled labor It is. Bhasha-Diamer. Millions of acres of highly fertile and productive-virgin lands under the command of five mega dams Akhori. Furthermore.7 million acres under certified organic farm) and India (5660 certified and uncertified organic farms). Kuramtangi and Munda to be built by 2016 at a cost of $ 25 billions can be the potential areas for delineation as µorganic farming¶ areas. therefore. has 5. handling. diversifying economy besides reaping foreign exchange.³The National Programme for the Promotion of Organic Farming in Pakistan´ Realizing the dangerous effects of chemical fertilizers. Kalabagh. Pakistan has one of the greatest potential among the developing countries. pesticides and spraying. . Even though it is a small portion. and certified by a duly constituted certification body or authority. imperative for Pakistan to seriously consider opting for organic farming and to follow suit of our mighty neighbors China (currently. Although organic agriculture has attracted a lot of attention during the la st decade. to capture niche market. ³organic´ is a labeling term that denotes products that have been produc ed in accordance with the organic standards throughout production. The organic farming offers multi-faceted advantage of creating large scale employment opportunities as part of alleviating rural poverty. the government has planned to initiate ³National Programme for the Promotion of Organic Farming in Pakistan´.

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