E-MAIL: appanhosur@yahoo.com COURSE PLAN & SYLLABUS: LEAN Management to day represents a profound change in the Competitive Business Culture and a leading indicator of EXCELLENCE in the Organization. Global competitive pressures makes it imperative for the Enterprise to adapt and remain in the ‘bandwidth’ of EXCELLENCE in Business Practices, assuring World class products and services in terms of Quality and Speed of delivery, at an affordable price to the end customer. Though LEAN Management is applied extensively by the Manufacturing & Engineering companies, to day in the Competitive Globalized Economy, the principles of Lean Management is also applied in Non-Manufacturing Companies , as ITES / Services, Retail, Healthcare etc.. Understanding these principles is the first step to applying these principles that have given huge payoffs to Organizations that applied them correctly, making those Companies a WORLD CLASS ORGANIZATION. Lean Management aims at providing an understanding of factors that contribute to Organizational wastes, examining ways to eliminate wastes, and developing and implementing an improved Organizational processes, for significant impact to the company’s bottom line. The main Goals of an effective Lean management is to improve product and processes continuously with out adding any more money, people, equipment, inventory or space and aim for PERFECTION. Students of this course would benefit most from this course if they familiarized themselves with the Basics of Statistics & POM ( Production & Operations Management) Suggested textbook provides a good reference for POM and basics of Statistics…

6. the students shall be able to: 1. Understand basic principles of LEAN MANAGEMENT STRATEGY. in Lean. in POM Production Operations and Supply Chain Management. Understand LEAN and SIX SIGMA association for Competitive Excellence and LEAN SIX SIGMA STRATEGY in Non Manufacturing Sector as ITES.Learning Outcomes: After the course. RETAIL. Understand implementation methodology of Lean and Six Sigma methodology in the Enterprise to achieve excellence towards a WORLD CLASS ENTERPRISE 5. Analyze Real Life case Studies from leading Organizations. Understand Lean Management Principles and methodologies. 2. Six Sigma and convergence of ERP in Lean / Six sigma. and HEALTHCARE etc… 4. Understand how the LEAN strategy would give payoff and benefits for the enterprise and how LEAN Organizations achieve World Class excellence and competitive edge in the Global Marketplace. widely adapted from TPS ( Toyota Production System ) and its importance for achieving a WORLD CLASS MANUFACTURING practices in the Organization 3. PRESCRIBED TEXT BOOK : THE TOYOTA WAY BY JEFFERY K LIKER – TATA MCGRAW HILL PUBLICATION STUDENT PAPERBACK EDITION REFEREANCE BOOKS: 1) DESIGN & ANALYSIS OF LEAN PRODUCTION SYSTEMS BY RONALD-ASKIN-&JEFFREY GOLDBERG JOHN WILEY PUBLICATION 2) Lean Six Sigma for Service by Michael L George – TATA MCGRAW HILL PUBLICATION 3) Lean Manufacturing Implementation by Dennis Hobbs …APICS PUBLICATION .

“Wastes” and other issues Class Notes ppts L1 to L3 ) & • Brief Introduction to Lean Concepts TATANANO case • LEAN strategy …..COURSE OUTLINE CLASS TOPIC 1 & 2 Details MODUE – I Lean Operations Management – “ The Toyata Way” in Manufacturing and and Supply Chain “ Lecture../ ROLE PLAY Strategy.Planning . MRP . THE-TOYOTA-WAY JEFFREY K LIKER • Toyota Production Systems (TPS) / Pull Systems / Basic Concepts of Lean and “World Class manufacturing “ / 14 principles of Toyota way / Culture behind TPS • Lean Management / JIT / Flow / Value Stream Concepts in Enterprise Operations JIT / LEAN SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT BY • . ook Prior-reading :ALL-Chapters. Push Systems in Opns. TATA NANO CASE STUDY.. Inventory . class discussions & exercise • Traditional Production Operations . Prior Reading: Chapter 2 to 7 and 10 of the prescribed text PULL (Askin & Goldberg). scheduling . ( Also refer Inventory.

COURSE OUTLINE CLASS TOPIC 3 MODUE – II EMERGING LEAN SIX SIGMA STRATEGY IN NON MANUFACTURING VERTICALS AND INDUSTRIES • • • Concepts of SIX SIGMA Concepts of Lean & Six Sigma / MCKENZIE REPORT ON LEAN AND SIX SIGMA AND INFOSYS REPORT –LEAN SIX SIGMA Lean Six Sigma in Service / Retail / ITES / Health care…./Role Play ( Also refer Class Notes ppts L4 to L6) & • • Prior Reading: Chapter 2 to 5 of Lean Six Sigma for Service by Michael L George • Lean / Six Sigma Case Studies from GE /LOCKEED MARTIN/ MOTOROLA / STANFORD HOSPITAL / NARAYANA HRIDAYALAYA COURSE OUTLINE CLASS TOPIC Details . class discussions & exercise .. class discussions exercise. Convergence Strategy Lean / Six Sigma / ERP / KM Details Lecture./ ROLE PLAY Lecture.

EMERGING LEAN PRACTICES IN ACCOUNTING / FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT . . class LEAN TRANASFORMATION – discussions..Covergence of IT / LEAN MANAGEMENT /ERP /SIXSIGMA / KM ( Knowledge Management) . ( Also refer Class • HAL Case study “SAMPOORNA Notes ppts L6 to L9 ) PARIVARTHAN ” on LEAN AND ERP Prior Reading: • Aberdeen Reports on Lean Chapter 7 TO 9 of • LOCKEED MARTIN – Lean-Manufacturing Implementation by Lean Six Sigma Implementation Dennis P Hobbs • Infosys – Lean adaptation in IT • • • GE LEAN IMPLEMENTATION HM LEAN IMPLEMENTATION MICO LEAN IMPLEMENTATION Current Trends and Emerging technologies in LEAN MANAGEMENT ...4 MODUE – III  MANAGING ORGANIZATIONAL Lecture .LEAN practices in ITES / SOFTWARE / etc.LEAN PRACTICES IN HEALTHCARE SERVICES .Emerging ADAPTIVE Enterprise . on REAL LIFE CASE STUDY ON LEADERSHIP FOR case study / CHANGE Student presentation on on>their-company experience in LEAN • TISCO LEAN Case Study.

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