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At Bonifacio Global City in the heart of progressive Taguig, all things large

and small are given detailed attention.

Everything you see and experience – from the physical form of the city to
its infrastructure and utilities; and even up to its economic and social
aspects – is a reflection and testament of a well-thought development plan.

Jun Bisnar, Head of Commercial Operations for Fort Bonifacio

Development Corporation (FBDC), discusses the multidimensional nature
of city planning. “When we talk of city planning, we also look into aspects
that would make the city very vibrant,” he explains. “That includes
activities within the city and its surrounding areas that complement the
development. In the case of Bonifacio Global City, we worked around the
concept of live-work-play in a unique environmental setting that fosters a
good quality of life for the family."

This experience is not exclusive to

the city’s residents, office workers,
retail tenants and customers.
“Everybody who comes to
Bonifacio Global City can
experience the balanced live-work-
play atmosphere and the unique
environment that encourages
creativity and allows people to
enjoy their simple passions,” continues Bisnar. “We treat everybody as a customer,
even those who happen to pass through Bonifacio Global City,”

What makes Bonifacio Global City a very attractive site as the country’s next CBD is
the availability of large tracts of land that can be developed, its strategic location and
accessibility to major roads. Another attraction is the quality of life in and around the
area, which makes it a prime location.
With such perfect conditions, FBDC,
led and managed by Ayala Land, Inc.
and Evergreen Holdings of the
Campos group, in partnership with the
Bases Conversion and Development
Authority, and Taguig City, planted
the first seeds for the revised master
plan of a Vibrant City. Bisnar adds:
“FBDC is making sure we are
providing the correct solid foundation,
a high standard of development, and
efficient city maintenance. Truly a city
that works!”
Bonifacio High Street truly epitomizes the spirit of
Bonifacio Global City and the balanced live-work-
play lifestyle it encourages. Pioneering the concept
of mixed-use developments in a unique main street
setting, Bonifacio High Street is comprised of
nearly a kilometer long landscaped park with
restaurants and retail stores on the first floor, and
offices on the second floor – including large and
pioneering companies like Del Monte Philippines
and BayanTrade to name a few.

The calm scenery has an obviously uplifting and

relaxing effect on the office workers of Bonifacio
High Street. “I love coming to work!” asserts
The country’s first Krispy Kreme outlet is found in Bonifacio High Street Michelle Dabuet, Marketing Head for BayanTrade.
“We actually encourage our employees to bring
their family members,” adds Dante Briones, President and CEO for BayanTrade. The park features family-friendly interactive
artworks that encourage thinking and exploration. This unique experience becomes a strong factor for drawing people to the
location. “Bonifacio High Street attracts people from as far as Quezon City in the north, and
Alabang plus other areas further south,” says Jun Bisnar, Head of Commercial Operations for
Fort Bonifacio Development Corporation (FBDC).

Bonifacio High Street sets the stage for a balanced lifestyle that is conducive to mental and
physical well-being. While mostly urban in nature, the pace of work and life is manageable or
as aptly stated by Marivic Anonuevo, Group Head for Corporate Business of Ayala Land, “It’s
fast-paced but Bonifacio High Street provides more stress breaks and relievers.”

At Bonifacio Global City, dining has come to mean more than the typical hour-long break. In
this city, the dining experience provides another opportunity for residents, tenants, and visitors
alike to bask in the relaxed aura of Bonifacio Global City. CJ Jesena, Senior Division Manager
for the Ayala Malls Group, describes some of the unique culinary spots of Bonifacio High
Street. “Mary Grace which started as a kiosk in malls, opened their first café in Serendra,
Bonifacio High Street called Café Mary Grace,” Jesena explains. “From the L’Opera group,
they opened Balducci, which features a more casual, rustic and laid-back feel.” Larry J. Cruz A refreshing water feature at Serendra
opened two restaurants, including Larry’s Café & Bar,
which offers light dining and Abe Restaurant, which
specializes in Kapampangan fare.

Further down Bonifacio High Street, you’ll find Texas

Roadhouse Grill and Mini Shabu-Shabu – just two of the
many unique restaurants which have recently opened.
Proposing this unique dining concept to owners of
restaurants and cafes was met with positive response.
“Anna Rocha (owner of Tatami) loved the concept while
Larry Cruz saw the opportunity,” he says, proudly.

True to the spirit of Bonifacio Global City, every retail

store and restaurant that makes its home in Bonifacio High
Bonifacio High Street is comprised of nearly a kilometer long landscaped park
Street possesses longevity and world-class quality. with restaurants and retail stores on the first floor and offices on the second floor