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If you have ever experienced racism
or discrimination, you can appreci-
ate full well the hurt and pain felt by
Muslim women, who were singled
out by this divisive Prime Minister.
It’s high time he apologised for his
derogatory and racist remarks! Be-
low is the text of the question I re-
cently asked to Boris Johnson at
Prime Minister’s Questions:

“Mr Speaker, if I decide to wear a turban, or you decide to wear a cross, or he

decides to wear a kippah (a skull cap), or she decides to wear a burqa or hijab,
does that mean it’s open season for Right Honourable Members of this House to
make derogatory and divisive remarks about our appearance For those of us,
who from a young age have had to face up to and endure being called names,
such as towelhead, or Taliban, or coming from bongo-bongo land, we can appre-
ciate full well the hurt and pain felt by already vulnerable Muslim women, when
they are described as looking like bank robbers and letterboxes.

So rather than hide behind sham and whitewash investigations, when will the
Prime Minister apologise to those women and the nation at large for his dispar-
aging and racist remarks, which led to a spike in hate crime; and given the in-
creasing prevalence of such incidents within his Party, when will the Prime Minis-
ter finally order an inquiry into Islamophobia within the Conservative Party
(something which he and his Chancellor promised on national TV)?”

Prorogation of Parliament
The recent decision made by Prime Minister Boris Johnson to prorogue Par-
liament is a constitutional outrage. This move is a cynical attempt to shut
down the voice of our sovereign Parliament at such a critical juncture for
our nation, to force through a catastrophic ‘No Deal’ Brexit.
It can only be described as an affront to our democracy. There is no man-
date for No Deal, no majority support for it in the country, and no majority
for it in Parliament. We simply cannot allow Boris Johnson to force it on us.

Universal Credit
Protest Great to attend another Slough
Town FC match again, unfortunate-
I recently joined Unite to take a ly, I was not quite the lucky mascot
stand against the negative conse- for The Rebels tonight, as we just
quences of Universal Credit and to couldn’t eke out a win.
‘End Holiday Hunger’ for schoolchil-
dren. Our protest outside the Job But fair play to the brave 10 man
Centre highlighted the disastrous Slough Town FC team who held out
effects of this welfare policy, includ- for a 1-1 draw with Weymouth.
ing lengthy waiting times for initial
payments, and reduced awards for
disabled individuals.

10th Slough Scouts

Fundraising Fayre
I was delighted to join members of This weekend I visited the 10th
Slough’s Muslim community who Slough SCS Scouts’ Fayre at James
were celebrating Eid Al-Adha. I was Elliman Academy.
touched by the warm welcome re-
ceived from the hundreds of wor- It was so lovely to meet scouts,
shippers celebrating this festival at leaders and their families to see
Diamond Road Mosque. their hard work in action, putting
together activities and entertain-
ment for the community.

World Animal
With the Brexit deadline looming,
we need to guarantee that animal
rights will not be watered down af-
ter we leave the EU.
I support a World Animal Protection
UK’s campaign for a ‘Better Deal For
Animals’ because they all deserve
protection from practices that ex-
pose them to cruel and degrading

Jammu & Kashmir

I have been extremely concerned about the growing tensions and security
situation in Jammu and Kashmir. There has already been so much bloodshed
and human rights abuse in this once peaceful, beautiful land.
Political and army leaders need to realise that their actions can have devas-
tating consequences for people’s lives.
We cannot remain silent in the face of human rights abuses and we must
stand in solidarity to the Kashmiri people in their hour of need.

MP of the Year Somali Communi-
Nomination ty Meeting
I’m immensely humbled to have I recently spoke at a very well at-
been nominated for the MP of the tended meeting to discuss issues
Year Award, hosted by the Patch- impacting Slough‘s local Somali
work Foundation. community. It was great to have
such engaging discussions on what
They do incredible work engaging more we can do to tackle important
the public in politics nationally, issues regarding FGM, racial profil-
whilst also celebrating and promot- ing and rights for EU citizens as well
ing increased involvement of disad- as local concerns of constituents.
vantaged and minority communi-
ties into British society – something
I’m passionate about.
This nomination is a huge honour
personally, but also for Slough; so
thank you to all those who have
helped along the way and thank
you to all who voted for me.
Voting has now closed and results
are will be announced in Decem-

Welcome Service
for Revs Anne and
It was great to join Thames Valley
Methodist Circuit ministers Revs Car-
mel and Anne for their Welcome Ser-
vice at High Street Methodist Church.
It was a wonderful service, bringing
many from across the area together to
Reverend Carmel Ieraci will have pas-
toral oversight of High St, Maiden-
head, St Mark’s Crescent, Maidenhead
& Woodland Park churches and Rever-
end Anne Ellis will have responsibility
for St Andrew’s & Hampshire Avenue
Methodist churches, Slough. I wish
them both luck in their new roles.
Slough Labour
Party AGM
Over 100 delegates gathered for
Slough Constituency Labour Party’s
AGM, wherein I gave my Parliamen-
tary Report.
Thanks to outgoing Chair Christine
& Executive Committee. Once
again, a very strong & diverse team
elected, with Madhuri becoming the
first ever Hindu elected as Chair of
Slough Labour.

Meetings with Indian Ministers

During my short trip to New Delhi, I
met for a couple of hours with the
Indian Minister for Commerce &
Industry Mr Som Parkash MP.
We had a very diverse and far-
ranging conversation, in which he
updated me on recent develop-
ments within the Punjab and across
India. I updated him about the UK
and Brexit, and expressed to him
the serious concerns of many of my
Slough constituents about the safe-
ty of their friends and family living
in Jammu & Kashmir, especially giv-
en the recent escalation in tensions,
and the need to work towards
peace and stability.
I was delighted to also meet with
Civil Aviation Minister Hardeep
Singh Puri MP, with whom I dis-
cussed the Punjabi diaspora’s long-
standing and legitimate demand for
direct flights from London to Amrit-
sar, the spiritual centre of the Sikh
In addition to boosting trade, tourism and cultural ties between both nations,
it will no doubt prove lucrative for operators, since Amritsar is visited by mil-
lions each year.
No Deal Brexit Ali’s Academy
After the Prime Minister’s state- There was lots to celebrate this Sat-
ment yesterday, I spoke to BBC urday, as I had the honour of cut-
Berkshire about the importance of ting the ribbon (and many cakes!)
preventing a ‘No Deal’ Brexit in Par- for the grand opening of Ali’s Acad-
liament. emy at Paving the Way’s Family Fun
A ‘No Deal’ would be a disastrous
outcome for the economy, jobs and Huge congratulations must also go
businesses across the country. to Paving the Way for receiving the
Queens Award this year and for
We cannot allow this reckless Gov- their hard work within the commu-
ernment to force this through and nity.
let the most vulnerable in our local
communities suffer.

‘Say No to Knife and Drugs’ March

The Redeemed Christian Church of
God, very ably organised a march to
promote their campaign ‘Say No to
Knife and Drugs’. Officially starting in
Kedermister Park, the march made it’s
way to Slough town centre, to spread
awareness about the impact of drugs
and violent crime.
Over the past year, there has been
approximately an 8% increase in
crimes involving knives or sharp instruments across the country. Understand-
ably, many are concerned about this number rising further, yet the Tory Gov-
ernment has slashed billions from police budgets over the past decade and
has failed to truly tackle this spiralling issue.
We need to properly support our under-funded local services, including youth
services and education, in order to reduce knife crime, as well as ensuring we
have enough police officers on our streets.
South Asian
Christian Cricket
I had a wonderful time joining the
Pakistani Christian Association in
their 10th Annual South Asian
Cricket Tournament at Slough and
Eton College. It was great to see
such a thriving local community
and for so many to get together
through our mutual love of cricket!

BAME Organ Donation Awareness

During Parliamentary recess, I wel-
comed artists from ‘Ang Daan Karo’
along with Seema Malhotra and
many other esteemed guests to
launch a campaign to promote or-
gan donation across BAME commu-
Owing to various reasons there is a
worrying lack of organ donors from
the BAME community. Therefore,
by teaming up with activists and
international Punjabi singing superstars we launched this campaign for great-
er awareness about this issue and encourage more people from the BAME to
consider organ donation.

I recently had the honour of joining
a Rakshabandhan ceremony at
Christ the Worker Church in Slough.
This traditional Indian festival cele-
brates the bond between brothers
and sisters.
Many thanks for the congregation
for inviting me to join them for an
afternoon of celebration, talk, med-
itation and tying rakhi.
South East MPs
I recently met with the Labour South
East group of MPs, of which I am
chair, along with the hardworking
team of regional staff. Our wide-
ranging discussion included the im-
pact of Brexit on our constituencies
and the campaigning work we were
doing in advance of the upcoming
General Election.

Ways to get in touch

Phone 01753 518 161 (Slough)
020 7219 1946 (Parliament)
Post Tan Dhesi MP, 52 Chalvey High Street, Slough, SL1 2SQ
Visit Office: Mon-Fri 10am-4pm
Tan Dhesi @TanDhesi tan_dhesi_mp
TanDhesi Tan Dhesi MP

Advice sessions
My team and I will be resuming our
five monthly advice surgeries from
September, meeting constituents
seeking help on a wide range of
matters. If anyone you know needs
help with their issues, please ask
them to get in touch:
1st Friday of each month (2.30pm - 3.30pm) at the Britwell Centre, Wentworth
Avenue Parade, Britwell, SL2 2DP
1st Friday of each month (4.30pm - 6.30pm) at 52 Chalvey High Street, SL1 2SQ
1st Sunday of each month (11.15am - 12.15pm) at Manor Park Community
Centre, Villiers Road, Manor Park, SL2 1NP
3rd Friday of each month (2.30pm - 3.30pm) at Langley Library, Trelawney
Avenue, Langley, SL3 7UF
3rd Friday of each month (4.30pm - 6.30pm) at Slough Advice Centre, 27
Church Street, SL1 1PL
There are no advice sessions in August or on Bank Holiday weekends.
Promoted and printed by James Swindlehurst of Slough Labour Party, on behalf of Tan Dhesi, both at 52 Chalvey High Street, Slough, SL1 2SQ.

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